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What You Might Find: 1000s of Jellyfish Crash on Oregon Coast, Including One That Stings - A major rush of various jellyfish on the central Oregon coast may mean some spectacular beachcombing

That Which Stalks Cannon Beach and Bandon: Oregon Coast Halloween Series Any self-respecting dive into the wilds of Oregon coast ghostie tales has to discuss these crusty creepsters

No More Freeze: Oregon / Washington Coasts Warm Up, South Coast in 70s Beaches remain dry most of the week in the 50s or 60s, while the southern Oregon coast will hit the 70s

Wild, Wowing Winter Drives on Oregon Coast In many instances, remaining in your car will seem the best option: Port Orford, Depoe Bay, Manzanita, Pacific City

Ethereal Sea Butterfly of Oregon / Washington Coast: Always There But Never Seen They are stunningly graceful and even angelic in the water, video included

Central Oregon Coast Closes Razor Clamming; South Coast Opens Mussels Entire coast open to mussels; clamming closed from Florence to Lincoln City

Bizarre Star Twinkle Leads to Discovery: Portland, Oregon, Washington Coast Astronomy An oddly flashing sight has a simple explanation, but with a twist

Haunted Lighthouses? Maybe: Oregon Coast Halloween Series Some surprising haunted history from Florence, Newport, Port Orford, Seaside to Illwaco, Wash

Washington Coast Halts Razor Clams at Last Minute Due to Marine Toxins All beaches in the state are closed to razor clam digging effective immediately

Coastal Travel Intrigue: Four Sandy Wonders of N. Oregon Beaches Those long tracts of soft granules that can go for miles, create a warm glow at sunset: Manzanita, Gearhart, Seaside, Oceanside, Pacific City

Big Freeze Coming for Washington, Oregon - Even on the Coast Inland areas are headed for the 20s while the coastlines will drop to the 30s; except Brookings

N. Oregon Coast Motel A Gateway to Rockaway Beach's Secrets Close to to many of the town's remarkable finds sits Tradewinds Motel

Three Bizarre Quirks of Science on the Oregon Coast: Daylight, Crabs, Lava Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise, other times it’s a frightening tale.

Red-Eyed Medusa of Oregon / Washington Coast is Immortal In a Way Real science is always more astounding than science fiction. such as the tiny jellyfish known as the Red-Eyed Medusa

Two Beloved, Original Sea Lions at Oregon Coast Aquarium Pass Away For the second time in about a month, Oregon Coast Aquarium has another death in its family to report

Bit of a 'Bitey' Beach Surprise: Salmon Shark on N. Oregon Coast Often mistaken for Great Whites, the salmon shark is common from Brookings to Cannon Beach

Three Oregon Coast Beach Spots With an Astounding, Marked Difference In every corner of the Oregon coast, you'll find a few out of the ordinary places

Seaside Secrets and Surprise Layers: Oregon Coast (Part 2) Finding an empty spot is a bit of an art. But they exist

Seaside's Gilbert Inn Was There at Start of N. Oregon Coast History It's not often that a town's deep history is so closely tied to a building still standing

Coos Bay, Charleston, North Bend Complete Guide: Southern Oregon Coast Travel Every beach and attraction in the Coos Bay, Charleston, North Bend area

Central Oregon Coast Sandy Wonders - Fascinating Strands of Lincoln, Lane County Intriguing places near Waldport, Florence, Lincoln City

Deep Into Seaside, N. Oregon Coast Details, Secrets (Part I) There is more than meets the eye about Seaside, the ancient and extremely popular resort town

What You Don't Know About Oregon Coast's Newport Will Thrill You Plenty tucked away along its bustling façade that you won’t want to miss

Strange But Everyday Science of Washington, Oregon Coast There are whole worlds to discover if you look up or down and pay attention

Florence Chowder Trail and Glass Floats Through October on Central Oregon Coast The two events are combined into one all month-long; future of other holiday happenings

Oregon Coast Headlands: Each One from North to South Promontories at Seaside, Manzanita, Pacific City, Lincoln City, Newport, Yachats, Coos Bay, Gold Beach, Brookings and more

Romantic Vibes and Kiss-Inducing Hiding Places at Oregon Coast's Seaside plenty of ways to get away from the throngs in Seaside and get more than a little starry-eyed together

Seminal, Pivotal Live Music Venues in Oregon Coast History From the Pypo in Seaside to rockers in Newport and Yachats

Mars, Meteors and Moon in Blue for Washington, Oregon Coastlines Mars will continue to be brighter than nearby Jupiter for awhile; Orionid meteor showers have begun

Unique, Rare Oregon Coast Phenomena: When Headlands 'Wear a Hat' And Why It's as if they generate their own weather, and that's not far off

Four Cool, Cozy Inns of Central Oregon Coast You Likely Don't Know Time to slow down on 101 and check out four little gems in Lincoln City, Lincoln Beach and Newport

N. Oregon Coast's Nehalem Adds New Interpretive, Emergency Signs The sights around the Nehalem Bay village of Nehalem are getting a little easier to find and understand

Wolf Eel on Oregon / Washington Coast: It Only LOOKS Like It Doesn't Like You With a wacky, even angry face, the wolf eel is actually known as a kind of kitten of the deep

Rare, Even Weird Finds of Oregon / Washington Coast You'll Be Lucky To See Some of the rarities are downright freaky. Here’s a few

Six Remarkable Subtleties of Oregon Coast You Probably Missed Sometimes the best of the Oregon coast isn't the stuff that smacks you over the head

Unknown History: Two Ships That Were Torpedoed by Japanese Off South Oregon Coast The same sub that fired on Fort Stevens torpedoed two tankers off the south coast, a tale that spreads to the Washington coast

Central Oregon Coast History Museum Reopens After Long Quarantine Closure North Lincoln County Historical Museum in Lincoln City opens back up on October 7

Top Eight Most Influential Moments of Oregon Coast History Trains, highways, fires, motels to explorers and wars

Possible Aurora - Oct Meteor Showers, Blue Moon for Oregon, Washington Coast A blue moon, a meteor shower in October, and the possibility of northern lights Sept 28, 29

Central Oregon Coast Enters Phase 2 Soon, Expanding Hours, New Openings Many eateries and bars will get extended hours and capacity, and some places will get to open for the first time

From North to South: Intriguing, Even Obscure Oregon Coast Adventures From Brookings to near Yachats, to the tiny town of Oceanside, sometimes out of the way is the only way

Second Summer Returns to Oregon, Washington Coast with 70s This Week Temps in the 70s to even low 80s from Brookings through Washington

Return of Clamming to N. Oregon Coast, Opening Back Up to Non-Residents Crabbing and clamming open again to non-residents; razor clams back at Clatsop beaches

Trail Closures at Oregon's Tillamook Coast; Corn Maze Opens A number of hiking trails are closed in Tillamook County but a pumpkin patch and haunted corn maze is coming

First Storm of Season Hits Oregon, Washington Coast Wednesday; Surf Advisory Gusts up to 40 - 50 mph on N. coast and Washington coast, some heavy wave action

Gnarly Oregon Coast Find That Can Sting Badly: Lions Mane Jellyfish Only was found, and luckily these ouchy jellyfish don't wash up often

The Most Dangerous Place on Oregon Coast: the Jetties All jetties along the Oregon coast are a big danger

Romantic Thrill Of It All: N. Oregon Coast’s Magical Manzanita One spot holds special sway in its ability to woo: Manzanita

Wandering Fort Stevens, N. Oregon Coast's Equivalent to Castle Ruins Fort Stevens sits silent, with great holes where massive guns were once in place. History

Four Possible Major Attractions Now on Washington, Oregon Coast Oh, the myriad of ways the beaches of Oregon and Washington can amuse in late summer, early fall

Digging Into Claims of Oregon Coast Towns: What's Up With Those? - Astoria, Cannon Beach Coos Bay, Yachats, Florence, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport

What Makes Yachats Waves Turn Dreamy, Ghostly - Central Oregon Coast Where water shoots up into the air like fireworks, and where wave after wave comes slamming in with sizable force

Three Trippy Tricks of the Sky on Oregon / Washington Coast Weather phenomena can be downright unusual and intriguing, presenting sights you just don't understand

'Mermaid' Purses Found on Oregon Coast Lately Could Yield Life Sizable, dark brown purse-like objects have been reported in some areas

South Oregon Coast Officials: Tidepools, Birds, Wildlife Right Now Places teeming with birds, wild feeding frenzies, turtles and tidepools that are unique to Coos and Curry counties

Lincoln City Slowly Reopening as Central Oregon Coast Fire More Contained Firefighters have made some major dents in the Echo Mountain Fire, Hwy 18 open

Washington Coast Resumes Razor Clam Digging, Tentative Schedules Through Dec Meanwhile, those not living in Oregon are still not allowed to dig for clams on its coastline, leaving Washingtonians to their beaches

Scenic Surprises in 15 Miles of Central Oregon Coast Include Watery Explosions One stretch of central Oregon coast presents an especially varied and rugged face

Beginning of Rockaway Beach: N. Oregon Coast History Includes Science Mystery Like superheroes, Oregon coast towns have their origin stories too, but there's a an oddity of sonic science here

S. Oregon Coast Whale Confirmed to be Rare, Last Time Seen 50 Years Ago CoastWatch is reporting the last time a Sei whale was seen on these shores was 50 years ago

Now Begins Best Weather Conditions of Year for Oregon, Washington Coast September and October usually bring the bluest skies, the warmest temps and the least of winds

Best Weather of the Year for Oregon, Washington Coast in Sept., Oct Warmest conditions, bluest skies and least amount of winds than at any other time of year

Rarely Seen Sei Whale Strands on S. Oregon Coast, Then Dies a species of whale that rarely washes up on these shores found its way to an area of Bandon

Four Oregon Coast Obscurities That Will Raise Eyebrows Great places along the Oregon coast sometimes happen because there's a funky surprise awaiting the adventurer

Fire Watch, Red Flag Warning for Oregon, Washington Coast; Some Areas Ban Fires Extremely low humidity and high winds have created some potentially dangerous situations

Historical Rarities Lurk Beneath Rockaway Beach on N. Oregon Coast There are two delicious historical secrets lurking beneath the old town's sands

Ah, the History of the Ester Lee, Central Oregon Coast One of those few places that stands out as an old yet still vital, relevant icon is Lincoln City’s Ester Lee Motel

Serious Scorcher for Oregon Coast, Washington Over Holiday, In the 90s Possible 100 degrees in the valley and80s and 90s for beaches

Oregon Coast Labor Weekend Travel Advice 2020: A Bit Darker This Year This time around you have a recipe for a somewhat unpleasant coastal experience

The Twists, Turns of One Nocturnal Oregon Coast Experience As night descends on the Oregon coast, it becomes an entirely different world

Three Oregon Coast History Oddities: 'Secret' Base, Bombing, Pixie Kitchen A futuristic military base in Tillamook County, two famous restaurants that are related and a WWII bombing

An Eyebrow-Raising Natural Litter on Oregon, Washington Coast: Crab Shells Loads of crab 'bodies' have been littering the beaches, as if there's been some sort of mass die-off

Washington / Oregon Coast Marine Science - Updates, News, Reference, Marine Biology a variety of marine science and biology subjects. Archived reference material and the latest news of what's happening with Oregon / Washington coast sea creatures

No Seahorses on Washington / Oregon Coast, Just the Unbelievable, Related Bay Pipefish Related to the seahorse is the bay pipefish, which does thngs you won't believe

N. Oregon Coast's Newest Hotel A Luxury Adventure: Seaside's SaltLine A unique combo of beach vibes and something futuristic

Help Clean Up Oregon Coast With a Variety of Events, Including Holiday Weekend One big cleanup happens in Seaside on Sept. 5 but others around the coast are scheduled

Three Places of Deeper Intrigue on the Oregon Coast Amid all these engaging places that can flood you with new sensations, some have multiple layers

It's 2020, So Let's Have an Asteroid: Creepy Oregon Coast Science A small asteroid will come unusually close the day before Election Day, with a one in 240 chance of hitting

Sunny Skies Return to Washington / Oregon Coast, More 'Glowing' Possible Again chances of seeing the glowing waves at night as well as the glowing sand phenomena

Oregon Coast Aquarium Fully Re-Opens on Monday with New Exhibit Only outdoor exhibits had been available. Now they have something new to show off

N. Oregon Coast Overcrowding, Trash, Parking Cause State Officials Take Action Overwhelming trash, out-of-control parking issues and visitors being surly and not wearing masks

Four Misleading Misnomers and Myths of Oregon Coast - Just Plain Wrong They’re the legends, myths and the gaffes of history, geology and sometimes just general misinformation

The Odd Blob That Glows on Oregon / Washington Coast: You May Find It This summer has seen a lot of the Crystal jellies wash up, which glow green in water

Vegas Firm Offers Cycling Tour of Half of Oregon Coast Escape Adventures brings this road cycling tour to life, starting at the northwest edge

That Trippy Time a 'Tsunami Fish' Was on Display at Oregon Coast One living entity that made it to the Washington coast first became a bit of an attraction here

Coos Bay's Mystery Shipwreck of 2008, Forgotten S. Oregon Coast History Amazing things were getting uncovered that winter and this crusty frame was one

Astounding Glowing Waves (and Sand) on Oregon Coast Right Now A rare, consistent run of 'glowing waves' at night from the south coast up through Washington

More Oregon Coast State Parks Reopen, But More Problems As Well More state parks have opened up but there is a campfire ban and other issues

The Wonders, Surprises of Rainy Oregon Coast Days: Not Always What They Seem Late spring definitely produces some mighty wet moments – but these clouds can be different

Like Day and Night on Oregon Coast: Two Different Sides of Depoe Bay, Silver Point The overlooks near Cannon Beach and the little town down south have intriguing, different looks

Heat, Fire Advisories for Oregon / Washington Coast, 100-Degree Heatwave Inland Variety of heat and fire watches even for S. Wash coast through Brookings

Seagulls Don't Exist on Oregon / Washington Coast - Just Gulls (About Western Gull) It's perhaps the biggest misnomer used on the Oregon coast or Washington coast: the term seagull

Lewis & Clark Return to North Oregon Coast, Live on the Beach Seaside's Avenue U and Prom intersection on September 12 and 13

Sami the Sea Lion Returns to Central Oregon Coast's Florence for Hide 'n Seek A way for shoppers to peruse the village while socially-distanced and properly-masked

Amid More Trash: Pack Out Your Garbage, Say Oregon Coast Officials Some concern over the new kinds of trash left along beaches and how it’s piling up around dumpsters

Updates on Crabbing, Clamming from Washington, Oregon Coast Part of Wash resumes crabbing; southern Oregon coast resumes razor clamming

The Monster of Manzanita and Other Fright Night Sights on Oregon Coast A few jolts in the night: the frights have turned out to be vastly amusing tales

Coos Bay's Czarina Shipwreck a Heart-wrenching Oregon Coast Tale The Czarina made it through the bar and almost past the jetties when it began to falter

Newport's Oregon Coast Aquarium to Open Up After Five-Month Closure August 10 it will finally open back up with five outdoor exhibits

60 or More Meteors Per Hour Next Week for Oregon, Washington Coast Pacific Northwest will get to see the peak on the mornings of August 11, 12 and 13

Those Tiny Places on Oregon Coast You Might've Missed: Florence, Manzanita, Warrenton The sites and delights you can accidentally drive past far outnumber the stuff you see

From Dramatic Chaos to Labyrinth Beaches: Around Yachats, Oregon Coast; Video It's a little like 20 miles of hidden spots from here to Florence

December 2006: the Massive, Deadly Storm a Year Before the Big One Until that time, the storm of 1995 was the yardstick by which all Oregon coast storms were measured. That changed on December 14, 2006

Tuesday Night Outdoor Markets Liven Up Oregon Coast's Lincoln City A variety of vendors from the Oregon coast including baked goods, soaps, produce, hand-crafted gifts and hot food

Deeper Inside Cape Kiwanda: Ancient Details, Fallen Arches on N. Oregon Coast Cape Kiwanda is the centerpiece but there's more getting revealed

Virtual Workshops Bring Together Art and Science of Oregon Coast Marine Reserves Workshops where participants will learn about special ocean habitats and creatures while creating art

Three Unique, Even Trippy Aspects of Seaside on N. Oregon Coast A Ferris wheel, when the cove fell apart, what's under Seaside

Manzanita in Summer: Wider Beaches, Glowing Things, a Different Face of N. Oregon Coast There's a whole new face to this north Oregon coast treasure, more than you likely know

The Mystery of Purple Waves on Oregon Coast Back in 2015 The whole strange science tale has another twist at its end, too

New Lincoln City Drive-In Brings Classic Experience to Central Oregon Coast Drive-In Series of classic movies on Saturday evenings through August 29th

Summer's Unique Sights at Cannon Beach, a Changing Oregon Coast Distinctive aspects that pop into existence, and Cannon Beach has its own brand of wild surprises

Delights of Depoe Bay: So Much to Explore in Central Oregon Coast Burgh About a dozen little nooks 'n crannies hidden throughout the city limits and just either side of it

Seaside On A Winter's Night, An Ethereal N. Oregon Coast Drama Exploring sometimes means doing so in times of the day or moment that would be considered unusual

Near 100, Heat Advisory for Oregon, Washington - Coast (Mostly) Cooler Temperatures expected in the upper 90s and possibly up to 100 degrees

Pacific City's New Private Adventures Dig Into N. Oregon Coast Outdoors One hotel is now offering up private adventures for outdoor enthusiasts who want a different take on the area

Oregon Coast's Mega-Cool Holiday Beach Near Newport - What You Don't Know Technically, it's called Holiday Beach there's no signage anywhere near it

The Whimbrel of Oregon / Washington Coast Typified by that unique, skinny bill and a patterened brown color scheme

N. Oregon Coast: Haystack Rock Photo Contest, Seaside Beach Cleanup Cleaning Seaside beaches and shutters clicking at Cannon Beach’s Haystack Rock

Sand Levels Currently High on Oregon Coast, Broader Beaches, New Access All across the coastline, sand levels are doing some intriguing things at the moment

Baby Seal Swims Up Seaside River, Charms N. Oregon Coast Visitors; Video One adorable critter wandered downtown waterways early Sunday morning and charmed the heck out of visitors

Reopened on Central Oregon Coast: Florence Chamber / Visitors Center The visitors center is open with limited hours and the schedules will vary

A Rugged Time Travel Through Layered Wonders at Fort Stevens, N. Oregon Coast It's hard to find one single area so steeped in Oregon coast history

Major Heatwave Coming, Where to Run to on Oregon / Washington Coasts A run of heatwaves will be hitting the Pacific Northwest, especially Oregon, while parts of the Washington coast and Oregon coast will be heating up

Tiny and See-Through on the Oregon Coast: Adorable but Eerie They go through this stage early in life, becoming eerily transparent but with a dash of blue

Oregon Coast Hotspots That Go Back Farther Than You'd Imagine The past lives of Astoria, Coos Bay and Newport have a few surprises

Constant Killer Views of Three Capes You Don't Know on N. Oregon Coast, Video Yet there's much more to this than Pacific City, Oceanside, Netarts

N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County Opens Campgrounds to Online Reservations Tillamook County recently announced a limited amount of campsites

UPDATE: Comet NEOWISE Visible on Washington, Oregon Coast, Western Side It could well be visible from Brookings to Seaside all the way up through the Olympic Peninsula

Rarity of Oregon / Washington Coast: the Trippy Mola Mola / Sunfish (Video) Occasionally the kooky, large, semi-round fish wanders north

Adorable Wild Seals Visible Around S. Oregon Coast Now Cape Arago and Shore Acres hold plenty of wildlife sightings

Three Awesome, Unknown Aspects of Oceanside, N. Oregon Coast Video For such a tiny town, the village of Oceanside is crammed full of intriguing details and finds

Razor Clamming Closed in Two Parts of Oregon Coast Razor clamming is closed from Seaside to Astoria; and from Arago southward

Bioluminescent Phytoplankton: What Makes Glowing Sand On Oregon Coast, Washington One of the more treasured, wondrous and surreal experiences you can have is 'glowing sand' at night. See the real science

Tornado, WWII Submarines and Motor Lodge: Oregon Coast Inns With A Past A full dive into living Oregon coast history is a refreshing thing. Yet it’s rare.

Wrecking the Peter Iredale: How Oregon Coast History Played Out in 1906 The wee hours of October 25 were wild and stormy, and they were certainly chaotic if you were out to sea

Popular Yet Layered on Oregon Coast Like a treasure hunt, there's more to your favorite spot than meets the eye

Sneaker Wave Threat for South Oregon Coast Over Fourth of July NWS issued a beach hazards statement for south coast beaches from about Reedsport southward

Waves That Go the Wrong Direction: Weird Oregon / Washington Coast Science The foam is heading outward, towards the sea, instead of towards land

Officials: No Fireworks on Oregon Beaches; Washington Coast Rules, Concerns All types are illegal on Oregon beaches, on the Washington coast there is a worry of plastic debris

Tourism In Manzanita In 1914 A Rugged But Enticing N. Oregon Coast Adventure Manzanita and northern Tillamook County were just getting discovered and coming into their own

Unique But Subtle Lunar Eclipse on the 4th for Oregon, Washington Coast It's called a penumbral lunar eclipse, meaning only the edge of the moon will get affected

Video: Two Fun and Weird Facts About Weather and the Sun on Oregon, Washington Coast What happens in fall on the beaches and what the sun does will surprise

Romance of Night and Day at Nye Beach, Central Oregon Coast Over 100 years ago, Newport's Nye Beach was known as the 'honeymoon capitol' of the world

Garibaldi Mystery Answered: Historic Boathouse in N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook Bay Just what is that building practically in the middle of one north Oregon coast bay?

UPDATE: Masks Now Required in Parts of Oregon Coast, All of Washington Face masks are now required in at least one area of the Oregon coast and throughout the Washington coast

Four Wonders of Nehalem Bay - Eye-popping, Even Surreal N. Oregon Coast A lot of people aren’t paying attention as they zip through the tiny towns of Wheeler and Nehalem

Three Different Rocks With One Name on Oregon Coast: Bandon, Pacific City, Cannon Beach The truth is there are actually three Haystack Rocks on these shores

Funky, Freaky and Adorable is One Oregon/Washington Coast Fishie Described as being like a ping pong ball in the water, a golf ball or a fat little helicopter

Yachats Life In 1920s: A Rough But Quirky Oregon Coast This was a time when the town was slowly switching gears from being a pioneer settlement to a tourism destination

No Sizzle Now Drizzle for Washington, Oregon Coast on Solstice; S. Coast in 80s Rain for the weekend but a warm week on beaches; south coast in 80s

Soaring Highs of Cape Perpetua: Central Oregon Coast Scares, Sights - Video At 800 feet high, Cape Perpetua literally soars above the central Oregon coast

Where the Land and Road Ends at Lincoln City, Central Oregon Coast At the north end where the real surprises often lie

Gigantic in Garibaldi: Looming Legends of Tiny Oregon Coast Town A visual walk down history of the smokestack, the giant G and something else

Saturday Sizzles for Oregon, Washington, Coastlines - and It's Summer Solstice Where astronomy meets a small heatwave for the longest day of the year

Yes, There Is Now an Exploding Whale Park in Florence, Oregon Coast It was opened up officially last year as Siuslaw River Beach Access Park, and recently acquired the new name

Ghosts of Siletz Bay: Oregon Coast Shipwreck Appeared Sometimes There has long been talk of something paranormal lurking in the waters of Lincoln City

Curious (Even Dopey) Structures in Oregon Coast History Weird finds in Pacific City, Oceanside, Newport and Seaside

Some Surf Bubbles On Oregon / Washington Coast Not What They Seem: Surprising Science A lone bubble sitting a ways from the tideline could be special

Rockaway Beach In A Whole New Light: Oregon Coast After Dark As darkness begins to fall, other visual treats of Rockaway Beach arrive

Think You Know the Oregon Coast Village of Arch Cape? (Video) From its history to its weird geology along with the natural nooks ‘n crannies

If You're Wondering About All Those Dead Crabs on Oregon / Washington Coast This happens in the spring and then again late summer, usually with more of them

More Oregon Coast Parks Open, One Area Backtracks Reopening However, the Newport area is holding back on three county parks reopening because of a large-scale surge in COVID-19

Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest Goes Virtual Instead - Beyond Oregon Coast One of the Oregon coast’s largest and most beloved events has been canceled – at least in its usual form

Two Places to Find Real Alone Time on N. Oregon Coast, Tillamook County On that interesting borderline of Lincoln County there are two spots you may want to think about

Robust Clubhook Squid: Freaky Fish of Washington, Oregon Coast Not a lot is certain about their population, except that the robust clubhook squid (Onykia robusta) is found in deeper waters

More N. Oregon Coast State Parks Open Friday More state parks will be opening up on Friday in both Clatsop and Tillamook counties

Video: N. Oregon Coast's Manzanita and Its Deeper Layers, Varied Colors Paradoxically, it was a popular secret. Still steeped in layers of history, attractions

Razor Clamming Resumes on South Central Oregon Coast All areas of the Oregon coast from the Columbia River southward to Cape Arago (near Coos Bay)

Washington / Oregon Coast: Gray Whale Carcass Strands at Long Beach Seaside Aquarium responded to a beached whale on the southern Washington coast, discovering a 37-foot male Gray whale

Oregon Coast Unexplained Part Two - Almost Paranormal Ghost tales and creepy discoveries in Seaside, Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Coos Bay, Pacific City, Manzanita

Don't Kidnap Wildlife, Say Oregon and Coastal Officials Visitors are getting outside just in time to encounter newborn fawns, elk and other kinds of wildlife

More Oregon Coast Cancellations Include July 4th, Shore Acres Lights Some as far out as December already getting the ax

State Parks Begin Opening Limited Camping, Including Oregon Coast Most of these open June 9, but some are available now.

When the Oregon Coast Is Stranger Than Fiction: the Unexplained (Part One) It all started with weird science, veered into ghost stories for awhile, now it’s back to more remarkable science

Record Travel Industry Growth on Oregon Coast Halted by COVID Shutdowns

Officials Seek Public Input on N. Oregon Coast Fish Passage Issues Three culverts that failed on the northern half of the Oregon coast have triggered emergency conditions

Pandemic Shutdowns Deal Hardest Blow to Travel Industry, Oregon Coast Oregon had its tenth consecutive year of travel industry growth in 2019

Almost Haunted Oregon Coast: Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Lore and Legends, Part 2 The Oregon coast town with two lighthouses has a rich history, and one of those lighthouses has quite the storied past

Landmarks and Legends of an Oregon Coast Lighthouse, Newport's Yaquina Bay, Part I A meandering history of the public struggles that took it from dilapidated to lauded

Oregon Coast Opens Up Crabbing to Everyone, Clamming Not Yet previously it had been restricted to only Oregonians

Washington Coast Waters Open to Crabbing, Fishing May 26 Waters will reopen for fishing with crabbing on the Washington side of the Columbia River restarting that day as well

Oregon Officials: Stay Home for Holiday and Away from Coast; Camping Announcements Stay close to home is the message, and this means keeping clear of other major attractions far from home such as the Columbia River Gorge

Random Oregon Coast History Photos: The Tales They Tell a sampling of fun little snippets of these beaches, taking you from Seaside down to Bandon

Depoe Bay's Otter Crest Loop in Video, Images: Startlingly Cool Oregon Coast In that wild, almost dizzying stretch of forestland, soaring ocean vistas and twisting, turning roadway

$16 Million in Aid Set for Oregon Coast Marine Fishery Businesses ODFW anticipates some $16 million in federal aid will be available to Oregon's marine-related and coastal fishery sectors

Oregon Officials Say Stay Clear of Seal Pups Found on Coast This Time of Year These little guys need plenty of social distance; already two incidents of interference this month

Fur Seal Pup Rescued on N. Oregon Coast Headed for Happy Ending A young Guadalupe fur seal caused a bit of a stir on the now-empty Oregon coast this week

Cannon Beach Closes Beaches for Weekend; S. Oregon Coast Begins Slow Open Citing scofflaws and an upcoming heatwave, Cannon Beach closes beaches to locals and visitors

Update: Oregon Coast Closures Extended But Opening Plans Underway, Explained There are now officially no dates for opening, but the tone is perhaps a little more hopeful

Inland Washington State Parks Open This Week, Not Coast or Gorge More than 100 inland parks and properties run by the state agency will be resuming operations

Hug Point in Photos, Video: Truly Striking N. Oregon Coast Spot Near Cannon Beach A place full of history, intriguing sights and ancient science, simply overflowing

Seaside During Wartime: N. Oregon Coast WWII History It's the slice of life moments and small pieces from newspapers at the time that tell the most

Five Wowing, Head-Scratching Features of the Oregon Coast Hiding in plain sight or lurking in odd corners: Depoe Bay, Coos Bay, Manzanita, Pacific City, Neskowin, Cannon Beach

Ewww, 'Globsters' of Oregon / Washington Coast and Their Paranormal Past A particularly disgusting form of stranded whale corpse that has actually spawned odd legends

Florence's Rhody Fest: Famed Oregon Coast Event Goes Virtual It's the first time since World War II the event was canceled

What You're Doing Wrong with Birds on the Oregon Coast Didn’t you learn anything from Hitchcock? Feeding the birds along the Oregon coast is seriously bad

May's Full Moon? Let's Supersize It: Washington, Oregon, Coastal Astronomy this time with the third and final supermoon of the year happening May 7

Rock Creek to Heceta: Two Miles of Deliriously Clandestine Oregon Coast In that rather secretive region of Lane County that stretches to near Yachats down to Florence

Tillamook County Tourism Businesses Continue Helping N. Oregon Coast Locals Tillamook Coast took note of their sacrifices and hardships recently

Manzanita's Wreck of the Glenesslin: Historical Oregon Coast Controversy It all happened in tiny Manzanita, even before the village had that name

Roads End at Lincoln City is Just the Beginning of Unique Oregon Coast Sights It’s here where heaps of surprises lie, like Wizard Rock or the elusive cave

Unhappy News for Goonies Event, Fourth of July on N. Oregon Coast 4th of July in Seaside; Goonies event becomes virtual

Some Washington Coast Beaches Open in May; Oregon Coast Making Plans

Molting Elephant Seal Found on Oregon Coast - Painful Process There and at Washington Coast Every spring, molting season comes around for elephant seals along and it's never pretty

Part Two of Oregon Coast's 'Liger King': Tragic Run Ends Like 'Waco' One of the nation’s most notorious and disturbing animal incidents was the climax of something that had begun two decades before on the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast Had Its Own 'Tiger King' in the '80s: Odd Newport History, Part 1 He was actually more of a Liger King – the man bred lions and tigers together to create larger cats

Practically Paranormal: Creepy Tales from N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook Rock Lighthouse in spite of its shining beacon guiding ships safely out at sea it was ripe for ghost stories

California Sea Cucumber Breathes Out of Its Butt: Weird Washington, Oregon Coast Science a truly weird mix of alien movie and punk rock aesthetics

Hiding in Plain Sight: Ocean Beach Picnic Area Near Florence, Oregon Coast

Ocean Beach Picnic Area an Overlooked Wonder on Central Oregon Coast Ocean Beach Picnic Area, about halfway between Yachats and Florence, is rich in diversions

Whale Carcass Buried After Landing on N. Oregon Coast Beach near Pacific City Beach rangers and a local contractor buried the whale on Monday

Lyrid Meteor Showers Peak Tonight: Oregon, Washington, Coast As many as 10 to 15 big darts of light per hour, but the weather doesn't look great

Stinky Whale Washes up on N. Oregon Coast Beach near Pacific City A camp host at the area discovered the corpse of a 39-foot gray whale

Satellite Swarms Create Otherworldly Light Shows Above Oregon, Washington, Coastlines Hordes of satellites are causing a stir around the planet



Last of Oregon Coast Towns Set Reopen Date; Beaches Update Astoria, Gearhart ands Warrenton to resume operations June 5. News on state parks

Oregon Coast State Parks Update: What Won't Open Some major beach parks won't open at all this summer, especially on the south coast

What's Open on Oregon Coast and What Isn't A good look at what has been brought back to life as of May 23, more restarts are inevitable

Lincoln County Opens Lodging Soon; Many Oregon Coast State Parks Now - Many beaches on the central and south coast allowing visitors again and Lincoln County opening up its lodgings starting around June 1

Tillamook County Lodgings, Seaside Beaches: N. Oregon Coast Slow Opening Beaches in Seaside (but logings); lodgings in Tillamook County (but not all beaches)


Celebrating Earth Day With the Oregon Coast - Virtually Mid Coast Watershed Council (MCWC) will go with a digital celebration that everyone can join in on

Bringing the Stars to You At Home: Washington, Oregon, Coastal Astronomy A number of mobile star maps, astronomy aids and other types of apps that bring the wonder of the stars down to Earth

Moon Aligns with Three Planets in Spectacular Show Above Washington, Oregon, Coast Look for the moon to make a wild little show in conjunction with the planets of our solar system

Video: Five Minutes of Oregon Coast Ocean Sound You Need Right Now Showing off a handful of spots along the coast and what they sound like

Seaside's Drastic, Startling Changes: Oregon Coast History, Part Two Seaside and the areas north of there have undergone some remarkable changes

Drastic Changes and Old Looks of Seaside: Oregon Coast History Part 1 All of Clatsop Beach from here northward was actually so dramatically different 150 years ago it’s mind-boggling

French Rocker CharlElie Couture is America's Best Kept Secret: Oregon Coast Reviews Charlelie Couture (often going by CharlElie) is an enigmatic musical figure, a sort of Superman of vast genres

Adorable Tufted Puffins: One Visitor's Welcome Return to Oregon Coast, Washington Coast Every April, an adorable black, white and orange creature returns to the Oregon coast and Washington

Gearhart Shuts Down More Beaches During Weekend to Discourage Oregon Coast Sun-Seekers Clatsop County is temporarily closing more areas to help deter what could again be a flood of visitors

Free Days at Washington Coast State Parks Postponed State parks in Washington were set to have to free days in April, but officials in Olympia have postponed those

Oregon Coast Easter Egg Hunt Goes Virtual: Lincoln City Brings It To Locals April 11 at noon the event goes live on the Lincoln City Cultural Center Facebook page

The Other Insane Oregon Coast Storm: One Year Before the Great Gale In 2006, a massive storm was compared to the big one of 1995

Weird from Oregon Coast Archives: When They Found A Mutant Crab It was a crab with three pinchers on one of its arms – a kind of mutant crab no one at the Seaside Aquarium had ever seen

More Closures, Cancellations Along Oregon Coast, Washington Coast More features and events along the Oregon coast and Washington coast are dropping by the wayside

One Gnarly Big Supermoon in April for Oregon, Washington, Coast Oregon, Washington and their coastlines are about to get seriously mooned with an the largest supermoon of the year.

Oregon Coast Places That Don't Always Exist - Part II Two spots around Cannon Beach and another aspect of a Yachats landmark that just isn't the same year-round

Light Snow for Oregon, Washington, Coast Ranges; Frost Advisory No April Fool’s joke: snow is in the cards for much of Oregon and Washington on Friday

Oregon Coast Places That Don't Always Exist - Part I Some areas or aspects of the Oregon coast may not exist and then almost rather they pop into being

Like Day and Night on Oregon Coast: Different Faces Just S. of Cannon Beach The changes and ethereal moods that take over a place after dark are startling and stark but always mesmerizing

Comet Y4 Could Be Bright Spot for Washington, Oregon Coasts - Portland to Seattle A comet called Y4 ATLAS could be the brightest thing in the skies in decades

Depoe Bay History: the Story Behind Some Oregon Coast Landmarks The aquarium, spouting horn, famed restaurants: a trip through time

Extremely Rare Find: Pacific Snake Eel on Oregon Coast Only the third time documented in Oregon, south coast; Washington coast last year

Looking Back: March '64 Tsunami That Wrecked Oregon Coast, Photos On March 27, 1964, it was anything but a good Friday when the infamous Good Friday quake hit Alaska

Chillin' in Retrospect: Oregon Coast in the Snow When snow does hit the Oregon coast it's always a grand entrance

BREAKING: No Tsunami Threat for Oregon, Washington Coast, Hawaii An updated special statement about an earthquake offshore from Russia, saying there is no threat

View Oregon Coast Whale Watch Week Online: Updated Daily (Orca Footage) Luckily, you can still watch them as you “shelter at home” and perhaps keep your sanity a little longer

When a Mysterious Shipwreck Popped Up Out of Nowhere: Oregon Coast History Ten years ago, a 100-year-old surprise popped up on the north Oregon coast, essentially forgotten by time

COVID-19 and Overcrowding Shut Down Much of Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast, Washington Slowly Close Down Beaches, Towns: Latest Shutdowns State parks around Oregon are shut down, some towns have closed themselves to tourists, with many beach accesses now closed off

Be at the Oregon Coast from Afar - Living It Vicariously There are indeed ways to check out these lovely beaches from afar – digitally

The Little Critter That Looks Like a Spaceship on Oregon / Washington Coast It’s called the longnose skate: a dark, sleek and thin creature

Oregon Coast Closes Camping; Washington Halts Razor Clam Digs Three Oregon agencies temporarily shut down camping; razor clam digs stopped in Washington

Oregon State Park Officials: Latest on Coast, Inland, Trails, Facilities, COVID-19 Some parks will see reduced service to trash, restrooms, and other facilities like visitor centers

Four Unusual Oregon Coast Weather Phenomena Ever heard of a fog tsunami, flying foam or Novaya Zemlya?

Four Unusual Aspects of Seaside on N. Oregon Coast Sometimes it's in the past: others it's right out in the open and even beneath your feet

Cancellations Include Cleanup, Whale Week; Oregon Coast Official Statements Roundup of events cancelled or postponed, attraction closures, statements from visitor centers

Razor Clam Digs Approved on Washington Coast; Oregon Clamming Mostly Open Updates on Washington clamming and along the southern Oregon coast to northern half

Four Unique Thrills of N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County: Video A mesmerizing mass of forested land and rollicking beaches that are stuffed with surprises. Pacific City, Oceanside, Tierra Dela Mr, Rockaway Beach, Manzanita events

Rarity in the Skies: Sun Pillar on Washington, Oregon Coast - Along With Supermoon

Rare Sun Pillar Wows Oregon, Washington Coast Along with Supermoon All up and down the coastlines, reports came in from as far south as Bandon up to southern Washington.

Rare Fish Encounters and Wacky Sea Lion: Washington, Oregon Coast Strange creatures in Garibaldi, Long Beach and a nutty sea lion in Newport

Depoe Bay Night Curiosities: Wild Sights of Nocturnal Oregon Coast When the night comes, it's something truly different, like an alternate universe version of these cajoling shores

Manzanita / Nehalem Bay: Secret Ways to Dig Into N. Oregon Coast Spring, Video How to look for something different in this unique and mesmerizing section of Oregon coast?

Unique Spring Tips for Oregon Coast's Lincoln City: 300 Extra Floats, Traffic, More A special story time for kids, an extra 300 more floats dropped on the beach, along with other aspects of nature

Supermoon for Washington, Oregon Coast: Major Fireballs Seen Get ready for an extra large moon in March, visible all over the Pacific Northwest, including the Washington coast and the Oregon coast

Freaky, Gooey Brown Waves Again on Washington, Oregon Coast, Video These are usually phytoplankton called diatoms, which are the most common form of these plant-like critters

Janthina / Violet Snails: Tiny, Rare Purple Weirdos of Oregon Coast Janthina janthina, otherwise known as the Violet Snail, Storm Snail or even just the common purple snail

S. Oregon Coast's Gold Beach Glass Float Drops Now 21 Years Old Gold Beach has their glass float give away, called the Beach Treasure Hunt in Gold Beach

Highlights of Spring Break on Oregon Coast: Whales, Magic, Even Ghosts From helping out the environment with the beach cleanup to whales, a magic fest and even ghosts

Sneaker Waves a Possibility Over Weekend on Oregon Coast, Washington Coast Words of caution for the northern half but no issues south

Insanely Cool Highlights of Three Capes Drive on N. Oregon Coast Three Capes, a lighthouse, four (or so) tiny villages, a rollicking set of dunes and more fun secrets and discoveries

WinterFest Warms Up N. Oregon Coast With Three Days of Music The little town of Nehalem gushing forth the entertainment on March 6 - 8

Depoe Bay's Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint and Secrets: Oregon Coast Video Wanderings Boiler Bay isn't just a Mecca for wondrous sights and sites, it's a lot bigger than it looks

Oregon Coast's Influential, Tall Weirdos: Bull Kelp

Wacky Bull Kelp of Oregon Coast are Giant Algae - But What's That? A fascinating and funky gargantuan plant that holds a lot of fun secrets

UPDATE: N. Oregon Coast / Washington Coast High Surf Advisory Extended A high surf advisory for Sunday, bringing large, hazardous waves and dangerous surf conditions to the beaches of the northern half of the Oregon coast and the entire Washington coast.

Video: Seven Fantastic Details Along 130 Miles of Oregon Coastline Seven places with unheralded details to make your next trip an inquisitive and extra rewarding one

Southern Oregon Coast Range Resort Opens Early This Year This time around Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort opens its doors on April 1

West Wind Tidal Treasures Possible; How Much More Sun on Oregon Coast Warm sun before the weekend storm, then more sun and tidal surprises

4.5 Quake Off Oregon Coast: No Damage or Tsunami Alert Early Wednesday afternoon, taking place almost 200 miles west of Bandon, Oregon

Lincoln City Beach Accesses with Something Different: Cooler, More Wondrous Oregon Coast Where the funky side streets end the coolest of the beach accesses may begin

Scientific Discoveries This Year at Cape Falcon Marine Reserve, N. Oregon Coast Scientific finds about crabs, sharks, birds and more happened near Manzanita

Weird Science of Rockaway Beach's Twin Rocks, N. Oregon Coast: Video Yes, it's lava - originally. But it has an unusual geological distinction

Washington Coast: Tentative Spring Razor Clam Dig Schedule Announced Managers are looking ahead to razor clam digs on ocean beaches for dates through April

Colorful Blobs Again on Oregon Coast, Bringing Some Surprises West winds brought in their predators and maybe Japanese glass floats

Free Crabbing, Clamming, Fishing on Oregon Coast This Weekend Free fishing, clamming or crabbing around the state, valid Saturday and Sunday, February 15 and 16

N. Oregon Coast Museum Talks: Bio Systems, Washington Coast History Two of the north Oregon coast’s history museums dig deep into diverse subjects: Cannon Beach, Seaside

Great Romantic Spots, Ideas for Amore on the Oregon Coast Some spots host the power of love a little more than others; some pack an extra punch

N. Oregon Coast Fave Shut Down For Now: Ecola State Park at Cannon Beach Closed until further notice because the only road going into the area has been severely damaged

Oregon Coast Cleanup Date Released: March 28, Needs Volunteers

SOLVE Now Accepting Volunteers for Oregon Coast Cleanup, March 28 364 miles of coastline, with 45 locations needing people to give them a good scrub

Disturbing Newport Beach Find Like 'Breaking Bad' on Oregon Coast An illegal dump on a beach near Newport that was not only disturbingly unsightly but possibly chemically dangerous

High Surf Advisories, Flooding for Oregon Coast; Washington Coast, S. Coast Issues High surf advisories for N. Oregon coast and all of Washington, flooding advisory for N. coast

Washington Coast: Admiralty Head Lighthouse Closed for Renovation The iconic Admiralty Head Lighthouse near the outer Washington coast is going under the knife

N. Coast Culinary Fest Honors Famed Oregon Chef James Beard Cannon Beach plays host to a weekend of culinary arts and foodie wizardry

King Tides Return This Weekend to Oregon, Washington Coast; Warnings Possible Already exceptionally high tides look as if they’ll be even larger because of some sizable wave action offshore

S. Oregon Coast Hazards Statement for Tues; King Tides This Weekend Southern Oregon coast under threat of sneaker waves on Tuesday and the entire coastline getting more king tides over the weekend

Lincoln City's Antique Week Uncovers Oregon Coast's Past February 8 through 17: scavenger hunt, history programs and even real Japanese glass floats are dropped

Confessions of an Angry Sea Cave: Colorful Silver Point on N. Oregon Coast A Photo Essay with Contributions from Tiffany Boothe of Seaside Aquarium: wild colors and maybe a small army of green gremlins

Western Hoedown Kicks Up Some Dust on Central Oregon Coast, Feb. 15 Florence Events Center will host the Western Hoedown on February 15, featuring music, dancing and good ol' American barbecue

Variety of Varietals at Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Fest, N. Oregon Coast Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival brings a unique wine tastings and culinary experiences to town on March 12 – 15

Oregon's Tillamook Coast and State Preservation Office Announce Grants, Criteria Extensive funding grants for tourism-related projects along the north coast; preservation, archaeology funds

S. Oregon Coast Surf Advisory Thursday; More Possible This Week A large helping of big wave action is coming to the Oregon coast over the next few days, with the southern coast under a high surf advisory

Four Hidden Vacation Gems and Finds of Seaside, Gearhart: Oregon Coast Insider's Tips Some of the best goodies get tucked away beneath the surface in Gearhart and Seaside

Bandon Crab Fest Party Adds a Second Day at New Southern Oregon Coast Favorite February 22 and 23 for the second annual Bandon Crab Fest, now extended as a two-day event

Sneaker Wave Dangers Sunday on Oregon, Washington Coast: How to Enjoy Large breakers and the substantial dangers of sneaker waves will be present

Four Unheralded, Wowing Wonders of Depoe Bay: Central Oregon Coast There’s so much to this little town you couldn’t explore it all in one day: whales, hidden viewpoints, surprises

Central Oregon Coast History Museum Takes It Up a Notch in February Some new features, a new exhibit and a talk are all winter highlights at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum in Lincoln City

King Tides and Oregon Coast Citizen Science Events at Yachats, Florence King tides and other forms of citizen science will be the focus of two events later in January

S. Oregon Coast's Charleston Features Annual Crab Shindig Feb. 8 The little place with the big marina on the southern Oregon coast gets rather crabby about this time of year

Water Spout and Confirmed Tornado Today on Oregon Coast: Some Damage A water spout appeared off Depoe Bay and what is still is now a onfirmed tornado touched down in Manzanita

Storms Deposit Oddities like Sea Cucumber, Velella onto Oregon Coast Unique creatures have popped up, including the famed velella velella and a weird little critter that looks like a worm but isn't

Release the Crab Krackin' on Central Oregon Coast: Feb. 9 in Newport Newport’s absolutely fab annual Crab Krack happens on Sunday, February 9

Star Trek / Seinfeld Actor and Orca Talk on N. Oregon Coast Liz Cole appears in a play, and a talk on killer whales

Coming Up: Learn About Haystack Rock or Clean Up an Oregon Coast Beach Kick back and take in a brew while listening to some engaging history about a famous Cannon Beach rock, or get out there and make a difference after the recent wild tides

Washington Coast Opens Up Six-Day Razor Clam Digs Jan. 21 Fans of clams and the Washington coast are in for a treat this week

Keep an Eye Out for Stranded Sea Turtles on Oregon Coast, Washington Beaches

Why Do So Many Ignore Oregon Coast Wave Warnings? Answer is Uneasy Reality When the big waves come, so does a tsunami of viral videos of bad behavior

Oregon Coast Passes Snow Advisories; Frost, Wind Warning on South Coast A winter weather advisory for the coast range pass highways and the southern Oregon coast has a frost advisory and a high wind warning

Getting the Message to Oregon Coast Storm Watchers: Why It's Not Working

Some Snow, Winter Advisories for Portland, S. Washington, Oregon Coast Range The higher elevations of the Oregon Coast Range are already seeing about an inch of accumulation

At Least One Death on Oregon Coast; Astounding Wave Videos Captured

Oregon Coast Road Work, Delays at Astoria, Cannon Beach Road and bridge work on the north Oregon coast will be causing some delays for residents and travelers

Oregon Coast Storm Roundup: Wild Videos, Waves Turn Deadly

Astounding Video of Massive Waves; Child Missing in Surf on Oregon Coast Saturday's storm action produced some astounding video and images, but it also proved possibly deadly for one group

Oregon Coast Surf Warnings Extended: Beach Closures, No Glass Floats

Surf Warnings for Oregon Coast Include 30-foot Waves, Beach Closures, Glass Floats Nixed

New Surf Warnings for Oregon Coast; What's Closed Down, Video 28 to 35-ft waves breaking onshore, some beach closures

Oregon and Washington Coasts: Mix of Surf, Wind, Flood Warnings, Chance of Snow King tides combined with huge swells mean extra danger; flood issues, snow

Snow Possibilities for Portland, Oregon-Washington Coasts; High Wind Watch North There is a chance of snow in lowland Oregon and Washington, including Portland, the valley, the northern Oregon coast and the southern Oregon coast

Warm Currents Fool and Kill Another Sea Turtle on N. Oregon Coast The Loggerhead turtle was found at Sunset Beach with one flippter stuck in netting

30-foot Swells Offshore Spell Troubling Weekend for Oregon Coast, Washington Coast This weekend is three days of King Tides for the Oregon coast, which means some walloping waves and dangerous conditions

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad: Updates, Schedules, Historic Train Rides Updated constantly: news, updates, schedules of Garibaldi's historic train rides

Three Capes Winter Top Ten: Wild at Oceanside, Pacific City, N. Oregon Coast where Oceanside, Tierra Del Mar, Neskowin and Pacific City meet with the Tillamook Bay and Garibaldi

SOLVE Looks Back at 50 Years of Cleaning Oregon Coast, Inland State 2019 was its 50th year in existence, and the organization said it's looking back with a sense of pride

Oregon Coast Wind Warnings; Warnings, Advisories for Washington Coast The northern half of the Oregon coast and southern third of the Washington coast are both under a high wind warning

Weird Little Fish Found on S. Washington Coast, Near Oregon A fish called finescale triggerfish (Balistes polylepis), which is almost never seen this far north

Astounding Storms Sights of Oregon Coast, Washington Coast Looking for a preview of and hints for insane ocean action? Here are some of the most sensational places

Moon Jellies Over Manzanita: Tides Bring Translucent Finds to Oregon Coast Look for weird beach finds as soon as this run of tidal surges is done on the north / south coast, Washington coast

Massive Waves for Oregon Coast, S. Washington: Advisories Through Jan. 2

Surf Advisories, 24-foot Breakers for Washington, Oregon Coast New Year's Day Dangerous conditions on beaches through New Year’s Day and beyond for south coast to Washington coast

Newport Winter Top Ten: Best of the Season, Oregon Coast This one is a metropolis for the coastline, with a mind-bending array of stuff to do in winter

Six Things They Don't Tell You About Oregon Coast Whale Watch Week Whale behaviors, secret ways to spot them, special places

Literary Series Returns to Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln City Oregon Legacy returns to the Lincoln County community on four Sunday afternoons in February 2020

Series of Surf Dangers Along Oregon Coast

Officials Warn of Sneaker Wave Dangers Over Weekend at Washington Coast, Oregon Coast

Sneaker Wave Dangers Likely for All of Oregon, Washington Coasts A warning that dangerous sneaker waves are very possible along Pacific Northwest beaches over the weekend

Oregon Coast Dungeness Crabbing Reopens on New Year's Eve Oregon restaurants and consumers will be happy once more as the tasty coastal delicacy returns to menus and seafood vendors

Top Ten Winter Wonders of N. Oregon Coast's Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Nehalem Bay Secrets of the towns that flank Nehalem Bay: Manzanita, Wheeler, Nehalem and Rockaway Beach

Cannon Beach Events Look at Future of Oregon Coast and Its Stormy Past A lecture on the future of the coast and one on its past

N. Oregon Coast Preview: Seaside, Cannon Beach, Astoria Winter Events Cannon Beach, Seaside and Astoria events for winter

First Day Hikes on Oregon Coast a Special Event for New Year's Day 37 hikes in 31 parks are part of this year's First Day Hikes, including the south coast and inland state

State Officials Open Up Areas of Washington Coast to Crabbing, Razor Clams Good news is in store for Washington coast clam diggers and crabbers

High Winds, Flooding, High Surf to Rough Up Oregon Coast, Washington Coast A gnarly set of storm conditions are coming to the entire Oregon coast and southern Washington over the next day or two

Top Ten Winter Wonders of Lincoln City: What They Don't Tell You About Oregon Coast Winter on the Oregon coast has its obvious pleasures and its slightly hidden ones

Ramp Repair at Cape Kiwanda Delayed Until Next Oregon Coast Storm The iconic ramp at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City was closed late last week

Oregon Coast Whale Watch Week Spreads to Two States, Over 360 Miles The peak of it happens at the end of the month with Winter Whale Watch Week, December 27 – 31

Oregon Coast Dunes Rec Area in Trouble, Releases Video Just south of Florence, invasive species planted long ago are slowly, literally choking the dunes to death

Florence and Yachats Winter Events: Central Oregon Coast Preview Yachats rides high with its winter celebration and the holidays, and Florence washes out the blues with music

Oregon Coast Closures: Razor Clamming Shut Down, Cape Kiwanda Ramp Entire region closed to razor clamming, ramp at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City is closed down indefinitely

Cannon Beach Winter Top Ten: Oregon Coast Insider Tips Winter on these beaches is a singularly intense endeavor where adventure can be found at just about every turn

An Oregon Coast Winter Glow: Seasonal Warmth in Lincoln City Events Lincoln City Cultural Center (LCCC) and the North Lincoln County Historical Museum get especially warm and cozy

New Surf Advisories, Dangers for All Oregon Coast, South Washington Coast - Video Some places may get waves as high as 25 feet onshore

South Oregon Coast Surf Advisory, Big Waves Northern Half Waves as large as 25 feet breaking on the beaches of places like Bandon

S Oregon Coast Park Begins Camping Reservations; Ecola Closes for Two Days Bullards Beach State Park at Bandon on the south coast; Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach

Winter Events in Newport, Depoe Bay: Central Oregon Coast Preview Around Depoe Bay and Newport, it’s more than just the holidays this winter on the central Oregon coast

Gemind Meteors Brightest of Year: Will Oregon, Washington Coast See Them? Portland, Pendleton, Seattle and Eugene and along the beaches it will peak on December 13 and 14

New Oregon Coast Tradition Lights Up a Lincoln City Dock The renovated dock at Taft is lit up by a festive display and aglow

Manzanita, Garibaldi, Rockaway Beach, Pacific City: N. Oregon Coast Winter Fun - A lot happens in Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler, Rockaway Beach, Tillamook and Pacific City.

Winter Events of Lincoln City: Central Oregon Coast Preview Glass floats, lots of music, food and theater events

Depoe Bay Celebrates Filming of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on Oregon Coast Oregon Film will commemorate the town’s contribution to the quirky flick on December 19

Lincoln City's Whistling Winds - Wacky Oregon Coast History of a Quaint Motel Like all of Whistling Winds, my room is a gloriously all Earth tones, covered in that fine polished wood that makes it feel like a fancy hotel

Cyber Monday Goes to the Oregon Coast: Unique Gifts Online

Oregon Coast Cyber Monday: Unique Beachy Finds Online Gifts of the coast to your loved ones, many possibilities you probably didn’t know about

Little Log Museum in Yachats Hosts Benefit Concerts: Central Oregon Coast The concerts to help raise funds toward the rebuilding of the historical and iconic structure

Snow Advisories for Oregon Coast Range Passes, S. Washington Coast Passes From 10 p.m. Saturday to 10 a.m. Sunday caution is urged while driving the passes

Snow, Freezing Rain for Oregon Coast Range, Portland, Salem; Freeze Warning South Coast Valley and Coast Range snow, southern coast freee, chilly north coast, Washington coast

Special Occasion Giant Sand Designs Offered by Oregon Coast Inn, Now Lincoln City Legend They offer them up to guests for special occasions, creating a truly individualistic spotlight for a loved one

Florence Winter Music Fest Lights Up Central Oregon Coast in January The Florence Winter Music Festival takes over the town on January 24 – 26

S. Oregon Coast Hit with Heavy Winds, Waves; Southern Oregon Major Snow Storm Gusts up to 90 mph in some places, 35-foot waves, snow in the passes and on southern I-5

Cannon Beach's Haystack Holidays Lights Up N. Oregon Coast Yuletide celebrations that take you from music to lights to engaging and different ways to shop

Wine Country Thanksgiving: from Oregon Coast Range to Portland to Eugene Nov. 29 through Dec. 1, Oregon Wine Country Thanksgiving is found in Yamhill wine country, Willamette Valley, Portland, the I-5 Corridor, Corvallis, Eugene

Oregon Coast Gets Sneakers Waves; Snow in Passes, Portland, Valley

Sneaker Waves for Oregon Coast; Snow in Passes, Portland, Eugene Snow in the valley, coast range, and sneaker waves for the Oregon coast vague possibility of snow on beaches)

That Weird Meteor Storm Tonight: Seattle, Portland, Oregon and Washington Coast Washington coast, Oregon coast, along with inland areas like Seattle, Yakima, Portland, Medford and Pendleton

Nearly Half a Million Holiday Lights at South Oregon Coast Event Hands down the largest display on the Oregon coast takes place throughout December at Coos Bay's Shore Acres State Park

Holiday Weekends on Central Oregon Coast: Florence Gets Creative, Yummy A tasty new holiday tradition begins on the central Oregon coast with the Cocoa, Cookie and Cider Trail

A Sea of Lights Will Surround Newport's Oregon Coast Aquarium Your fave sea creatures float about you in the form of thousands of colorful points of lights

Four Quirky, Kooky Moments of Oregon Coast History A skeleton, a shipwreck, tornado and a rogue sea lion

Late Fall Fun on Oregon Coast: Tidepools, Birds, Mammal Spotting A bevy of beachy stuff awaits from the south coast to the Washington coast

Holidays at Seaside Aquarium: Feed the Seals, Feed N. Oregon Coast Families Patrons can pay admission to the Seaside Aquarium with two cans of food per person

N. Oregon Coast Holidays: Cannon Beach Museum, Downtown Parties Cannon Beach provides plenty of interesting yuletide distractions

Central Oregon Coast Holidays Kick Off with Lincoln City Tree Lighting family ornament workshop, cookies and hot chocolate, festive choral music, a visit with Santa

Wacky Oregon Coast History: Nov. 12 is Happy Exploding Whale Day, New Facts More tidbits about the incident, the clip and its future

Major Meteor Shower Could Hit West Coast, Oregon, Washington An enormous but short burst of activity of especially bright meteors

Lion's Mane Jellyfish: Something Ouchy on Oregon Coast Lately Seaside Aquarium this week reporting seeing some Lion’s Mane Jellyfish on the north coast

Holidays and Book Fair Approach on N. Oregon Coast: Tillamook, Seaside Mook Book Fair in Tillamook, Gingerbread Tea in Seaside

Oregon Coast King Tides Project Kickoff Party, Photogs Needed With the first king tides coming up November 25 - 27

Animal Planet Star of Crikey! It's the Irwins Films at Oregon Coast Aquarium Bindi Irwin of the showed up in Newport in a segment airing Nov. 23

Now You Can Adopt a Beach on Oregon Coast Through SOLVE a new program where individuals or groups can adopt a beach and help take care of it

Portland, Oregon Coast, Washington Get View of Transit of Mercury The transit of Mercury will happen in the Pacific Northwest starting a couple hours before sunrise

Warning: Do Not Pick Up Sea Turtles on Oregon, Washington Coast Just like the spring and summer with baby seals on the Oregon coast, this season is about stranded sea turtles

Digging Deeper Into Rockaway Beach: North Oregon Coast Quirky to Cool The delights are in the details - and the unknowns

Three Incredible Room Views of Lincoln City, Central Oregon Coast Insider's Tips Three gorgeous views to be had and the little surprises you may find

Newport: Oregon Coast Aquarium Honors Vets; Nye Beach Banner Auction Nye Beach art in bold colors; aquarium offers free admission to vets and their families

Park Closure at Cannon Beach, N. Oregon Coast; Central Coast Holidays with History Lincoln City's history museum gets cheery; Ecola State Park shuts down for four days

Special Veteran's Day Performance of Kastalsky's 'Requiem' on Central Oregon Coast This triumphant tribute was never performed during the Soviet era, but it’s making its way to Lincoln City

Wild Things Embedded in the Rocks of Oregon Coast: Fossils Ahead and Below All sorts of ancient life forms lurk beneath the beaches, and sometimes in the cliff walls

Bigtime Expansions for Two Central Oregon Coast Lodgings: Lincoln City, Newport Coho Oceanfront Lodge in Lincoln City and the Nye Beach Condos & Cottages vacation rentals biz in Newport

Above the Oregon, Washington Coast: Halloween is in the Stars as Well More to Halloween than just spooks and candy: it's an astronomical event

An Oregon Coast Legend: Depoe Bay's Tidal Raves Makes Further Waves a tsunami of culinary pleasures that it makes waves elsewhere

Explanations of Neskowin Ghost Forest Wrong, Say Oregon Coast Geologists Those inimitable and freaky stumps of mystery are subject of rumor and bad info

Trippiest Sea Caves of the Oregon Coast Weird secrets of Cannon Beach, Oceanside, Yachats, Florence

Cannon Beach's Bandage Man a Spooky, Goofy Oregon Coast Lore for Decades A bandaged and bloodied figure haunting the roads near Cannon Beach and its forests

Oregon Coast Aquarium Provides Home to Marine Life Left Behind, Seeks Update Funds for a remodel; giving a home to creatures left by a closed facility

Washington and Oregon Coast: Warm Temps, Possible Aurora Borealis Lots of sun and warm temps are in store for the Oregon coast, south coast and the Washington coast

Tiny Velella Velella and Intriguing Birds Latest Oregon Coast Finds A variety of injured birds needed help, and those potentially-stinky velella velella showed up as well

N. Oregon Coast's Nehalem Gets Raucous with Theater Production November 1 - 10 at the NCRD Performing Arts Center

Two Irresistible Cannon Beach Finds, Little N. Oregon Coast Lodging Legends Wayside Inn and Schooner's Cove Inn are two Cannon Beach lodging powerhouses

Central Oregon Coast: Florence, Yachats Events Preview A load of music, theater, art, Halloween and even some mind-bending science

N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Prom Turns 100 Soon; Grant Money Awarded The Visitor Bureau was just awarded $14,590 in grant funding

Central Oregon Coast Highlights: Vintage Trailers in Florence, Yachats Celtic Fest

Oregon and Washington Coast Hit by Massive Waves, Some Mishaps; Video 20 to 25-foot waves clawed at the entirety of the Oregon coast and much of Washington

N. Oregon Coast Events Look into Tufted Puffin, Rocky Shores

Wild Breakers Hit Oregon Coast Thursday: Gallery, Video waves up to 25 feet are possible, and a high surf advisory is in effect

Celtic Fest and Vintage Trailers Take Over Central Oregon Coast Vintage Trailer Rally in Florence this weekend and Yachats Celtic Fest in Nov

Oregon, Washington Coast High Surf Advisories Big waves are headed for the Oregon coast but the southern half will get the brunt of it

Cutting Edge Archaeology Subject of N. Oregon Coast Event Each year the Cannon Beach History Center & Museum partners with the Archaeological Institute of America

Central Oregon Coast's Newport, Depoe Bay in Fall

Washington Coast, Oregon Coast: Biggest Waves Since Spring Expected, Video Combined seas of up to 20 feet or more are possible by Wednesday

Two Major Oregon Coast State Parks Undergo Work, Some Closures Sunset Beach State Recreation Site near Seaside, Fort Stevens State Park near Astoria and Ecola State Park at Cannon Beach

Five Amazing Guided Foraging Adventures of South Oregon's Live Culture Coast Outdoors foraging and hiking events, which come in eye-popping varieties and combinations

Halloween Into Holidays: N. Oregon Coast Preview, Astoria, Cannon Beach, Seaside what you shouldn't miss in the next two months, with a sneak preview of sprawling holiday events

Some Serious Swing on Central Oregon Coast: Big Band Dance in Lincoln City Lincoln City Cultural Center hosts a Big Band Dance on Saturday, October 12

Somewhat Rare Mola Molas / Sunfish Spotted Off Oregon Coast - Video Seen in the waters off Cape Falcon (near Manzanita) and off Otter Rock (near Depoe Bay)

Central Oregon Coast Preview: Lincoln City Glass Floats, Halloween, Snoop Dogg Food, theater, Celtic music, plenty of Halloween stuff

Second Summer Weather Returns to Oregon Coast This Week It's been a lackluster September for that famed and coveted phenomenon

Razor Clamming Reopens Along Entire Oregon Coast The annual conservation closure on the N. coast and a problem on the south coast are over

Scores of Dead Birds on Oregon Coast - Why? In fact, it isn't a mass die-off at all

Curiosities of Yachats and Squirty Surprises, Oregon Coast; Video The place has its secrets. There's more to this engaging area than meets the eye

Florence Wine and Chowder Trail Livens Up Central Oregon Coast October 11 to 13 also brings glass floats, wiener dog races

Great Columbia Crossing Readies to Wow N. Oregon Coast, Almost at Capacity The event hits Astoria and closes the bridge on Oct 13

Outdoor Walk Events Spotlight Unique Aspects of N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County A guided walk near Tillamook, garden talks in Manzanita

Cannon Beach's CBVR: 20 Years an Oregon Coast Rental Hotspot Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals' two decades of wonders and beach trivia

Southern Oregon Coast Latest: Harris Beach Closure, Live Culture Coast A major festival and the closure of a popular beach for almost two weeks

Two Intriguing Events in Oregon Coast's Lincoln City, Including Dia de Muertos special presentation on LGBTQ experience and a bit of Halloween with the Day of the Dead

Ten Days of Jazz, Blues on N. Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach to Manzanita October 3 to October 13 in different venues

Celebrate Glass Floats with a Gala Ball, Central Oregon Coast The 2020 season of Finders Keepers is kicking off in October, this time around featuring a celebration

Neskowin Valley Harvest Festival Brings Music, Food to N. Oregon Coast 37th Annual Neskowin Valley School Harvest Festival on October 5

Whale Sightings Through the Roof on Oregon Coast, Some Orcas A trend that is likely to continue for at least a few days

Fun Approach To Oregon Coast Rentals: Cannon Beach's Beachcomber Vacation Homes Beachcomber Vacation Homes has a come a long way, and it's well, making waves

Newport Features Oregon Coast Confessions, Bioblitz Talk A presentation about the concept of bioblitzing and an evening of wild storytelling

Five Beaches on Oregon Coast Under Health Advisories, Mostly South Newport’s Nye Beach, Mill Beach, Hubbard Creek Beach and Sunset Bay State Park

What Fall Equinox Means for Oregon Coast, Portland on Monday The autumnal equinox happens Monday, September 23

Adorable Sea Otters Celebrated at Newport's Oregon Coast Aquarium September 28 is International Sea Otter Awareness Day at Newport's flagship attraction

Dark and Stormy Nights Return to Central Oregon Coast, Lincoln City 16th year for this event that’s filled with fascinating personalities and spine-chilling tales

Sleek in Rockaway Beach: Oceanfront Secret of Oregon Coast's Tradewinds Motel Along a back road in the north Oregon coast hamlet of Rockaway Beach sits a motel that's a bit off the beaten track

Autumn Brings Star Parties and N. Oregon Coast History Program Two famed events happen on the Oregon coast and in the Coast Range

Early Storm for Oregon, Washington Coasts, Portland and Valley, Gusts Up to 30 special weather statement for southern Washington, the coastline, and parts of the Cascades down to Lane County

Cape Meares Lighthouse History and Its Future on Oregon Coast An interesting, even dramatic path: one of engineering feats, vandalism, recovery and an odd sight or two

Florence's Rods 'n Rhodies Returns to Oregon Coast Sept 13 - 15 your own personal episode of American Pickers

Most Oregon Coast Health Advisories Lifted: Rockaway, Neskowin, Newport, Seal Rock Five out of the six health advisories for the Oregon coast have been lifted

Depoe Bay's Spouting Horn - A Wild, Watery Oregon Coast Wonder It fires into the air abruptly, sending sea water 20, maybe 40 feet high without warning

The Basics and the Weird About Oregon Coast Sea Foam Sea foam is still a mystery to many people and it somehow creates the wrong impression

New Beach Water Warnings for Central Oregon Coast; Road Work Delays Agate Beach and Beverly Beach in Newport, as well as Seal Rock State Park Beach

Three New Oregon Coast Ocean Health Advisories: Neskowin, Rockaway, Lincoln City Stay out of the water at Rockaway Beach, Neskowin and the D River access

Vacation Rentals in Cannon Beach You've Never Heard Of, Nearby Oregon Coast Hotspots These are a bit hidden below the surface

Unlucky Harvest Moon for Oregon Coast, Portland, Valley on Friday the 13th Harvest Moon is the full moon that comes closest to the first day of fall

Wild Kite Abandon with Central Oregon Coast Festival in Oct October 5 and 6 brings the festival back to Lincoln City

Second Annual Crave the Coast Hits N Oregon Coast's Garibaldi, Sept 28 Dozens of local food and beverage producers, food trucks and demos

New 'Blob' Seems on Track to Affect Oregon Coast, Washington Coast Infamous "Blob" is returning to the West Coast, with a "heatwave" of warmer ocean water

Three Quakes Off Southern Oregon Coast Thursday Morning No injuries were reported and no tsunami alert was issued

Stay Out of Water at Short Sand Beach: N. Oregon Coast Health Advisory Short Sand Beach at Manzanita's Oswald West State Park was issued the warning on Wednesday

Sneaker Wave Warning for Oregon Coast Tuesday From Brookings up to Warrenton a chance of deadly sneaker waves on Tuesday and into Wednesday

Fave N. Oregon Coast Spot at Cannon Beach To Be Closed for Ten Weeks Indian Beach will be closed off due to road construction nearby

S. Washington Coast and Oregon Coast Humpback Sightings Soar The Columbia has been a hotspot for whales. Primarily Humpback whales.

South Oregon Coast Quake at Magnitude 6.3 A shallow quake hit off Bandon at around 8 a.m.

Oregon Coast Lodging Openings for Labor Holiday Scarce: Complete List Out of nearly 200 lodging businesses contacted these are the few and far between responses received

Labor Day Travel Advice for Oregon Coast, 2019 From finding a room to traffic, to weather issues, there's a few things to think about

Best Weather of the Year for Oregon Coast Approaches: Second Summer Best weather of the year on these beaches is always around September and early October

90-Degree Heatwave for Portland, Valley - Even Oregon Coast, Washington Coast Some of the hottest weather of the year is coming to the Portland and valley areas, while the northern half of the coast may approach 90

Four Engaging, Ultra-Cool Aspects of Central Oregon Coast's Waldport Wispy sands, the meandering Alsea Bay, the towering bridge and a host of little details

Nye Beach: Where Historic Oregon Coast Meets Future Sands Where Newport history collides with post-millennia civilized amenities and prime, even primitive beaches

Fed Scientists Capture Incredible Wildlife, Landmark Images on N. Oregon Coast A fantastic voyage that caught sea lions, tufted puffins, elusive rocks at Oceanside, Cannon Beach

Health Alerts Lifted for Both Oregon Coast Beaches: Seal Rock, D River This time it’s Seal Rock in southern Lincoln County

Three Wild Beaches With Luxury Hideouts in Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln County Where the chaos of the waves meets the seasonal wonders of Seal Rock, Waldport and Yachats

Ocean Health Alert for Lincoln City's D River Access, Central Oregon Coast OHA issued the alert Tuesday because of high-than-normal levels of bacteria in the ocean waters there

Whale Numbers Soar Along Washington, Oregon Coast - Rarities Too Unusual water conditions bring in huge whale numbers, including a beaked whale, blue whales

Southern Oregon Coast Hosts Unusual Fest in October: 10 Days of Food, Outdoors, Arts October 18 - 27 along 135 miles of trails and shoreline

September Preview of Astoria, Cannon Beach, Seaside - N. Oregon Coast Fun-O-Rama Last embers ofs summer and beginning of fall bring a surge of activity

Razor Clam Ban Expands on Southern Oregon Coast from the south jetty of the Umpqua River down to the California border

On Seaside's Prom: Part Oregon Coast Cottage, Part Upscale Hotel with History The front stares at the ocean’s chaotic wonders, originally a mansion built in the early 1900s

UPDATE: Baby Whale on Oregon Coast Did Not Make High Tide, Is Euthanized There is talk it could be euthanized. Found in Waldport's Bayshore area

Newport's Late Summer Bashes: August, September on Oregon Coast Food, fun in the outdoors and plenty of culture come crashing in

Neptune Scenic Viewpoint on Central Oregon Coast Bigger Than You Think Between Yachats and Florence sits surprisingly sprawling Neptune

Central Oregon Coast Features Stellar Jazz Fest and Symphonic Shows Two amazing festivals of a sort hitting the Newport Performing Arts Center

Florence Previews Massive Winter Folk Fest on Central Oregon Coast Three days of smokin' hot music will light up the town on January 24 – 26

What Lurks Beneath Oregon Coast Beaches? Get Ready... Many of these goodies only show in winter, if sand levels get low enough. Others you’ll never see at all.

August and September in Yachats, Florence: Oregon Coast Summer Preview An incredible array of outdoors, food and fun events

Late Summer in Manzanita, Garibaldi, Netarts, Tillamook County: N. Oregon Coast Preview Tillamook events: Pacific City, Netarts, Oceanside, Manzanita, Nehalem, Garibaldi

N. Oregon Coast's Tolovana Inn History of the Cannon Beach Icon, Part 2 A long and storied history, one that goes way back beyond its construction in the early '70s

New Glamping Resort on Southern Oregon Coast Takes Outdoor Luxury to New Heights This isn't rugged and rustic – it's a whole new layer of glamping

Masses of Dead Crab Parts on Oregon Coast Puzzling Beachgoers Loads of crab shells and their parts are being found and it's leaving more questions than answers for many

ODOT Network Issues Affecting Oregon Coast Road Alert Tweets An automated system feeding TripCheck updates to Twitter is broken down

Teeny, Tiny Oceanside a Multi-Layered Oregon Coast Experience A trippy tunnel, a strange tree, a lighthouse, agates, secret beaches and astounding homes

Lincoln City Shines in August, September: Central Oregon Coast Event Preview It's haunted, it's scandalous, it's full of outdoors activities and there's lots of food and music

N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County Outdoor Adventures for August Tillamook County practically explodes with outdoor adventures with its Explore Nature Series

Great Summer for Whales, Crabbing, Clamming, Sea Lions: Oregon Coast Officials Lots of possibilities for whale watching, catching sight of seals and sea lions, and crabbing and clamming

This Summer Good Fun for Whales, Sea Lions, Crabbing and Clamming on Oregon Coast A lot to see this summer along the southern and northern halves of the coastline

Found Alive: Rare Thresher Shark on N. Oregon Coast, Manzanita Beach While common off these shores. thresher sharks rarely wash up here.

Thriller Called 'Seaside' Set and Filmed on Oregon Coast - Released Soon Fans of One Life to Live may know lead Ariana DeBose; pre-orders available

Two Oregon Coast Mystery Beaches with Something to Hide Sometimes, beaches on the Oregon coast are not what they seem: at Yachats, Tillamook

Why Lincoln City Gets Such Fierce Devotion: 'Something for Everyone' on Oregon Coast More than a love of some beaches, it's almost like a second home, or another family member

Where Cushy and Quaint Meet on Oregon Coast: Seaside's City Center Motel These days, the main word that comes to mind for the motel is quaint.

The Gleefully Neglected Oregon Coast: Area Between Yachats and Florence A mere 20 miles or so between the two, it's filled with so many wowing sights

Mini Heatwave for Portland, Chilly N. Oregon Coast, Toasty S. Coast The best weather for the upper half happens during the week: time to play hooky

Summer Whale Watch Weekend on Central Oregon Coast This Weekend eighth annual event happening on July 27 and 28 at Depoe Bay

Seaside's The Cove: N. Oregon Coast Place with Old Secrets Old history and wild geology in a spot where you can find yourself alone

Oregon Coast / Washington Coast: Tall Ships Need Help, Museum Makeover, Crabbing A wide variety of changes and proposed changes

Newport's Agate Beach: Complete Accesses, History, Facts of Central Oregon Coast Hotspot Deep history, trails, beach accesses, complete travel tips guide

Free Willy Jump Scene Site on N. Oregon Coast Gets Signage The latest addition highlights the scenic Columbia River views from Free Willy around Warrenton, Hammond

Great Views of ISS for Pacific NW, Portland and Oregon Coast The International Space Station will be extra bright on Saturday

Oregon Coast Motor Lodge Moves Forward: Cannon Beach's Inn at Haystack Rock From old school to new school, this historic inn travels into the future

Two Quakes Off Oregon Coast Wednesday, One Magnitude 5.4 Both quakes were centered about six miles beneath the ocean floor

Shop at the Docks Takes Place at North and Central Oregon Coast This Year A unique program that helps connect consumers with fishing boats and their freshly-caught fish

Oregon Coast Aquarium Goes Live with Three New Web Cams You'll find the Shark Cam, the Seabird Cam and the Otter Cam

Free Outdoor Events Every Day in Summer at Yachats Area of Central Oregon Coast Hikes, kayaking, science presentations and even tours of a famed lighthouse

Saturn, Jupiter and Two Meteor Showers for Washington, Oregon, Coastlines A bevy of heavenly bodies and fireballs for Portland, Seattle, Oregon coast, Washington coast, Southern Oregon coast

Lincoln City's Beach Ave. and Overlook Park: Cloistered Oregon Coast Travel Tips Along Beach Avenue, therein lies a bundle of fun and discoveries

Closure of Razor Clamming on N. Oregon Coast Begins July 15 Clamming is shut down from Seaside to Warrenton for two months

How Lewis and Clark Return to N. Oregon Coast in September The north Oregon coast’s most famous early tourists return to the town of Seaside

Three Unforgettable Eats: Down Memory Lane of Oregon Coast Food Faves Sometimes they're seared deep in the memories of your childhood or perhaps just after you turned 21

Seaside Mural on Hotel Makes a Viral Splash on N. Oregon Coast Woodsy and rustic Coast River Inn at Seaside is making a name for itself

Retro Restaurants: Memory Lane of Historic N. Oregon Coast Eats Documentation of some historic eateries and watering holes from the last 20 years

Maxwell Point and Tunnel Beach: Oceanside's Trippy Gift to the Oregon Coast Details, nature and history of Maxwell Point and Tunnel Beach (or Star Trek Beach), at Oceanside

Oceanlake Beach Access, Lincoln City: Oregon Coast's NW 21st St and Crazy Stairway Known as the NW 21st St. access it's actually the Oceanlake Beach Access

Fourth Aftermath: SOLVE Needs Volunteers to Clean a Messy Oregon Coast millions of tiny pieces of plastic and other debris are left behind by beachgoers

Three Small Quakes Off Oregon Coast Wednesday, No Warnings One in the morning and then two others only ten minutes apart

Fourth of July Lodging Availability for Oregon Coast Slim - 2019 Slim pickings for lodgings and hotels. Do not expect to head out and find a place at the last minute.

SOLVE Needs Help Cleaning Up the Oregon Coast After Fourth of July It's called Cleanup the Coast on July 5. Seaside events, Gearhart events, Manzanita events, Lincoln City events

Orcas Seen Marauding Around Oregon Coast, Washington in Exciting Reports: Video Sightings in Port Orford, Newport, Depoe Bay, Nehalem Bay, Tillamook Bay and the southern Washington coast

Sizable Highway Improvements to Oregon Coast Highway at Seaside Look for a smoother and safer ride on one part of the Oregon coast

Three More Beach Health Advisories, This Time on Southern Oregon Coast Hubbard Creek Beach near Port Orford in Curry County, Harris Beach near Brookings and Sunset Bay State Park near Charleston

World Oceans Day Brings Interactive Fun to Oregon Coast Aquarium June 29 brings a big World Oceans Day celebration to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport

Two Central Oregon Coast Beaches Under Health Advisories Stay out of the water at Agate Beach in Newport and Seal Rock State Park

If You Blink You'll Miss These Three Oregon Coast Wonders Some places on the coast are obvious – but not obvious

Unique Family Fun on the Oregon Coast: Sights You Didn't Know Looking for something different on your beach vacay?

North Oregon Coast and The Great Puffin Watch From July 1 through 4, the town and the Friends of Haystack Rock bring The Great Puffin Watch

Eleven Quakes Rattle Off Oregon Coast on Saturday Scientists say these clusters of quakes are not unusual

Newport, Depoe Bay in Summer: Oregon Coast July, August Preview A ton to do during summer in Newport. Even Depoe Bay gets in on the act

Latest Deceased Whale on Oregon Coast: Cause of Death Still Not Conclusive All the test results are not yet in after a week

N. Oregon Coast Summer: July Preview of Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach kick out the jams when it comes to beachy fun

Oregon Astronomy: Summer Solstice Facts, Parties in Coast Range, Portland Star watching parties in Portland and in the Oregon Coast Range to celebrate

A Summer of Fun at Lincoln City, Oregon Coast: July Preview Music, food, numerous outdoor excursions, theater, movie matinees, and a look at Bigfoot and Pixieland

Water Advisory for One of Oregon Coast's Most Popular Towns - Cannon Beach health advisory, warning against wading in the ocean waters because of fecal matter

Quirky, Mysterious Sides of Depoe Bay Emerge with New Little Oregon Coast Parks Two places with the same name, some odd finds and some somber ones

Fourth of July on 362 Miles of Oregon Coast: North, Central and South Coast, 2019 From Brookings to Astoria, the entire Oregon coast will light up with fireworks and other enticing celebrations

Oregon Coast Fourth of July Celebrations, Shows for 2019 This year, you get a glimpse of the entire Oregon coast on Independence Day

Tillamook County Events in July, June: N. Oregon Coast's Manzanita, Rockaway, Pacific City Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Nehalem, Garibaldi, Oceanside and Pacific City

Four Irresistible and Unknown Aspects Around Manzanita: N. Oregon Coast Gems Oodles of surprises around every corner: Falcon Cove, Neahkahnie, Wheeler

Oregon Coast Travel: Gas Prices Continue Drop Stockpiles of gasoline have increased each week at nearly 4 million bbl

Now You Can Taste Pixie Kitchen Again on Central Oregon Coast The famed eatery is returning again for one day to Lincoln City

Heatwave for Valley, Portland Even Oregon Coast, Cooling on Weekend A brief but unpleasant heatwave is in store for Portland and the beaches

Seaside Event: Ten Ways to Better Enjoy the Oregon Coast Beaches A host of beachy advice from an Oregon coast author:how to find the different and surprising

Oregon Coast Invasive Species Cleanup at Old Pixieland Area Two important restoration sites: the old Pixieland area and the former site of a trailer park called Tamara Quays

Jupiter Gets Bigger Over Clear Oregon Skies, the Coast; Heatwave Coming Strawberry moon over the region with some unique aspects, and the interior is headed for an unpleasant heatwave

Historic Garibaldi Boathouse Gets New Life as an Oregon Coast Gallery The boathouse has been a bit of a puzzle to many: wondering what it is and what's in there

Yachats' Beulah's Sea View Inn and Landmark Restaurant: Intriguing Oregon Coast History Some kind of eatery or another had been at the spot for about 100 years

Registration Begins for Massive Oregon Coast Race: Astoria's Great Columbia Crossing October 13, runners and walkers trekking from Washington to Oregon across the Astoria-Megler Bridge

Walla Walla Test Files

Strange Blue Velella Velella Return to Oregon Coast, Some Spots Thicker Than Others They showed up in April already, but in fewer numbers and not very large

Pacific City Vacation Rentals: Oregon Coast Gems You Didn't Know The good, the fab and the awesome: that’s what’s in store

Cannon Beach Sandcastle Fun on June 8: Oregon Coast Fave Returns Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest letting loose the sand sculptors to carve their momentary masterpieces at 9:30 a.m.

Summer of Adventures Planned for N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County A host of wet and wild events in the greens and on the beaches of Tillamook County

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint: Actually Two Oregon Coast Parks in One Oh, what twin accesses they are, however. There’s more to this state park than you know

Three Stunningly Luxurious Rental Homes on the N. Oregon Coast, Three Capes If you love vacation rental homes with soaring amenities of the highest caliber, you're in for a treat

Five Astounding Parts of Depoe Bay to Get Away from Crowds, Central Oregon Coast Depoe Bay, on the central Oregon coast, is an engaging mix of paradoxes

Viking Songwriter Invades Oregon Coast with Americana Sound: Cannon Beach Sweden’s Sofia Talvik hits Cannon Beach on June 13

Beware Online Vacation Rental Scams, Say Oregon Coast Officials State tourism and police officials recently issued an advisory on what to look out for

Cannon Beach's Unknown Beaches: Escape Within an Oregon Coast Escape There are a handful of parts that are less populated, where you can get away from the throngs

Memorial Weekend 2019 Room Openings for Oregon Coast Scarce Finding lodging on the coast will be essentially impossible, however here's a few

Oregon Coast, Portland Update: Memorial Weekend Wetter Than Predicted NWS has changed some of the forecasts in the last 24 hours to a more intense mix of showers and then warmer temps

UPDATED: Memorial Weekend for Oregon Coast, Portland: Mix of Sun, Clouds Mostly great weather is in store for the week and the holiday weekend throughout the state

Pacific City's Headlands Lodge A Unique Take on Oregon Coast Pampering Artful, striking architecture and the upscale meet the crazed chaos of nature

Killer Whale Sightings Lead to Revelations About Oregon Coast Transient Orcas The sighting seems to have revealed something significant about this rather mysterious group of killer whales

Small Earthquake Just Inland on Oregon Coast Felt By a Few The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network received some 53 responses to the quake

Pacific City's Two Wonder-Inducing Neighbors: Where the North Oregon Coast Begins One is a tiny town; the other a wowing beach of otherworldly sights

Forest Preserve on N. Oregon Coast Opens, Featuring Tallest Cedar in State A new nature preserve at Rockaway Beach officially opens up its boardwalk on June 15

Weird and Wonderful Above Oregon Coast, Portland: Milky Way Gone, Meteors Astronomy: Tail end of a meteor shower, Milky Way missing

Inn at Cape Kiwanda An Oregon Coast Fave for Decades, And Here's Why A longtime Oregon coast staple has been the Inn at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City

Steampunk-Influenced Fun in Newport: Jules Verne Meets Oregon Coast Aquarium Where the oceanic meets steampunk: this is the new perspective on tropical marine life

Weather Pendulum: Portland, Valley, Oregon Coast Back to Colder and Wetter This Week Below average temps and rain return, large minus tides on the beaches

Oregon Coast's Heceta Head Lighthouse Changes and Challenges During 125-Year Anniversary One more celebration and some changes at the historical lighthouse

Fiery S. Oregon Coast Shipwreck Under Cleanup Efforts Now On May 2, a 64-foot fishing vessel out of Washington called the Ann Kathleen caught fire off the south coast

That Which is Haunting of An Oregon Coast Lighthouse: Cape Meares and Area There are some morbid and dark histories in the area surrounding the Oceanside landmark

Southern Oregon Coast: Reedsport Old Town Gets Renovation Southern Oregon coast town of Reedsport will be undergoing a makeover soon, all thanks to a grant from the state

Shipwreck Exhibit and Gilnetting History Featured on N. Oregon Coast N. coast shipwrecks are aplenty; local fishing industry history. Cannnon Beach events, Seaside events

Portland, Inland to Roast; Perhaps 80 Degrees for Oregon Coast A heatwave is coming to Portland, the inland valley and the Oregon coast

N. Oregon Coast Preview: Pacific City, Tillamook, Manzanita in Spring Tillamook County hurdles towards Memorial Day

Spoiling Mom with the Beach: Extravagant Mother's Day Packages on Oregon Coast This year, some spots along the shoreline have some stunning package

Cannon Beach Event: Did Francis Drake Land on Central Oregon Coast? There are many questions about Sir Francis Drake and how far north he really came

More Ways to Woo: Jaw-Dropping, Romantic Viewpoints of the Oregon Coast Few things can beat a stunning, nearly aerial view

112 Years of Florence Rhododendron Festival Celebrated This Month on Oregon Coast One of the state's longest-running festivals celebrates a whopping 112 years of flowery fun

Pixiefest Grows and Improves, Celebrating the Oregon Coast Landmark Several new and improved additions that will delight kids and parents alike

Beachy Dating Advice: Three Wowing Central Oregon Coast Make-Out Spots So, what can you do on these beaches that is different and really romantic?

The 'Boatels' of Nehalem: Vacation Rentals on an Oregon Coast River There really is such a thing as a boatel - a vacation rental home that's floating on the water

First Date Aflame: Five Stunning Romantic Forays of the N. Oregon Coast What if you're looking for something not just a little different but truly striking?

Depoe Bay and Newport in May: Spring Preview Central Oregon Coast Newport and Depoe Bay know how to whoop it up

Part 2: Seven Freakiest Things I've Seen on the Oregon Coast Weird pink rainbow, lighthouse in a bubble, ancient cannon, more

Oregon Coast Crews Rescue Endangered Seal from Washington Beach An uncommon sight on the Oregon and Washington coast: a Guadalupe Fur Seal

Seven Weirdest Things I've Ever Seen on the Oregon Coast (Part I) A mysterious glow at Neskowin, glowing sand in Newport and snow going the wrong direction in Yachats

Yachats and Florence in May: Lighting Up the Oregon Coast for Spring What Yachats, Waldport and Florence have in store for you in May

Kooky Purple Creatures Return to Oregon Coast: Velella Velella Reports are just from the north coast so far, but they could well be anywhere

Yachats' Silver Surf Motel, Where 'Oregon Coast You Remember' Sits Just Above Beach One of those constantly-updated stalwarts that brings back memories of family vacations

N. Oregon Coast in April, May: Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach Events As spring starts slowly winding up, so do Astoria, Cannon Beach and Seaside

Depoe Bay's Inn at Arch Rock Blends Old, New: Oregon Coast Travel Tips Sleek chic with a touch of maritime themes and post-mod

Oregon Coast Organizations Win Prestigious Awards Lincoln City's visitor center and Newport's Oregon Coast Aquarium made the grade

How Lincoln City Will Rock You in May, April: Oregon Coast Events Preview spring heats up to the climactic opening of the summer season, throughout April and May

Extraordinary Encounters: Shark Off Oregon Coast, Dolphin on Washington Coast A charter boat from Newport got into a bit of a fight with a shark

Debris Art Project Tours Oregon Coast; Free Fishing Day in Hebo Fishing fun near Pacific City; an intriguing way of dealing with marine garbage

Five Extravagant Digs to Watch Whales: Oregon Coast Travel Tips Sometimes, staying the night in some lovely surroundings near the water helps

Weekend Gets Sunny for Oregon Coast; Whale Sightings; Warmest Day for Portland Just in time for Easter, a lot of sun moves in for the weekend, however briefly

Cannon Beach Summer Camps for Kids Liven Up N. Oregon Coast Experience Haystack Rock Awareness Program is touting the return of its popular Summer Exploration Day Camp

The Crazy, Unknown Delights of Oregon Coast in Spring: What They Don't Tell You Some of the most intriguing facets of the beaches take place

Officials Warn of Sneaker Waves This Weekend on Oregon Coast Possibility of sneaker waves along the Oregon coast this weekend as a long period of swells arrives Saturday

Haystack Rock Awareness Program - Updates, News, Schedule: Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast

Tufted Puffins Return to N. Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach, with 'Shock and Awe' They're back at Haystack Rock and wowing already

Manzanita's Spindrift Inn: Subtleties of Oregon Coast History Blend with the Modern Spindrift Inn has become a quiet little hotspot in the tiny town, a delightful mix of the modern and historic

Hints of Alien Life: Scientists Look to Washington and Oregon Coast The discovery is of a microbe more primitive than ever found before

Tsunami 'Go Kits' Now Assist Guests at N. Oregon Coast Hotel Ocean Inn in Manzanita has come up with a special way to take care of their guests

Oregon Coast Tourism Industry Changes, National Award, and Anniversary Seaside lodging, Lincoln City lodging, Newport lodging: remodels, major news

Central Oregon Coast Under Flood Watch, Along with Eugene, Willamette Valley Portions of the Willamette Valley, the Coast Range and most of the Oregon coast are under one kind of flood watch or another.

Spend Time with Sea Otters and Oregon Coast's Black Oystercatchers at Cannon Beach Events Earth Day with sea otters and a lecture on stunning birds

Oregon Coast High Surf Advisory Issued For Saturday

Wet, Windy Weekend for Oregon Coast; South Coast Surf Advisory - A wet and wild weekend with some pretty heavy gusts

The Dreamy and the Woodsy: Inn at Manzanita's Unique Take on the Oregon Coast

Mystic, Ethereal and Yet Woodsy: Inn at Manzanita, N. Oregon Coast One of those unique, dazzling romantic spots that many don’t know about in this ruggedly individualistic village

Oregon Coast Travel Tips: Gas Prices Move Upwards Above $3 Drivers are likely getting sticker shock this week

Remarkable Shades of Oceanside: Oregon Coast Photo Essay

Oregon Coast Whale Sightings Stellar, Including Stunning Orca Encounter Up and down the shoreline the reports are many and spectacular

Tall Ships Return to Oregon Coast in May, This Time Only One City Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, sail into the harbor of Coos Bay starting May 1

Bird Training Sessions in Manzanita, Cannon Beach Get You Close to Oregon Coast Wildlife A series of training sessions held in the Manzanita and Cannon Beach areas

Southern Oregon Coast Under Sneaker Wave Advisory for End of Weekend

Sneaker Wave Warning for Southern Oregon Coast Sunday, Monday a higher risk of sneaker waves from Sunday afternoon through Monday evening

Recreational Crabbing Reopens Along All of Oregon Coast Great news for crabbers but still bad news for razor clams

Lodging Openings for This Spring Break Overlap Weekend on Oregon Coast - Not many openings and they are going fast

Where to Catch the Oregon Coast Whale Watch Week Live Streams

NW 26th St. Access at Lincoln City: a Little Oregon Coast Treasure A few unique features, and it’s a bit of a treasure hunt to find

Rest of Oregon Coast Spring Break's Weather a Pleasant but Mixed Bag Alternately raining on your spring vacation parade and then granting you sunbeams

State Officials Urge Safety Tips for Oregon Coast Spring Break With those crowds, revelers and beach explorers comes a new wave of safety tips

Time Again for Baby Seal Warnings on Oregon Coast Visitors are asked to reign in that instinct to help

Strange Egg Casings Found on Oregon Coast - But Some Know What They Are They are called Opalescent squid (Loligo opalescens) and can reach up to 11 inches

N. Oregon Coast Events Take Different Look at History March 28: weather during Lewis 'n Clark's journey; Angkor Wat archaeology

Sunset Vacation Rentals in Manzanita: N. Oregon Coast Success Story That Expanded Into Rockaway Beach Sunset Vacation Rentals, with its cedar shingled office blending in with main street Manzanita

Lots of Whales, Gooey Waves, Glowing Beaches, Glass Floats: Oregon Coast Spring Break 2019 This spring break is chock full of action

Warm, Sunny Portland and Oregon Coast This Week; Spring Break Starts Wet, Large Waves Temps in the 70s, but spring break gets off to a wet and dramatic start; wave perhaps 20 ft

Oregon Coast Whale Watch Week Begins Soon, Includes Live Stream Spring Whale Watch Week festival of cetaceans returns March 23 through 31

First Ever Find on Washington Coast: Oregon Crew Discovers Pacific Snake Eel To date, there are only three recorded incidents of one being found in Oregon

Weird Interactions of Oregon Coast Weather and Tideline How the temperatures can change between the tideline and the vegetation line

Who Has the Price Drops on Oregon Coast for Spring Break? Some Pleasant Travel Surprises Even through spring break, when lodging prices jump substantially, you can find some price drops

Video: Two Tales of Oregon Coast Shipwrecks, from Warrenton and Depoe Bay A pair of small history lessons from the Oregon coast

Festival of Illusions Returns to Wow the Central Oregon Coast Town of Lincoln City Festival of Illusions returns March 24 through April 4

Science Behind the Puffy, Bubbly Pillow Basalts of the Oregon Coast all this happened along the Oregon coast some 14 to 40 million years ago

Oregon Coast Luxury Hotels: the Upscale and the Dreamy High-end amenities, the upscale atmosphere and sophisticated approach

Week-long Food Fest a 'Sea' Change for Mac n Cheese on Oregon Coast Lincoln City explores the culinary pleasures of the macaroni and cheese dish Mar 16 - 23

Orcas Spotted Along Oregon Coast; Gray Whales Kicking Up Numbers Two separate reports came in; probably heading for Columbia River

Sudden Closure of N. Oregon Coast Razor Clamming Just One Week After Reopened State officials will continue to test for shellfish toxins twice per month

When the Shark Bites: Why and How These Attacks Happen on Oregon Coast How often do these occur? Why? And what does it mean?

Depoe Bay Scenic View Area a Stunning, Even Vibrating, Oregon Coast Wild Spot Sometimes the best beaches of the Oregon coast are not beaches at all

Cannon Beach History Event: Buffalo Soldier Connection to Oregon Coast A talk on an early African-American trailblazer and his connections to the north Oregon coast

Less Obvious Pacific City: Sandy Wonders of the N Oregon Coast Town, Unique Hikes The star attraction of the north Oregon town is Cape Kiwanda, but there's much more

Talk Looks at Oregon Coast River Fishing, Status of Species March 19 talk discusses local fish populations following the low returns of fall Chinook

Author Appearance and Kids Story Time at Oregon Coast's Lincoln City Fun at the history museum and serious discussion at the library

Oregon's Sharing the Coast Conference Returns, March 8 - 10 In Newport on March 8 through 10, at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

Razor Clamming Reopens on N. Oregon Coast March 1 After Long Delay Seaside to Warrenton is the region's most prolific area for clams

Oregon Coast Tourism / Lodging Changes: New Hotel Owners, Latest Vacation Rental Acquisition New hotel owner in Newport; new rental in Gleneden Beach

New GOES-17 Satellite a Boost to Oregon Coast Weather Predictions An extensive new array of data can greatly help forecasters

Changes in Central Oregon Coast Lodging Industry: New Owners, New Vacation Rental New home in A1 Beach Rentals in Lincoln City; The Whaler in Newport has a new owner

Light Snow Definite for Portland, Oregon Coast Range Possibly Beaches - Short dusting of snow for the Oregon Coast Range, Portland metro area and beaches

Driving Through Manzanita, Nehalem Bay - An Insanely Cool N Oregon Coast Auto Tour Still much to appreciate via an auto tour of Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler

Light Snow for Portland, Oregon Coast Range, Maybe Beaches Again there is a chance of lower elevations seeing some small amounts of snow

Three Intriguing, Mind-Bending Sights of Rockway Beach, N. Oregon Coast Curious little details lurk along these seven miles of sandy repose

Microplastics Still an Issue on Oregon Coast: Groups Ask for Help Cleaning Up Two grassroots efforts to clean up plastics: Newport, Cannon Beach

Weird, Craggy Cliff Shapes of N. Oregon Coast: Manzanita Travel, Hiking Tips not far from the northern Neahkahnie mountain trailhead

180 Miles of Oregon Coast Spring Break: What You Don't Know Will Thrill You There's a lot they won't tell you about

A Tale of Two Oregon Coast Chasms: Bizarre Hidden Spots and Famous Landmarks A bundle of hidden gems and wonders near Yachats, themselves containing other wonders

How Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock Was Created: Fiery Oregon Coast Tale A geologic story of fire and lava flows with strength beyond imagining

N. Oregon Coast History Event; Trail Closure Great news for history buffs in Seaside but bad news for hikers of Fort Stevens

Depoe Bay and Newport Preview: Central Oregon Coast Events of Spring Music, food and even wine pop like flowers blooming with the season

Some Snow Still for Oregon Coast Range; Waves Get Massive Gargantuan waves on their way and some minor to mid-range snow action

Livin' Large on Oregon Coast: Crab Feast and Hotel Anniversary Two parts of the Oregon coast celebrate in grand style this month

Severe Oregon Coast Range Snow Watch; High Winds, Flooding on Coast A sudden change since early Monday, a winter storm watch is now in effect for the Oregon Coast Range

UPDATE: Snow Watch for Oregon Coast Range; Big Waves Coming to Beaches Large waves smack into the coastline on and off this week

Freaky, Funky Sights You Can See in Oregon Coast Skies Green Flash at Sunset, the weird double-headed sunset, moon halos and sun dogs

N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County Abuzz with Events: Manzanita, Pacific City, Tillamook, Nehalem A bevy of fun and intriguing events throughout February and March

Oregon Coast Beach Cleanup in March Now Registering Volunteers March 23 is the day of SOLVE's Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup

UPDATE: Winter, Snow Advisory for Portland, Oregon Coast Range, Beaches Portland, the inland valley, the Oregon Coast Range and even the beach towns

N. Oregon Coast February, March Preview: Astoria, Cannon Beach, Seaside As the month of romance slowly morphs into the spring break weeks, much keeps appearing

Snow Updates, Ice Warnings for Portland, Oregon Coast, Coast Range What does the snow have in store for northwest Oregon?

Photos: Astounding Snow Day on Oregon Coast Photos and video from Depoe Bay, Waldport, Cannon Beach, Seaside, more

Surprising Unknowns of N. Oregon Coast's Necanicum River - A Wilder Seaside Slinking its way elegantly through Seaside, the Necanicum River is a slightly overlooked attraction

Snow Accumulation for Portland, Oregon Coast Range; Few Flakes on Beaches A few dustings and some sticking snow, depending where you are

Oregon Coast's Yachats, Florence In February, March: Lighthouse History, Music, Food Florence and Yachats combine to create a powerhouse of fun

Haystack Rock Awareness Program Back on N. Oregon Coast Beaches Find them around the famed Cannon Beach structure every day during low tide

Snow Possible on Beaches, Portland; Likely in Oregon Coast Range A slight chance of some snow coming to the lower elevations of the inland valley and even the beach towns

Central Oregon Coast February Preview: Lincoln City's Wild Roster of Events A massive array of things to do explodes throughout the month

New Oregon Coast Travel Book Examines Depoe Bay in Detail; Debuts at #1

Fourth Oregon Coast Travel Book Documents Oddities, Surprises of Depoe Bay The fourth paperback and ebook in the series, with both now available

That Week When Russia Turned Oregon Coast Skies Orange, Red - Extra Intense sunsets, and yet something was slightly off-kilter about these colors

License Plates Honoring Oregon Coast Whales Now Available What are sure to be the most coveted Oregon license plates in years will be available Feb 1

Quirky Oregon Coast History Subject of Talk at Lincoln City's Antique Week It takes place February 16, 3 p.m., at the Driftwood Public Library, covering the unusual and wacky

Stranded Sea Turtle Dies In Spite of Rescue - N. Oregon Coast, Rockaway Beach Strandings of these creatures become more regular this time of year

Microplastics Inundate Oregon Coast - 760 Pounds Taken Off One Beach Some stretches of beach were a few layers high of the teeny, tiny stuff

Experts Search for Fur Seal on N. Oregon Coast with Rope Stuck Around Neck Crews wrestled with him Wednesday morning trying to get a rope off his neck

Oh Happy, Sunny Days: Oregon Coast Warmer Than Portland, Valley A run of blue skies that could last a week

'Zoom' is the Theme of Famed Central Oregon Coast Kite Festival Lincoln City now has a winner of the 2019 Kite Festival Theme Contest

Last Minute Good News for Eclipse: Oregon Coast, Inland, Portland there may be some small, periodic breaks in the clouds

Washington and Oregon Coast: Seal is Famous Again, More Strange Beach Finds A fur seal, a longnose skate, more moon jellies, a skull, and more

More Big Oregon Coast Waves Over the Weekend Ocean waves will remain strong and dangerous

Ben Jones Bridge Viewpoint near Depoe Bay: Central Oregon Coast History and Secrets, Video Along the Otter Crest Loop, mostly and officially known as the Ben Jones Bridge

UPDATE: High Surf Warnings, Winds for Oregon Coast; Rainy Portland, Snow in Gorge High winds and surf for the beaches, clouds dampen the lunar eclipse

Remarkable Number of Moon Jellies Hit N. Oregon Coast Moon jellies go by the scientific name Aurelia aurita

Oregon and Coast Astronomy: Planetary Conjunction, Eclipse Weather A major eclipse of the moon and two planets hanging out close together

Otter Crest Loop, Oregon Coast - Complete Guide, Hiking, History, Sights Perhaps the most dramatic drive along the entire coastline, it's near Depoe Bay

Big Surf and Lots of Sun This Week on Oregon Coast; Sneaker Wave Advisory Sun and sneaker waves. That’s the forecast for the next few days

When They Blasted Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock - Odd Oregon Coast History Somewhere late in 1968, Oregon officials blasted away part of the rock

Full Lunar Eclipse To Make Moon Orange for Portland, Oregon Coast, Inland The skies over Oregon and the coast will get a special treat on January 20

Roadwork on Oregon Coast Results in Closures, Delays: Waldport, Astoria, Warrenton, Cannon Beach

Fort Stevens State Park: The Shocker Underneath This Oregon Coast Historical Site Did you know that parts of Fort Stevens didn't exist before 100 years ago

This Week: Park and Road Closures Cannon Beach, Warrenton, Astoria, Waldport - Oregon Coast

Driftwood Beach State Recreation Site - Distinctive Wonder of Waldport, Central Oregon Coast this spot is aptly named, with an enormous sandy beach often quite populated with large chunks of driftwood

Driftwood Beach State Recreation Site - Complete Guide to This Central Oregon Coast Wild One Five miles of hard-packed and soft sands in either direction

Near Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar Hides in Plain Sight - Oregon Coast Travel Tips Some of the most pristine Oregon coast lands in existence

High Winds for Portland, Salem, Valley, Oregon Coast - One Kind of Warning or Watch All of the Oregon coast and the vast majority of the inland portions of the state are under a high wind watch or warning for Saturday evening

Tillamook County's Abundant Bird Numbers Right Now - N. Oregon Coast Sea Lions - Pacific City to Oceanside is especially ripe for spotting amazing moments of nature

More Stormy Fun for Oregon Coast: Large Waves Fairly big waves are about to descend on the region

Central Oregon Coast Beachcombing Clinics Dig Up Lincoln City Surprises Lincoln City's Beachcomber Clinics happening January through February

Newport Event: Orcas Connected to Oregon Coast Watersheds A unique talk given in Newport by Oregon whale expert Colleen Weiler on Jan 10

New Year's Eve Travel Updates, Weather for Portland, Oregon Coast A nice dose of sunshine for the beaches but some freezing fog inland

Beer, Science and Beaches at N. Oregon Coast Events: Cannon Beach, Pacific City The Science Pub series and the Library Lecture series: Pacific City events, Cannon Beach events

Depoe Bay's Insanely Cool Off-The-Beaten-Path Attractions: Oregon Coast Travel Tips So much amazing stuff is crammed into one little area, and it's not always obvious

Ten Incredible Reasons to Not Miss Out on an Oregon Coast Winter As always, there's so much more beneath the surface of the Oregon coast than you will ever realize

Three Unusual Weather Sights of the Oregon Coast Mother Nature here can be downright Dadaist or experimental

Whale Watching Week Takes Over Oregon Coast Starting Thursday annual Whale Watching Week, starting December 27 and going until December 31

Save Your Christmas: Last-Minute Ways to Give the Oregon Coast

Awesome Little Last Minute Ways to Gift the Oregon Coast It's all done from the comfort of your home – or cellphone

Survivors of Shipwreck on Central Oregon Coast: Part 2 of Boiler Bay History (Video) just after the crew made landfall at was then called Big Cove, now known as Fogarty Beach

Yet Another Round of High Waves for Oregon Coast; High Winds Thursday

More Heavy Surf for Oregon Coast, 25-foot Waves Periodically; High Winds More crazed conditions are on their way for the beaches

Oregon Coast Wave Drama: Excellent Places to Watch Storms in Tillamook County

High Wind Warning, Surf Warnings Continue on Oregon Coast; Floods in Portland (Video) Even more big waves are coming again this week

Freaky Finds You Might See After Storm Waves: Ghost Forests, Shipwreck on Oregon Coast Your favorite beach may have a whole new look to it when this is over

UPDATE: High Surf Warning Lowered on Oregon Coast, 20-foot Waves Continue

Oregon Coast Officials: Sea Lion, Whale and Bird Sightings - Your Chances

Oregon Coast Wildlife Now: Looking for Whales, Sea Lions, Birds ODFW has some suggestions for wildlife viewing on the Oregon coast right now

High Surf, Wind Warnings for Oregon Coast, Flooding - Continues Through Wednesday Major weather events through next week for Portland, the coast; some meteors tonight

Boiler Bay and the J. Marhoffer Shipwreck: Oregon Coast History Part one of the story of the J. Marhoffer and Boiler Bay at Depoe Bay

25-Foot Waves Batter Oregon Coast, More to Come Over Weekend, Early Week

High Surf Advisory: 25-foot Breakers on Oregon Coast Possible for Days The bulk of the Oregon coast is currently under a high surf advisory

Meteor Shower, Comet Above Oregon and the Coast - Sort Of The Geminids and comet 46P/Wirtanen are happening but mostly covered up

Oregon Coast Officials Seek Input on Bike Route, Kite Festival Theme Improvements to the bike route on 101, Lincoln City's festival theme contest

First Day Hikes: New Year's Walks Beyond the Oregon Coast They also happen in places like state parks near Portland, the Willamette Valley, eastern Oregon and the Cascades

N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County Twinkles with Train Rides, Light Festival A bevy of coziness-inducing events and a countywide celebration of lights

King Tides Project Needs Help from Oregon Coast Photo Aficionados King Tides Project is asking for your photographic assistance

Sneaker Wave Advisory for S. Oregon Coast; Northern Half Large Display Increased dangers down south while the upper half will still get a show

Seven Sometimes Uneasy Oregon Coast Historical Facts - Video The jolting surprises of what things around you really mean

Ways to Hide from the Masses at Cannon Beach, N. Oregon Coast Sometimes, you just want to hide from the crazed crowds of certain heavy-hitter towns

The Soft, Sandy and the Intricate: Around Waldport, Central Oregon Coast A long expanse of sandy stretches or the rocky labyrinths of Seal Rock

Alaskan Earthquake Almost Created Small Tidal Surge on Oregon Coast

Sometimes the Tiniest Oregon Coast Details Make for Biggest Discoveries The smallest of places on the Oregon coast can yield the most intense surprises

Alaska Quake Almost Created Slight Surge on Oregon Coast One geologist saw the possibility of a small bump in wave action

Two Oregon Coast Almost-Hotspots With Insanely Cool Details The smallest of places on the Oregon coast can yield the most intense surprises

Quirky Oregon Coast History: How Cannon Beach Got Its Name Really, it's a Tale of Two Cannon Beach's

Lincoln City and Newport: Two Wild Oregon Coast Sands with Exquisite Attractions You can very often get the best of both worlds here

Seaside Talk: Curiosities of Oregon Coast Nature, History (Video) a wide variety of trivia and items from the scientific world or local history

Two Central Oregon Coast Beaches Where the Rugged and Luxurious Meet The central Oregon coast is always known for a rather heady mix of fun and finery

Oregon Coast Author Speaks in Seaside on Oddities, Historical Trivia Copious Coastal Oddities covers a wide variety of beach curiosities from about 180 miles of coastline

Oregon Coast High Surf, High Winds Coming Monday, Tuesday Gusts up to 60 mph, waves up to 25 feet

N. Oregon Coast History Events: Shipwrecks and Victorian Holidays in Seaside An engaging lecture and a festival of holiday goodies throughout December

Humpbacks and Sea Lions Put on Wild Show on N. Oregon Coast, Near Cannon Beach Whales, rafting sea lions and hordes of birds

Central Oregon Coast Holidays: Newport, Depoe Bay in December A host of holiday events flood the beach burgh with fun and frivolity

Officials: Oregon Coast's Green Friday, Crabbing / Clamming Report You get a free pass at clamming, crabbing and parking at state park beaches

Thanksgiving Travel: Big Waves on Oregon Coast, Lower Gas Prices, High Traffic Some stormy waves on the Oregon coast, lots of rain, a drop in gas prices and some half a million other Oregonians on the road

All About the Moon Jelly on Oregon Coast: Surreal, Translucent They are known by the name Aurelia aurita, and they are boneless and brainless

Three Charming, Atmospheric N. Oregon Coast Buildings You Have to See You're walking all over history in the north Oregon coast region of Astoria and Warrenton

Good Chance of Seeing 15 Meteors per Hour on Oregon Coast This Weekend

All of Western Oregon Under Air Alerts - Including Coast The most serious is an air quality advisory due to smoke from California wildfires

Fishing Restrictions on Most of Oregon Coast's Upper Half For all rivers and bays along the coastline from the Necanicum River (at Seaside) south to Florence

Lincoln City Holidays: Central Oregon Coast Events for November, December the central Oregon coast town lights up with the spirit of the season

Wildfire Smoke Brings Colored Haze to Portland, Oregon Coast - Possibly Returns Weekend Moderate air quality in Portland tonight, getting better overnight

Five Fun Little Oregon Coast Lodgings That Will Be Your New Favorites You’ll find them in Seaside, in Manzanita, Depoe Bay and in Yachats

Coos Bay Holiday Event Growth Creates Traffic Issues: Oregon Coast State Officials 32nd annual Holiday Lights at Shore Acres kicks off its season on Thanksgiving Day

Five Fantastic Beaches and Their Fancy Digs: Oregon Coast Tips

Wide Range of Heat to Frost on Oregon Coast This Weekend Sunny but frosty at night, while the south coast gets balmy at 70 degrees

Unique Oregon Coast Rentals Gem: the Tiny Homes of Tillamook's Sheltered Nook Bay City wonder is part bed and breakfast and part vacation rental

Oregon Winter Spoiler Alert: the Coast's 'Mini Spring' of February The end of winter can be warmer than spring on the beaches

Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach Light Up for Holidays: N. Oregon Coast Nov Preview - Washington too: Astoria events, Cannon Beach events, Seaside

Oregon Travel News: Portland Eatery Combines Jazz with Stellar Cuisine

Dead Zones Increasing Off Oregon Coast, Including California, Washington Oregon has seen a decline in oxygen in ocean waters near the seafloor for two decades

Rare Mola Mola, Eel Grass with Life Forms: Striking Recent Oregon Coast Finds One of them is a bit rare: the mola mola, or sunfish

Travel Books Dig Into Oregon Coast Winter, Fall Aspects Not Talked About Summer may have the most visitors on the Oregon coast, but it’s fall, winter and spring that have the real treats

N. Oregon Coast Lecture Series Begins in Cannon Beach They take place on the second Wednesday of each month from November through May

Oregon Coast Book Series 'Ultimate' Guide to Fall, Winter Beaches and Their Surprises The third in the series has been released, this time covering Lincoln City, Gleneden Beach and Neskowin

Video: Anatomy of an Odd Oregon Coast Sunset Effect The science behind the extraordinary weather phenomenon

Striking Rocky Curiosities Near Manzanita, N. Oregon Coast's Stranger Things Giant basalt structures form the various headlands here, with craggy shapes jutting up from the ocean and bundling together

Stormy Waves for Oregon Coast On / Off; Portland Dries Slightly, Snow in Mountains Wild oceans periodically and some sun

The Miocene Oregon Coast: Ancient (Almost-Dino) History All Around You If you look close enough at some rocky walls on the Oregon coast, you’ll see startlingly strange stuff

Two Insanely Cool Oregon Coast Spots Hiding in Plain Sight The truly curious on the coast, near Cannon Beach and Oceanside

Stormy Oregon Coast, Thunderstorms, Big Waves - Portland Gets Windy, Snow Coming

Peek at Storm Season on Oregon Coast, Thunderstorms; Windy Portland, Mountain Snow Big waves over the weekend, snow returns to mountains

Bad News for Oregon Coast Razor Clamming; Good News for Crab Ban remains on Clatsop beaches but crabbing is healthy now

Surprising Oregon Coast History: Cannon Beach's Tolovana Inn and Warren Hotel a somewhat intricate history that closely intertwined with that of Cannon Beach

Small Quake Off Oregon Coast Shortly After Three Canadian Quakes Three large quakes off the Canadian coast on Sunday night, three off the south coast Tuesday

Six Places to Never Go on the Oregon Coast Even the simplest of cautions are ignored no matter what the weather

A Ride of Random Loveliness: Oregon Coast Stretch Perfect In All Weather A host of incredible viewpoints lie just south of Yachats

N. Oregon Coast's Haystack Rock Program Ends 33rd Season It has provided an abundance of fun and useful info to visitors

Above Portland, Oregon Coast: Peak of Meteor Showers This Weekend NASA predicts some 15 to 20 meteors per hour could be seen

New Online TV Show Features Central Oregon Coast: Lincoln City's Culinary Center The town's cooking hotspot is now the center of a show called Beachside Bites

Warm Spell for Oregon Coast, Portland Continues; Beach Hazard for S. Coast Coastal beaches will be in the 60s, sometimes close to 70 degrees

Oregon Coast Shipwrecks Exhibit Starts Off with Mystery in Cannon Beach The mysterious beeswax, the offshore lighthouse, more

A Trippy Oregon Coast Sight: Small Filament-like Finds on Beaches It turns out they are a tad alien after all. Or at least not like most lifeforms we’re familiar with

N. Oregon Coast Events Delve Into Seaside Train History, Swimming for Halloween Halloween and history on the north Oregon coast: it’s that unique combo of fun that's in store

Wild Week on Oregon Coast: Warm Temps, Talking Creature, Lincoln City's Glass Floats Big News A rather extraordinary week of fun finds and announcements

More Oregon Coast Second Summer - Perhaps More Than a Week it looks as if those temps will stay around for a week, maybe more

Freaky Oregon Coast Video: Barnacles That Chat With Each Other

UPDATED Video: Oregon Coast Talking Barnacles - Rare Sound Recording It's a weird bit of Oregon coast science fun, and finally someone caught video of it

UPDATED: Central Oregon Coast Tradition of Glass Floats Changes Season

Oregon Coast's Famed Glass Float Drops Starts Its Last Season - In a Way Finders Keepers has some good news for the world: it's going year-round

Manzanita's Ocean Inn: Where Oregon Coast Oceanfront Meets Fun Details The tiny town of Manzanita has a way of sporting little surprises, often with big rewards

Rugged Outdoors Center of N. Oregon Coast Events Around Netarts, Nehalem October features two insanely fun ways to enjoy the outdoors of the north Oregon coast and Tillamook County

UPDATE: 'Summer-like Winds' Coming for Oregon Coast, Portland Warms, Extended Rain and some fog the first half of the week, moving to sunny and warm

Difference Between Sun Dogs and Sun Halos: Lovely Oregon Coast Science One of the more fascinating finds are sun dogs, moon dogs, sun halos or moon halos

N. Oregon Coast's Astoria-Megler Bridge Closes Completely for Three Hours 36th Annual Great Columbia Crossing 10K Run/Walk on October 14 from 8:40 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Kooky Oregon Coast History: Lincoln City's Pixieland Part Two Not all that history is normal stuff, however

Weird Tales of Pixieland, Central Oregon Coast History, Part I The famed Lincoln City attraction seems more popular now than in its few short years

Finders Keepers, Kite Fest and Major Announcements from Lincoln City, Oregon Coast Kite Fest October 6 and 7, and something big with Finders Keepers

Historic Charms of N. Oregon Coast's Hillcrest Inn: a Seaside Tradition One of Seaside's more stately and reverie-inspiring lodging delights

Beach Bummer: Razor Clamming on N. Oregon Coast Remains Closed ODFW has postponed that restart due to stock assessments

Unique and Full of Intrigue: Yachats, on Central Oregon Coast There’s more to this engaging area than meets the eye

Oregon Coast's Green Flash at Sunset and Its Wacky Cousin One of the more coveted sights on the Oregon coast is that beautiful oddity, and it is really quite rare

Hiking Neahkahnie Mountain: Manzanita's Marvel, Oregon Coast's Landmark The truth behind this old lighthouse off the north Oregon coast is certainly weirder than fiction itself

The Crazed and Spooky Tales of One Oregon Coast Lightouse The truth behind this old lighthouse off the north Oregon coast is certainly weirder than fiction itself

Hiking Oregon Coast's Neahkahnie Mountain: the Views, Surprises, Insider Tips What to find, where to go, more: this Manzanita landmark from the inside out

A Week of Second Summer on Oregon Coast; Portland Gets Hot Glorious weather is in store for the beaches and temps near 70

Newport's Agate Beach Motel: Historic Oregon Coast Motor Lodge in Modern Times It has that old motor lodge feel, and because of that there's a built-in following

Third Book in Detailed Oregon Coast Book Series Released: Odd Facts of Lincoln City Now available in both print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others

Changes in Fishing and Clamming Along Oregon Coast One last fishing day for coho today and razor clamming has been temporarily shut down on the one part of the southern coast

Fall Equinox on Oregon Coast Brings Lunar Sights, Celebrations to Inland, Portland September 22 brings the official change to fall and Second Summer weather

Colorful Sun Halos Spotted Above N. Oregon Coast the esoteric wonder is the sibling of the nocturnal moon halo

SOLVE Needs Volunteers for Oregon Coast Beach Cleanup, Sept 29 Since 1984, over 130,000 volunteers have removed an astounding 1.7 million pounds

Isolated Thunderstorms, Waterspouts Possible on Oregon Coast NWS in Portland is warning of thunderstorms for the Oregon and the possibility of waterspout

Lewis and Clark Return to N. Oregon Coast in Living History Reenactment The famed program that shows the Corps of Discovery in action is back in Seaside

Living Lewis and Clark Program Returns to North Oregon Coast, Seaside October 6th and 7th, interpreters from the Pacific Northwest Living Historians (PNLH) will once again bring to life the salt camp

Changes in Oregon Coast Tourism Promotions Include New Brand, Book One visitor center makes a major change while another publishes a book

Extinct Volcano of Oregon Coast: Cascade Head's Fiery Surprise This now pleasant hiking experience was a nasty, mean feature

N. Oregon Coast Events Combine Food, Beer and Outdoors / Surfing Three distinctive events that involve food, the outdoors or sometimes both at the same time

Trippy Facts About the Once and Future Oregon Coast Geology is a mind-bending discipline, and it can tell the future

Crave the Coast Food Fest Showers Oregon Beach Town with Culinary Delights The really big culinary show happens on September 29 with the inaugural Crave the Coast

Two N. Oregon Coast Lodgings Leap Into Future: Manzanita's San Dune Inn, Rockaway's Tradewinds Two traditional and even sometimes historic buildings have taken some leaps into the future

Tall Ships Return to Oregon Coast at Astoria, Coos Bay This time they split up with one heading to Astoria and the other Coos Bay

Work on Central Oregon Coast Bridges Coming: Lincoln City, Florence ODOT has just announced its full plans for improvements to two of three central Oregon coast bridges

Kayak Tours and Oyster Tour on N. Oregon Coas Around Garibaldi, Netartst It’s all part of the group’s Explore Nature series of hikes, walks, paddles and outdoor adventures

What Happens to Oregon Coast Beaches in Fall, After the Holiday: Food, Sands, Sights It goes beyond the whole Second Summer phenomenon

Once and Future Doomsday: the Creepy Super Volcano and Oregon Coast The Oregon coast is connected to all that, according to geologists

Crumbling Coast of Oregon: Three Rocky Attractions That Have Gone Here are three rocky structures that should be remembered

Two Lincoln City Places with a Past: An Oregon Coast Theater and a Trippy Bar One of its two renowned hotspots still exists, while the other now resides in a hazy past

Oregon Coast At Its Warmest: Second Summer Arrives Soon, Video Hardly any wind, more blue skies, and certainly the warmest temps of the entire year

Oregon Coast Surrealism: a Travelogue of Night and Winter Photo Expeditions Running Oregon Coast Beach Connection has resulted in all sorts of little adventures over the years

Hidden Danger of Summer Sands on Oregon Coast; Video If you go wading in this you could suddenly, abruptly drop as much as ten feet and not come out alive

Oregon Coast Waves Gone Wild: the Fun of Crazed Foam You may find it in late September as coastal weather starts to get bumpy

Underwater Quake and Aftershocks Off Southern Oregon Coast, Felt As Far As Portland Underwater quake early Wednesday morning, registering as a magnitude 6.2

Keystone Has the Key to Oregon Coast Oceanfront Condo Wave Drama Keystone has emerged in recent years with quite the reputation for big league finery

Even Oregon Coast Under Air Quality Advisory; Portland at 'Unhealthy' Essentially every part of the state of Oregon is under one kind of air quality alert or another

Secrets from Beneath Rockaway Beach: Hidden Oregon Coast History In Rockaway Beach, some winters mean the emergence of incredible things

Video: Mysterious Run of Sharks, Rescue Attempt of Shark on Oregon Coast Fails Young salmon sharks keep washing up everywhere

Two Oregon Coast History Curiosities: Nye Beach, Lincoln City's Redhead Roundup A kooky beauty contest turned major festival and all about ancient Newport

Blink And You'll Miss It: A Different Central Oregon Coast parts of the Yachats area and Depoe Bay area can be strikingly different during the summer

The Crazy Things Summer Does to Your Central Oregon Coast Every year, sand levels hike up during the summer and create something new

Longnose Skate Creature: Wondrous and Weird Oregon Coast Find Periodically, these beaches are the recipient of something really strange flopping around the tide line.

Portland Presentation Gives Unique Travel Tips for Oregon Coast A talk at Noodles in Portland on Monday, August 27, called The Oregon Coast They Don’t Tell You About.

Finding Sea Lions and Bald Eagles in N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County Two creatures in particular can get the heart pumping with excitement on the beaches

More Rarities: Another Squid, Massive Dead Crab Strandings on Oregon Coast Yet another rare squid and massive amount of crabs were found

Talk at Portland Restaurant on Aug. 27: the Oregon Coast They Don't Tell You About Unique travel tips at Noodles Restaurant in SW Portland, starting at 7 p.m.

Grand Meteor Shower in Store for Oregon Coast, Portland, Valley: the Perseids Look for the peak of the Perseids coming this weekend over the Oregon coast and much of the inland portions

Naming Lincoln City was a Wobbly, Wacky Process: Oregon Coast History The town was very nearly named Surfland or Lincoln Shores

Lincoln City Formed from Six Small Towns: Intricate Oregon Coast History Lincoln City has quite the history of how it was formed

Latest Oregon Coast: Water Warning, Trail Closure, Clamming Razor clamming, the Saddle Mountain Trail near Seaside and water quality at Seal Rock

Excessive Heat Warning for Portland, Inland, While Oregon Coast Stays Cool The coastline will be the only respite for what will likely be 100-degree temps

Oregon Coast Agate Hunters Delight: Lincoln City's Subterranean Jasper Veins There's a hidden factory of agates beneath the sands of one central Oregon coast town

Photos of Whales Taken from Space: Hopefully Coming to the Oregon Coast Soon Where astronomy meets marine science in a whole new engaging way

The Jaw-Dropping Sights Below an Oregon Coast Lighthouse Florence's Heceta Head Lighthouse is an ancient wonder that plays host to a lot of intriguing finds and adventures

How Did the Oregon Coast Come to Be - and When? Shortest answer, arrived at by skipping over whole gobs of important stuff, tells when it likely arrived in its current spot

N. Oregon Coast's River Inn at Seaside a Multifaceted Hotel Experience The River Inn at Seaside is a stately and slightly wowing bit of architecture

Two Wild Sights of Oregon Coast Summer: Extended Sands and No Waves One is a rarity that is wild because of, paradoxically, its lack of wildness

Ecological Disaster? Nope, Just Oregon Coast Crabs Mass Molting Crab shells abound on the beaches, in such great numbers it's almost as far as the eye can see

Whales and Hidden Spots a Regular Part of This Tiny Oregon Coast Wonder: Depoe Bay Video Depoe Bay is often passed over in favor of sandy areas, but it shouldn't be

Fall Beach and Riverside Cleanup Date: September 29 It Returns to Oregon Coast

Swarm of Oregon Coast Quakes Slightly Unusual But Not Doomsday Sign

Sandcastle Contest, Birdwatch Programs Bring Sparkle to Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln City the town brings back its Sandcastle Contest and provides a full roster of free birdwatching clinics

Oregon Coast Fall Beach Cleanup Date Announced: September 29 35th annual Beach & Riverside Cleanup

Small Quake Off Oregon Coast Sunday After Little Swarm of Quakes This Week Waters off the southern Oregon coast rumbled with yet another small quake on Sunday morning

Real Oregon Coast Rarity: Never Before Seen Clubhook Squid Washes Up 10-foot clubhook squid washed up just south of Cannon Beach, never seen by at least one expert

Walking Lincoln City's Siletz Bay and Its Oddities: Oregon Coast Video Much is going on at Lincoln City's Siletz Bay, often in ways you can't always see

Central Oregon Coast Lighthouse Closure, Newport Beach Declared Safe One beach is safe after a water advisory was issued, while a famed lighthouse near Florence has its closure extended

Some Restrictions on Oregon Coast Fires Lifted; Beach Fires Still Banned OPRD has lifted the ban on campfires and open flames in parks along the coast

N. Oregon Coast Events Feature Filmmaker, Intriguing Mystery Novelist Manzanita events, Tillamook events

A Bevy of Beach Finds on Oregon Coast Lately, Including Stinging Nettles A few kinds of jellyfish, cellophane worm casings and freaky little bug-like creatures

Summer of Discovering Nature Events at N. Oregon Coast's Alder Creek Farm Alder Creek Farm near Nehalem is hosting a series of summer events that are unique

Good News for Oregon Coast Razor Clamming, Sunset Bay; Trail Meeting Another area opens to clamming, Sunset Bay is cleared of a warning, a meeting in Tillamook

Ban on Fires at Campgrounds, Even Oregon Coast Beaches A statewide ban on campfires and open flames in any state park has resulted in a ban on beach fires

New Fusion Form of Folk Plays Central Oregon Coast This Weekend The New World String Project comes to Lincoln City with its unique brand of Celtic and Nordic music

Skies Above Oregon Filled with Bright Planets; Star Parties in Gorge, Coast Range You'll get to spot the red planet in particular glory as it closes in on opposition

An Oregon Coast BnB Like a Luxury Hotel: Sandlake Country Inn In the midst of a bucolic, rather backwoodsy section of the Three Capes Tour near Pacific City.

Talk on Mysterious 1700s Oregon Coast Shipwreck Happens in Tillamook Tillamook County Pioneer Museum features a talk from an expert on the subject on Aug 4

Razor Clamming on N. Oregon Coast Closed Until Sept 30 Razor clamming will close on almost all Clatsop County beaches starting today at midnight

Is Newport's Yaquina Head an Old Oregon Coast Volcano? (Video) The history of geologic discoveries is almost as fiery as the origins

Seaside Beach Discovery Days Again Brings Amazement to N. Oregon Coast Interactive activities that lend a whole new layer to your coastal experience

Invasive Species Find Points to Disturbing 'Garbage Bridge' to Oregon Coast Fears of invasive species coming over on what is being termed a garbage bridge.

N. Oregon Coast Nature Hike Events Around Manzanita Provide Breathtaking Sights Both are relatively easy hikes and involve some amazing views and glimpses of wildlife

Secrets and Fun Facts of Depoe Bay: Video of Oregon Coast Wonders Some intriguing fun facts you need to know: whales, natural features, hidden spots

N. Oregon Coast: Seaside Beach Wheelchairs, Drone Video Raises Money Seaside now has beach wheelchairs and northern Tillamook County has more money for historical sites

Unusual, Detailed Oregon Coast Travel Series is Indispensable Book Guide for Summer The second in a series of extremely detailed books has been released: Ultimate Oregon Coast Travel: Seaside - Gearhart

Two Oregon Coast Nature Groups Celebrate In a Big Way, Including CoastWatch Two parts of the Oregon coast will be whooping it up shortly in different areas

Video: the Calming and Ethereal of Manzanita on N. Oregon Coast Everything about Manzanita, on the north Oregon coast, is big

Oregon Coast State Parks: Beach Fire Ban Down South; Nehalem River Plans A 20-mile stretch on the southern Oregon coast gets the bad news that beach fires will be banned

Rockaway Beach Hotels, Lodgings - Stunning N. Coast Inns and Rentals The places to stay in the north Oregon coast hotspot of Rockaway Beach are the clinchers

Oregon Coast Advisories/Bans Lifted in Two Areas: Clamming, Newport's Nye Beach Good news for those who love clamming or splashing around the waters of Newport’s Nye Beach

Oregon Coast Fourth of July Fireworks Complete Guide, 2018 Parades of varying degrees of quirkiness, food and fireworks. Here’s a look at the upper half of the coastline

Pixiefest This Weekend: Time Travel to Oregon Coast's Famed Pixieland - Lincoln City with the two-day Pixiefest on June 30 and July 1

Newport Hotels, Lodgings - Some Oregon Coast Delights You Don't Know Hotels, motels and inns here can be a mix of interesting things, while its vacation rental scene is packed full of delights

Manzanita Hotels, Lodging - Massive List of Oregon Coast Stunners, Many Unknown Ever wanted to find the perfect place to stay in Manzanita? This part of the north Oregon coast offers a whole lot you probably didn’t know about

North Oregon Coast Events Feature Puffins, Historical Holiday The first few days of July are packed with some interesting fun

Tall Ships Return to Oregon Coast at Coos Bay, Astoria - But LimitedFamed Tall Ships have swapped their canceled run in Newport for a return to Coos Bay and Astoria

Planets Make Show on Oregon Coast; Saturn Burns Bright A nice handful of planets gracing the skies of the Pacific Northwest

Trippy Sides of Oregon Coast Astronomy This Week: Slower Sunsets, Champagne Moon The moon and the sunsets are playing some interesting trick

Oregon Coast Lodging Availability for Fourth of July Some are still reporting availability at this time, although the margin is thin and they're going fast

Pirates - Muddy Pirates - Invade Central Oregon Coast for Obstacle Race, Video A muddy mix of pirates and obstacle racing is headed for Newport on July 14

Pacific City, Oregon's Best: Hotels, Lodgings, Rental Surprises of the Coast These contain a few serious surprises, with amenities and fun features you can’t find anywhere else

One Oregon Coast Fireworks Display Features Something Extra One of the largest fireworks displays happens in Newport, bringing some ten thousand to a wide array of geographic spots

Running and Yoga Events Enliven N. Oregon Coast Towns Two events in Cannon Beach and Manzanita create some unique recreational happenin's

Hawaii Lava Flows are Look at Oregon Coast Millions of Years Ago Heated masses explode upon contact with the sea water, which then in turn cool to become something you see here

How Unusual is that Dolphin Stranding on Oregon Coast? A look back at the only other documentation in 2008

Oregon Coast Rarity: Stranded Dolphin Only Seen Four Times in 23 Years A northern right whale dolphin (Lissodelphis borealis) found on June 9

Latest Oregon Coast: Star Party, Lighthouse Closure, Scenic Bikeways An astronomy party in two parts of Oregon; a lighthouse near Florence under repair

Major Kite Festival for Oregon Coast Town, and Video / TV Premieres Kites and beachy videos are on the menu in Lincoln City this month as well as actual menus on TV

Surfing and Fish Buying Events Return to Oregon Coast Otter Rock n Roll surfing day and the yum-alicious Shop at the Docks

Seaside's 'Sailors Grave' an Intricate N. Oregon Coast Mystery Seaside's equivalent of a tomb of the unknown soldier, but in this case it's men who sailed the sea

Painted Rocks Movement on Oregon Coast: Big Rock Garden of Seaside The trend or movement has led to something big in Seaside

Rain-Soaked Weekend for Oregon Coast, Drying Trend Early Week Widespread rain is on its way for the weekend, according to a special weather statement

Bizarre Balls of Sea Goo on Oregon, British Columbia Beaches: What Were They? The land that gave us Grimes and Stargate: SG1 saw the same surreal scientific puzzle as Cannon Beach

N. Oregon Coast Town Undergoes Some Tourism Changes Convention center gets a makeover, a new tourism director

Weird, Puzzling Balls of Goo Identified: Oregon Coast, British Columbia These mysterious 'beach balls' had been found in British Columbia, Canada and the Oregon coast

Three Oregon Coast Towns Drop Fourth of July Fireworks This Year All three are in Tillamook County: Manzanita, Pacific City and Neskowin

Bug Chicks and Bounty on the Bay Fishing Tournament on N. Oregon Coast Major fishing festival in Garibaldi and an appearance by the famed Bug Chicks in Manzanita

Central Oregon Coast Summer Programs Include Lighthouse Tours, Guided Walks An amazing array of summer activities in and around the Yachats area

Jellyfish Encounter at Oregon Coast Aquarium Allows You to Touch Newport’s Oregon Coast Aquarium has a new means of living out yet another oceanic fantasy

N. Oregon Coast Guided Hike to Top of Neahkahnie Mt. Promises Amazing Scenery On June 8, World Oceans Day is celebrated in an exhilarating manner

Strange Weather Cousins on the Oregon Coast: Green Flash and the Novaya Zemlya Sunsets are always a much anticipated moment on the Oregon coast, but some rare conditions give an extra big show

Trippy Tidbits of N. Oregon Coast History You Didn't Know Seaside has been a tourist hotspot since the 1880s

N. Oregon Coast's Famed Cannon Beach Sandcastle Fest Returns June 9 The fun has been extended to other days beyond the actual sandcastle building, June 8 to 10

Seaside Riots of '62 and '99: Crazed Oregon Coast History, VideoThe Great Riot of '62 and the Spring Break Riot of '99 were anomalous

Remarkable Oregon Coast Changes: the Eating and the Fattening of Stonefield Beach State Wayside A slightly secret beach spot with a face that can change drastically at times

Video: Oregon Coast Travel Traffic, Gas Prices, Advice - worst evening commute traffic will be Thursday and Friday

Free Camping Day At Some Oregon Coast State Parks State Parks Day happens throughout Oregon on June 2

Big Hotel Makeovers as Oregon Coast Lodging Company Expands, Makes Waves It's beginning to change things in other areas as it has expanded its operations to the central coast

Razor Clamming and Traffic Updates for Oregon Coast Razor clamming reopens in Lincoln County; construction on Hwy 30 and at Tillamook

Newport Marathon Brings Thousands to Central Oregon Coast On June 2, some 3,000 people will descend on the central Oregon coast town of Newport

The Remarkable Transformations of Oceanside: N Oregon Coast Seasonal Wonders Oceanside has many faces and many facets

What is Beneath N. Oregon Coast's Seaside? Trippy Geologic Answer The answer is a little mind-boggling, especially when compared to other beaches

Yachats Pride Fest Livens Up Central Oregon Coast for Second Year- Second Annual Yachats Pride festival is celebrated on June 1 - 3

Seeing Stars on the Oregon Coast Above - and Below - This Week A star party, a tour of tidepools in Oceanside, and a tour of oyster-growing facilities

Unusual Book About N. Oregon Coast's Cannon Beach Released Ultimate Oregon Coast Travel: Cannon Beach Odd Facts, Fun Finds, Every Access is the first in a series of such extremely detailed guides

Events Look at Wildly Colored Critters, Mysterious N. Oregon Coast Lighthouse A tour of strange yet wildly beautiful tidepool creatures and of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Save: Give Her the Oregon Coast Give her some nights at the beach or a handy digital travel guide

An Extra 200 Glass Floats for Central Oregon Coast as Season Ends Holiday weekends will bring 200 extra glass floats to Lincoln City

UPDATED: Video: More Than One Group of Killer Whales on Oregon Coast Makes for Spectacular Sights on and off sightings since March and more than usual up around the Columbia River in recent days

N. Oregon Coast’s Manzanita Area: Pelican Survey, Cemetery Cleanup SOLVE is holding a cleanup of a famed, historic cemetery; help count the pelicans

What You're Missing Out on in May on the Oregon Coast Two months in particular tend to be woefully neglected on the Oregon coast, and one is happening right now

Clamming News and Seals / Sea Lions on Oregon Coast Good news for nature lovers on the Oregon coast, if you love clamming or watching the wildlife

N. Oregon Coast History: Tsunami Tragedy Started Cannon Beach's Sandcastle Festival It began in 1964, not long after a tsunami washed out the bridge

The Delights and the Dangers of N. Oregon Coast Elk When can you see them? What are the dangers?

Video: Watery Chaos of Oregon Coast's Cook Chasm, Thor's Well Where marauding, monstrous waves play tricks near Yachats

4.0 Quake Off the Southern Oregon Coast Sunday, No Alerts The small quake was centered about 120 miles west of Bandon, happening at 7:20 p.m.

The Mysterious World War II Bunker Atop Oregon Coast's Tillamook Head What was the bunker for? Who manned it? Fascinating history

Oregon Coast Travel: Weekend Conditions, Gas Prices, Great Low Tides A mix of good and bad news for travel to and from the Oregon coast

Small 3.8 Quake Off Southern Oregon Coast The earthquake was a magnitude 3.8, which hit at 1:44 a.m.

Oregon Coast Benefit Dinner Features Famed Jazzer Halie Loren Lincoln City Cultural Center hosts its benefit dinner and auction on May 5

Free Fishing Day, Birding Event on Central Oregon Coast Free Family Fishing Day in Lincoln City, April 28; Cascade Head Bird Walk on May 12

Oregon Coast Video: Chaotic and Calm at Hug Point, near Cannon Beach Hug Point changes shape and look so distinctly and so much more obviously

An Array of Sudden, Wild Beach Finds on N. Oregon Coast: the 'Ocean Burp' A massive debris field of wild, weird and fun stuff from the deep called an ocean burp

Oregon Coast Whale License Plate Appears to be a Go The initiative reached its goal of selling 3,000 vouchers for the plate

Meteor Showers Look Good for Oregon Coast, Portland, Valley The meteor showers peak on April 22 but they're still around until April 25

Video: N. Oregon Coast's Neahkahnie Viewpoints An Explosion of Ocean Killer views takes on whole new meaning here, above Manzanita

Oregon Coast Safety: Helpful Tricks to Spotting Sneaker Waves Strangely, there is a little trick to spotting them

Oregon Coast Scenery That Makes a Scene: Overlooks at Manzanita, Video They're called the Neahkahnie Overlooks and it's a non-stop supply of oceanic eye candy

N. Oregon Coast Concerts Include America's Got Talent Singer Cannon Beach History Center and Museum pull together two gigs of an interesting nature

Famous Oregon Native Returns to Coast for Comedy Festival First annual Undertow Comedy Festival, held in Lincoln City from April 26 to 28

Curious Near Cannon Beach: What Causes This Odd Wave Action on N. Oregon Coast? Just south of Cannon Beach, at Silver Point, there may be a sea monster

N. Oregon Coast History Events Bring Startling Facts to Light and Life Two particularly engaging history talks are coming up on the north Oregon coast which are guaranteed to be riveting

UPDATE: N. Oregon Coast Highway Reopened After Landslide Closure Both lanes of Highway 101 just south of Cannon Beach are closed as of noon on Friday due to a landslide

Tall Ships Return to Central Oregon Coast Twice This Year, Starting Next Week The vessels are stopping in Newport in April and a second time in July

Velella Velella Return to Oregon Coast, This Time Much Larger in Size Reports of fairly heavy populations on the central Orsn coast, at Manzanita, more

High Wind Warning Tonight for Oregon Coast; Angry Seas All Week Gusts up to 65 mph in the morning, then near 20-ft seas on and off

Ongoing Food Tour to Encompass 100 Miles of Oregon Coast The North Coast Food Trail includes all of Tillamook County and beyond

Heaviest Storm Delayed But Still Coming to Portland, Oregon Coast NWS extended high wind warning through 10 a.m. and high surf advisory through 1 p.m.

Central Oregon Coast's Ocean Terrace: Lincoln City Motel with History Ocean Terrace Condominiums has a rich history and a lot of beach finds

Oregon Coast High Wind Warning, 75 mph Gusts - Portland High Wind Watch Gusts up to 75 mph while coastal towns should get gusts around 65 mph. 30-ft seas

UPDATE: High Winds Up to 70 mph for Oregon Coast, Waves 26 Ft SW winds around 25 to 30 mph are likely, and gusts of 50 mph are possible

What Are These Curious Branch-Like Patterns on Oregon Coast Beaches? These intensely intricate, feather patterns are some trippy geology

River Cleanup and Stellar Concert on Central Oregon Coast in April The Brazilian String Trio on April 7 and the Siletz River Cleanup on April 14

12 Days of Earth Day Returns to Cannon Beach, N. Oregon Coast 12 Days of Earth Day in Cannon Beach, happening April 11 - 22

This N. Oregon Coast Hotspot Hides a Spooky, Historical Attraction Upstairs You can never visit, but we can show what's there

The Surreal, Bubble-like Creatures on Oregon Coast Beaches and Their Faux Glow What about those bubbles that look different and don't seem to dissipate?

Surfing Film on Central Oregon Coast Features Director Appearing Live Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation’s Surf n’ Stewardship Film Series gears up for some special events

Oregon Coast Officials: Stay Away from Seal Pups, You Might Kill Them; Video With the busy spring break weeks comes a warning from officials

Finding the Unpopulated Oregon Coast During Spring Break's Madness Hints for Seaside, Pacific City, Neskowin, Yachats, Depoe Bay and Cannon Beach

Get Ready for the 'Secret Season' on Oregon Coast Mid April through to the end of May is a distinctly unpopulated time

Oregon Coast Spring Break Weather: Snow Going, Drying Trend Snow in the coast range is almost over and a drying trend is coming

Winter Advisory for Oregon Coast Range Passes Until Late Friday What does the rest of the week hold for spring break weather

Oregon Coast Comic Con Brings Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Walking Dead to Tillamook March 24 and 25 sees the return of the festival of fun and fantasy to the Tillamook Air Museum

Oregon Coast Spring Break Adventures: Whales, Cleanup, Maybe Snow Possibly dustings in the coast range; events highlights

Oregon Coast's Hatfield Marine Science Center Fully Reopens for Spring Break March 24 is when the visitor center swings open its doors completely

Wild Geologic Tour at N. Oregon Coast Presentation Covers Spectacular Events, Disasters Famed geologist Tom Horning will take attendees on A Geologic Tour of Clatsop Plains

Festival of Illusions Returns to Oregon Coast for Both Spring Breaks It once again pops into existence at the Lincoln City Cultural Center from March 25 through April 5

Video: Eight Stunning Skies on Oregon Coast - Moody, Startling, Surreal On cloudy days, the final hours can present some remarkable surprises

Some Oregon Coast Areas Under Restrictions Due to Endangered Bird - From March through September 15, some beaches will have signs in their nesting areas

State Officials Send Safety, Warning Reminders for Oregon Coast; Video State Parks is sending out reminders about beach safety

Latest on Oregon Coast Crabbing - New Dock for N. Coast Lake Good news abounds for those who love fishing and crabbing

Central Oregon Coast Spring Preview: Lincoln City Events in March, April Beachcombing clinics, vintage films, food classes and even a week-long magic festival

What They Don't Tell You About Oregon Coast's Spring; Video April and May create a jumble of amazing sights you can't see any other time of year

Big Boom, Flash Likely Exploding Meteor, Say Oregon Scientists; Video Experts are pointing to what is a bolide meteor: essentially a fireball that explodes

Oregon Coast (And Inland) Astronomy: Five Planets Put on Show Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn all above the beaches

High Wind Warning for Oregon Coast; Monster Waves Thursday In effect from 8 a.m. Thursday to 3 p.m., with gusts up to 60 mph

Whale Sightings Bonkers Along Oregon Coast, Well Before Whale Watch Week Whale sightings are nearly off the charts in the last week along the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast from Orbit: Seeing the Beaches from Space What if you could see it from space?

Real Rager of an Oregon Coast St. Patty's Party in Lincoln City March 16 and 17 and duo Pipedance heading up with Irish fun and frolic

Odd Oregon Coast Finds Puzzle Visitors: Mystery Solved and It's Like an Alien The former shells of a marine lifeform called the cellophane worm

Strange Filament Discoveries on Oregon Coast Explained: Weird Cellophane Worm A bit like jumbled masses of high tech garbage – or perhaps something a little alien

Events Look at Shiprecks of N. Oregon Coast and the Paranormal Thrills of new discoveries in shipwrecks, a three-day-long festival of ghosts

Unusual Gearhart Facts Part 2: Nature Surprises, Secret Tips of N. Oregon Coast Hidden viewpoint, alien invasion, some delightful nature finds

Odd and Unknown Facts of Gearhart, Oregon Coast Part I: Bad Film, Culinary Heritage to Weird Science Historical aspects of the place, the weird side of nature here, and even one warning

Chance of Snow for Oregon Coast, Passes, Portland; Large Waves Though confidence is not high, some snow may hit the beaches later; waves get big midweek

Monster Underwater Volcano Off Oregon Coast is Subject of Cannon Beach Talk Wednesday, March 14 brings famed Hatfield researcher Dr. Bill Chadwick

Oregon Coast Wonders, Video: When Lincoln City Glows Sunset reflecting off a beachy object or the waves, or when it's coloring the landscape

Oregon Coast in March: Ocean Film Series, Native Plants Talk Native plants of the Oregon coast and a film series on various aspects of the ocean – often from a female viewpoint

Winners of Central Oregon Coast Wine Competition Announced Bradley Vineyards' 2015 Pinot Noir awarded a Gold Medal, Best-Of-Show

Conference in Cannon Beach Brings Excitement and Intrigue to Learning About Oregon Coast Sharing the Coast Conference will be the ultimate ticket on March 2 to 4

Cannon Beach Talk Looks Into Active Underwater Volcano Off Oregon Coast Famed Hatfield Marine Science Center researcher Dr. Bill Chadwick on the Axial Seamount

Oregon Coast Gets Snow This Week; Possibly Scary Commute for Portland Light snow on the beaches for a few days, and Portland could get ugly

Guest Star of Seinfeld, Star Trek Performs on N. Oregon Coast Actor Liz Cole, Nehalem Bay resident and TV star, performs March 1

Snow for Portland, Coast Range on Sunday, Possibly Oregon Coast Snow is coming to Portland, Willamette Valley towns, the Coast Range and possibly even beaches

Did You See the Valentines Freaky Fireball? (VIDEO) - Oregon Coast Astronomy Apparently space junk came crashing through Oregon skies

Three Remarkable Aspects of Devil's Punchbowl, Central Oregon Coast There's much more to that story, however. What is the Devil's Punchbowl, really?

Savor Cannon Beach Fest Brings NW Wine Country to Oregon Coast Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival combines both, March 8-11

What's Up with This Oregon Coast Mini-Spring in February? Highs around 50 degrees or higher, calm, almost non-existent winds and lots of blue sky

Oregon Coast Beach Cleanup Date Set for March 24 Oregonians will mobilize along the entire Oregon coast to remove tens of thousands of pounds of litter and marine debris

Unusual Sides to N. Oregon Coast History Come to Light, Including Mysterious Grave One in Astoria, the other in Seaside; both involved the deceased

Oregon Coast's Popular Hatfield Marine Center Reopens with Science Festival It partially reopens Feb 17 with a host of activities around Newport

Haystack Awareness Program Begins Season at N. Oregon Coast's Cannon Beach Plenty of low tides happen February 9 through the end of October, and that's where and when you'll find HRAP volunteers

Video: Walking Oceanside, Oregon Coast and Its Magic Rocks Sounds One of this place's distinct marvels is the famed magic rocks sound

Oregon Coast Warning Video: Watch Dumb Folk Do What Not to Do on Beaches

Video: What Not to Do on Oregon Coast: Small Beaches During Big Tides The idea of not turning your back on the ocean is not enough

Newport's Seafood Wine Fest Brings Thousands to Oregon Coast in Feb The largest winter festival on the entire Oregon coast returns February 22 to 25

Razor Clamming Closed On All But North Oregon Coast; Commercial Crabbing South Gets OK All razor clamming closed from north of Lincoln City southward; crabbing opens near southern border

The Unique, Distinctive Lodgings, Rentals of Cannon Beach, N. Oregon Coast Stellar overnight options simply abound

Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint: What You Don't Know About this Oregon Coast Icon So much history. So much scenery. You could spend hours here and not get bored.

Valentine's Week Highlights on Oregon Coast Set your sails for the beaches with these happenings of the heart

Central Oregon Coast's Antique Week: Star Wars Comes to Lincoln City Antique & Collectibles Week is coming February 10 -18

Comical and the Sad on Oregon Coast: Silly Sea Lion, Rescued Turtle Dies A rogue sea lion comically roving the streets of Astoria and another cold-stunned sea turtle found

Oregon Coast Critter Encounters: Sea Lion Wanders Astoria, Found Turtle Dies A rogue sea lion comically roving the streets of Astoria and another cold-stunned sea turtle found

Series of Three Small Quakes Off Oregon Coast Sunday, Monday None were large enough to be felt or trigger a tsunami alert

Amazing Above Oregon Coast, Portland: Lunar Eclipse, Super and Blue Moon triple whammy of astronomical proportions: a blue moon, a lunar eclipse and a super moon all at once

Surreal Sights for Oregon Coast, Valleys, Portland: Eclipse, Super Blue Moon The second super and full moon of the month, and total eclipse

This Deserted Central Oregon Coast Spot is Full of Surreal, Ancient Wonders In that untamed stretch between Yachats and Florence, Strawberry Hill Wayside is a definite standout

High Winds and Waves for Oregon Coast This Weekend, Flooding Possible Waves around 20 feet high for the weekend and some of next week

OSU Hosts Massive Celebration of Its Science Facilities on Oregon Coast, Corvallis, Portland The OSU150 Sea Grant Festival will take place February 12 - 24 in Corvallis, Portland, Newport, Port Orford, Coos Bay and Astoria

Science Behind the Tsunami: Why It Didn't Happen on Oregon Coast The science is interesting, involving one kind of quake rather than the other

Oregon Coast Science: Why No Tsunami with the Alaska Earthquake? Early Tuesday morning saw something startling for Oregon coast residents

UPDATE: Tsunami Watch for Oregon Coast Canceled - No Threat So far this is just a TSUNAMI WATCH, and no evacuation orders have been issued

Fun and Odd Oregon Coast Facts: Seal Rock State Rec Site and Its Village -Seal Rock has a lot of distinctive aspects about it that truly set it apart from other Oregon beach waysides

Historic Oregon Coast Fun in Feb: Crab Krack Feast, Wedding Vow Renewal Newport's Crab Krack Feb 11; Yachats Vow Renewal on Valentine's Day

UPDATE: New High Wind Warning for Oregon Coast, More Beach Hazards High wind watch for Sat through Sunday morning, with gusts up to 60 mph possible

New Oregon Coast Warnings: Stay off Beaches for Entire Weekend High surf will affect beaches in the advisory area, producing rip currents and localized beach erosion

Video: Damage, Injuries on Oregon Coast Extensive; One Death Waves as high as 60 feet in some place pummeled the beaches, resulting in evacuated businesses, destroyed property

Officials Warn Stay Off All Oregon Coast Beaches Thursday Some places normally safe to watch storms are likely not a good idea

Gi-normous Waves for Oregon Coast This Week, Flood Warning Some warnings about even being on the beaches as wave height will be 27 to 32 feet

N. Oregon Coast's Inn at Seaside a Gleaming Mix of Past, Present, Future A stellar accommodation filled with enticing facets and features beyond the fact it's in front of the convention center

Grand New Music Festival for Oregon Coast in Feb: Nehalem Winterfest Nehalem Winterfest inundates this stretch of Tillamook County with a stellar lineup of big names

Year of the Kite at One Oregon Coast Town: Lincoln City Picks Theme of Festival The winner was '2018 is the Year of the Kite' for the Lincoln City Kite Festival

Feb Festival on N. Oregon Coast Packed with Stellar Music Nehalem Winterfest music festival on Friday, February 2 through 4

Turkey the Rescued Turtle Passes Away at Oregon Coast Aquarium The Olive Ridley turtle died Monday in Newport, after rescue by Seaside Aquarium in November

Oregon Coast King Tides Party and Retrospective at Cannon Beach The big party to celebrate the end of the King Tides Project happens in Cannon Beach on January 15

Biggest Oregon Coast News Stories of 2017: Eclipse, Oddities, Hidden Shipwreck 2017 had its share of wild occurrences, with storms, small quakes, weird nature, and a secret shipwreck

Stormy Oregon Coast This Week - Then Sunny, Warm Weekend A high wind watch, gusts up to 60 mph possible, large waves. Sunny weekend

Three Unusual Aspects of Rockaway Beach, on the North Oregon Coast There's more lurking inside and around the sands of this north Oregon coast town than you'll imagine

Soulful Americana Duo Performs at Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln City Cultural Center The duo Freddy & Francine play a special event on January 24.

The Idyllic Beach Houses of Tierra Del Mar, N. Oregon Coast In the midst of all this is an indie vacation rental biz called Idyllic Beach House

A Hidden Oregon Coast Favorite: Fishing Rock State Rec Site, Lincoln Beach What stands out here are the wild colors of the cliffs, the craggy, rocky basalt edges that form mesmerizingly cool structures

Oregon Coast History, Seaside Promenade Part II: From Lewis and Clark to Rock 'n Roll Where geology meets US history and rock history

Seaside Promenade History: Beginnings of an Oregon Coast Icon, Part I One thing is for sure: the Promenade at Seaside actually began in the 1920s. Or did it?

Lincoln City Beachcombing Clinics Dig Deep Into Central Oregon Coast Take home a bucket full of agates, shells and other coastal delights via Lincoln City's Beachcombing Clinics

Lincoln City's Roads End State Recreation Site: Oregon Coast Wonders and Oddities There's much more than meets the eye at Roads End State Recreation Site on the central Oregon coast

Two Supermoons, Blue Moon, Eclipse for Portland, Oregon, Coast 2018 kicks off with an astronomical bang in the skies, starting almost immediately

Oregon Coast Surprises: Weird, Hidden Aspects of Cape Perpetua Near Yachats What you don't know about Cape Perpetua will surprise you

N. Oregon Coast Biz Named Best Fan Favorite Destination 100 Best Fan Favorite Destinations in Oregon List for 2018 including several from the coast

Central Oregon Coast Events Preview: Newport in January Newport stays buzzing with activity during this month

More Ice Coming Tuesday to Portland, Oregon Coast Range Another round of snow and ice is quite possible for the Coast Range passes and the Portland area

Icy Skating Rink for Portland, Oregon Coast Range Tonight Into Morning A dangerous skating rink for Portland and parts of the Oregon Coast Range until around daylight

Whale Watching Week Features over 20,000 Whales Just Off Oregon Coast Whale Watching Week from December 27 until December 31

Winter Solstice and Its Astronomy Surprises: What It Means for Portland, Oregon, the Coast More intense sunsets, shortest day misconceptions, sunset illusions

Beyond Cannon Beach's Haystack: N. Oregon Coast's Ecola State Park The sprawling, gi-normous park contains a striking lighthouse, secret beaches, trails and more

Snow Possible for Oregon Coast Range, Portland Heads for Deep Freeze Snow may be headed for the higher elevations of the Oregon Coast Range

December and January on N. Oregon Coast: Cannon Beach, Astoria, Seaside Whales, music, holiday foods, history and some esoteric stuff of a lofty nature

A Surplus of Surprising Facts About Cape Kiwanda, N. Oregon Coast You won't believe what's really going on around you

Ceremony for New Newberg-Dundee Bypass Towards Oregon Coast Monday, December 18 will be the ribbon cutting ceremony for the bypass road

Distinctive, Unique Lodging Finds in Depoe Bay, Newport - Central Oregon Coast If you're on the central Oregon coast and want to explore the areas of Depoe Bay and Newport

Lincoln City Mysteries: Five Stunning Oregon Coast Spots You Don't Know You may make some startling discoveries at the northern edge of Lincoln City and just north of it

Rescued Sea Turtle, Famed Otter at Oregon Coast Aquarium Die This Week A longtime fixture and attraction dies as does one of the sea turtles it helped rescue recently

Central Oregon Coast's Yachats and Florence in December, January Music, food, the holidays, a good helping of whales and even a festival of gems and minerals

Lincoln City's Holidays and Frivolities: December Highlights for Central Oregon Coast Making plenty of waves in December is Lincoln City

Sunny and Mostly Windless, Warm Oregon Coast - Maybe Ten Days - If you don't like the beaches warmer and less windy than the valley, then you should stay home

Oregon Coast a Series of Creature Features as of Late Pyrosomes, baby velella, two sea turtles, lots of bull kelp and a shipwreck

Japanese Fishing Boat Washes Up near Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast - No Invasive Species The 38-foot vessel came up on the beach on December 2

Second Sea Turtle Rescued from Oregon Coast Beaches Seaside Aquarium snagged a juvenile green sea turtle off a beach along the Columbia River

Gobs of Pyrosomes Hit Oregon Coast - Scientists Mystified, But There's a Theory What's causing these wee beasties to beach in this region all of a sudden?

Supermoon Above Portland, Oregon, the Coast Sunday Night It's not only a full moon but a supermoon, and the first of three supermoons

Sun and Some Wild Waves for Oregon Coast This Week A lot of sun is coming to the Oregon coast, along with some sizable waves

Bull Kelp and Their Holdfasts: Wacky World of Upside Down Forests on Oregon Coast A fact largely unknown to Oregon coast visitors is that there is a huge underwater forest just out of sight everywhere they go

8 Astounding, Unique Lodgings of Seaside - N. Oregon Coast Extraordinary hotels, motels, vacation rentals and a host of amenities, some which will surprise

Oregon Coast High Surf Advisory Wed, Walloping Waves Continue Through Week Swells around 18 to 20 feet but combined seas somewhat higher

Oregon Coast in Portland: Tillamook Food Cart at Zoo, Beach Bill Event The beaches make a slight invasion inland with a food cart from a coastal business and a special presentation in Portland

Closure and Debut on Oregon Coast: Pacific City Luxury Hotel, Newport's Hatfield One big one closes for the season and another giant opens for the first time.

Oregon Coast Closing and Debut: Pacific City Luxury Hotel, Hatfield in Newport One big one closes for the season and another giant opens for the first time.

Gifts and Agates from Oregon Coast, Gift Certificates Agates to vintage postcards, souvenir items, historic photographs, tourism keepsakes of a wide variety, posters, lodging gift certificates, lapel pins - buy online

Stranded, Hypothermic Sea Turtle Sent to Recover at Oregon Coast Aquarium An Olive Ridley sea turtle was recovered from a beach on the southern Washington coast

Small Quake 100 Miles Off Oregon Coast Felt by Some On Land A small earthquake struck Friday morning just off the Oregon coast, about 100 miles from Coos Bay

Oregon Coast Holiday Weekend Travel Advice, Weather, Waves, Roads Mostly pleasant times but a few annoyances

Get Your Cameras Ready: It's Oregon Coast King Tides Time Again Second round of this winter's King Tide Project and officials are asking the public to contribute photographs

Closures, Delays for Some Crabbing, Clamming, on Oregon Coast; Mussels Return There are currently a complex round of closures, delays and reopenings for crabbing and mussel harvesting

Week of Wild Waves for Oregon Coast, High Wind Warning Early Monday A night of wild winds are in store for the Oregon coast this evening, while a week full of crazed waves will be the norm

Gargantuan Waves All Week on Oregon Coast; High Wind Warning Sun. Night Look for high winds tonight along the Oregon coast as well as mammoth surf

Bizarre Finds on Oregon Coast: Pyrosomes, Dolphin, Deformed Velella, Freaky Jellies A host of unusual finds in the last 48 hours, including velella, a dolphin, weird jellyfish and even some live oysters

Central Oregon Coast Holidays: Newport's Boat Parade, Sea of Lights Newport may have the most extravagant Christmas celebrations

Oregon Coast Compendium of Fun: Yachats' Smelt Sands, 804 Trail, Spouting Horns If you're heading there or need inspiration for something new to visit

Special Glass Float Drop Over Holiday in Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln City Mysterious Float Fairies will hide 100 extra glass art pieces to celebrate Thanksgiving

N. Oregon Coast's Rockaway Beach, Nedonna Beach: Where History, Logs, Geology Meet Why so many drift logs by the Rockaway jetty? Weird tale of history, geology

Oregon Coast High Wind Warning, Surf Advsory: 30-ft Waves Gusts up to 80 mph, big waves continue this week

Double Storm for Oregon Coast: High Wind Watch, Walloping Waves Potentially heavy winds, a deluge of rain and even walloping waves between 15 and 25 feet

Oregon's Tillamook Coast Gets Sparkly, Stunning for Holidays with Unique Events The Tillamook Coast has put together some dazzling events that really stand out

Unique and Stunning Lodgings of Pacific City, Oceanside, N. Oregon Coast Three Capes Route cradles the slightly to very hidden havens of Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar and Oceanside

Oregon Coast Guided Walks, Science and History Events This Month A guided walk in Newport and history presentation in Astoria

Central Oregon Coast's Newport Lights Up with Holidays - and with Whales The holidays in Newport are celebrated with vibrancy and verve

Shark Sightings on N. Oregon Coast Cause for Warnings Around Pacific City Starting on November 2, there have been sometimes more than one sighting per day

Release of Oregon Coast Whale License Plates Dependent on Public Oregonians can now purchase a voucher for the new license plate that features a gray whale and her calf

Changes at N. Oregon Coast Lodgings: Wheeler, Seaside One is a bit of a secret treasure in Wheeler while the other a high-profile major player in Seaside

Oregon Coast Restaurant Latest: New Eatery, Chefs Compete Pacific City is launching a new restaurant as two of its chefs get ready to compete

Rain and Sun Breaks for Oregon Coast; Snow Coming Increasing rain over the week but some sun breaks. Waves will get somewhat showy

Oregon Coast Warnings: Crabbing Closure, Sick Sea Lions May Affect Dogs ODFW has some bad news about crabbing on the southern Oregon coast and about sea lions with diseases

A Dozen Unique, Gorgeous Lodgings at Lincoln City, Oregon Coast For something a little different in the Lincoln City area, here's a look at about a dozen lodgings that you need to know about

Important Oregon Coast Science, Nature Events Begin This Month Some stellar nature and science events in Newport and in Cannon Beach

Central Oregon Coast's Holiday Kickoff: Lincoln City Tree Lighting, Holiday Market Lincoln City Tree Lighting Party and Christmas Market kick starts the season on November 24, 25 and 26

Ten Engaging, Unique Lodgings of Manzanita, Rockaway Beach – N. Oregon Coast Places to stay in the havens of Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler.

Stormy Weather Arts Festival Takes Over N. Oregon Coast Town Cannon Beach Stormy Weather Arts Festival happens November 3 - 5

A Whole Week of Warm Sun for Oregon Coast, Temps Mid 60s If you're hoping for a return to storm season on the Oregon coast, you'll be disappointed this week

Central Oregon Coast Fall Shimmers with Holidays in Yachats, Florence A few of the high points in the two central Oregon coast burghs.

Oregon Coast Beach Rentals You Don't Know - But Need To Sizable surprises list in Seaside, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Bay City, Pacfic City, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Yachats and Florence

N. Oregon Coast in November: from Halloween to Holidays in Astoria, Cannon Beach, Seaside The north Oregon coast really knows how to live it up in the late fall months

Oregon Coast Under Wind Warning, Flood Watch - But Lots of Sun Coming Heavy weather over the weekend, but paradoxically a really nice run of sunny weather

Central Oregon Coast's Highlights in Newport, Depoe Bay in Oct, Nov A lot happening in the world of theater and opera, along with plenty of Halloween fun

Lincoln City's Tour to Die For Again Haunts Oregon Coast It's returning to life on October 20 - 22 and 27 - 29, mixing history with spooky

UPDATED: Huge Waves, High Wind Warning for Oregon Coast This Week High wind watch in effect from Wednesday afternoon to late that evening; 20-ft waves possible

Highlights of N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County This Month: Food, Music Music and food seems to be the order for fun on the north Oregon coast in the coming weeks

Irish-Influenced Ale Released Into Oregon Coast Beer Market yet another fab beer released from Pacific City's Pelican Brewing Company

Central Oregon Coast Event Highlights: Lincoln City Gets Spooky and Delicious A series of awesome events fill the roster in Lincoln City for the next month

New Irish-Style Beer Arrives at Oregon Coast's Pelican Brewery Restaurant news: Sea’N Red, a traditional Irish-style Red Ale

Oregon Coast Travel: Difficult But Comic Lessons the Beach Can Teach Yet the beach has a way of showing you who's boss. Sometimes it's funny

Startlingly Cool History Exhibits at Oregon Coast Museum, Oct. 20 Event Ancient cellphones, 100-yr-old Chinese coins and other striking finds

Oregon Coast Weather Brings Curiosities: Dragonflies, Bubble-like Jellyfish Dragonflies made a stunning appearance and an engaging form of jellyfish started popping up

Oregon Coast Scientists: Bad News About Invasive Species and Increased Plastics A troubling link between invasive species and plastics on the beaches

Updated: Central Oregon Coast Glass Floats Return, Flood Lincoln City with Color 2,018 officially numbered glass floats will be carefully hidden over the year

Update: Huge Waves, Foam on Oregon Coast: No Evidence of Missing People Gargantuan waves and foam created a spectacle, but two are still missing at sea

New Food and Agri-Tours, New Food Fest for North Oregon Coast A food festival in Garibaldi and a culinary / agritourism program for Tillamook County

Moon, Planets Put on a Show Above Oregon, the Coast Tonight and This Week A lot going on in those skies above Portland and the Oregon coast, and this weather will give great glimpses.

Oregon Coast Nature Events: State of the Coast, Bees on Beaches A talk in Yachats about bees, State of the Coast conference in Florence

Cannon Beach Now Third Town on Oregon's Coast with Beach Wheelchairs These are wheelchairs with unusually fat tires that can ride on the sand

Oregon Coast Latest: A Week of Stellar Weather, Small Quake Two fascinating tidbits of Earth science along the Oregon coast this week

Big Beer News for Oregon Coast: More Releases, Awards A variety of new beers are popping on the Oregon coast, along with some heavy-hitter national awards

N. Oregon Coast Razor Clamming Opening Back Up: Good News, Bad News Clatsop County beaches are about to open it back up again. There's good and bad news about this, however

Unique Central Oregon Coast Show Where You See Music, Hear Art A beautiful Lincoln City show combining chamber music and surprising visual art

Oregon Coast Hits 70s This Week Before Downturn Another couple of outstanding days are in store for the Oregon coast, with temps in the 70s

Three Trippy Trivia, Odd History Tales of the Oregon Coast Some events on these beaches were quirkier than others

Video: On and Off Run of Humpbacks Has North Oregon Coast in Awe Humpbacks have been spotted in heavy numbers for the last month or two around the north coast

Oregon Coast Jazz Party Swings into Newport for Three Days Jazz fills a large hall in Newport on October 6 through 8

Fall Equinox Brings Shorter Days to Oregon Coast, Maybe Moon Display The autumnal equinox happens this Friday (September 22), right at 1:02 p.m.

Central Oregon Coast Kite Festival Takes on Superhero Theme Lincoln City brings out the superheroes with its Fall Kite Festival September 30 and October 1

Oregon Coast Shopping, Souvenirs and Gifts: T-Shirt, Posters, Mugs, Vintage Items Shop online for Oregon coast gifts, keepsakes, memorabilia, vintage items, clothing, hoodies, posters, more. Items constantly change

Oregon Coast Virtual Tour Lane County Video: Cook's Chasm Moving, Firing Off in Strange Colors See the spouting horn move, between Yachats and Florence

Video: Zooming in on N. Oregon Coast's Neahkahnie Overlooks, Its Details The Neahkahnie Overlooks are some of the most amazing views of the entire region. And there's more than meets the eye

N. Oregon Coast Events Look to Future of Cannon Beach, Ancient Egypt History and progress take the front seat on the north Oregon coast, just as the area around Cannon Beach begins some changes

Oregon Coast Scientists Worry About Microplastics in Oysters, Clams: Video Tiny traces of plastic could be in some seafood being harvested commercially and recreationally

Newport Has Special Place in the Sun for Oregon Coast's Second Summer Newport has some particularly attractive aspects going on

N. Oregon Coast's Astoria Gets Deeply Delicious with Talks Astoria delves into two deeply delicious subjects: clams and mushrooms

Three Small Quakes Rattle Offshore from Yachats, Central Oregon Coast There were no reports of damage and not a single soul claims to have felt it.

Awesome Whale Numbers on Oregon Coast, Even Better on Tour Boats Gray whales are wandering close to shore quite a bit, and Humpbacks are putting on a show

Extraordinary Encounter on Oregon Coast: Unusual Beach Noises, Video Sands that sing, talking barnacles or maybe the delightful magic rocks

Central Oregon Coast's Chowder and Brewfest This Weekend 2nd Annual Chowder & Brewfest hits the central Oregon coast on September 9

N. Oregon Coast In September: Tillamook County Kicks Up Its Heels The northern Oregon coast will keep kicking in September, with a load of events in the Tillamook County region

Air Quality Alert Extended for All NW Oregon, Including Coast Air quality alert for all of northwest Oregon in effect until 6 p.m. on Tuesday

One Glass Float Drop Sneaks in Before Season Debut on Oregon Coast Lincoln City debuts its 2017 Finders Keepers season with a special pre-season drop of glass floats this month

High Temps and Unhealthy Haze for Oregon, Even Some on Coast Much of the state is under a fire watch or excessive heat watch and there will be bad smoky, hazy conditions

Oregon Coast Stranger Things: When Sand Glows or Sings Sand that glows and even sand that sings are two wild and beautifully strange things you could encounter here

Video: Five Things You Need to Know About Oregon Coast Labor Day Weekend a few tips and warnings about what to do and not do

Video: Deadly Holes Hiding in Oregon Coast Surf Summer brings all kinds of wonders to the Oregon coast, but it also brings a deadly secret hiding in the waves

Hidden Summer Danger of Oregon Coast No One Talks About Some parts of the tideline could drop suddenly a few feet to as much as ten feet, and you run the risk of drowning

Oregon Coast Labor Weekend Advice, Warnings: Lodging, Traffic, Gas Some tips and warnings for the holiday weekend

Labor Day Weekend Highlights of the Oregon Coast Beach towns will be loaded for bear over Labor Day Weekend

Fiery Celtic Rock Ensemble Hits Central Oregon Coast Holiday Weekend Young Irish folk rock band Ruaile Buaile plays Lincoln City on Labor Weekend

Oregon Coast Lodging Latest: Glamping, New Spa and Vacation Rentals Developments out of Pacific City and Florence

Best of Oregon Coast Summer Weather Still to Come - Whales, Glowing Sand If you think this was summer on the Oregon coast, you ain't seen nothin' yet

Seven Astounding Sights Along N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County; Video There are of course dozens if not hundreds of stunning spots along the part of the north Oregon coast known as Tillamook County

Eclipse Impressions from Oregon, the Coast in Pics, Video, Words My first look at the eclipse is indeed a surreal kind of dusk

So Far, Oregon Coast Eclipse Traffic Hasn't Happened - Yet Things are suspiciously quiet in the beach towns; other reports on gas, lodging

Surprising Worries of Oregon Coast Eclipse Traffic; Many Preparations ODOT is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst

Oregon Coast Beach Fires Banned, Other Eclipse Closures, Traffic Restrictions A variety of traffic restrictions as well as a rare ban on beach fires

SOLVE Announces Date of Oregon Coast Cleanup for Fall Not just on the Oregon coast but around the state's riversides on September 23

Eclipse Travel Warnings for Oregon Coast, Inland, Washington: Gonna Get Ugly ODOT has plenty of warnings and advice for those heading down for the solar eclipse

Two Beach Cleanups in August on N. and Central Oregon Coast Two big cleanup efforts are taking place in August along the Oregon coast: Cannon Beach, Newport

Small Quake Shakes Just Off Oregon Coast, California Coast 4.5 magnitude quake struck off the southern tip of the Oregon coast on Thursday at almost 11 a.m.

Oregon Coast Eclipse Warnings: Road, Forest Closures; No Beach Camping Forest fires, camping in the wrong spots and limited access to some forested areas

Bad Air News: Alert Extended Through Friday for Oregon, the Coast, Portland Air Quality Alert extended for all of northwest Oregon into Friday at noon

Great Big Meteor Shower for Oregon, the Coast - Beware Rumors, However (Video) It's starting to light up skies over Oregon but it's also the target of some ridiculous fake news

Air Alert for Even the Oregon Coast; Portland Slowly Cools Down Weather forecasts for inland and the Oregon coast are being expressed in terms of “patchy smoke”

Celtic Duo Graces Oregon Coast with Unique Blend of Old and New Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter utilize an array of rare instruments

Pirates Invade Wild Racing Event on Oregon Coast - and It Gets Dirty Mud obstacle sports and pirates in Newport on Aug. 12

Excessive Heat Watch Extends Beyond Valleys to Almost All of Oregon Coast It now includes all of the Oregon coast – except for one tiny patch around Lincoln County

Oregon Coast's Newest Hot Attraction: Cannon Beach Escape Room A wildly engaging new attraction in this area that's causing a huge buzz

Oregon Heatwave: Inland Possibly 106, Coast May or May Not be a Relief An excessive heat watch has been issued for inland valleys and the Oregon coast range, maybe the beaches

Oregon Coast History Videos: Shipwreck Facts, Volcano, Joe the Sea Lion This shoreline's history is full of surprises, some of which you can still see and touch at times.

Central Oregon Coast's Amazing Race Returns with Rougher Edges; Video Newport hosts its 7th annual Amazing Race on Saturday, August 5

Video: Five Wild, Weird Sunny Weather Sights on N. Oregon Coast There are astounding, even bizarre sights you can catch on these beaches if you're here at the right time

Small Section of Route to Oregon Coast Closed This Week; Delays For those heading to the beaches from Portland there are a couple of delays in store this week

Oregon Coast Program Expands: Learn to Buy Fish Off the Docks Shop on the Docks has sessions in Warrenton as well as Newport

Birds, Brews and Film on N. Oregon Coast Cannon Beach and Tillamook present some fascinating and fun aspects to the north Oregon coast in the coming week

Video: Stunning Sights Around Oregon Coast's Depoe Bay Take Way More Than a Day This recent video gives you a scenic overview, albeit an extremely brief one

Some Chance of Aurora Borealis Above Oregon, the Coast Sunday, Monday A different kind of storm watch has been issued for the skies above Oregon and the Oregon coast: a geomagnetic storm watch

Video: Oregon Coast's Yaquina Head Natural Outstanding Area, Newport Wandering Newport's Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is one of the most memorable pleasures of the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast Drone Rules, Laws: Stay Away from Wildlife or Face Fines All offshore rocks are refuges, rules for other areas

Minor Quake Off Oregon Coast Rattles Only Sensors, No Tsunami Alert Issued Magnitude 4.1 offshore from the Oregon coast Tuesday at 7:14 p.m., no tsunami alert

Where to Find Oregon Coast Rooms, Lodging for the Eclipse For those looking for places to stay, you may have some better luck here

Surprising History of N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County: Shipwreck Lodging and Oceanside Early days of a bigger Oceanside; shipwreck now a BnB

Deep Inside Oregon Coast's Yachats State Recreational Area: Fun, Facts, Features Right behind downtown Yachats sits one of the Oregon coast's greatest treasures: Yachats State Recreational Area

Blues Benefit and Barbecue Gives Central Oregon Coast Icon a Boost Saturday, July 22 is the second annual Blues Benefit & Barbecue at the Lincoln City Cultural Center

Five Gloriously Hidden, Secret Spots of Depoe Bay, Oregon Coast Depoe Bay is crammed full of astounding sights and sites literally tucked away from the eyes of most

Great Outdoors and Great History Battles: Oregon Coast Summer Sizzles Clamming / crabbing clinics, stellar guided hikes, time traveling back to the Civil War and World War II

Big Parties This Week Celebrate Oregon Coast Beach Bill A full and heady roster of events is planned to celebrate yet another landmark moment in American history

Oregon Coast Holiday Weekend Fairly Sunny, Cool Temps There's no drizzle but partly sunny to mostly cloudy will be the norm

Oregon Coast Eclipse Traffic Could Be a 'Cosmic Traffic Jam' Officials are predicting some one million extra people will pour into Oregon for the total solar eclipse on August 21

N. Oregon Coast's Cottage and Garden Tour Tickets on Sale Soon Cannon Beach History Center & Museum will be opening the doors to over ten homes on the north Oregon coast

Central Oregon Coast's Seal Rock Has a Bear Feeding Problem Seal Rock has a bit of a bear problem. Bears that like to raid human food sources

Oregon Coast Complete Fourth of July for 2017 A lot is happening, just on the upper half of the coastline

Oregon Coast Under Heat Advisory; Inland Excessive Heat Watch Even the upper half of the Oregon coast is under the heat advisory, as temps could be close to 90

No Relief: Portland Near 100, Oregon Coast in 80s Inland Oregon heatwave near 100 while the coast gets into the 80s this weekend

Nature Walks, Talks at Oregon Coast Beach Bill Party in Cannon Beach A special beachwalk, along with speakers and a party on Thursday, July 6

Summer Solstice Tomorrow: What It Means for Oregon, the Coast For the Oregon coast, there is an added element of surprise

Oregon Coast History: Newport's Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and Trying Times It's a stately if not tiny tidbit of Oregon coast history, having only been in operation for three years

Yachats State Recreation Area - Yachats, Oregon Coast Virtual Tour Up against the bay, at the mouth of the Yachats River, lies the paved parking lot and beach access of the Yachats State Recreation Area

Oregon Coast Summer, Events, Attractions, Science and Tourism Latest Summer News Attractions - Events - Beaches - Stuff You Didn't Know. Discover Summer on the coast, including updated news and event

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Coast: Complete Travel, Guide, Info Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area full guide. Scenery, history, attractions, hiking, viewpoints, dune, geology

Central Oregon Coast's Newport Has a Fourth with Extra Booms It's made even bigger by the unique sound dynamics of Yaquina Bay

Small Storm to Hit Oregon Coast, Portland Gusts along the beaches could be up to 55 mph, Portland in the 30s

Oregon Coast Lodging Renovation News and Eclipse Openings, Alerts There's a lot going in beach lodging, which includes new rooms popping up for the big eclipse

Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest Lights Up Oregon Coast All Weekend Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest returns on Saturday, June 17

Oregon Coast (Time) Travel Tips: Two Exceptional Wonders of Newport One a beach with discoveries millions of years old, while another involves two lighthouses

Oregon Coast Streaming Video Reviews: Netflix's 'Travelers' a Stunning Secret Many who dug the moody meanderings of Stranger Things will also find this engaging

Oregon Coast Whale Watching: 6 to 20 Sightings a Day Lots of reports of gray whales wandering the region, and social media is filled with quite a few videos

Oregon Coast Red Blob Mystery Not a Mystery At All, Turns Out Early this winter and even through spring, weird reddish blobs that appear to have tentacles were popping up all over

Four Unusual Oregon Coast Weather Phenomena: What They Don't Tell You Green flash, a double-headed sunset, beaches warmer in winter, summer in Feb

June Highlights of Oregon Coast: Music, Kites, Sandcastles, More It's filled with history tours, cool car shows, music, food and nature

Youth Surfing Event and Car, Motorcycle Show on Central Oregon Coast June 17 the 9th annual Otter Rock n Roll Youth Surf Competition and Beach Cleanup Challenge

Traffic Delays to Watch for This Summer Along Hwy 20 to Central Oregon Coast Work continues this summer on Highway 20 between Corvallis and the central Oregon coast

Newport Holds Detailed Exhibit on Oregon Coast Fisheries Starting June 1, the past, present and future of Oregon coast commercial fishing comes to life in Newport

Almost-Exploding Minke Whale Washes Up Near N. Oregon Coast Border Visitors to the Long Beach Peninsula got the rare chance to see a small Minke whale washing ashore

N. Oregon Coast's Pelican Wins Big Internationally, New Beer Coming Pelican Brewing Company recently grabbed ten prestigious awards, and it is about to release a new line of beer

Oregon Coast Now: Lowest Tides of Year, Milky Way Gone Lowest tides of the year, Saturn goes wild as the Milky Way disappears

First Annual Yachats Pride Fest Glitters Up the Central Oregon Coast The central Oregon coast town of Yachats will be erupting in joyous revelry with a serious side on June 3 and 4

Doggy Fest and Kite Fest to Greet N. Oregon Coast Visitors Pacific City hosts its Yappy Days doggy festival on June 17, while this weekend sees a massive kite festival in Rockaway Beach

Some Minor Traffic Delays to Watch for on N. Oregon Coast Work is being done in Tillamook, between Rockaway Beach and Bay City and at Manzanita

Drink a Beer – Save a Fish on N. Oregon Coast A portion of proceeds from every barrel of Pelican’s Five Fin sold will be donated to the Salmon Superhighwy

Cannon Beach Program Expands Tours, Talks on N. Oregon Coast Among the fun possibilities are new monthly, ocean-focused events and tide pool tours

Oregon Coast in 70s This Weekend; Valley, Portland Close in on 90 A stellar weekend on the Oregon coast, with temps close to 90 by mid week in the valley.

Oregon Coast Science: What Are Those Shafts of Sunlight / Fingers of God? They are called crepuscular rays and they mostly happen around sunset or sunrise

Large Event at N. Oregon Coast's Oswald West Includes Hikes, Science, BBQ It all takes place on May 20 at Oswald West State Park near Manzanita

N. Oregon Coast History Talks: Tillamook Fire, Beach Bill in Seaside A special talk in Seaside this month, while the museum in Tillamook looks a fire that changed the town's history

Oregon Coast Officials Seek Input on Lincoln County Park Improvements State officials are asking for public input on how to better 26 parks and waysides on the central Oregon coast

Oregon Coast History: Debunking the Beach Bill Myth at Cannon Beach What if part of that visit never happened? Details are delightful

Famed Floating Movie Sets: Tall Ships Hit Three Oregon Coast Towns They'll be docking at three Oregon coast towns over the next month

Oregon Coast Beach Bill Party This Week Adds More Names; Son of Gov. McCall It happens in Cannon Beach Saturday, May 13 with a growing list of dignitaries

Five Nearly Aerial Viewpoints of N. Oregon Coast – and Their Secrets Sensational spots to catch an eyeful from above at Oceanside, Cannon Beach, Manzanita

Last of Glass Float Drops on Central Oregon Coast at End of Month Lincoln City's mysterious Float Fairies will hide an extra 100 glass floats on the beach

Complete List of Lodgings, Motels, Hotels and Vacation Rentals in Manzanita, Wheeler, Nehalem and Rockaway Beach - Nehalem Bay Lodging; Photos

Pacific City Talk / Hike Event Remembers Landmark Oregon Coast Moment Another landmark moment that led to the Beach Bill in the '60s will be commemorated on May 14

May on Oregon Coast: a Rush of Food, Fun and History Rides May comes roaring in like a lion this year with a bevy of events that mark the beginning of summer vacation

Living Oregon Coast History: Seaside Aquarium Celebrates 80 Years with Old Prices On May 25, one major stalwart of Oregon coast entertainment will celebrate 80 years

Parade, Carnival and Historic Boat Tour on Central Oregon Coast in May Take a boat ride through Oregon coast history in May, or indulge in three days of dazzling hometown fun

Oregon Coast Mountain Bike Race Gets Gnarly, Dirty but Scenic, May 7 May 7 sees the Annual Coast Hills Classic Mountain Bike Race in Newport's South Beach area

Oregon Coast Beach Bill Parties Kick Off in Cannon Beach, May 13 Cannon Beach will be the first town to kick off this year's celebration of the Oregon Beach Bill 50th anniversary

Rainspout Music Fest Rocks Yachats Area of Oregon Coast This Weekend The tiny town of Yachats hosts this grand affair on April 28 – 30

N. Oregon Coast Events: Tillamook History Book, Local Seafood Issues What's going on the local seafood industry on the Oregon coast and around Oregon?

UPDATE: Birding and Blues Fest Starts Today in Pacific City, Oregon Coast The combo of music and nature runs all weekend from today through Sunday.

Swarm of Five Small Quakes Off Oregon Coast Last Week A string of five small earthquakes rattled off the Oregon coast this last week, with four on Saturday alone

Asteroid Swings Close Tonight, Possibly Seen Around Oregon, the Coast It will pass close by Earth tonight and be visible with small telescopes

The Giant Misconception About Oregon Coast Sea Foam: Actually Awesome One puzzling reaction is that many think sea foam is bad, but it's a very good thing

March for Science on Central Oregon Coast, April 22 Newport organizers will create their own version, called the the People's March for Science

State Seeks Input on Which Oregon Coast Beaches to Monitor What Oregon coast beaches do you think need to be monitored for health hazards?

History, Music and N. Oregon Coast Culture Subjects of Intriguing Events A famed guitarist and the north Oregon coast's past as a rock 'n' roll destination

Some New Campsites Opened for Eclipse Around Oregon, the Coast Officials will open up about 1,000 campsites along the route of the eclipse that's coming this August

UPDATE: Oregon Coast's Beloved, Historical Pixieland Returns to Life in Summer Iconic Pixieland Amusement Park and Pixie Kitchen Restaurant are reborn as Pixiefest in June

A Proliferation of Spectacularly Puzzling Stuff Washing up on Oregon Coast A lot of stuff keeps happening on these beaches that used to be rare, but it suddenly isn't these days

Central Oregon Coast Nature Events, Easter Egg Hunt Coming Up Get ready for a nice run of nature-oriented events on the central Oregon coast that will widen your eyes

Storm Warnings Now in Effect for Oregon Coast - High Surf on Friday Meteorologists are now predicting a more intense storm coming onto the Oregon coast Friday

Oregon Coast's Newport Features Hatfield Science Day Saturday April 8 is the date of this central Oregon coast attraction's annual open house

Large, Stormy Seas on Oregon Coast This Week, Heavy Winds Friday It's going to be blustery and full of big breakers along the Oregon coast

Bridal Extravaganza on Central Oregon Coast This Weekend a Massive Affair On Saturday, April 8, you'll find a wide array of reasons to get married on the central Oregon coast

Manzanita, Oregon Coast: Events, Workshops, Beach Cleanup, Wheelchairs A lot of points of interest are emerging from the north Oregon coast town of Manzanita lately

Sneaker Wave Warning Exended for Oregon Coast Beyond Weekend - But More Sun NWS in Portland has issued a warning for increased dangers of sneaker waves

Changes Looming in How You Enjoy Oregon Coast, Video This latter half of spring will be quite out of the ordinary, and yet few know about it

State Begins Hazing of Waterbird on Oregon Coast to Protect Juvenile Salmon Research indicates cormorants can consume significant numbers of juvenile salmon during this time period.

April Oregon Coast Highlights: Science, Music Fests, Star Trek/Seinfeld Actress There's even an appearance by a famed actress who worked on Seinfeld and two Star Trek series.

Purple Velella Velella Start Their Gooey Return to Oregon Coast They started popping up in small numbers and even tinier sizes already back in February

Truly Wacky Time for All Ages: Two Weeks of Magic on Central Oregon Coast The 2017 Festival of Illusions in Lincoln City goes through Apr 6

Tips for the Total Eclipse on Oregon Coast: Lodging, Viewpoints Where to find rooms, viewing spots and dealing with traffic

Oregon Coast Spring Break Conditions: Nary a Dry Day The coast and inland valleys will not provide much sun and not much else but rain

The Kooky and the Cool on Oregon Coast Right Now: Pryosomes, Ghost Forests Orcas, gray whales, freaky tube-like creatures and ancient stumps

Spring Break Kicks Off with Whale Week, Astronomy Parties Around Oregon, the Coast On the first Saturday of spring break, you can catch wonders from the deep and in the universe above

N. Oregon Coast History with a 10K Run and a Hollywood Twist A special 10k run this weekend and a talk on movies filmed here

Newport, Oregon Coast: Whales, Spring Break Fun Collide in Big Way Newport is host to more whale watch vantage points than any other area, and there are bundles of family-friendly attractions

Some Oregon Coast Beaches Under Restrictions to Protect Threatened Plover March 15 through September 15 is when a handful of Oregon coast beaches come under certain restrictions

Ghosts on the Coast? Seaside, Oregon's Paranormal Fest March 31 Curiosity seekers and wannabe Ghostbusters are encouraged to manifest in Seaside

Spring Equinox Monday Has Trippy Astronomy for Oregon, the Coast Spring will swoop down into Oregon and the coast on Monday, March 20

Hiking Event at Central Oregon Coast's Cape Perpetua; Forest Road Closure March 18 is the date for a special event of hiking and history

Oregon Coast Outdoors: Tidal Tours of Cannon Beach, Lincoln City River Cleanup Tours start March 23; river cleanup on April 8

Big Honors for Oregon Coast Tourism Group and a Beer Award Two high-profile organizations just snagged a beer award a tourism honor

Oregon Coast Spring Break Highlights: Many Levels of Fun Bundles of beautiful beaches and places filled with aspects not always in plain sight

Oregon Coast Spring, Events, Attractions, Science and Tourism News Oregon Coast Spring: Attractions - Events - Beaches - Stuff You Didn't Know

Get Ready for Starfish and More at Central Oregon Coast Tide Pool Clinics A pair of local beach experts will be leading Lincoln City's Tide Pool Clinics


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Lincoln City Oregon Coast Lodging Updates Places to stay in Lincoln City, updates on hotels, attractions, vacation rentals

Smelly 'Globster' of a Dead Whale Will Be Left to Oregon Coast Wildlife A 36-foot sperm whale in a particularly nasty state of decay has hit one north Oregon coast beach this week

Crazy Weather: High Winds on Oregon Coast, Snow in Coast Range, Big Seas Snow in the passes Tuesday morning, a high wind watch for coastal towns and a storm warning offshore

Vibrant Oregon Coast St. Patrick's Celebration is Dinner, Music and Dance The group Pipedance returns to Lincoln City on March 16 and 17

Light Snow for Oregon Coast Range, Maybe on Beaches Over Weekend Even though it's now March, Oregon has not seen the last of snow. Luckily, it's only a small amount

N. Oregon Coast's Cannon Beach Expands Daily Beach Program Cannon Beach now features the daily presence of the Haystack Awareness Program

Oregon Coast Science Event This Week Releases Full, All-Star Roster Sharks, squid, sea turtles, whales, estuaries and much more.

Weird New Creature Find on Oregon Coast, Along with Other Surprises; Video Interesting creatures are washing up along with oddities surfacing from beneath the sands

Oregon Coast's Lincoln City Releases Striking Promo Video The video roams over iconic Lincoln City outdoor attractions

40 Yrs Ago Oregon Coast Scientists Helped Discover Startling New Lifeforms It affected everything from space science to the origin of life on Earth

Rare, Ghostly Shipwreck Emerges Again on Oregon Coast It's appeared here only three times since the '70s

More Snow on Oregon Coast Than Inland Expected Today It's a bizarro world forecast today, but it's only a dusting

Oregon Coast Scientists Warn Warming Ocean Temps May Create Chaos 20 of the world's leading oceanographic researchers today released new evidence

Oregon Coast Spring Beach Cleanup Coming April 1 This year's event coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Oregon Beach Bill

N. Oregon Coast's Manzanita Boasts Film Fest, Estuary Cleanup, Science Talk A small film festival, a talk on estuaries, a cleanup of estuaries along Nehalem Bay

Sharing the Coast Conference Digs Deep Into Oregon Beaches, Citizen Science Dozens of fascinating events and activities that help you dig a little deeper into your beach experience

Central Oregon Coast Jazz Show a Flurry of Fine Bebop Seattle-based Jacob Zimmerman Trio comes to the central Oregon coast on February 24

High Wind Warning on Oregon Coast, Large Seas Gusts up to 80 mph possible, and combined seas will be rising to 23 feet

Rescue of Rare Turtle on N. Oregon Coast Has Unhappy Ending A rare loggerhead turtle found itself at a remote part of Cannon Beach

Oregon Coast Virtual Tour, Cannon Beach: Hug Point Geologic Oddities, Layers, Walking Tour Take an incredibly detailed walking tour of Hug Point. It's like being there

Beachy Romance: Great Oregon Coast Makeout Spots perfect for making out, cajoling a new love interest or simply making googly eyes at other

N. Oregon Coast Cash Mob and History Event Two unique events are coming up on the north Oregon coast in the latter half of February

Oregon Coast Under High Wind Warning, Flood Watch Large swells along the ocean will translate to big waves battering the shores

Newport's Seafood Wine Fest Brings Thousands to Central Oregon Coast The largest festival of the winter for all the beach towns, February 23 through 26

Snow, Flood and Wind Warnings Around Oregon Coast Range, Beaches, Portland A variety of warnings and watches for the Oregon coast, the coast range and Portland / valley areas.

February Highlights of Oregon Coast: More Than Just Romantic Events A look at February event highlights along the Oregon coast

Another Small Bout of Ice, Snow for Portland, Oregon Coast Range Winter weather advisories for Portland and Oregon coast range

Oregon Coast Tideline Creatures Get 'Frozen in Time' in Unusual Way Something new that at least one expert hasn't heard of before happened on the north Oregon coast

Ghost Forests and Agate Beds Abound on Oregon Coast popping up like daisies in areas around Cannon Beach, Newport, Seal Rock and more

Oregon Coast Antique Week Boasts Treasures and 100s of Glass Floats February 11 through 20 is Lincoln City Antique Week

N. Oregon Coast Gets Delicious with Cannon Beach Wine, Culinary Fest

Cannon Beach Wine, Culinary Fest Fires Up N. Oregon Coast in March Northwest wines and the much-lauded cuisine of the region will be on full display in March

NASA Scientist Talks in Newport About Total Solar Eclipse on Oregon Coast Deep space meets the Oregon coast on Thursday, February 9

Oregon Coast King Tides Party Shows Off Photos, Data The public is invited to a party to celebrate the success of this winter’s project in Newport

Oregon Coast Storm Causes Damage, Injuries with 'Rare' Force Some of the largest wave action along the Oregon coast in years took its toll over the weekend

UPDATE: Huge Waves Injure Woman on Oregon Coast Balcony, Other Damage A woman was injured by a wave that hit her hotel balcony, and mammoth breakers destroyed a handful of condos

Spectacular Stormy Seas This Weekend on Oregon Coast; Surf Advisory This, in turn, will bring some great finds along the beaches later

N. Oregon Coast Shipwrecks and Rivers Subjects of Nature Events The history of shipwrecks on the north Oregon coast, a look at Clatsop forestland and how salmon are doing

More Ice, Floods, High Winds for Oregon, Coast Range, Portland, Beaches The great thaw delayed once again for the inland valley and the Oregon coast range

UPDATED: More Issues for Oregon, Valley, Coast Range; Big Waves The good news for northwest Oregon and the coast range: the ice will begin really melting on Monday night

String of Stunning Animal Sightings, Salp Finds on Oregon Coast A new kind of salp has been spotted, an old face has returned and sea lions are amazing everyone

Central Oregon Coast Birding Fun and Crab Krack Dinner Extravaganza Three adventure-filled events take place in the Newport area over the next month

Last of Oregon Coast King Tides Tomorrow, Your Help Needed The final round of this year's king tides occur tomorrow through Thursday

New Oregon Coast Gray Whale License Plates Need Commitments They are working to get a new Oregon Gray Whale license plate up and running throughout the state

Heavy Ice / Snow for Oregon Coast Range, Valley, Even Beaches Winter storm warnings are up for all of Oregon over the weekend, cautioning of snow and then freezing rain

A Multitude of Finds, Unusual Features at N. Oregon Coast's Hug Point You would literally have to spend a year or more to see it all. Here's why

Central Oregon Coast Kite Festival Needs 'X-tra' Help with Theme kite enthusiasts are encouraged to submit their suggestions

Inland Oregon Frozen, Coast Slightly Warmer w. Some Snow Oregon coast may be the one to actually see snow this week

Top Oregon Coast News of 2016: Mysterious Finds, Vandalism, Storms Topping the headlines this year along the Oregon coast were the stories about a despicable act of vandalism and a tornado, but other nature news also stood out.

Five Startling, Sometimes Scary, Geologic Changes of the N. Oregon Coast Imagine lava flows sometimes 20 feet high searing their way across Oregon

Wild Oregon Coast Week: Whales, Wowing Waves, NY Eve, Polar Plunges Some massive waves, good sun breaks, a lot of whales and bundles of fun for New Year's Eve

Oregon Coast Science: New Whale Tech, Wave Energy Test Facility A massive wave energy test facility will be built off the central Oregon coast

UPDATED: Some Sun, Big Waves for Oregon Coast - Warnings After 2 Deaths Stormy waves will interfere with whale watching; two visitors died last week

Oregon Coast Whale Watch Week Starts December 27 Once again it will be Winter Whale Watch Week just after the Christmas holiday

Eight Odd Things to Watch for on Oregon Coast Now That Winter's Here wild and random blobs, shapes, rarities, critters and the slightly gooey

Oregon Coast History Museums: A Free Day, Lewis 'n Clark Event Lewis & Clark come to life again on N. Oregon coast at end of December; new holiday tradition begins on central Oregon coast

Winter Solstice and How Oregon Coast Sunsets are an Illusion There's a lot about the winter solstice that people don't know, and even more about the reality of sunsets that is actually quite shocking

Oregon Coast Scientists Discover New Whale Sound in Faraway Mariana Trench Researchers from the Hatfield Marine Science Center out of Newport and Oregon State University in Corvallis came across a complex sound

More Snow, Freeze for Oregon Coast, Passes and Portland; Big Waves Coming Seriously freezing weather for Willamette Valley, Portland, coast range and Oregon coast

N. Oregon Coast Baby Whale Moves in Mysterious Ways - Vanishing Then Reappears A deceased gray whale calf came ashore Tuesday at Gearhart

Oregon Coast, Portland, Inland May See Some of Meteor Shower Peak Peak of the Geminid meteor showers happens tonight and Wednesday, plus there's a special full moon tonight

Updated: Portland, Coast Range, Even Oregon Coast to Get Snow Portland and probably the northern section of the Oregon coast range looks like it will get a significant snow storm

What's Washing Up on Oregon Coast? How Beaches are Changing Sand levels are sinking and funky stuff is piling up on the beaches

History, Holidays and a Party on Central and North Oregon Coast One in Lincoln City really takes away with a touch of meditation, while the other at Cannon Beach takes you into the past

Top Ten Reasons to Hit the Oregon Coast This Weekend Big waves, lots of holiday events, and some interesting creatures to see both on shore and ocean

Inland Oregon, Coast Range and Beaches to Get Freezing Rain, Snow Icy roads expected Wednesday along the I-5 corridor, in the coast range and even the Oregon coast, and freezing rain and snow coming to even the coastline on Thursday

Agate, Fossil Finding Clinics on Central Oregon Coast Led by Famed Expert Laura Joki will be heading up Lincoln City's brand new Beachcombing Clinics this winter

Oregon Coast Range to Get Icy, Dicey for Shorter Time Snow advisory until noon, snow levels at 500 and even beaches may get dusting

Latest Oregon Coast Brews News: Pelican Wins in Germany, New Beer Two of the Oregon coast's most prominent microbrew hotspots are making their mark again

Oregon Coast Range Highways to Get Snow; Huge Waves Continue Snow will start hitting the higher elevations around Sunday night, lasting for a few days

Rare, Bizarre Glowing Creatures Strand on Oregon Coast Beaches It's called a pyrosome, and the ones found here are less than a foot, and are actually massive colonies of cloned creatures

Experts Warn: Do Not Pick Up Stranded Turtles on Oregon Coast Like baby seals or seals that are molting, sea turtles are also to be left alone

Five Freaky Features of Oregon Coast Winter You Didn't Know There's much more going on here than meets the eye

20-ft Surf on Oregon Coast Prompts Advisory Big, spectacular but dangerous: that's what's in store for the Oregon coast Monday and Tuesday

N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook County Glows with Holiday Happenings Tillamook County also hosts a wide array of holiday events and vibes

Central Oregon Coast Holiday Events Highlight History, Ocean Protection Two particularly cheerful and relevant holiday parties are coming up in Newport

Holiday Storm: Wind Warning, Big Waves, Flood Watch for Oregon Coast Over the holiday weekend: a high wind warning, a flood watch and some mighty waves

Wet, Windy Thanksgiving for Oregon Coast; Snow in Cascades Just some good ol' fashioned storms for the beaches and big waves

N. Oregon Coast History, Holidays: Cannon Beach, Lewis 'n Clark, Pearl Harbor There are plenty of holiday and historical happenings in Seaside and Cannon Beach

Oregon Coast State Parks: Holiday Fees Waived, Trail Work All state parks will waive any day use fees, including the Oregon coast

100 Glass Floats Dropped on Oregon Coast Town for Thanksgiving Lincoln City will have a special drop, Nov 24 to 27

Oregon Coast Total Eclipse: State Parks Taking Reservations Starting Thursday, OPRD will begin taking campground reservations for the spectacular total solar eclipse

A New Way to Snag Coveted Glass Floats on the Oregon Coast Each week sees someone who has visited the town winning an extraordinary fine art glass float

Lincoln City's Holiday Fest Kick-Off a Central Oregon Coast Favorite One central Oregon coast town really starts to light up for the holidays on November 25 and 26

High Wind Warning for Oregon Coast; King Tides After Weekend A wind warning is now in effect for the entire upper half of the Oregon coast, in effect until 8 a.m

Frenetic Yet Family-Friendly Oregon Coast: Paradox of Pacific City This tiny town at the southern tip of the Three Capes Loop

Two Holiday Highlights Begin in North Oregon Coast's Cheery Seaside One of the loveliest lit up towns on the Oregon coast for the holidays is Seaside

The Freaky and Funny Lumpsucker of the Oregon Coast With huge, bulbous eyes and an even more balloon-like body, they are comical and odd at the same time

Cash Mob on Oregon Coast This Weekend Helps Manzanita Tornado Relief it's a Cash Mob that you'll find shopping these charming stores on November 12

Big New Additions Coming to Two Oregon Coast Towns A new spa in Pacific City and a new visitors center at the Tillamook Cheese Factory

Meteor Showers, Planets, King Tides and Rare Supermoon for Oregon, Coast Meteor shower right now, some fun planet gazing and an especially bright and close Supermoon

Small Earthquake Shakes N. Oregon Coast; Rattles Nerves but No Damage It rattled homes, businesses and some nerves, but did not cause any damage

Subtle Surprises and Big Delights of Oceanside, N. Oregon Coast One of the Oregon coast's biggest wonders wrapped in a tiny package

Big Waves Made Bigger by High Tides on Oregon Coast This Week Big waves and big tides are coming, and then some of the highest tides of the year

N. Oregon Coast Oyster Tour Provides Rare Inside Glimpse - and Samples One event in Tillamook County is your ticket to seafood nirvana

More Than One Wildlife Lecture Series Begins on N. Oregon Coast A whole series of fascinating wildlife lectures in both Cannon Beach and nearby Manzanita

Oregon Coast's Manzanita is Open for Biz with Wild Scenery Changes, Sights Many are asking how to help the town, and the answer is Come to Manzanita

Gobs of Cool Creatures, Odd Finds on Oregon Coast Beaches Now A brief walk along any Oregon coast beach can yield bundles of wonders, especially after storms

Oregon Coast Wildlife Right Now; Possible Northern Lights Glow wildlife are in abundance near the beaches and there's a chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis

Yachats Celtic Music Festival Brings Dance, Whiskey, Mystery to Oregon Coast As Well 16th annual Yachats Celtic Music Festival will bring a hefty dose of ancient and effervescent U.K culture to the Oregon coast, coming November 11 to 13

Oregon Coast Mushroom Battle Soon; Pelican Wins Big Beer Award A massive culinary battle using mushrooms as weapons will be happening soon in Lincoln City, while Pacific City's Pelican Brewing recently won a major award

Trick or Treating and a Central Oregon Coast Ghost Fest One at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the other at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center

What Created Ten Tornado Warnings for the Oregon, Washington Coast Last Week? According to the National Weather Service the answer is quite complex

Lincoln City's Glass Floats Event Reboots This Weekend After Oregon Coast Storms The hugely popular festival of floats gets started this weekend, beginning October 22

What Will Disappear from Oregon Coast After the Weekend Here's some of summer's remarkable beach sights that were around just a week ago

Oregon Coast is Clear - Saturday's Winds a Dud But today's storm never lived up to the predicted 60 mph gusts and resultant damage

Two Tornadoes on Oregon Coast; Manzanita Severely Damaged, Video One briefly in Oceanside that did no damage but another in Manzanita that ravaged the town.

Oregon Coast Highest Wind Gusts, Power Outages, Road Closures Harsher than many, yet par for the course for the heavier categories the area

UPDATES: Oregon Coast Storm Now Brings High Wind, Surf Warnings for Thurs; Seas at 34 Ft A series of storms are pushing in, set to kick in harder over the weekend

First Storms of Season May Bring 30-ft Waves to Oregon Coast Some gnarly waves will be battering the beaches of the Oregon coast later this week

Three Small Quakes Off Oregon Coast Sunday, No Alerts A trio of small earthquakes hit off the Oregon coast on Sunday, each roughly between 260 to 220 miles west of Coos Bay

Oregon Coast Scientist Uses New Tech - and Poop - to Study Whales A variety of cutting-edge machines are used by Newport's Hatfield

Near Record Season for Oregon Coast Whale Sightings Continues Some are calling it a record season for whale watching; Humpbacks near Astoria

Glass Floats Returns to Oregon Coast This Month with Extra Big Drop What is undoubtedly the Oregon coast's most anticipated seasonal kickoff happens in the Lincoln City area

Dog Show at Cannon Beach Returns to N. Oregon Coast, Oct 15 Cannon Beach hosts its 19th Annual Dog Show on the Beach, literally on the beach in front of the Surfsand Resort

N. Oregon Coast Gargantuan Iron Chef Event, Mushroom Hikes Mushrooms and a major foodie event are on the menu along the north Oregon coast throughout October and November

Curious History of Oceanside Part 2: WW II, Lighthouse on Oregon Coast World War II in the area, how the place was featured in books, beginning of the lighthouse

Atmospheric Historical Tour Brings You to Oregon Coast Graveyard There's a new – and maybe even spooky – way to watch Oregon coast history come to life

Odd Oceanside History, N. Oregon Coast, Part 1: Roosevelt to Start Trek Unusual constructions, high hopes, a president

Two Diverse Brews To-Do's on Oregon Coast: of Science, of Chowder Lincoln City's Chowder and Brewfest on October 8, Pacific City hosts a Science Pub on October 24

Roughing It and Loving It: the Wilds of N. Oregon Coast's Nehalem Bay a stretch of north Oregon coast so large it includes three towns.

Trippy Blue Yonder: Psychedelic Kites Dominate Skies at Central Oregon Coast Festival October 1 and 2 marks the return of the Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival

Best Beaches of the Oregon Coast at Nighttime: Safest, Most Impressive Finding a dark beach with no light interference on a clear eve will make for something wondrous

State Police Need Tips in Vandalism of Oregon Coast Landmark OSP is still deep in the investigation into the vandalism atop Cape Kiwanda

Dead Oregon Coast Whale May Have Its Home on Beach Near Manzanita It seems to have found a permanent home at Short Sands Beach in Oswald West State Park

Cajoling Gypsy Jazz, Django-Style, Comes to Central Oregon Coast One exotic form of music this next week: a hefty dose of gypsy jazz, a la Django Reinhardt.

Oregon Coast Hwy Latest - and Should One Beach Change Its Name? Two major developments this week for the Newport area of the central Oregon coast

Update: Bloated, Stinky Whale Strands on N. Oregon Coast - Then Disappears The bloated corpse of a full grown Humpback whale washed ashore at Falcon Cove Beach Saturday

State of the Oregon Coast Conference, Citizen Science Events Fascinating events centered around the politics, management and science of the Oregon coast

Winter Predictions for Oregon Coast: the Blob, Normal Temps, and Wild Cards Weather pundits are calling for a very average winter, meaning not good for skiers and not that great for stormwatchers

A Tricky Moon for Beaches and Equinox Celebrations near Oregon Coast Harvest Moon will make a big impression, there are two star parties this Saturday, and the autumnal equinox occurs next week

Oregon Coast's Tillamook County Sees Unique Events in Coming Weeks In the Tillamook County towns of Manzanita, Pacific City, Garibaldi and even Netarts

How Star Trek Helped Oregon Cost Science News - and Made Me a Better Beach Bum It helped make me much better equipped to do the job of running an online publication about the Oregon coast.

Oregon Coast Fun Facts: Six Amazing Aspects of Cape Perpetua Wild bears, a frightening, fiery beginning and some fascinating history

A Tiny Uncrowded Oregon Coast Wonder: Awe-Inspiring Arch Cape there is one spot that mostly guarantees solitude and serenity from the crowds and craziness

Oregon Coast Beaches Need a Cleaning: Join SOLVE on Sept. 24 Time to hit the beaches of the Oregon coast and rivers of the rest of the state as that day features the annual SOLVE Beach & Riverside Cleanup

Good Times for Whale and Wildlife Watchers on Oregon Coast Now is still a great time to sight of whales and some truly wild lifeforms along the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast Vandalism Caught on Video Did Break Laws, May Be Prosecuted Authorities said they have broken state parks laws and police want to find them

Odd Oregon Coast News: Beloved Landmark Gone, Fireball in Sky Two extraordinary events of the natural world of two completely different kinds

Three Oregon Coast Views That Cause Constant Jaw Dropping Phenomenal finds near Oceanside, Manzanita and Depoe Bay

Labor Weekend Holiday Travel Advice for Oregon Coast: Lodging, Gas, Traffic, Weather Labor Day means big things for the Oregon coast: big traffic, big lodging prices, big crowds – but also big fun

Water Warning for Oregon Coast's Nye Beach; Traffic Closures Hwy 20 One popular beach on the central Oregon coast is now under a water warning

Band Mixes Celtic and Appalachian at Intriguing Oregon Coast Concert Lincoln City Cultural Center brings an evening of traditional Irish, Appalachian, Scottish and Breton music

Get Ready for Second Summer on Oregon Coast: Warmest Through October Many still don't know this, but September and early October see the beaches at their finest

Bevy of Beachy Events: Labor Day Weekend Highlights on Oregon Coast There's a lot to do and see out on the beaches – but even more than meets the eye

N. Oregon Coast Group Releases Stunning Promo Videos of Tillamook County Visit Tillamook Coast (VTC) with Sea Legs Media of Salem, Oregon produced seven, story-based videos

Red Flag Warning for Oregon Coast, Heat Advisory in Coast Range Oregon coast is getting a red flag warning through Thursday night, while the coast range is under a heat advisory

North Coast Outdoor Events in September Include Inaugural CoastWalk Oregon September is full of engaging outdoor events on the north Oregon coast, especially in the Seaside area

Total Solar Eclipse in One Year Gives Oregon Coast Extra Time Depoe Bay and Lincoln Beach will have the most time in darkness in the state

One Year Until Solar Eclipse That Will Put Oregon's Coast on the Map Depoe Bay and Lincoln Beach will have the most time in darkness in the state

The Crazy, Hazy Tale of a Spectacular Oregon Coast Real Estate Failure Jump Off Joe is a wacky and twisting, turning bit of history on the Oregon coast

Full Sturgeon Moon Tonight for Oregon Coast - Still Some Meteors Meanwhile, there are still some shooting stars above from the Perseids to look for

Warnings for Oregon Coast: Hot Weather Advisory, Fire Dangers Major hot weather advisories and warnings are going up not just for beach towns

Seven Wild Facts About the Oregon Coast You Didn't Know Sand that sings, beaches that glow at night, a hidden ghost town, something crazy the sunset might do – and some wild and wacky history

Take an Oregon Coast Survey - New Seafood Industry Segment Possible Tell researchers what the Oregon coast means to you in an online survey – and there could be a new segment to the seafood industry

Two Astounding Rarities in the Depoe Bay Area of Central Oregon Coast Things you can't see anywhere else.

Oregon Coast Health Advisories Lifted for Both Rockaway, Seal Rock OHA sent out warnings to stay out of the ocean waters at Seal Rock yesterday and Rockaway Beach the previous day

Bacteria Advisory Issued for Seal Rock Ocean Waters on Central Oregon Coast A second water quality warning was issued for the Oregon coast this week, with the latest for Seal Rock State Park Beach

Oregon Coast Officials Issue Bacteria Warning for Rockaway Beach A health advisory for one very popular part of the north Oregon coast this time of year: Rockaway Beach

The Hidden Hazard of Oregon Coast Summer Breakers: Unseen Holes That Drop You These can suddenly drop a foot or two, or much more – even up to ten or 15 feet.

Where the Galaxy Comes to Life Above the Oregon Coast The complete lack of light interference in many areas make the galaxy explode above you

Oregon Coast Scientist: Quakes More Frequent in Pacific NW Waters New evidence is pointing to more frequent earthquakes along the Cascadia Subduction Zone than previously thought

Historic Ship Propeller Joins Central Oregon Coast Museum's Landscape A solid steel,14-foot diameter, 7-ton propeller has found its home at Newport's Pacific Maritime Heritage Center

Surreal and Strange Nudibranch the Pokemon of Oregon Coast Tide Pools - But Real One of the coolest critters to be on the lookout for is the nudibranch

Two Sizzling, Dazzling Sights on Oregon Coast Hiding in Front of You Two Oregon coast beaches offer some truly unique but incredibly divergent means of relaxation and repose

Deliriously Delicious Surrealism Emerges After Dark on Oregon Coast Some of the most startling and stunning aspects of this place come out after dark

The Big Dipper vs. Oregon Coast Waves: Nocturnal Beauty Contest Other times, it's just plain fun to play amateur astronomer and chase stars, meteor showers and the Aurora Borealis

More Meteors for Oregon, the Coast? This Year's Perseids May Be Larger Maybe more than double the usual number of shooting stars

Celebrations: 50th Anniversary of Oregon Coast Beach Bill and Public Beaches The mammoth Oregon Beach Bill will be celebrated all next year.

Kids Day at N. Oregon Coast's Famed Haystack Rock (Cannon Beach) August 20 will be a good time to head to the north Oregon coast if you want to know more about Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock.

Treats, Tide Pools and Trippy Lifeforms at Oregon Coast Nature Events Oregon's conservation group CoastWatch is hosting a series of fun, interesting and sometimes yummy events

ODFW Reports Great Whale Sightings, Crabbing on Oregon Coast Crabbing is quite good in most spots and your chances of spotting whales are great

Three Oregon Coast Hotspots Crammed with Intricate Fun Here are three such examples of stunning sights and sites that will fill a whole day or more by themselves

Tsunami Walk, Tide Pools and Food at Cannon Beach, N. Oregon Coast Event A potluck on August 20 also features a film about tsunami preparedness and what this shoreline could expect

Taft's Sand Castle Contest Livens up Central Oregon Coast in August The 13th is the day that boasts the Taft Beach Sandcastle Contest along the sandy shores of Lincoln City.

Updated: Two Youths Rescued from Seaside's Surf, N. Oregon Coast; One Dead Two teenage males were rescued from the surf on the north Oregon coast Thursday '

Wild 'n Wacky on Oregon Coast: Freaky Facts, Fossils, Rumors Fossil finds, bizarre plants, broken records to a curious if not laughable claim about a battle off these beaches

Updated: Oregon Coast Beach Bacteria Warning, Highway Delays One beach in the Lincoln City area how has restrictions on contact with the water, and some traffic issues will start soon on Highway 6

Updated: Forests, Bunkers and Bears, Oh My: Three Oregon Coast Hiking Hotspots Or, hit the promontories and forest lands behind the beaches for some truly exhilarating exchanges with nature

Workshop Prepares for Stunning Solar Eclipse on Central Oregon Coast in 2017 A group called Multiverse hosts an educational workshop on the total solar eclipse in Lincoln City

Just What is Cape Kiwanda on Oregon's Coast? And Why It's Falling Apart Yet have you ever wondered what it is? The answer is intriguing, and how and why it's slowly disappearing

What Really Happened with the Crashed B-17 Bomber on N. Oregon Coast One of the more spectacular bits of Oregon World War II history lays shrouded in the mists (and the dense trees) of Cape Lookout

Summer Tide Pools on Oregon Coast Are Different, and There's a Mystery -In a lot of ways, it is indeed tide pool season on the Oregon coast – but a different kind

Engage with Moths at North Oregon Coast Celebrations, Even at Night Take a wild moth odyssey on the north Oregon coast as part of National Moth Week

Oregon Coast History Museums Raise Part of Ship, Examine Privacy Issues Two history museums on the Oregon coast are wrestling with these right now, with one putting on a special event in July

Fishing Restrictions for Oregon Coast's Deep Waters Start Friday Fishing outside the 20-fathom line will be closed in order to protect yelloweye rockfish

Oregon Coast Closures Coming: Razor Clamming, Highway 20 Overnight Razor clamming will close this Friday, and some highway closures will soon begin east of Newport

Wealth of Wild Surprises, Shockers with N. Oregon Coast's Beach Discovery Program Have some rollicking beach fun time and get your eyes widened in wonder all at once

Event Takes Close Look at N. Oregon Coast Archaeological Site The recent archaeological work at a Chinook Indian village near the mouth of the Columbia River

Central Oregon Coast Program Helps You Buy the Freshest Seafood Shop on the Dock returns to the central Oregon coast town of Newport this summer

Unusual for July, N. Oregon Coast Ocean Burp Brings Numerous Critters Gobs of interesting stuff washed up onshore on the north Oregon coast yesterday, in what is commonly called an ocean burp.

N. Oregon Coast Canoe Trips, Guided Walks, Surfing Camps It all begins in the middle of July and runs throughout the summer

Three Oregon Coast Spots with Seasonal Secrets Summer and winter especially create some polar opposite situations

Best Seats in the House: Four Incredible Oregon Coast Benches Oregon coast views so stunning you have to take them in sitting down

Three Stunning Sides to the Oregon Coast You May Not Know Three sections of popular Oregon coast destinations with something a little different hiding just below the surface

How Much of the N. Oregon Coast Did Not Exist 100 Years Ago? It's Amazing You'll Be Amazed 0 Literally miles and miles of it did not exist a little over 100 years ago, until humans starting building jetties

Take a Close Look: What's Wrong with This Oregon Coast Wave? So what causes this? It's a quirky example of the science of summer

Latest Brewpub on N. Oregon Coast is Open: Cannon Beach's Public Coast Brewing The second of two new microbreweries on the north Oregon coast has opened up

Four Diverse Oregon Coast Hangouts: from Gnarly to Nice, Mild to Wild These hangouts allow you a chance to stop and goof around the beach or to dart away from the squalls

Four Amazing Creature Facts on Oregon Coast: Even the Paranormal There's a lot we don't know about in the deep, and sometimes some of that washes up onshore

Oh, the Lowly Sand Flea: They Should be Exalted on the Oregon Coast When it comes to the Oregon coast, you've got it all wrong about the sand flea.

Short Beach on N. Oregon Coast Has Tales to Tell: Historical Oceanside Fun Facts World War II history, a road still closed, local legends

Oregon Coast Travel Tips: So Much Depoe Bay, So Little Time You really need two or more days to properly explore the sites and sights of Depoe Bay and the surrounding four to five miles.

Secret Garden Tour and More Photo Hiking Clinics on Central Oregon Coast Secret Garden Tour of Otter Rock and more hiking / photography clinics happening in Lincoln City

Oregon Coast Citizen Science Day and Talk on Tsunami Debris The weekend of June 24 and 25 will be a special weekend on the central Oregon coast that's entirely devoted to the Otter Rock Marine Reserve

Oregon Coast Sunsets: the Crazy, Mind-Bending Science; Longest Day of Year There are some things you can't see anywhere but an ocean environment like here

Three-Day Workshop Shows What's Behind the Workings of the Oregon Coast This year’s CoastWatch Shoreline Science Workshop will be held July 8-10 at the Depoe Bay Community Hall

Rare Moon Coincidence on Summer Solstice Coming to Portland, Oregon, the Coast - June 20 brings the summer solstice to the northern hemisphere, along with a full moon happening that night.

UPDATED: Summer Solstice Includes a Moon Rarity for Portland, Oregon, the Coast - It's not only the longest day of the year, but it's the official start of summer

Complete Oregon Coast Fourth of July, Independence Day, 2016 Every 4hth of July celebration on the upper half of the coast

Oregon Coast Scientists' Remarkable Discoveries on Sea Stars, Underwater Vents A stunning set of finds from scientists lately regarding undersea hydrothermal vents and sea stars

Oregon's Tillamook Coast Set for Action-packed Summer Much is astir on this shoreline with a massive array of events to look forward to.

Three Central Oregon Coast Nature Sites Are Bigger Than They Look Delights are discovered in beach spots that are bigger than they look

Oregon Coast Lodging News: Latest in Pacific City, Newport, Depoe Bay Spring usually means a hefty helping of changes and additions to the vacation rentals, hotels and motels in the region

Right Now on Oregon Coast: Weird Crabs, Bird Walks, Whales A nice variety of birding events, bird drama at Oceanside, whale watching, and some funky lil' crabs

World Oceans Day Events on Oregon Coast June 8, Throughout Month Tomorrow (June 8) brings World Oceans Day to the Oregon coast, which is celebrated in three different ways

Big Music Fests on Central Oregon Coast: Classical in Yachats, Judy Collins One massive feast of classical happens in the tiny town of Yachats, while the slightly bigger burgh of Newport welcomes 70s pop legend Judy Collins

Weekend of Rare Oregon Coast Science: Novaya Zemlya Effect, Glowing Sand A very unusual weather effect, glowing sand and probably the Green Flash at Sunset

N. Oregon Coast Guided Hikes a Mind-Bending Bit of Science One happens in Manzanita, and the other in the Warrenton area

Unique Festivals of Fun in N. Oregon Coast's Astoria Include Vikings, Bowie Two major events are headed for Astoria: the Scandinavia Midsummer Festival and the Astoria Music Festival.

Nature Volunteering on N. Oregon Coast: Cannon Beach's Unique Opportunities Two organizations in the north Oregon coast town of Cannon Beach help people learn about science

Heatwave in 90's for Portland, Some for Oregon Coast; Low Tides All this cools some for the week, but hot, probably record-breaking temps are coming for the region again over the weekend

New on Oregon Coast: Free Camping, Brew Pub, Summer Hours Free Camping Day this weekend, a brewpub in Cannon Beach and summer hours at regional attractions all around

Cars and Culture on Oregon Coast: Music and Car Show Festivals Abound Later this month brings a major music festival, and then a series of car shows hits the town

Central Oregon Coast Features Surfing Day for Youth, Outdoor Market Otter Rock n Roll Youth Surf and Beach Cleanup Challenge is coming up while the little town of Toledo gets busy with some events in June

Three Things You Should Never Do on the Oregon Coast There are some rules that don't get talked about much, or some that need reinforcing

Central Oregon Coast Town Practices Emergency with Tsunami Walk Join the City of Yachats Friday, June 10 at 12:45 pm, to practice its community Tsunami Walk

UPDATED: Mars a Bright Red Spot Above Portland, Oregon, the Coast Mars is a bright red star in the skies over inland Oregon and the coast right now, with Mars in opposition and at its closest to us until May 30

Newport Marathon Brings in Thousands to Central Oregon Coast June 4 is when thousands smother the streets of Newport for Oregon's largest-yet-unknown sports event: the 17th annual Newport Marathon and Half Marathon

Travel Tips, Advice for Memorial Weekend They Don't Tell You on the Oregon Coast Several travel tips not often mentioned are important for an even better time and less frustration

Oregon Coast Summer Science Workshop in July; Science Diversity Seminar Soon the big summer science workshop that covers a wide range of beach-oriented subjects

Top Ten Oregon Coast Must-see's for Memorial Weekend If you're heading to the Oregon coast for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and you could see only one thing

June Kite Fest Gets Groovy in Lincoln City, Oregon Coast Summer Kite Festival on June 25 – 26, featuring the sights and sounds of the decade

Remarkable Oregon Coast Curiosity Coming Soon: the Water Jelly An odd little jellyfish called the water jelly (also known as the crystal jelly)

Oregon's Tillamook Coast Has New Rides, Arts Events Two new outdoor-based recreation operations have begun in the region, offering exhilarating rides

Rockaway Beach, Oregon Coast Virtual Tour: Southern Beaches, Shand Ave., Nocturnal Movement A rather hidden beach access at the southern tip; night video

Stonefield Beach: Views, Crazed Storm Damage, Oregon Coast Virtual Tour Stonefield Beach can have some distinctly different vibes and moods, depending on the weather and conditions. Between Yachats and Florence

Oregon Coast Event Examines Debris Boats and Their Invasive Species On Tuesday, May 17, Hatfield researcher John Chapman gives a talk with background information on this phenomenon

Seaside Museum Open House, Ocean Science Talk on N. Oregon Coast An open house and dedication ceremony and a presentation that lets you – literally – go deep inside the ocean

Preview: N. Oregon Coast Events Include Pirates, Reggae, Kites, Dogs Live music, a reggae festival, bike to the coast, festivals that include kites, dogs, pirates and more.

Oregon Coast Holiday Weekend: Kite Fest and Mysterious Shipwreck Rockaway Beach hosts its massive kite festival and a history lecture in Seaside features some intriguing finds

N. Oregon Coast Events: June in Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach Here is a sampling of what you'll find in May and June in these north Oregon coast towns

Raucous Bike Race Draws 100's on Central Oregon Coast Newport hosts the 2016 Coast Hills Classic Mountain Bike Race on May 14

International Migratory Bird Day Celebrated on Central Oregon Coast On Saturday, May 14, much of one central Oregon coast town will be reveling in the celebrations of International Migratory Bird Day

Central Oregon Coast Clamming Event, Guided Bird Hike- An in-depth presentation on clamming and a guided hike to find birds

Casting Call This Weekend in Oregon Coast Town; Crabbing, Clamming Workshops This weekend begins a casting call for video productions, and when summer comes you can really dig in to some delicious outdoor activities

Tall Ships Dock on Central Oregon Coast in May They are the tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, and these authentic examples of floating history are currently in Coos Bay and will soon be in Newport

Remnants of Halley's Comet Over Oregon, the Coast This Month Oregon, Portland and the coastline will see the spectacle known as the Eta Aquarids

New Music Fest for Oregon Coast; More Canine Fun Fest One is a new music festival near Newport, while another in Pacific City gives new meaning to the dog days of summer

N. Oregon Coast Razor Clamming Workshops, Ocean Talk Razor clamming workshops and a talk on marine reserves are on the menu for the north Oregon coast in the coming weeks

Mother's Day Highlights on Oregon Coast Include Trains, Food, Glass Floats Food, antiques, tours and even an audition for the Survivor TV show are just some of the possibilities

The Creatures of Spring on Oregon Coast: Birds, Baby Whales, More A lot happening with migrating birds, whales and their newborn, and maybe more purple jellyfish

Four Frightening Stories of Fire, Volcanoes from Oregon Coast -The really wild stuff happened millions of years ago and comprises much of the coastal landscape today

Oregon Coast in the 70's; Valley, Portland in the 80's Over Weekend More way above average temperatures are coming to inland Oregon, the coast and to the Portland area this weekend

Ten Intriguing Things You Didn't Know About Lincoln City, Oregon Coast A hidden bay, secret parks, stunning geology and historical attractions are just a part of this little journey of discovery

Adorable Seal Pups Again on Oregon Coast - But Officials Have Warnings Trying to help them could actually kill them, warn officials

Oregon Coast's Glass Floats Get Ready for Farewell - for Now The final 2015-2016 Finders Keepers float drop is coming up, to be be held on Memorial Day, May 30.

Oregon Coast Lodging News: Yachats' Silver Surf Gets Major Reboot Not only remodels and redo's but adding a host of fun aspects for guests

The Staggering Beauty of an 'Ocean Burp' on Oregon Coast Gobs of stuff from the ocean washed up, creating a large patchwork of dark areas and little treasures

Oregon Coast This Weekend: Wine-Crab Fest, Free National Park, Documentary Eye-opening documentary screening in Newport on ocean noise, Astoria's Crab, Seafood and Wine Festival and free admission to Oregon coast's only national park.

N. Oregon Coast's Cannon Beach to Get Yet Another Microbrewery, Eatery Latest on the list: the former Lumberyard Rotisserie and Grill will become Public Coast Brewing sometime this summer.

Three Major Festivals You've Never Heard of on Oregon Coast: Music, Wacky History Three one of a kind festivals really kick out the jams on two very distant parts of the Oregon coast this month

Clamming, Crabbing and Poetry Collide at Central Oregon Coast Venue A major poet and not only lectures on crabbing and clamming but field trips as well.

Oregon Coast Near 80 This Week; Portland Close to 90 Portland approaches the 90's this week and even the coast will stretch into the 70's and maybe 80's

April Planets, Meteor Shower; Star Parties in Oregon Coast Range, Gorge Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, the Lyrids, Mercury

Oregon Coast Earth Day Celebrations: Glass Floats, Bird Walk, Films, Hike Celebrations big and small, often outdoors, take place in Cannon Beach, Newport, Lincoln City and the Manzanita area

Storm Waves on Oregon Coast Tomorrow then Sunny Weekend Then, given the run of good weather and lower, calmer tides, you'll have perfect conditions to look for the beach treasures.

Big Plant Sale Event Returns to N. Oregon Coast's Manzanita April 30 brings the 2016 annual plant sale to the cozy hamlet of Manzanita and Alder Creek Farm

Rare Dolphin Stranding Near Oregon Coast: Seen Once in Two Decades The five-foot-long dolphin was found stranded in Seaview, Washington

Seaside, Oregon Coast Revelations: Ten Fun Facts You Did Not Know Ancient ruin-like structures, odd objects, serious secrets about the beach, wild elements of nature, surprising science and some unique history

Central Oregon Coast Wild Mood Swings on Video Some of the most spectacular involved video, where you could catch the general feel of a scene

N. Oregon Coast Earth Day Hike to Devil's Cauldron, Short Sands Experience one of the more breathtaking spots on the entire Oregon coast with a guided hike around Short Sands Beach and Devil's Cauldron

Central Oregon Coast Fish Taco Fest a Culinary Face-Off A fiesta awaits those heading to the central Oregon coast this month, as April 30 brings the 8th Annual Fish Taco Cook-Off

Portland, Oregon Coast at Sunny, Record Temps This Week The Oregon coast will get close to breaking April records with highs up to the mid 70's

Marine Science Day This Weekend at Central Oregon Coast's Hatfield Hatfield Marine Science Center opens its doors to a behind-the-scenes look at its inner workings this Saturday, April 9

Forgotten Oregon Coast History: Natatoriums of Seaside, Cannon Beach From about 1910 until the 30's, these were the meeting places and hotspots for fun along much of the coastline

Birding and Blues Fest on N. Oregon Coast Takes Flight April 29 Pacific City Birding and Blues Festival on April 29 through May 1.

Lineup Set for N. Oregon Coast's Cannon Beach Sandcastle Fest Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest, to be held on Saturday, June 11.

Music and Awesomeness This Month at Central Oregon Coast's Cultural Center Gobs of goodies are in store - musically - with a bevy of awesome events at the Lincoln City Cultural Center.

N. Oregon Coast Literary Event Brings in Famed Authors A hefty helping of best selling and award winning authors will gather in Cannon Beach on April 8-10

Three Amazing Oregon Coast Spots Locals Don't Want You to Know Some of the best of these beaches lurk almost in plain sight, but for one reason or another they're not heavily traveled

Quite the Run of Sun and Fun Through Weekend for Oregon Coast, Portland: in the 70's Portland will be in the 70's for the next few days and the Oregon coast will reach those numbers at times as well

Oregon Coast Lodging News: Harbor Lights Inn now Depoe Bay Inn One of the central Oregon coast's favorite little BnB hidden secrets has made a few big changes, and more are coming

Oregon Coast Beach Cleanup Finds the Odd, Spooky and Amusing 5,000 volunteers pulling some 90,000 pounds of litter and marine debris from Oregon coast beaches

Oregon Coast Bird Event Involves the Whole Planet; Seaside Nature Event A bird counting event that now includes anyone around the world and a look at the boggy areas of Gearhart.

Oregon Coast Whales' Surprise Numbers Through Spring, Summer, w/ Babies What you don't know about whales in April and May, and even summer, will surprise you.

Central Oregon Coast in April: Whale Documentary, New Park Lincoln City acquires a new park an important film about humankind's effects on whales shows in Newport

Still Time for Central Oregon Coast Glass Float Drop of 300 There are still four more days left of glass float inundation and hunting in Lincoln City

Oregon Coast Spring Break Top Ten: the Good, the Rad and the Unbelievable Unusually photogenic clouds, things that glow, wild nature, kids attractions and even the wackier bar scene for grownups

N. Oregon Coast Music This Month: Famed Jazz, Old Time Blues Plenty of music in the Manzanita and Cannon Beach area this month

New License Rules for Central Oregon Coast Vacation Rental Lodgings Examined The central Oregon coast towns of Lincoln City, Newport, Yachats and Depoe Bay are looking to clamp down on unruly renters

Central Oregon Coast Town Reverberates with Edith Piaf Tribute The sultry, charismatic sound of Siri Vik and her popular tribute to Edith Piaf, “La Vie En Rouge.”

Upside Down Forest Hits Oregon Coast Beaches; Whales, Tide Pools Whales, lots of whales, tide pool discoveries and lots of interesting critters washing up on the beaches

Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln City: Weekend Photo Hike; Kite Fest Theme learn how to take stunning pictures this weekend with some photo workshops – and the city's kite festival has decided upon a theme

Wacky Science of Three North Oregon Coast Spring Break Hotspots There's something remarkable lurking beneath their more touristy surfaces

Spring and Spring Break Preview on Central Oregon Coast: Newport, Depoe Bay This part of the central Oregon coast simply comes alive during spring break

An Oregon Coast Wonder You Don't Know: Depoe Bay's North Point Dazzling and dizzying are the delights of one amazing central Oregon coast that's a bit of a secret

Vernal Equinox, First Day of Spring Saturday: What it Means for Oregon, the Coast Spring is not only in the air, it officially arrives this Saturday, March 19

Five Years After Tsunami: Eyes on Oregon Coast Still Needed It is time again to visit the sands and look for objects of interest to scientists

Portland, Oregon Coast Get a Gift from Weatherman: Sunny Later in Week The NWS has quite the gift for Oregon and the coast later this week: sunny skies and spring-like temps

UPDATE: High Winds and Warnings Sunday on Oregon Coast, Seas 30 ft The NWS is predicting waves as high as 30 feet and gusts up to 70

The Other Mystery Creature Washing Up on Oregon Coast: Gooseneck Barnacles Those weird little purple velella velella creatures aren't the only oddity being found on Oregon's beaches right now

Has Oregon Coast Dodged the Bullet on Invasive Species? So far, over 200 species of sea creatures have been discovered

Oregon Coast Storm Aftermath: Peak Gusts, Fatality, Video, Pics Downed trees, gusts as high as 92 mph, power problems, and tragically, even one death

Oregon Coast Raucous Roundup: Highest Gusts, Video, Photos Winds howled as high as 90 mph, power went out, trees blocked major roadways

Oregon Coast Storm Warnings Expand: Flood, High Surf, Hurricane Winds Offshore - higher wind gusts this afternoon, up to 85 mph, while high surf advisories and coastal flood advisories are in effect

Big Near-Spring Storm on Oregon Coast: Gusts 75, Waves 25 High wind warning from 1 p.m. Wednesday through 2 a.m. that morning, and some big, gnarly waves will be battering the beaches

Central Oregon Coast's Nye Beach Murder Fest This Weekend March brings the Nye Beach Murder Mystery to Newport, where over 100 gather to participate in this unique, interactive festival

Scientists Find New Ghost-like Creature Deep in Pacific A seriously striking creature was discovered by NOAA scientists, apparently a new, undocumented species of octpod

Weird Little Purple Critter Returns to Oregon Coast, by the Millions Velella velella have showed up again, definitely earlier than usual, and now in enormous numbers.

Oregon Coast Officials Hold Meeting About Cape Kiwanda Deaths Despite fencing and prominent signage about the dangers, seven people have died there by ignoring those signs

Asteroid Flyby, Planets, Minus Tides: Look Up, Down on Oregon Coast An asteroid with a possibly spooky future makes a close run, some bright planets make a show, and a few nice minus tides

Haunting History of Native Shell Middens on Oregon Coast: Ghosts in the Roads Sometimes, ancient history of the Oregon coast is staring right at you along Highway 101, in surprising ways

Oregon Coast Storm Packs High Winds, Huge Waves Friday, Weekend The entire Oregon coast is under a high wind watch for Friday afternoon, and some massive waves are coming in

New Internet Hoax About Impending Oregon Coast Quake Goes Viral how to arm yourself against getting fooled by such hoax sites, and the damage these could do to real warnings that may be issued.

Oregon Coast Scientists' Discovery: Mariana Trench is Noisy They eavesdropped on the famed Mariana Trench, discovering a cacophony of noises down seven miles

Three Stunning Oregon Coast Places of Action-Packed Promise Cannon Beach's Indian Beach, Cape Foulweather near Depoe Bay and monster vantage points near Florence

UPDATE: Oregon Coast High Wind Warning Extended to Midnight Tonight The north and central Oregon coast are under a high wind warning right now, in effect through Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Beauty of Oregon Coast Connected to When Beaches Were Roads As you zip along the Oregon coast scenic highway, you're looking at the old coastal highway

Unique N. Oregon Coast Events 200 Years in the Making Involve Lewis n' Clark A fun run in the name of the Corps of Discovery and a look at Dismal Nitch

Herring, Whale Sightings Up Along Oregon Coast An abundance of herring is not only good for fishing, but whale sightings are starting to spike

Photos of Oregon Coast Ghost Forest Stumps: Where Else to Find Them You'll find them near Cannon Beach, Pacific City, Oceanside, Seal Rock, Yachats and a lot in the Newport area

Sonic Boom Rattles N. Oregon Coast Residents Turned out to be just what many thought: a sonic boom from military aircraft doing exercises in the region

Central Oregon Coast Production of Death by Fatal Murder Begins in March Lincoln City's Theatre West will soon start performances of Death by Fatal Murder, March 3 to 26

Event Explores 6,000 Years of Oregon Coast Trail Oregon author Bonnie Henderson will show up on the north coast on Thursday, March 17

UPDATED: Oregon's Sharing Coast the Conference in Coos Bay in March The public is invited to share in the wealth of information about coastal science and natural history that the conference provides

Scientists Declare Blob Off Oregon Coast Dead, Wettest Winter Ever It's been a weird year for weather in Portland and along the Oregon coast, and the beaches have seem plenty of strange sights

Oregon's Tillamook Coast Spring Preview Full of Big Events Tillamook County is getting ready to fire up the fun in the springtime with a dizzying array of large-scale events

Singing the Winter Blues at Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast Concert The north Oregon coast town of Cannon Beach will be getting the winter blues on February 27

Discover Oregon Coast Sea Stars with Lincoln City Field Trips Led by a local marine ecologist, these clinics are a fun and educational way to learn about rocky tide pools on the Oregon coast

Mystery Solved on Oregon Coast Filament, Fiber-like Finds

Mystery Solved on Oregon Coast Filament, Fiber-like Finds CoastWatch members had been finding them for the last month or so, and were getting increasingly stumped

SOLVE's Oregon Coast Cleanup Calls for Volunteers On Saturday, March 26, scour beaches for wayward litter and debris washed in from winter storms

Three Startling Bits of Oregon Coast History Hiding Just Out of View A hidden shipwreck, a lost ghost town and a paranormal rock

Top Ten Insider's Tips for Winter Fun at N. Oregon Coast's Tillamook Coast the top 10 favorite winter season activities, gathered from locals.

N. Oregon Coast Event Brings Explorer Clark, His Adventures to Life It happens on February 25 at the Seaside Brewing Company as part of its History and Hops sessions

Central Oregon Coast Prepares for Thousands at Seafood Wine Fest The 2016 Newport Seafood & Wine Festival rolls town February 25 through February 28

UPDATED: Oregon Coast Showing Its Underbelly: Ghost Forests, Prehistoric Bedrock Agates, craggy bedrock more than 22 million years old and 4,000-year-old ghost forests.

An Oregon Coast Secret is Out: Depoe Bay Has Tiny New Park There's a new and delightful little viewpoint and park on the central Oregon coast – and it's a secret

Central Oregon Coast Fossil Fest a (Wooly) Mammoth Good Time It's the 15th Annual Fossil Fest at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport on Saturday, February 13

Oregon Coast Headed for Warm Temps Close to 70, Sunny NWS is predicting sunny, dry and in the low 60's, but some are predicting temps closer to 70

Science Pub and Birding Adventures on Oregon Coast Birds in Newport and a Science Pub in Pacific City

High Wind Watch on Oregon Coast Gives Way to Sunny, Warm Wait another 24 hours, however, and you're looking at a run of warm, even balmy weather

Five Things You Don't Know About an Oregon Coast Valentine's Day But there are some interesting tidbits about the region no one tells you about

High Surf Advisory for Oregon Coast Promises Dramatic Show Strong winds off the coast will cause surf to build with the highest waves of 17 to 19 feet expected Wednesday night

Oregon Coast's Newport Seafood Wine Fest Launches Mobile App The app is free and available for download now on the App Store and Google Play Store

Whale Washes Up; Dolphin Finds on N. Oregon Coast Slightly Concerning - Updated, Video Five creatures washing up on the beaches of the Oregon coast all at once isn't exactly commonplace, but it's not regarded as highly unusual or alarming

A Very Alien Oregon Coast Resident: the Basket Star One stunning creature lurking off the waters of the Oregon coast you'll never see: the Basket star. Science

N. Oregon Coast's Rockaway Beach Has a Geologic, Land-Altering Surprise That pair of sea stacks is creating a structure we can't see, and bending the beach around it

Stretch Your Inner Guru on Oregon Coast: Cannon Beach Yoga Festival Yoga practitioners of all levels will gather for a weekend of yoga, meditation workshops and even Bollywood dance

Hubble's Stunning New Images, Finds: Oregon Coast Astronomy Desk New images from NASA's Hubble and other satellite equipment have made for startling new finds and views in deep space in the last month

Oregon Coast High Surf Advisory, Sizable Waves All Week High surf is on the itinerary for the beaches, some bouts of nasty rain and a dose of high winds.

New Octopus and Science/Beer Events on Central Oregon Coast Two big science events are coming in association with Newport's Hatfield Marine Science Center – one that includes beer

Central Oregon Coast Celebrates Scotland with Robert Burns Supper A bit of Scotland and one of its most famous literary figures come alive on Jan 30. Newport events

Surprising Science and Facts of Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast

Fun Facts, Startling Science of Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast One of Oregon's most famous tourism attractions is full of fascinating facts you don't know

Oregon Coast Scientists Worry About Some Gray Whale Populations They say one segment of the gray whale population in the Pacific Ocean is not doing well.

N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Has History of Startling Geological Changes The north Oregon coast family fun centerpiece used to look much different

Sunset Finally Past 5 PM in Oregon, Portland, Coast: Bizarre Sunset Science -The little known secret: sunset is an illusion and there is about seven more minutes of daylight on the coast

Awesome Astronomy: Five Planets Align for Oregon, the Coast This Month A unique alignment of five planets will grace the skies above inland Oregon and the coast from now until February 20

Five Curious Features of the Oregon Coast You Don't Know Oregon coast hosts some slightly mind-bending features hiding in plain sight

N. Oregon Coast Museum Looks at Humans Two Million Years Ago Dr. Cameron M. Smith will make a presentation on human migration going back to distant ancestors of humans

Two Oregon Coast Areas of Insane Romance The entire Oregon coast is one big parade of gooey, lovey-dovey sights and sounds, but two spots may be of particular interest.

Humongous Waves Headed for Oregon Coast, Surf Advisory Hefty breakers more than 20 feet will be knocking things around

Six Magical Nights on Central Oregon Coast Include Glass Floats Spring break becomes especially enchanting during the Festival of Illusions

Big Brewfest and History on N. Oregon Coast - Then More Beer Fort George Brewery on Feb 13 and Seaside Brewing on Jan 28

Bizarre Oregon Coast History: Crazed Chaos of the Shipwreck New Carissa It became another version of Oregon's exploding whale debacle

10 Reasons New Star Trek Series Should Film on Oregon Coast Here's the top ten reasons the new Star Trek needs to check the region out.

Scientists: 2015 Officially Warmest on Record for Oregon, the Coast This year beat the previous warmest on record - 49.9 degrees, set in 1934. 2015 clocked in at 50.4 degrees.

'Krack' Crab in Support of Oregon Coast History Devour some delicious Oregon coast crab in Newport and help preserve local history on Janurary 17

Hot on Oregon Coast: Clamming, Crabbing, Whales, Agates Good news for crabbing and clamming , while whales, birds and agates are the sizzling hot attractions

Deep and Gritty History Come Alive at N. Oregon Coast Events One is on Oregon slavery and the other about Warrenton history

Oregon Coast Officials: Still Plenty of Whales This Month Whale Watch Week may be over, but the peak migration of Gray whales is not

Agates on Oregon Coast Crazy Good; Erosion Changes Beaches Other remarkable changes as well, including shifting streams around, filling beaches with debris, remodeling dunes

Surprising Creatures of N. Oregon Coast's Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach Take a close look at the amazing birds of Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock, with a talk given on January 13

Birding Events on Oregon Coast; New Ocean Fishing Rules Two recent developments will be of interest to the naturalist and the sports fishermen

Oregon Coast Town Mixes Antique Week with 300 Glass Floats Antique Week, an eleven-day antique store sale extravaganza, February 5th through the 15th

Aurora Alert for Portland, Oregon Through NY Eve; Coast Has Better Chance 50 percent chance the Aurora will reach Portland, inland Oregon and the coast.

Storm-Ravaged Parts of N. Oregon Coast Not Only Open But Surging Back Tillamook County roads are freed and the area is full of post-storm treasures.

New Years Delights on Oregon Coast Include Sun, Agates, Shows Bars, day hikes, low sand levels, polar plunges and great weather

100 Special Glass Treasures for New Years on Central Oregon Coast The next Special Glass Drop is Jan 1 through 3, with 100 extra glass art pieces

Central Oregon Coast's Otter Loop Cajoles with Chaos and Calm You could call them the Clandestine Cliffs of Lincoln County

Biggest Oregon Coast Stories of 2015: Storms, Whales, Purple Stuff Red skies, purple creatures and waves, floods, ugly creatures, wild weather

A Delicious Mardi Gras for Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln City 8th Annual Jambalaya Cook-Off at the Culinary Center in Lincoln City on Saturday, January 30

Really Big Surf and Skies for Oregon Coast This Week Stormy waves, agates, a Christmas full moon and beach treasures

High Wind Warnings for Portland, Oregon Coast, Valley Gusts up to 65 mph for Portland and mabye 80 mph for beaches

New Oregon Coast Mysteries, Discoveries at Hug Point Go Back Millions of Years Some are 100 years old, others perhaps a few centuries, while on shocker goes back 15 million years.

Another Round of Oregon Coast King Tides for Christmas It’s your third and final chance in 2015 to catch (and capture) of glimpse of what the effects of rising sea levels will look like on the Oregon coast

Oregon, Coastal Astronomy: Xmas Moon, Meteors, Holiday Asteroid Flyby An asteroid zooms close and a full moon on Christmas; Geminids right now

Update: More Heavy Rain, Flood Threat for Oregon Coast - But Where? Another “atmospheric river” event is swooping in late Wednesday night, causing a flood watch for all of Tillamook, Clatsop and Lincoln counties.

Storm Lashes Second Warm Water Turtle Onto Oregon Coast Beach Yet another Olive Ridley sea turtle was recovered from an Oregon coast beach the second in less than a week

Help Science w Central Oregon Coast Bird Count Volunteer Event January 2 is the day of the Christmas Bird Count, where volunteers are needed to help count birds

Oregon Coast Road, Beach Closures as of Sunday Much of the northern coastline is still a mess after slides, washed out roads, flood damage and extreme dangers because of high surf

End in Sight for Oregon Coast Flooding; More Warnings for Saturday A meteorologist with the National Weather Service (NWS) in Portland, said things are starting look up.

35-Ft Waves for Oregon Coast, More Flooding; Wild Storm Video More flooding and massive breakers; video of extreme storm conditions

Central Oregon Coast's Lincoln City Holds Glowing Beach Parade The inaugural Solstice Lighted Parade on December 21, an illuminated parade on the beach with lanterns, flashlights, glow sticks

Visitors to Oregon Coast Delighted by Sea Lion Behavior Called Rafting The dark bodies of some sort of sea creatures were bundled together in a behavior called rafting

Another Round of High Winds, Floods for Oregon Coast, Portland, Inland Oregon coast is the subject of another high wind warning and flood warning, and inland towns such as Portland are under a flood advisory

Inland Oregon, Portland, Coastal Storms: Flooding, High Winds, Surf Issues Yet another round of storms will battering Oregon, this time with wind warnings and flood watches for Portland and the entire state, while the coast will also get hit with enormous breakers

Two Extraordinary Oregon Coast Details That May Blow Your Mind One sits in the middle of Depoe Bay, and another lurks in a stretch of central Oregon coast already well known for its wild, clandestine sides.

Gnarly Waves, High Wind Warning for Oregon Coast Again Peak gusts up to 70 mph on headlands and beaches are possible, gigantic waves will be smacking the shore

Central Oregon Coast Teeming with Whale Possibilities There are nearly 40 different volunteer staffed locations where you can spot gray whales on the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast, Portland Astronomy: Comet Now Visible in Morning Sky Comet Catalina is now in the morning skies above Oregon, the Portland area and of course the coastline

Update: High Wind Warning and Mammoth Waves, Tides for Oregon Coast 65 mph winds, six-foot tides and 20-foot seas. And cool creatures washing up

Startling Stuff from Deep Sea at Live Oregon Coast Event December 12, the Hatfield in Newport will host a realtime Skype session with the researchers of the R/V Falkor

Three Oregon Coast Insiders Tips: New Sides to Old Beaches Perhaps there's something new you have yet to find about a place you often go to

Oregon Coast Right Now: Surreal Frozen Sand, Whale Sightings Whales, a trippy phenomenon in the sand to look out for, and one big attraction has started its food drive.

Oregon Grammy Nominee Returns to Central Coast w/ Holiday Themes Eugene-based jazz singer and Grammy nominee Halie Loren returns to one of the areas of the state that latched onto her first

5 Craziest Natural Events on Oregon Coast of the Last Decade Five of the biggest curveballs of the last decade that these beaches have dished out.

Oregon Coast Thanksgiving Wonders: Whales, Big Tides, Cheap Gas, Critters Big tides, possibly abundant whales, bundles of birds, elk and low gas prices make a trip to the beaches a no-brainer

Mix of Chill, Snow and Sun for Portland, Oregon Coast over Holiday Week -Freezing temps, some snow and yet lots of sun is in the works for the holiday week for northwest Oregon, the coast and the Portland area

Central Oregon Coast Hikes, Cougars and Kite Fest Theme Contest Lincoln City may get you a free glass float, while Cape Perpetua, near Yachats, is getting you back to nature

World of Haystack Rock Lectures Begin on N. Oregon Coast The famed lecture series from the Haystack Rock Awareness program of the north Oregon coast has already kicked off

The Mysterious Shapes Found at Oregon Coast's Fogarty Beach Something really weird and astounding lurks beneath the sands of Fogarty Beach, near Depoe Bay

Central Oregon Coast Holidays Include Lighthouse, Thousands of Lights preview of what awaits in Newport this December, as the town explodes with celebrations

N. Oregon Coast Holiday Preview: Cannon Beach Rocks the Season opt for a respite from the crowds with a small town holiday experience it calls Haystack Holidays

Live Reindeer, Santa at Festive Central Oregon Coast Tree Lighting Tree Lighting Party and Santa Sale, a weatherproof family celebration set for Friday and Saturday, November 27 and 28

Yachats Winter Celebration a Central Oregon Coast Juggernaut of Cheer December is filled with cheer and light in the little central Oregon coast town

A Howlin' Oregon Coast: High Wind, High Surf Warnings 22-foot waves and gusts up to 60 mph or more for the north coast

Thanksgiving Wknd Brings Over 100 Glass Floats to Oregon Coast Burn off the turkey dinner this Thanksgiving with a special drop over 100 glass art pieces in Lincoln City

Cape Kiwanda's Clandestine Next Door Neighbors, N. Oregon Coast Just north and south of Pacific City, and at the northern, hidden end of Cape Kiwanda, things get really interesting.

Two Oregon Coast Spots That Ooze Mesmerizing History One features remnants of all kinds of wars, while another was known as the “Honeymoon Capitol of the World.”

Oregon Coast Travel Exploits Part 3: of Mists and Mysteries Part three of this wacky and intricate Oregon coast travelogue picks up after a few days of stuffing my face

Best Lodgings for Storm Watching on Oregon Coast

Why This N. Oregon Coast Spot Has So Many Sand Dollars, Brown Waves, Clams One chunk of the north Oregon coast is known for three very unique situations

Gnarly Waves for Oregon Coast, Heavy Rains, Flooding for Portland, Inland Experts say this will be a great weekend for storm watching, and then hitting the beaches on Sunday to find curiosities

Major Battle Brewing for Best Chowder on Oregon Coast The 11th Annual Chowder Cook-Off returns to the Lincoln City Outlets on November 14 and 15

Wacky Places the Oregon Coast Has Shown Up on TV, Movies Mentioned by not filmed in The Fog, Stargate SG1, LOST, X Files, more

Oregon Coast Exploits Amidst Mists and Mysteries, Travelogue Part 2 Part two of this amusing travelogue of experiences and exploits in '07 picks up after a couple of days in the Newport area

Oregon Coast Biz Decor Contest; National Mag Seeks Best of While one is for the Newport area, another may let you help decide things like best destination, best restaurant, etc, in a national publication.

Birding Events; Public Input on New Oregon Coast State Park - Two fun nature events on the central Oregon coast and a new state park coming to the north coast.

Oregon Coast Travelogue: Mists, Mysteries, Culinary Adventures, Part 1

Oregon Coast Fishing Alerts, Finds Now Offered by Text

Oregon Coast Beach Discoveries Include Rare Fish, Jellies, Uglies A host of interesting beasties and objects that storms had brought up onshore

Fishing Updates and Mystery Books in Manzanita, N. Oregon Coast

Good Chance of Aurora Lights for Oregon, Coast, Portland Scientists say a massive geomagnetic storm from the sun is on its way and chances are good to see the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights

Get Ready for Fun Finds on Oregon Coast Beaches as Winter Approaches There's plenty of reason to look not just out to sea but to fix your eyes downward as well.

Oregon Coast Holiday Wreath-making Workshops Think Locally This December, free workshops along the Oregon coast allow you to take home a new skill along with a beautiful, fragrant wreath

Oregon Coast Science: 'Skull' Comet Misses Earth on Halloween, Holiday Astronomy A dead comet that looks like a skull that narrowly misses Earth, and some interesting astronomy in conjunction with Halloween.

Event Looks at What is the State of Oregon Coast? What's happening along Oregon's beaches, from environmental issues to interesting natural phenomenon this past year

Big Wet Change for Oregon, Coastline, Portland This Weekend -NWS in Portland said one to three inches of rain will hit the Oregon coast while somewhat lesser amounts will also put a dampener on Halloween

Rare Planet Trio, Supermoon Tonight for Oregon, Portland, Oregon Coast Another Supermoon happens tonight, and a rare planetary alignment is taking place tomorrow

Practically Paranormal: My Personal Oregon Coast X Files - it was only natural that my work as an editor would result in me collecting paranormal tales about these beaches.

N. Oregon Coast Trivia and Treasure Hunt is of Historical Proportions Back by popular demand, the Cannon Beach third annual trivia contest event returns to the north Oregon coast on Saturday, November 7

Halloween Highlights of the Oregon Coast You're in for a treat, as numerous along the Oregon coast serve up fun for the adults and kiddies

Just N. of Florence Crammed Full of Oregon Coast Wonders Never a dull moment on this part of the central Oregon coast, which is also where the southern half of the coastline begin

Five Funky Facts About Oregon Coast Shipwrecks You Didn't Know - That which crashed on these shores has some tales to tell

NASA Will Examine Oregon Coast, Pacific Ocean More Closely from Space This El Nino is predicted to be the strongest since that of 1997-98, which caused all sorts of meteorological anomalies around the world

King Tides Project on Oregon Coast Needs Your Help Mark your calendar, make sure your camera is in working order, and prepare to visit the coast during 2015’s “King Tide” episodes

Cannon Beach's Stormy Weather Arts Festival Livens Up N. Oregon Coast Cannon Beach hosts the 28th Annual Cannon Beach Stormy Weather Arts Festival on November 6 – 8

Unique Objects Seen in Oregon Coast Skies This Week What science says about a sun dog and other odd lights in the sky

Scientists: Methane Bubbles May Increase Along Washington, Oregon Coasts The researchers found some 168 plumes observed off the Pacific Northwest coastlines within the past decade

Mushroom Fest Takes Over Central Oregon Coast's Yachats Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the 16th Annual Yachats Village Mushroom Festival.

Supermoon, Super Cool Planets Above Oregon Coast, Portland Mercury, Mars and Venus are putting on quite the dance in the morning skies, while another Supermoon comes this way late in the month

Small Heatwave for Portland, Western Oregon, Coastline Highs in the 60's or 70's and lots of sun, with some atmospheric fog thrown in. This is what's in store for Portland, western Oregon and the Oregon coast

Storm Surges Create Fun Finds Along Oregon Coast Beaches This weekend's wild waves and ample winds caused the ocean to cough up a bundle of things

Oregon Coast's Famed Astoria Column Reopens The Astoria Column is open once again as of Saturday, set to receive its usual average of 400,000 some visitors every year.

Three Scintillating Sides of Lincoln City, Central Oregon Coast This pleasant place has a multitude of things to do, see, taste and experience

Officials Issue High Wave Warnings for Oregon Coast This Weekend Huge waves and some big winds are coming to the Oregon coast this Columbus Day holiday weekend,

Small Quake Off Oregon Coast, Depoe Bay; No Tsunami Alert A small earthquake shook the ocean floor about 5:29 p.m. this evening, clocking in at a magnitude 3.9.

Three Central Oregon Coast Beaches Near Yachats Full of Finds, Surprises Along one 20-mile stretch of central Oregon coast, don't be surprised if you're surprised – a lot

A Look at Oregon Coast Marine Debris, King Tides A discussion about marine debris along the Oregon coast and a call for help about documenting king tides.

Central Oregon Coast Birds and Wildlife Events -One is a presentation in Newport on some wildlife we don't see around these parts, and the other is a field trip to look for birds in the Lincoln City area.

Unknown But Astounding on Oregon Coast: Tiny Arch Cape if you're paying attention you'll encounter the lovely little beach interlude known as Arch Cape

Glass Floats Galore Return to Central Oregon Coast, Lincoln City It's another colorful season of their revered event, Finders Keepers

Bright Planets, Meteor Shower in October for Oregon, Coast, Portland Venus, Jupiter, Mars and the Orionid meteor showers in October

Electronica Fest a First for Oregon Coast Six artists and seven hours of live looping at the center starting at 5 pm on Sunday, October 18

Parties with Food, Science, Nature and Music on N. OregonCoast The annual Harvest Festival happens on October 3, and a talk about Oregon's forests is on October 8

Oregon Coast in WWII: Lincoln City's Submarine Lookout One historic home in Lincoln City sat perched on the cliffs of the Nelscott district during World War II and kept an eye on the seas

Oregon Coast This Weekend: Red Eclipse, Bright Planets, Whales It's one heck of a show in the skies and on the ocean waters this weekend

Huge Number of Whale Sightings on Oregon Coast Now; Rarities Too Whales are in abundance all up and down the Oregon coast, and showing up in some unexpected places.

Oregon Coast Presentations on El Nino, Birds, Marine Debris, the Blob October 1 and 2 present some unique learning opportunities on two parts of the Oregon coast

Scientists: Erosion, Winter Storms Could Worsen Around World, Oregon Coast El Nino and La Nina events may worsen storms and their erosional effects on more continents than just North America

Oregon Coast Razor Clamming Stays Shut Down Indefinitely Normally, razor clamming reopens on October 1 in Clatsop County beaches

Semi-Hidden Sides of Two Oregon Coast Hotspots Busy and abuzz are the two words you can often apply to the north Oregon coast hotspots of Cannon Beach and Seaside. The pair are known as resort towns for a reason

Humpback Whales Linger Close on N. Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach Some new sightings of them cavorting quite close to Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock and Needles.

SOLVE Cleanup: Few Oddities, Cleanest Oregon Coast in Years Over 5,000 dedicated volunteers came out, collecting an estimated 55,000 pounds of trash

Latest Astronomy Finds from Hubble: Early Stars, Beast Galaxy A host of new discoveries is helping us to understand more about the early years after the Big Bang and a new 'beast' of a galaxy.

Eugene Winery Expands to Central Oregon Coast Eugene's Noble Estate Vineyard and Winery is opening up a new tasting room this weekend in Newport

N. Oregon Coast Travel Tips: Marvels of Manzanita Area are Many A towering mountain smothered in mystery, miles and miles of immaculate sand and a really long spit

Alternate Reality of Oregon Coast Beaches After Dark You'd be surprised what you can see in the dark of an Oregon coast beach

Seven Wowing Wonders of Oregon Coast's Oceanside There is so much more than meets the eye of this puny place, and in fact you could not explore all of it in one day

Colossal Kite Festival on Central Oregon Coast a Star-Spangled Affair The 37th Annual Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival is coming up on October 10 and 11, from 10am to 4pm.

Eclipse, Reddish Super Moon Above Portland, Oregon, the Coast A Super Moon (which also brings a super red and orange moon), a lunar eclipse, and the autumnal equinox

Oregon Coast Storm Unearths An Interesting Critter Weird little critters called burrowing sea cucumbers (Leptosynapta clarki) were suddenly found in abundance along the north Oregon coast

Free Kayak Tours of N. Oregon Coast's Netarts Bay Look for two free kayak boat tours of Netarts Bay on Saturday, September 19

Shark May Pose Problem to Surfers on N. Oregon Coast The general public is in no danger while wading in the breakers, but surfers are cautioned

What You Don't Know About Oregon Coast Weather: Second Summer September and early October are actually the warmest time of the year on the Oregon coast, according to scientists and local officials

Marvels of Mushrooms at Central Oregon Coast Cook-Off, Oct. 3 That day, prepare your palate for the 7th Annual Wild Mushroom Cook-Off, held at Lincoln City's Culinary Center

SOLVE's Oregon Coast Beach Cleanup Coming September 19 SOLVE is looking more volunteers for this event, looking to clean up Oregon's waterways and take care of its parks, neighborhoods, and natural areas

Stuck for the Holiday Weekend? Where to Day Trip on Oregon Coast With the Oregon coast on your mind, you can have your holiday cake and eat it too. At least for the day

Oregon Coast Travel Advice, Warnings for Labor Day Holiday Weekend This holiday weekend has its own set of rules

A Wee Bit of Celtic a Powerful Thing on Central Oregon Coast The powerful Celtic-folk duo Men of Worth returns to the central Oregon coast's Lincoln City Cultural Center stage this month

Storm Set Records for Oregon, Coast; Hottest Summer Ever Mother Nature throws in a wind storm that clearly broke records in Portland and likely the majority of the Oregon coast for August.

Dreamlike Oregon Coast: Surreal Fusions of Sea, Sky and Sand One of the pleasures of this coastline is looking down and for a fleeting moment it feels as if you may actually just walk into the sky.

Oregon Coast Photo Contest Includes Prizes and Free Classes A new photo contest put on by two Oregon groups will allow you to do just that, as well as take some free classes in photo technique

Oregon Coast Mystery of Puzzling Purple Waves Solved It is a jellyfish-like creature called a salp. But there may be a surprise twist as to why there are so many.

Portland, Oregon Coast to Get Drenched; High Wind Watch Much needed rains are about to drench northwest Oregon, including the coast and valley towns like Portland, Salem and Eugene

Purple Waves Puzzle Oregon Coast Scientists, Officials Puzzling purple waves have been hitting the Oregon coast here and there for the last month, and no one seems to know what it is

Humpback Whales Seen Darting Between Boats on N. Oregon Coast Boaters, residents and visitors to Astoria have gotten quite the thrill this last week with rather thrilling sightings of Humpback whales

Central Oregon Coast End-of-Summer Swing Time This popular Oregon coast ensemble will be playing a Big Band Saturday night concert in Lincoln City on Saturday, August 29

Wildfire Smoke Chokes Oregon Coast; Possible Aurora Borealis for Portland All that wildfire smoke has smothered Portland, Salem at the Gorge so badly this weekend even made it to the Oregon coast; northern lights possible

Four Finds of Frenetic Fun on Oregon Coast Where the kid-friendly attractions are abuzz next to beachy havens of calm

The Wild, Weird Phenomenon of Talking Barnacles on Oregon Coast One wacky little surprise that possibly awaits you on the Oregon coast is the wild sound of “talking barnacles.”

Oregon Fire Bans Now Include Coast Beach Fires, Campgrounds Oregon's problem with extreme fire dangers hit home today with fire restrictions that reach all the way to fires on the beaches

Updated: Golfing and Dinner on N. Oregon Coast in September September 2 again brings the Hot Rod Classic Charity Golf Tournament and Auction Dinner to the north Oregon coast town of Gearhart,

Wacky Oregon Coast Obstacle Event Features Pirates and Mud Newport's Buccaneer Rampage Mud Obstacle Race on August 22, held at the Newport Municipal Airport.

Deceptively Sleepy Yachats on Oregon Coast Actually Abuzz Yachats is more dreamy than sleepy, featuring dramatic views in endless abundance.

Three Remarkable Tiny Destinations of the Oregon Coast You could say, with no lack of accuracy, that the delights are in the details along the Oregon coast.

Magical Charm of Two Oregon Coast Beach Burghs Often, the best parts of Oregon coast civility hide in plain sight. And it doesn't always take the beach to blow you away.

Perseid Meteor Showers This Week for Oregon, Portland, Coast A real, true stellar show is in store for Oregon this week as the peak of the Perseid meteor showers happens from now until Friday

Mussel Harvesting Back for Most of Oregon Coast; Health Advisory The majority of the Oregon coast is once again open to harvesting mussels, but a health advisory was issued yesterday for the ocean waters at a popular spot just south of Newport

A New Craze for Oregon Coast: Stand Up Paddling Makes a Splash Basically, you are standing on a giant surfboard and propelling yourself with a paddle through SUP Manzanita

Oregon Coast Funky Factoids: Slowest, Fastest, Lifespans, Sandiest These beaches host a massive array of fun and funky facts that will dazzle and delight

N. Oregon Coast History is Alive with Cannon Beach Tour Join the Tour that Sunset Magazine calls the “best autumn event” in Cannon Beach and support Cannon Beach’s only history museum.

A Beachy Buffet: Surprising Edibles from Oregon Coast Tide Pools There are lots of edible objects from the bays, waters and rocky tide pools of the coast

Eight Amazing Finds Along 120 Miles of Oregon Coast Along the way, the wonders are numerous. It's literally a huge array of memorable moments.

Central Oregon Coast's Wooden Boat Show a Festival of Watery Fun Toledo brings to life its 11th annual Wooden Boat Show on the third weekend of August.

Updated: Scientists Study Why Some Whales Don't Leave Oregon Coast There are some 200 so-called resident whales who linger here (out of the 20,000 in migration)

History Museum Hosts Walk on Famed Oregon Coast Point Tillamook County Historical Society is hosting a walk through Kilchis Point on August 11th at 11 a.m.

Oregon Coast State Park Fire Update; NASA Sees Coast Fires from Space A beach grass fire is torching Fort Stevens State Park; NASA satellite looks at south coast fires

Central Oregon Coast Forested Trails Get New, Artsy Additions The Agnes Creek Open Space near Lincoln City and its forested trails will soon get three new ornate viewing benches

N. Oregon Coast Wetland Preserve Gets a Little Bigger Lower Nehalem Community Trust recently added just over five acres of high priority wetlands to its now 24-acre Sitka Wetlands along the northern edge of the Nehalem Bay

Old School Classic Cars Take Over Central Oregon Coast Lincoln City Cultural Center is hosting its second annual Old School Classic Car Show. August 22 is the date

Oregon Coast's Hatfield Celebrates 50 Years of Cutting Edge Research, Cool Octopus Hatfield Marine Science Center is the real powerhouse of oceanic research and landmark discoveries for the region.

Holistic Health and Psychic Fair on Central Oregon Coast This Weekend 19th Annual Pathways to Transformation Holistic Health, Psychic and Crafts Fair is coming to Yachats on August 1 and 2

Wondrous and Esoteric Moon Moments Above Oregon Coast Some of it is science. Some of it is just pure scenery.

Updated: It Really is a Blue Moon for Oregon, Portland, Coast The moon was already full on July 2, and this month we get a double dose as it happens again on July 31

The Scary Lava Flows of Oregon Coast: Sizzling Northwest History If you're looking for a really scary disaster movie, like the recent San Andreas movie or even the creepy quake scares, then look no further than the Oregon coast

Tour Oregon Coast Oyster Hatcheries, Forests and Agriculture Look at the oysters you so love, as well as learn about how forest and agricultural practices interlink

Oregon Scientists: Reaction to Coastal Quake Scare a Tad Much The article caught fire on the internet and created a viral monster, but cooler heads should prevail

Five Goofiest Legends of the Oregon Coast Get ready for an amusing ride through Oregon history: Cannon Beach, Newport, Seal Rock, Lincoln City

Next Oregon Coast Science Workshop in Depoe Bay Held August 1 through August 3, it provides three full days of instruction about Oregon’s coastal ecosystems

Updated: Oregon Astronomy: Coast Range Star Party, Meteors, Planets Shooting stars, the rings of Saturn, more planetary fun and a lunar viewing party

Learn How to Buy Seafood Straight from Oregon Coast Boats A guided tour of the docks at Newport and its fishing boats, where you can purchase or learn about purchasing seafood directly

Oregon Coast History: Storm That Nearly Destroyed a Lighthouse According to the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum, the storm of October 21, 1934 that nearly broke Terrible Tilly

Time Travel to Lewis n Clark on N. Oregon Coast with Interactive Event- August 15 brings some of Lewis and Clark to life on the beach at Seaside, with the Saltmakers Return event.

Updated: Heatwave for Portland to Bring 80's to Oregon Coast A brief but sizable heatwave is about to hit the Portland area, with highs in the 90's; warm on the beaches

Central Oregon Coast Fish Predators Meet the Arts Two ways to immerse yourself in the culture of the Oregon coast and nature are happening in Newport soon

Oregon Coast's Hatfield Marine Science Center to Expand The new building will conduct research on marine-related issues, from rising sea levels and ocean acidification to sustainable fisheries and economic stability

Updated: 8 Insane Finds at Yachats, Central Oregon Coast No One Tells You About It's a section of Oregon coast full of wild finds, slightly hidden, but often jaw-dropping

Shorebird Festival Returns to Southern Oregon Coast in September Tens of thousands of shorebirds migrate along the Oregon coast in the fall, using beaches and estuaries as stopover habitat

Updated: Central Oregon Coast's Amazing Race Also a Big Puzzle July 25 is the date for a cool and quirky sporting event on the central Oregon coast, as Newport hosts its fifth annual Amazing Race

Updated: Two Sides of an Oregon Coast Bay: Mountains and Sands of Manzanita, Rockaway Flanking the sprawling Nehalem Bay sit two impressive wonders of the Oregon coast: Manzanita and Rockaway Beach

Updated: Newport, Oregon Coast Complete Guide: Every Beach Access, Attraction Newport Oregon Coast complete guide to all beaches, attractions; lighthouses, jetties, Nye Beach, Bayfront

Oregon Coast Fun Facts: Oceanside's Mysteries and Histories Oceanside, on the north Oregon coast, almost at the very northern tip of the Three Capes Tour, has so much more than meets the eye

Central Oregon Coast Town Gets Whimsical with Sandcastle Fest Every Oregon coast town needs its sandcastle festival, and August 8 will do just that for Lincoln City

Scintillating Sands of Oregon Coast: Waldport to Yachats Just before the central Oregon coast turns from sandy stretches to basalt ledges and high, soaring cliffs

Updated: Officials: Now is Great Time for Oregon Coast Fishing, Crabbing Yet another reason to head to the Oregon coast is ocean salmon fishing and crabbing

Odd Little Jellyfish Hitting Oregon Coast Indeed, Aequorea victoria are all over the Oregon coast right now.

Yachats Music Festival Fills Oregon Coast with Classical This Weekend A host of classical musicians and singers will descend on the central Oregon coast with the 36th Yachats Music Festival

Oregon Coast Science: How Tides Work, How They Push Moon Away The answer goes deeper than you'd imagine and farther out into space, too

Aurora Lights and Blue Moon for Inland Oregon, Portland, Coast; Video Two blue moons this month and the distinct possibility of northern lights visible this far south

Scientists Need Public Help To Study Oregon Coast's 'The Blob,' Climate Scientists from Corvallis are looking for some help from the public to study what's known as “the blob” off the U.S. West Coast

Updated: N. Oregon Coast Adventures Offered: Trails, Canoes, Survival Camp From Seaside up to Warrenton, two groups are offering guided canoe and hiking trips, and camps for youth that involve nature and survival

Updated: Unique Convergence of Venus, Jupiter for Oregon, Coastline Our distant planetary neighbors, Jupiter and Venus, will be practically hand-in-hand in the west

You'll Never Believe What the Oregon Coast Did Last Night Green flash at sunset, some impressive colors, a sudden fog bank, tidal surprises and glowing sand

Officials: Stop 'Fawn-Napping' from Oregon's Inland, Coastal Forests Do not pick up fawns, or elk calves, baby seals, cougar or bobcat kittens, bear cubs, fledgling birds, or other young wildlife

Conditions Cancel Mega Flag Kite on Oregon Coast; Rest of Festival Continues conditions have caused the cancellation of one big kiting event on the Oregon coast today, but the rest of Kite Festival in Lincoln City continues

Excessive Heat and Fire Watch for Oregon, Portland, Coast Range NWS has issued an excessive heat watch for Portland, the I-5 corridor, southern Washington and the Oregon coast range

Updated: New Octopus at N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Aquarium It's currently on display in the Seaside Aquarium, along with three other much larger octopuses.

Northern Lights, Other Stellar Surprises Above Portland, Oregon, Coast Planets, northern lights and late sunsets, oh my. This is what's in store for Portland, inland Oregon and the coast.

N. Oregon Coast Pirate Festival Sets Sail This Weekend This week, Friday through Sunday brings large bands of pirates to the north Oregon coast, to plunder and pillage by cutting a swath of fun

Hideous Heatwave Coming for Oregon; Coast in 70's Midweek By Sunday, the inland region is looking at around 100, perhaps as long as ten days afterwards

Free Classical Quartet Concerts Fill the Air on Central Oregon Coast Hit the cool beaches of the central coast and turn up the heat on culture, with a series of classical string quartet concerts

Entertainment and Arts Abounds on N. Oregon Coast in Manzanita The Hoffman Center for the Arts in Manzanita has a lot going on to entertain locals and visitors alike through the end of the month

Oregon Coast Father's Day Weekend: Events, Adventures Events abound around the beach towns, and some awesome activities await the whole family, whatever the ages.

Oregon Coast's Weird Singing Sands: Cannon Beach and Elsewhere, Video Includes video: The weird, wacky phenomenon of 'singing sands' is a very rare find indeed around the world, but especially along the Oregon coast

Two Oregon Coast Towns Pack Wallop for the Fourth A huge array of events are happening in both Lincoln City and Newport

Bad News for Oregon Coast Razor Clamming: Likely Not Open in Summer ODFW has announced clamming will remain closed due to high domoic acid levels in razor clams

Dig Deeper Into Oregon Coast with Summer Science Workshops CoastWatch is offering three-day plunges into coastal science, led by ecologist Stewart Schultz

Four Oregon Coast Spots You Won't Believe Exist Places with surreal grandeur and wild, dramatic beauty that is completely new to the eyes. Travel tips

Planets' Remarkable Dance Above Portland, Oregon Coast Range; Star Parties The skies above Oregon, Portland and even the coast will soon be filled with a fascinating conjunction of two planets

Pelican Brewers Expands to N Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach Oregon's famed Pelican Brewery out of Pacific City is getting ready to expand to Cannon Beach

Secret Garden of Oregon Coast; Otter Rock 'n Roll Surfing A secret garden tour of the central Oregon coast and a famed surfing contest for youth are on tap for late June

Updated: Doggy Fest and Bird Trips on Oregon Coast June presents the wildly popular Mutt Masters Dog Show and Olympics in Lincoln City and two birding events in Newport.

Attn Coast Shutterbugs: Oregon Holds Photo Contest ODFW wants to showcase your fishing, hunting, crabbing, clamming and wildlife viewing photos

New Tech Deployed Off Oregon Coast to Study Climate, Dead Zones The cutting edge piece technology will study climate change, dead zones, earthquakes and many more aspects of the ocean.

Ultimate Guide to Oregon Coast Fourth of July, Independence Day Food, fireworks, music, entertainment, games, parades and even events for dogs

Pioneering Geologist from 1870's Celebrated on Oregon Coast Famed geologist Thomas Condon, a resident of the Columbia Gorge who taught about rocks and fossils in Nye Beach

Like Oregon Coast Seabirds? There's an App for That Now, you can get all you need to know about Oregon coast birds in an app; celebration in Newport, June 21

Scientists Worry About Tsunami Preparedness Along Oregon, Washington Coasts A study says many coastal areas along the Pacific Northwest are still insufficiently prepared for the big tsunami

Updated: Heatwave Warnings, Portland in the 90's, Oregon Coast in 70's Some serious summer is on the way, with a nasty heatwave for Portland and some tropical conditions for the often chilly Oregon coast

Updated: Recent Global Climate Discoveries Made by Oregon Coast Scientists Oregon-based scientists with connections to the Hatfield Marine Science Center recently published research revealing more about the global climate

Catch Your Own Crab or Clam Dinner on Central Oregon Coast with Clinics The free Crabbing and Clamming Clinics have returned to the central Oregon coast town

7 Small Quakes off Oregon Coast; Tsunami Survival Tips Five shallow earthquakes caused a bit of shake, rattle and roll beneath the waves off the Oregon coast in the last 24 hours

Pacific Trombone Quartet to Dazzle Central Oregon Coast This Weekend On Saturday, June 6, the center brings the Pacific Trombone Quartet to town, with a varied and unusual program

What is That Translucent Thing on Oregon Coast Beaches? Surprising Science Some see-through surprises may delight you, in the form of two wacky kinds of almost-jellyfish

Crazed Oregon Coast Travelogue Part 2: Funky Finds, Weird Rocks Part two if a rather wacky travelogue from back in April of 2007, chronicling the wild adventures and fascinating sightsbb

Remnants of WWII on Oregon Coast You Can Visit Ever wondered what remnants of World War 2 still exist along the Oregon coast? What artifacts you could look at?

Crazed Oregon Coast Travelogue: Week of Whales, Wonders, Part 1 Beaches, culinary delights, the cleanup, cute dogs, whales, weird rocks and kooky pranks

Updated: Somewhat Rare Dolphin Stranding near Oregon Coast

Infrequent Find Near Oregon Coast: Dolphin Stranding What they found was a deceased Pacific White-Sided Dolphin, a slightly rare find as these don't show up often along the Oregon or Washington coasts.

Updated: Oregon Coast Sea Stacks: Basalt Guardians for Millions of Years Looming, intimidating, beautiful and ancient: they are the sea stacks, and they have another side

Updated: Oregon, Coast, Portland Astronomy: Space Station, Planets Venus, a decent helping of Mercury, an incredible pairing of Venus and Jupiter and the ISS

Monster Kite Festival on Central Oregon Coast Gets Even Bigger See the "Mega Flag," a soaring American flag that is also the largest kite in the world, on the beach in Lincoln City on Friday, June 26

A Safer Oregon Coast: Big Yellow Signs Assist Responders The entire 360-mile length of Oregon's beaches has bright yellow signs that will assist first responders in case of an emergency.

All of Oregon Coast Closed to Razor Clamming, Some Mussel Shutdowns All of Oregon's 364 miles of coastline were closed to recreational harvesting of razor clams

Oregon Astronomy: Startling Hubble Finds Include Odd Star Some millions and millions of light years away from the Oregon coast, scientists are seeing some new amazing things in the universe

Four Awesome Oregon Coast Areas to Hide from Crowded Madness But how to hide from the hordes on the Oregon coast during such times?

Oregon, Coastal Travel Advice: Gas Prices Up for Holiday Weekend The good news: they are still the lowest for the Memorial Day holiday weekend since 2010

One of the Largest Races in Oregon Happens May 30, Central Coast 16th annual Newport Marathon and Half Marathon, happening May 30 in Newport

Updated: Orcas, Their Babies on Oregon Coast, Caught on Video - More Killer Whales caught on camera, this time in the rover at Florence

Odd Oregon Coast History: Lincoln City's Citizen Sea Lion The big barking beast brought thousands to the tiny Oregon coast hamlet

Memorial Weekend Highlights, Oregon Coast Travel Tricks, Advice Beware of certain traffic issues, speed traps, lodging prices, how to dress for vacation success – and even a roundup of event highlights

Museum Gets Deep into Oregon Coast WWII History with Lecture Series More fascinating insights to World War II life on the Oregon coast is coming to Cannon Beach

Incredible Close Encounter with Orcas on Central Oregon Coast An incredible Oraca experience that was not only documented in deep detail, but this little pod had two babies with them

Three Bizarre Oregon Coast Encounters: Sea Lion, Squid, Slamming Whale A whale landed on a boat, a sea lion scared people on a dark beach, a large squid vs. a boat

UPDATE: Above Pacific Northwest, Oregon, the Coast: Planets, Possible Northern Lights Look to the skies in May in the Pacific Northwest, especially later tonight

Oregon Coast Otherworldly Auto Tour: Cannon Beach to Manzanita About 15 miles and about a dozen bends of winding startlers along stunning cliffs that enter a lush, forest canopy

Oregon Coast Aquarium Looks to Future, Honors Past On May 7, the staff, board and supporters of the nonprofit paused to recognize the Aquarium’s own stewards

Just Two More Weeks of Glass Float Drops on Central Oregon Coast Finders Keepers glass float ball drops are coming to an end on Memorial Day weekend

Take in Literature and a Theater Show on N. Oregon Coast This month is a good one for the fine arts on the north Oregon coast. Look for a stellar theater production in Cannon Beach and a reading by a famous author in Manzanita.

Oregon Coast Photo Contest and Classes Show your love of Cape Falcon by Manzanita and other marine reserves and maybe win some prizes

Seismic 'Time Bombs' Around Earth Predicted by Oregon Coast Scientist A geologist from the Oregon coast has made some landmark discoveries and predictions about earthquakes around the world

Obama Portland Visit Will Impact Highways to Oregon Coast These will spill out into traffic heading to and from the Oregon coast at least a little on Thursday and Friday

Meteor Showers A Maybe for Oregon; New, Most Distant Galaxy Found Look for the Eta Aquarid meteor shower right about now[ astronomers have discovered a galaxy almost as old as the universe

Central Oregon Coast Bird Opps Include Field Trip, Bird Count Are there not enough coastal birds in your life? Three events in Newport and Yachats will fill that need in May

Fab Auto Tours of Central Oregon Coast: Scenery That Drives You Wild

West Coast Science News: Galactic Distance Record Set, Oregon Meteors

Two Central Oregon Coast Drives of Intense Beauty, Soaring Sights - Two such amazing tours sit side by side between Yachats and Florence, provide inspirational views and stunning sights left and right.

Major Kite Fest Sets June Dates on Central Oregon Coast June 27 and 28 the 31st Annual Summer Kite Festival descends upon the D-River Wayside in Lincoln City

Summer Brings Wild, Rugged and Hybrid Sports to Oregon Coast From hiking to hybrid water sports of a rather unusual nature, to the usual surfing

Update: Famed Tall Ships Dock at Oregon Coast Towns; Tours, Rides The tall ships are back on the Oregon coast, slowly making their rounds from Coos Bay, to Newport and then to Astoria

Oregon Coast Celebrates International Migratory Bird Day This Week On Saturday, May 9, Lincoln County will celebrate “Restore Habitat, Restore Birds” as part of International Migratory Bird Day.

N. Oregon Coast Swings with Sounds of Parisian Gypsy Jazz A hefty dose of jazz comes to the north Oregon coast on May 23 with the Portland group Stumptown Swing taking over the Pine Grove Community House with a special concert.

Central Oregon Coast Talks and Trips for Fossils, Crabs, Clams, Agates A group of experts and speakers that cover a range of subjects, from local history, science to even field trips

Manzanita Talk Covers Geology of N. Oregon Coast Rivers On May 14, you can get a fascinating glimpse into the geologic interactions between the shoreline and north Oregon coast rivers

New Undersea Volcano Eruptions Possible Off Oregon Coast Scientists picked up a swarm of quakes where thousands of tiny events shook the Axial Seamount

Will Oregon, Portland or the Coast See Crashing Russian Rocket? Russian officials have officially given up on regaining control of the Progress 59 supply rocket that failed to dock at the ISS

Oregon Coast Aquarium Puts on Fun Run, Native Plants Awareness

Oregon Coast World War 2 Exhibit Opens Soon in Cannon Beach Cannon Beach History Center & Museum will open their latest exhibit, WWII on the Oregon Coast on May 22 and 23

More Masses of Purple Sails on Oregon Coast: Sign of Something Else Rare, Too More than meets the eye here, a health warning and something valuable could be found

Oregon Coast Town Celebrates Travel, Tourism Industry with Contest The most inspirational post or tweet will be picked at the end of the week and win a hand-made glass float.

Review: Arcadia Bay, Sci-Fi Filmed on Oregon Coast Released Today An intriqguing indie Sci-Fi flick that was filmed on the Oregon coast is getting released today on Vimeo, a 30-minute short called Arcadia Bay

Birding and Blues Takes Over Pacific City This Weekend on N. Oregon Coast Famed and massive Birding and Blues Festival returns to Pacific City this coming weekend of May 1 to 3

Freshwater Mussel Talk in Newport, Central Oregon Coast The little known world freshwater mussels will be opened up on the central Oregon coast on May 7, as ODFW expert Shelly Miller gives a talk in Newport

Seafood and Cinco de Mayo on Central Oregon Coast May 2 is the day for the massive 7th Annual Fish Taco Cook Off in town, held at the Culinary Center

Oregon Coast's Deadly and Ancient Beauty: Monuments of Fiery Destruction All that really rugged beauty you find on the Oregon coast had its genesis in something frighteningly fiery and cataclysmic, millions and millions of years ago.

Lyrid Meteor Showers Now for West Coast, Oregon They are also known for creating rather unusual surges that can bring as many as 100 shooting stars a minute

Two Unique Oregon Coast Concerts This Week in Lincoln City and Cannon Beach Two intriguing concerts will be in two different sectors of the Oregon coast this week

Powerful Duo Performs This Week in Cannon Beach, N. Oregon Coast Gayle Ritt and Mike Soto return for an encore performance on Friday, April 24

Red Skies in Oregon, the Coast, Come from Russian Wildfires Sunday's intensely red sunset around Oregon – and especially the coast – was the result of wildfires thousands of miles away

Survivor Auditions Held on Central Oregon Coast in May Lincoln City's Chinook Winds Casino Resort and KOIN 6 News are hosting an open Casting Call for Survivor on Sunday, May 17

N. Oregon Coast Readies for 30th Annual Goonies Day Shindig The town where much of it was filmed, Astoria, is celebrating the 30 years with its annual Goonies Day on June 4 through 7

Oregon Coast, Japanese Scientists Need Help Finding Transponders in Tsunami Research The transponders are orange and yellow and are about the size of a 2-liter bottle.

Season of Seal Babies Again on Oregon Coast: Cause for Warnings While cute and cuddly beyond belief, you absolutely have to let these little ones alone.

Oregon Coast Scientists Join with Russians in Whale Migration Discovery The study, which included members of the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, has raised questions about the North Pacific Gray whale's status as an endangered species.

Killer Whales Play and Pose for Pictures Off Central Oregon Coast These kinds of whales are smaller and more shark-like in appearance, hang out in smaller groups, and they come here chasing baby whales and seals and sea lions.

Updated: Spectacular Oregon Coast Orca Visitation Caught on Camera The annual spring visitations by Killer Whales has arrived with some amazing moments

Tsunami Boat Has Oregon Coast Officials on Lookout for Invasive Algae Two kinds of algae, or kelp, were discovered aboard that craft, and both were dropping spores

Twin Oregon Coast Secret Attractions 4,000 Years in the Making They are stumps from trees roughly 4,000 years old, part of a ghost forest that was mysteriously torn apart in the 90s

Purple Jellies Piling Up on Oregon Coast in Huge Numbers The inundation has continued unabated and the little creatures are literally covering all of the Oregon coast.

Cannon Beach Sandcastle Fest Announces Plans for the Oregon Coast Icon The 51st annual Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest is happening June 20 of this year

Portland's OMSI Breaks Ground on Oregon Coast Facility Sunday This Sunday is the groundbreaking ceremony for OMSI’s Coastal Discovery Center (CDC) at Camp Gray in Newport

Officials Tracking Suspected Tsunami Debris Boat off Oregon Coast The object will soon be retrieved, and already has contained some still-living sea life

Killer Whales All Over Oregon Coast, Grays Aplenty Orcas are spotted in various spots while gray whale sightings are up

Central Oregon Coast River Cleanup Needs Your Help The Siletz Watershed Council invites river users and the public to help clean-up the Siletz River on Saturday April 11

Literary Event Takes Over Cannon Beach, N. Oregon Coast, This Weekend A major literary event on the north Oregon coast, as best selling and award winning authors gather in Cannon Beach from April 10-12 for the annual Get Lit at the Beach.

Dozens of Useful Oregon Coast Travel Tools You Didn't Know - a list of places to find just about everything you need for a trip on the upper half of Oregon's shoreline

Oregon Coast Scientist Gives Talk on Alarming Ocean Temperatures and the 'Blob' This month's Speaker Series in Manzanita brings a NOAA scientist on April 9

Weather Improves for Lunar Eclipse Above Portland, Oregon Coast Conditions are opening up a little bit for the Portland area and the Oregon coast, with forecasts calling for partly cloudy

Oregon Coast's Hatfield Science Center Turns 50, Celebrates in April Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport puts its many layers of research on full display on April 11 w/ Marine Science Day; 50th anniversary of the facility

Proof of Alien Life on Oregon Coast, Portland Appears, Then Disappears A massive Tyrannosaurus Rex simply appeared near Front Street in Portland Wednesday afternoon at about the same time a flying saucer craft hovered over Seaside, Manzanita, Arch Cape

Total Lunar Eclipse for Portland, Oregon, the Coast - Brings Religious Holiday Portland, the Oregon coast and much of the rest of the state will get to see it: a total eclipse of the moon on April 4, in the wee hours

Purple Jellyfish and Purple Predators Strand on Oregon Coast

Updated: Purple Creatures Land on Oregon Coast, with Their Predators Hordes of purple jellyfish have been cast up onto the sands along with snails that like to eat them out at sea

Oregon Coast Cleanup Oddities Include Vampire Blood, Mattress, Dock 5,000 volunteers flooded the beaches and yanked some 63,000 pounds of trash off the sands

Weird Travel News: Oregon Coast Beaches That Make Odd Noises, Video One of the more mysterious delights of the Oregon coast is an unknown little wonder called “magic rocks” on some beaches

Time to Play Oregon: Manic Street Preachers, Grimes, Charlelie Couture Let's see if we can't get them to do at least a secret gig on the Oregon coast.

Astronomy Events in Oregon Coast Range, Gorge; More Starry Wonders Coming The end of spring break happens with a cosmic bang of sorts – in the Oregon Coast Rang

Unique, Powerful Pleasures of Cape Kiwanda, on the North Oregon Coast The wonders never cease on top of these golden, weather-sculpted cliffs - the centerpiece to a tiny town that just seems to have exploded in 20 years.

Lots of Sun for Oregon Coast, Portland This Holiday Weekend Record highs are in store for Portland and the beach towns will get especially inviting for the big overlap

Haystack Program Celebrates 30 Years with Exhibit on N. Oregon Coast Cannon Beach History Center and Museum hosts an exhibition that explores local tide pools through the eyes of HRAP’s volunteers

Science Experts: Search Oregon Coast Beaches Now, After Storm, For Odd Finds Weather now makes for finds like sea life, odd objects, weird rocks eve Japanese glass floats

High Wind Warning for Central Oregon Coast, Willamette Valley A high wind warning for the central Oregon coast, mid-Willamette Valley towns

Three Amazing Oregon Coast Hideouts for Spring Break Three beachy spots along the Oregon coast provide plenty of pleasures while hiding out from the rest of the vacationing world

Author Talks About 'Next Tsunami on Oregon Coast' Oregon author Bonnie Henderson arrives on the north Oregon coast in April to give a talk at the Cannon Beach History Center

The Best of Oregon Coast Spring Break Lodgings, Openings Still looking for an idea on where to stay on the Oregon coast for spring break?

Vernal Equinox Astronomy: Spring Science Above Oregon Coast, Portland Spring arrives tomorrow, both in the realm of astronomy and the very real world sense of soaking wet weather on the Oregon coast.

Ten Mind-Blowing Spring Break Stretches of Oregon Coast Up for some adventure this spring vacation? Even the smallest area can yield a hundred delights

Oregon Coast Learning: Eat Your Yard or Become a Naturalist Two unique learning opportunities for just that are now presented by different groups on Oregon's shoreline

Will Oregon, the Coast, Portland See Northern Lights Again? It's difficult to predict how long the northern lights effects will last, or if they will re-occur.

N. Oregon Coast Spring Happenings in Seaside, Astoria, Cannon Beach There's more to the north Oregon coast than just spring break. Astoria, Cannon Beach and Seaside boast a host of happenings

Better Chance of Northern Lights, Green Glow Above Oregon Coast Than Portland It has been a wild and very Irish-themed aurora borealis

Odd Above Oregon, Coast, Portland: Green Aura Still Possible A spectacular green (and red) aurora borealis over Oregon, just in time for St. Patty's Day

Oregon Travel: 5 Coastal Beach Burghs of Cajoling Charm These five amazing beach burghs of the Oregon coast, some of which are just smaller neighborhoods of larger, better-known cities

Extreme Oregon Coast Cuteness: When Adorable Baby Seals Attack Talk about a dream job. Not only are you working on the Oregon coast but you get to hang around little cuties like these

Five Oregon Coast Beach Burghs With Engaging Charm Sometimes, the best of the beach trip comes in smaller packages

Newport's Spring Break is Whale-Sized Oregon Coast Fun Miles of pristine beaches, hiking trails, campgrounds, a bay full of crabbing, special Newport events that not only feature Whale Watch Week but augment it

Portland, Inland Oregon, Coast Get Some Nasty, Wet Weather A major deluge is coming for western Oregon, from the mountains to the valley, to the coast

Big Glass Float Drop to Celebrate 50 Years of Oregon Coast Town Lincoln City is celebrating its 50th birthday in style during the month of March with 50 solid gold colored floats

Rugged Relaxation on Oregon Coast Travel Tips: Hikes, Kayaks and Hybrids Prime season for more rugged means of relaxation, with hiking, kayaking, and of course surfing

Look Back at Oregon Coast Tsunami Scare Four Years Ago Today A look back in remembrance of that day and the big tsunami scares on these beaches reveals a dense and dramatic turn of events

Latest Travel, Science News from Oregon Coast: Seals, Wonders, Sky Objects A quick roundup of the latest Oregon coast travel and science news includes lots about seals, astronomy, geology, wild travel sights, crabbing

One of Oregon Coast's 7 Wonders: Bevy of Beachy Surprises Behind Oceanside Radar Loop Rd.yields a bevy of beachy wonders and often seriously unknown delights

Oregon Coast Cleanup to Draw Thousands to Beaches The SOLVE Spring Beach Cleanup happens then, bringing out thousands to scour the Oregon coast of debris and litter

N. Oregon Coast Museum Filled with Sounds of Irish Stompers Portland’s unique Irish group Stomptowners hits the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum for a concert on Friday, March 27

Oregon Coast Beach Cleanup Needs Volunteers at End of March Saturday, March 28 is the day thousands of Oregonians mobilize across the state, from inland rivers to Oregon coast beaches

Learn About Oregon Coast Marine Reserves at Manzanita Event What does it mean, that there is a marine reserve just offshore between Manzanita and Falcon Cove?

Oregon Coast Officials on Plentiful Crabs, Wildlife, Birds Some kinds of crabs are aplenty, and seal and birds are sure to delight.

Oregon Coast, Portland Astronomy Now: Planets Visible, Glinting Sky Objects Highlights above Oregon, the coast and the Portland area right now. What were those shooting star-like objects?

Oregon, Coast, Portland Weather: More of the Stunningly Sunny Another week and weekend of glorious sun for the Oregon coast, Portland and other parts of the inland

Seven Bizarre Basalt Wonders of the Oregon Coast What is truly wondrous, if you look more carefully, are the bizarre basalts of the Oregon coast.

7 Oregon Coast Wonders of Bizarre Basalt All that freaky and funky geology is particularly driven home by some of the truly astounding formations

Conference in Newport Focuses on Citizen Science of Oregon Coast This year’s Sharing the Coast Conference offers a wealth of information about Oregon coast science and natural history

New Asian 'Tsunami Fish' Causes a Stir with Oregon Coast Scientists The Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport will be the next home for yet another tsunami fish found

Minor Traffic Delays on N. Oregon Coast; Part of 3 Cape Still Closed Two roadwork projects on the north Oregon coast will be causing some delays while part of the Three Capes Loop is still closed

Trivia Contest Returns to North Oregon Coast Back by popular demand is the Cannon Beach History Center & Museum’s trivia contest event on March 14

Latest Pacific City Lodging News, Oceanside, Netarts, Tierra Del Mar Specials, updates from places to stay along the Three Capes Route

Magic Festival Lights Up Central Oregon Coast for Spring Break One part of the central Oregon coast will get truly magical during spring break, with the fourth annual Festival of Illusions-

Full Schedule Released for N. Oregon Coast Wine and Culinary Event The Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival is right around the corner, happening March 12-15

Oregon Coast Scientists Look to Robots That Think Like Fish One recent development from the central Oregon coast is giving rise to semi-autonomous machines under the ocean

Fiery Irish Ensemble Hits Oregon Coast in March With March comes a season of the Celtic, and the luck of the Irish rubs off on Lincoln City on March 7

Clean Up the N. Oregon Coast's Bay and Estuary on March 7 Every two years, residents from the Manzanita/Nehalem Bay area of the north Oregon coast bundle together and attack the bay and its estuary to clean up litter and debris

Weird Weather for Portland, Oregon Coast: Strong Winds but Sunny Some rather odd weather is coming to the Portland area and to the Oregon coast, with fairly windy to heavy windy conditions and yet plenty of sun.

Quake Scare on N. Oregon Coast, Southern Washington, Likely a Sonic Boom About 1:09 p.m. on Wednesday, something shook a wide range of the north Oregon coast and southern Washington shoreline

N. Oregon Coast History Museum Sizzles with Live Music On Friday, February 27, end out the month and the week with singer/songwriter John Baumann and his band Satori Bob

Jambalaya Fest This Weekend on Central Oregon Coast Lincoln City presents the 7th Annual Jambalaya Cook-Off at the Culinary Center this weekend: February 21

Stunningly Sunny Oregon Coast Weather to Continue, Getting Warmer Weather along the beaches has been beyond stellar for the last few days, and the next week looks to be mostly the same.

Four Oregon Coast Places of Wild, Hypnotizing Drama They host especially crazed and chaotic crashing waves, the kind of oceanic fireworks that belie the laws of gravity

Cannon Beach Yoga Festival Soon to Take Over N. Oregon Coast For three days it's the 5th annual Cannon Beach Yoga Festival, taking place March 6 to 8

Photo Hiking Workshops Begin on Central Oregon Coast Capturing those great hiking moments will be a snap after attending a Photo Hike Workshop in Lincoln City

Valentine's Weekend a Sunny Dazzler on Oregon Coast Not only is it a three-day holiday weekend, but it's Valentine's Day on Saturday and mostly sunny

The Romantic Delights of Jazz on the Oregon Coast Lincoln Pops Orchestra will be playing Big Band dance music from 7-10 pm on Saturday, February 14

Fossil Fest Returns to Central Oregon Coast It takes place at Newport's Hatfield Marine Science Center on Saturday, February 21

Help Needed for Final Surge of Oregon Coast King Tides Project There is still a chance for anyone with a camera and a curiosity about the future of the Oregon coast to participate

N. Oregon Coast Looks at Dinosaurs, Helicopters and Ancient Shipwrecks At the very northernmost edge of the Oregon coast, the town of Astoria has some very ancient history to show off

N. Oregon Coast Great Backyard Bird Count a Varied Event Valentine's weekend is for the birds at the former home of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, February 13 to 16

Valentine's Day Event Features Falling in Love with Nature on Oregon Coast Valentine's Day also means falling love with a deeper look into the Oregon coast, as two events that day at the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center

Wild Winds, Waves and Rain for Oregon Coast This Week Gusts of up to 60 mph are possible, torrential rains are likely at one point, and some massive ocean waves

5 Oregon Coast Beaches With Treasures Thousands of Years Old Ghost Forests, so named for their slightly spooky appearance but also for the fact they predate white settlers by perhaps more than 4,000 years

Video: Wild Watery Geyser of Cook's Chasm, Oregon Coast The spouting horn at Cook's Chasm is right at the Lane County and Lincoln County line, a few miles south of Yachats

Talk Gives Deeper Look Into N. Oregon Coast's First People The world of the north coast's first people is the subject of a talk on February 18 in Seaside

Five Planets Make a Show for Oregon, Portland, Coast Plenty of planets are on tap: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and even Comet Lovejoy

Romance of the Rails on Oregon Coast is Subject of Talk The history of local trains is the feature of a lecture at the Cannon Beach History Center & Museum on February 12

Seven Insanely Romantic Oregon Coast Spots You're Not Aware Of To get ahead of the game of love, you may seriously consider a sojourn to the shoreline

Two Facts About Oregon Coast Winter Weather That Will Surprise You Did you know that February can be downright balmy on the beach? Did you know the tideline can be as much as ten degrees warmer than its nearby coastal town?

Jazz at Otter Crest Returns to Central Oregon Coast Jazz at Otter Crest returns on February 15, a day-long event at the Lodge at Otter Crest, just north of Newport

Record Warm Temps Likely for Oregon Coast, Inland This Weekend Sunny and warm temps are predicted to hit over the weekend and stay through much of the week

Five Oregon Coast Beaches You Don't Know About If you're looking for something a bit different on your next Oregon coast visit - or especially some place that's not so crowded - there are answers for you

Oregon Coast Romance, Valentine's Day 2015 - Romantic Spots on the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast This Weekend: Newport Events Include Video Preview A bevy of chocolates, a sneak peak at a tourism promotional video and a celebration of all things Scottish

Your Central Oregon Coast Dinner Could be Murder This Sunday Radioactive! Cold War Murder Runs Hot! is a murder mystery dinner held on January 25 in Lincoln City

Oregon Coast, Oceanside Virtual Tour: Unusual Tide Condtions, Free Access

N. Oregon Coast Program Looks at the Politics of Nature How Oregon and the Oregon coast deals with its natural resources will be the subject of discussion at a special presentation in Tillamook

Central Oregon Coast's Antique Week Features Huge Event Roster From February 7 through 16, Lincoln City hosts its Antique Week with the theme Cheers to 50 Years

Heavy Rains for Oregon, Coast, Portland - Flooding Possible As much as four inches of rain to the Oregon coast and over two inches for Portland

Cape Perpetua's Winter Walks and Talks on Central Oregon Coast Just about every weekend in January features a new guest speaker and a special guided walk as part of its Winter Series

More Help Needed for Oregon Coast King Tides Project If you can get to the Oregon coast with a camera January 19-21, you can play a role in this year’s King Tide project

Comet Viewing Party in Oregon Coast Range, Near Portland OMSI will host a viewing party for Comet Lovejoy on January 17, at Stub Stewart State Park near Vernonia, in the Oregon coast range

Burns Supper Brings Wee Bit of Scotland to Oregon Coast Newport's Celtic Heritage Alliance (CHA) brings the Robert Burns Supper to town with a feast made for kings

Crab Krack Fest on Central Oregon Coast a Helping of History, Cuisine Get ready for a colossal crab fest on the central Oregon coast as Newport holds its seventh annual Crab Krack on Sunday, January 18

Historical Video: Aftermath of Oregon Coast's 2007 Storm On December 2 and 3 of that year, hurricane force winds of over 100 miles per hour and major flooding battered the Oregon coast, leaving scars that still exist to this day

Second Sea Turtle Rescued by Crew from Oregon Coast Yet another sea turtle was found and rescued by the Seaside Aquarium – once again on the southern Washington coast

Comet Lovejoy Begins Brightest Phase for Portland, Oregon Coast The first two weeks of January will be the best viewing opportunities to see Comet Lovejoy as it approaches the earth and sun

South America and Birds at Central Oregon Coast Events A trip to South America's 'Cone' by way of the central Oregon coast and a fun-tastic birding trip are on the agenda in Newport this month

Ancient People of Oregon Coast Center of Rockaway Beach Event A special lecture shows up on January 18 with a bit of time travel to the distant past of these beaches

N. Oregon Coast's Manzanita a Hotbed of Unique Events in January The wintry month of January is no rain-soaked slouch in the tiny north Oregon coast town of Manzanita

Video: Stunning Sights Just S. of Yachats, Central Oregon Coast From Yachats down to Florence sits about 20 miles worth of jaw-dropping hidden spots

A Green New Year's Comet for Oregon, the Coast? Yes Indeed It's quite possible a fuzzy green comet named Comet Lovejoy will become visible to the naked eye over the next few days

Bundles of Wildlife to be Seen on North, Central Oregon Coast Look for egrets, scoters, eagles, sea lions, harbor seals, a good fishing spot and so many birds. Cannon Beach, Oceanside, Florence, Newport, Pacific City

Portland, Inland Oregon and Coast: Mix of Wind, Snow, Freeze Snow in some areas, a run of freezing temps and some heavy winds around the NW part of the state

N. Oregon Coast History Events: Lewis 'n Clark, Tsunami Boat History is literally in your face right now on the north Oregon coast.

New Years Day Special Hikes Include Oregon Coast Ring in 2015 in a scenic way with the First Day Hikes at various Oregon state parks, including several on the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast Whale Watch Kicks Off Saturday Oregon State Parks puts on the Whale Watch Week, where volunteers are posted at dozens of whale watching sites to help you spot the great beasts

Oregon Coast Crew Assists Live Turtle Found in Washington The Olive Ridley turtle suffered from hypothermia but appeared to be in good condition.

Central Oregon Coast Hotspot Celebrates 50 Years with Antique Week It's the big 50 for Lincoln City this year, and the central Oregon coast town will be pulling out the stops for Antique Week

Surf and Flood Warnings for Oregon Coast, Even Portland Heavy rains over the weekend and big swells are causing not just a high surf advisory but a flood watch

New Year's Eve on Oregon Coast, 2014: Funky to Fine Fine dining and a civilized celebration or something a bit on the wilder side where the whiskey flows freely

Winter Solstice Science: How It's Different on Oregon Coast Sunset will be doing some interesting things on Sunday with the shortest day of the year and the official beginning of winter

Oregon and the Coast: Heavy Rains, Flooding Possible Over Weekend Some heavy winds may be hitting the Oregon coast today – on Thursday – but the big story is sizable flooding and gobs of rain this weekend

Central Oregon Coast's Newport Seafood Wine Fest Tickets Now On Sale Newport's Seafood and Wine Festival is in its 38th year now, with the 2015 date coming up: February 19 – 22

Solstice Celebration and Dance in Two Towns on Central Oregon Coast The town of Newport and the sprawling burgh of Lincoln City both hold different events in honor of the big seasonal shift

Jellyfish Talk This Week in Newport, Central Oregon Coast They are the subject of a talk given by Dr. Richard Brodeur on December 18 at the PUD in Newport

Chance of Geminid Meteor Sightings Above Oregon Coast, Portland Tonight If you miss them tonight, however, they will be around until December 18.

Oregon Coast King Tides Project Asks for Photographic Help More of the King Tides Project on the Oregon coast is coming up, and organizers are again asking for your help

Gusts to 90 mph for Oregon Coast; 60 for Portland, Valley Gusts as high as 90 mph are possible on the beaches, but even Portland could get slapped around with gusts around 60 mph

Washington, California, Oregon Coasts to Get Another Wave of Tsunami Debris Scientists say more tsunami debris from the Japanese earthquake of 2011 is likely to hit the shorelines of the western U.S. and Canada soon

Updates on 90 mph Gusts for Oregon Coast; 60 for Portland, Valley Heavy rainfall amounts are in store for Portland, inland Oregon and the coast, but high wind warnings and surf advisories are also now in place

Wind Watch and Heavy Rains for Oregon Coast This Week The high wind watch is in effect through Tuesday evening, with the NWS saying sustained winds of 40 mph and peak gusts around 60 are possible

Disney Production and Music in Cannon Beach, N. Oregon Coast There is almost always something going on at Cannon Beach's Coaster Theatre – just another legendary piece of a legendary town

Odd Astronomy: Curious Colors of the Galaxy as Seen from Oregon Coast Ever wondered if the Milky Way Galaxy looked different in other places around the Earth?

Massive Holiday Celebrations in Tiny Yachats, Central Oregon Coast It is crammed full of holiday celebrations this month, including the local lighthouse, known collectively as the Yachats Winter Celebration

Gas Prices Continue Drop in Oregon, the Coast: Soon Below $3 42 states around the U.S. Currently have average gas prices below $3 a gallon – but Oregon and the coast are not a part of that. Yet.

Central Oregon Coast Lighted Boat Parade This Weekend Newport's scenic Yaquina Bay is the backdrop for the 21st annual Lighted Boat Parade

Video: Dramatic Coast Guard Rescue Off Central Oregon Coast A busy week for the U.S. Coast Guard from the Oregon coast and Washington coast, with two rescues

Latest Reports on Oregon Coast Whales, Clams, Birds ODFW just released a note about the various opportunities for wildlife watching, which includes bundles about birds, whales and clams

Humor Dominates Lincoln City Concert, Central Oregon Coast funny folk singer John Craigie performing there at 7 pm on Saturday, December 6. Lincoln City events

Thanksgiving Travel Weather for Oregon, the Coast, Portland Mostly mild but wet for the weekend; Saturday will be the cold one for almost everywhere in Oregon

Central Oregon Coast Holidays at Museums, Lighthouses There are major holidays events surrounding Newport's lighthouses and another at the history museum

N. Oregon Coast Celebrates Holiday Shopping in a Unique Way This Weekend Shopping for the holidays just got a little more inviting on the north Oregon coast: Cannon Beach events, Seaside events

Contest Held to Select Theme for Central Oregon Coast Kite Fest Progressively working through the alphabet, this year, a new theme must be determined using the letter V

Seagulls Found on Oregon Coast Shot with Darts Someone is hurting seagulls on the central Oregon coast and there are apparently no leads

Hefty Storm Conditions for Oregon Coast on Friday The high wind watch – expected to become a warning later – is in effect from Friday morning through Friday evening

Oregon Coast Officials Call for Volunteers at Whale Migration Oregon tourism officials still need more volunteers to help out during the famed and massive Whale Watch Weeks

Festival of Trees Sets N. Oregon Coast Aglitter Tickets are now on sale for the eleventh Annual Festival of Trees Gala Reception, December 12, at the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum

Recent Finds on Oregon Coast Beaches: a Sundry, Varied Bunch Volunteer organization CoastWatch has dozens of eyes on these sands at any given time

Leonid Meteor Shower Over Oregon, Portland, the Coast Sunday Night Inland Oregon, Portland and the Oregon coast look to be lucky this week for the Leonid meteor showers

Oregon Coast OMSI Facility to Include Large Science Camp Already the science hotspot is working on a marine sciences camp that would serve 5,000 over the course of a year

Holiday Wreath-making on Oregon Coast Via Wildlife Officials Learn how to make holiday wreaths near the beaches, including two sessions near Pacific City and another in Lincoln City

Will it Snow in Portland, Gorge or Oregon Coast? Portland will be tricky Thursday, but ice, wind and blizzard conditions for the Gorge and parts of the coast range

Oregon Inland, Portland Freezes While Coast Remains Warmer More wind and freezing temps are in store for the Portland and inland valley areas, there's a possibility of snow or freezing rain east of Portland, while the Oregon coast will stay in the 40's and 50's.

Quirky Cabaret Fun on Central Oregon Coast with 'You Speak English, Don't You' A bit of Czech-American fusion music and humor November 15 at the Lincoln City Cultural Center

Wild Oregon Weather: Snow Possible, Russian Storm Effects on Coast Snow could come to Portland, Coast Range, the Gorge; how waves could be effected by the big one

Video: Oregon Coast Storm, Sneaker Wave Attack, Spooky Tunnel Experience a wild Oregon coast storm, see a sneaker wave chase someone, explore that mesmerizing tunnel at Oceanside

Oregon Coast Marine Tech Summit Declared a Success Over 100 leaders in the world of marine science and technology gathered on the central Oregon coast last month

Events Dig Deeper Into Oregon Coast Science, History - Plus a Tour How to survive extreme cold, what happens lots when of anchovies hit the beaches and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Hatfield Marine Science Center

Big Storm for Portland, Oregon Coast - Then Warm, Sunny Stretch Just in time for the weekend, the Oregon coast and other inland parts of the state, such as Portland, are in for a run of sunny, even warm weather

Oregon Coast Arts Festival Kicks Up a Storm in Cannon Beach One of the Oregon coast's largest art and music festivals takes over Cannon Beach this weekend with the Stormy Weather Arts Festival

Oregon Coast Scientists: Sharks May Be Killing Endangered Sea Lions A new study out of Newport's Hatfield Marine Science Center and Oregon State University in Corvallis finds that one species of shark may gobbling up and endangered species of sea lion

Astoria Column, Top of Coxcomb Hill, N. Oregon Coast

Presentation Shows Beauty and Beast of Oregon Coast Geology OSU Geosciences Professor Bob Lillie will give a presentation on earthquakes and tsunamis of the Oregon coast on November 15 at the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center

Authors and Book Signings on N. Oregon Coast Seaside's Beach Books has a couple of big nibbles for the book worm with two regional authors

Fab Lecture Series Begins on N. Oregon Coast Yet another winter and spring of engaging science and recreation lecutures begins this coming month in Cannon Beach

Oregon Coast Ocean Marine Reserves Have New Coalition A new partnership focuses on sharing information, promoting science and cooperative research in Oregon coast's marine reserves and protected areas

Oregon Coast History Connection to World War 2 Spotlighted A local son returns to the Oregon coast from the battlefields of World War 2 on November 8

Peak Wind Gusts for Portland, Oregon; 90 mph on Coast Most central and north Oregon coast towns saw peak gusts up around 60 mph, but a few got as high as in the 70's and and two spots reached over 90 mph

Coast, Valley, Inland Oregon and Portland to Get Drenched by Storm It's not good news for the eclipse today or for commuters, but storm watching will be awesome.

Pioneer Surfers of the Oregon Coast on Exhibit An engaging and nostalgic exhibit on Oregon Coast surfing, surfer culture, and the pioneers who made it happen in Newport this month

First Storm Warning of the Year for Oregon Coast The NWS in Portland has issued a high wind warning from Tuesday through Wednesday, with the north and central coast areas kicking it up to gusts in the 60's

Scavenger Hunt on N. Oregon Coast Includes History and Trivia Cannon Beach History Musuem holds a very family-friendly Scavenger Hunt and Trivia Contest on November 8 and 9

Hatchery Holds Festival Near Central Oregon Coast One hatchery close to the central Oregon coast hosts an open house on November 1

Oregon Coast Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon Coast Right Now: Translucent Critters and Battered Birds A curious trifecta of odd science is happening on the Oregon coast right now, mostly thanks to all the heavy wave the region had earlier this week

Solar Eclipse Funky Facts. Odd Oregon Coast Sunset Science This partial eclipse of the sun and what the sun generally does on the coast at the end of the day is just full of fascinating factoids

Partial Solar Eclipse Coming to North America, Oregon, the Coast A monumentis moment in the sky is coming on October 23 with a solar eclipse

World Class Celtic Group Performs N. Oregon Coast Some world-class Celtic music is coming to the north Oregon coast at the end of the month, with the trio The Press Gang performing in Manzanita

Silver Point, near Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast: Complete Guide There are two halves to Silver Point, just south of Cannon Beach on the north Oregon coast.

Central Oregon Coast Town Taken Over by Yachats Mushroom Fest- the central Oregon coast town of Yachats goes wild for the wild mushrooms in the area, with the Yachats Village Mushroom Festival

Big Waves Mean Oregon Coast Drama, but Some Warnings Big, gnarly waves will be centerpiece on the Oregon coast this weekend along with plenty of dangers

Passion and Humor Typify Duo Performing on Central Oregon Coast Idaho-based Blaze and Kelly show up in Lincoln City on October 18

Time Lapse: Lunar Eclipse Above Oregon a Rousing Success By all accounts, this morning's lunar eclipse and blood moon was a rousing success all throughout the state: from inland to the Oregon coast

Glass Float Ball Drops Begin Again on Central Oregon Coast One more weekend of the art glass drops on the central Oregon coast and then it's the biggie: the famed and favorite Finders Keepers glass ball drops hit the beaches of Lincoln City.

N. Oregon Coast Calendar: Seaside, Cannon Beach, Astoria Events Fall does not mean slowing down in the towns of Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach, where food festivals, history lectures, mushroom walks and live music and theater make the month sizzle

N. Oregon Coast Town's Writer Series, Workshop and Flick Night Numerous means of fun and entertainment are popping up at the Hoffman Center, including the Manzanita Writer Series, a nifty flick or two and a workshop on journaling

Mushroom Hike and Sessions Provide Fun with the Fungi of N. Oregon Coast Events centering around the fungi are popping up all over, including the Manzanita/Nehalem Bay area

Central Oregon Coast Event Features Whales, Tide Pool Walk, Disease-Spotting A double dose of marine science, surprises and glimpses of nature up close, as October 7 brings two events to the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center

Pelicans and Whales Causing Stir Right Now on Oregon Coast There is much to see on the Oregon coast right now, with whales still plentiful and pelican sightings up around the northern beaches

Razor Clamming Opens Back Up on N. Oregon Coast Clatsop beaches (from Seaside to Warrenton) have been closed to razor clamming since mid-summer, but this week the fun opens back up

How a Shipwreck Became an Oregon Coast BnB Near Pacific City, a tiny little bed and breakfast called Sandlake Country Inn is actually built from parts of a shipwreck

Video: Depoe Bay's Boiler Bay Exploarations, Central Oregon Coast Just north of Depoe Bay sits another bay named after the boiler of a shipwreck. Explore it in video, hear and almost feel the waves

Oregon Coast and River Cleanup Snags nearly 5,000 Volunteers SOLVE said over 52,200 pounds of trash and debris were collected from over 110 project sites including beaches, rivers, neighborhoods, parks, and school grounds around the state

Solar and Lunar Eclipses for North America, Oregon, the Coast Not one but eclipses will be in the skies in October, visible all over North America - including Oregon, Portland and the coast

Oregon Scientists Need Help from West Coast Fishermen, Beachcombers to Find Transponders Instruments from Japan called transponders were released into the Pacific Ocean just after the 2011 tsunami, and researchers from the Oregon coast and in Japan are looking for them

Big Oregon Coast Weekend: Beer Fest, Cleanup, Glass Drops A massive beer fest tickles the taste buds in Astoria, special glass art pieces will be set around Lincoln City, and all over it's the SOLVE Oregon Coast Beach Cleanup on Saturday

Windy Fall Storm for Portland, Inland Oregon, Coast NWS said an early fall storm is about to hit much of Oregon with considerable rain and wind

Oregon Coast Event Examines Marine Science and the Blue Economy NW Marine Technology Summit looks at new, emerging marine technologies on October 20 to 22, especially those in the realms of science. Newport events

Oregon, Washington Climate is Warming Say Scientists A study conducted by Oregon scientists has found that the average temperature of the Pacific Northwest has warmed by 1.3 degrees since the early 20th century

Gettin' Your Chowder On at Big Central Oregon Coast Cook-Off 10th Annual Chowder Cook-Off is returning to Tanger Outlets in Lincoln City on November 8 and 9

Mushroom Walks Paired with Home and Culinary Tour on N. Oregon Coast Two distinctly yummy happenings of food and fun take place on the north Oregon coast in October

N. Oregon Coast Celtic Concert in October a Fiery One Manzanita plays host to Portland band Molly's Revenge on October 12 – a Celtic band of enormous grace and power

Central Oregon Coast's Boiler Bay Has Two, Maybe More Parts Boiler State Park, near Depoe Bay, is an interesting and maybe even slightly confusing spot along the central Oregon coast

Cook's Chasm Handicap Accessible Trail, Spouting Horns Between Yachats and Florence, a variety of exciting but accessible sights

Historical Families of N. Oregon Coast Featured at Museum Cannon Beach History and Museum’s most recent exhibit features the Museum’s first ever photograph exhibit. The Families of Cannon Beach

Encounter the Spiritual on Oregon Coast with Labyrinth Walk, Universal Peace Dances The next one comes up this week on September 22, featuring not just the sandy contemplation of the labyrinth circle, but also the beginning of the Universal Dances of Peace

Fall Labyrinth Walk on Oregon Coast, Lincoln City The labyrinth walks on the central Oregon coast will be held at the Lincoln City Cultural Center on September 22

What They Don't Tell You About Oregon Coast This Time of Year Right now is the warmest and most pleasant time of year on the coast, called the Second Summer

Central Oregon Coast's South Beach Recent Additions, Planned Expansions Some impressive changes have already been made to South Beach and some big expansions are on the way

Aurora Lights for Northern U.S., Oregon, the Coast A set of major solar flares earlier this week will likely result in some startling sights above the skies

Killer Kite Festival in October on Central Oregon Coast The central Oregon coast is gearing up for another kite display of gargantuan proportions, with the 36th Annual Fall Kite Festival on October 4 and 5

Odd Oregon Weather: High East Winds for Portland, Coast Range, Gorge NWS issued a special weather statement about some pretty heavy winds hitting Oregon, east Portland and the Oregon coast range

Conference Looks at 'State of the Oregon Coast' The State of the Coast conference October 25 in Florence – a gathering of everybody from scientists, students and industry officials to citizens

Authors and the Arts on N. Oregon Coast, Manzanita The Hoffman Center in Manzanita continues its integral and interesting contributions to north Oregon coast culture in September and October

N. Oregon Coast's Astoria Swells with Massive Beer Fest Pacific Northwest Brew Cup beer festival hits the north Oregon coast, September 25 – 27, taking place on the Astoria Waterfront

N. Oregon Coast Muttzanita Fest a Real Dog's Day The north Oregon coast town of Manzanita goes crazy for the canines with its popular Muttzanita festival, September 13

Heatwave and Fire Dangers for Portland, Oregon, Even Coast The NWS saidone more period of hot weather over southwest Washington and northwestern Oregon on Friday and Saturday

Another Super Moon for Oregon, Portland, Coast - Also Eclipse Another super moon is headed for the skies above Portland, the Oregon coast and the rest of the state; lunar eclipse next month

Wild Mushroom Cook-Off Takes Over Central Oregon Coast in October October 11 Lincoln City once again hosts the 6th Annual Wild Mushroom Cook-Off

Smithsonian and Cannon Beach History Center Team Up on N. Oregon Coast - A history museum on the north Oregon coast will join forces with Smithsonian Magazine for the tenth annual Museum Day Live on September 27

What Movies Were Filmed on Oregon Coast? A Massive List Goonies, Twilight, The Road, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Ring, Short Circuit, Free Willy, Bates Motel and many more

Recent Oregon Coast Science Findings: Ice Age Landscape, Whales OSU and its satellite facility in Newport have made some remarkable finds regarding whales and how the west coast looked during the Ice Age

Keys to Finding Last Minute Holiday Lodging on Oregon Coast Travel advice for finding a place to stay over the Labor Day weekend

Poet Stafford Celebrated on N. Oregon Coast Celebrate the centennial of William Stafford’s birth by doing some creative writing in a workshop offered by the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum

AAA Holiday Travel Predictions, Oregon Vacation Tips Travel to and from the Oregon coast will be a little thicker with people during this year's Labor Day weekend, as well as for those heading to inland destinations

AAA Holiday Travel Predictions; Oregon and Coast Visitor Tips The number of people traveling during the Labor Day Weekend holiday is expected to jump quite a bit this year, according to the Oregon office of AAA

Oregon Coast Travel Tips: Really Riveting at Depoe Bay The tiny town on the central Oregon coast and the surrounding few miles are full of a massive array of delights

N. Oregon Coast Festivals Full of Food, Oysters, Music Two big events are coming up, including tours of oyster-producing places and a large festival of musical and food fun

Central Oregon Coast Garden Named One of Top 60 in NW Lincoln City's Connie Hansen Garden was recently hailed as among the best in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon Coast Officials: Good News for Clams, Crabbing ODFW just released a series of shellfish, clamming and crabbing reports, and the news is generally good all the way around

Video: Glowing Creatures Caught on Oregon Coast; More Purple Critters A rare and stunning video of bioluminescent creatures on the north coast and more velella velella hitting the beaches

Clan of the Cave Bear Author Visits Oregon Coast Lincoln City Cultural Center will welcome a famed Oregon author on September14 with Jean Auel, responsible for the Clan of the Cave Bear series

Special, Whimsical Glass Art Drops Coming to Central Oregon Coast A special glass art drop series begins in September – the warmest time of year on the Oregon coast

Five Reasons Doctor Who Should Film on the Oregon Coast So much of this area looks like some place everyone's favorite time traveler would end up at one point or another

Oregon Coast and River Cleanup Date Announced: 30th Anniversary September 27 is the date for what is now known as the SOLVE Beach and Riverside Cleanup, celebrating 30 years

Fogarty Beach: a Stunning Oregon Coast Spot of Subtleties Fogarty Beach State Park, sitting a couple miles north of Depoe Bay, is crammed full of wonders

Popular N. Oregon Coast Cottage Tour in September It's the 11th annual Cannon Beach Cottage Tour, happening September 12 to 14, put on by the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum

N. Oregon Coast Canoe Adventure, More Nature Walks More guided outdoor fun happens along the north Oregon coast in August with canoeing and hikes

Really Curious on Coast of Oregon: Eating the Beach, Glowing Sand Funky Science Fun: Did you know you can eat some things right off the beach? Did you know the sand sometimes glows at night?

Oregon Coast Aquarium Hatches Adorable New Critters A pair of seabirds at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport became happy parents this week when two baby chicks popped out of their eggs

Guide to Oregon Coast Attractions, Spas: Comprehensive List An impressive array of attractions and spas exist along the shores of the Oregon coast

Supermoon and Meteors Headed for Oregon, the Coast The early part of next week brings a double whammy of stunning sights in the night skies, with another Super Moon and the Perseid meteor showers

Business Workshop on Oregon Coast is Intensive but Relaxing A new kind of business seminar for entrepreneurs comes to the north Oregon coast town of Seaside, one with a decidedly different way of helping

State of Oregon Officials Ask: Should Smoking Be Banned on Coastal Beaches? OPRD is now accepting public comment on whether or smoking should be banned on Oregon beaches.

Oregon Coast Apocalypse? Dying Fish, Brown Ocean, Purple Critters It's a combination of westerly winds and a lot of phytoplankton flooding the environment and influencing things. In fact, it's a sign of a really healthy ocean

Oregon Coast Lighthouses Offer Special Tours The central Oregon coast town of Newport has not just one lighthouse but two, and both will be whooping it up in August with two special tours

Central Oregon Coast Lighthouses Celebrate in August The central Oregon coast town with two lighthouses will be spotlighting them in August with two rare and fun opportunities to get to know them better.

Pirates and Mud at Center of Wild Central Oregon Coast Event Pirates will be the center of a riotous new annual event in Newport with the Buccaneer Rampage Mud Obstacle Race on August 23

Oregon Scientists Offer Warnings About World's Oceans, Seafloor The growing extraction of resources is beginning to put the oceans and seafloor on the cusp of peril

1000's of Dead Fish on N. Oregon Coast Also Means Science Surprises They're making a smelly mess, but it means great bird watching, surprising science and maybe glowing beaches

Downright Evil Heatwave for Oregon Means Coast Only Escape Another long, extended run of hot weather is set for the coming week in Oregon, with temps in and around 90 in most of the state

High-Energy Band Urban Monroes Returns to Central Oregon Coast That talent will be on display on the central Oregon coast on Saturday, August 2, as the Lincoln City Cultural Center auditorium plays host

Final Session of Oregon Coast Science Workshop Coming Up Slightly inland from Manzanita on the north Oregon coast, the town of Nehalem will soon host the last of CoastWatch's Summer Shoreline Science Workshops, happening on August 1 through 3

Corps of Discovery Reenactment on N. Oregon Coast in August The reenactment of Lewis & Clark's time in Seaside happens August 15 to 17

Central Oregon Coast Sandcastle Festival a Big Part of Small Town- August 9, tiny Taft will swell with the ranks of sandcastle builders of all ages and skill levels with the 2014 Taft Beach Sandcastle Contest

Women's Surf Camp and Retreat on N. Oregon Coast July 26 to 30 brings the Northwest Women's Surfcamps Surfing and Lifestyle Immersion Retreat to both Seaside and Cannon Beach

Oregon Astronomy Expert: Zero Sun Spots a Mystery On July 17th, for the first time in nearly 3 years, the sunspot number dropped to zero

Aerial Revelations of Oceanside, N. Oregon Coast One of Oregon's most astounding spots is one of its tiniest: Oceanside, along the Three Capes Loop

Road Work on Oregon Coast, Highway 26 A bridge repair project starts soon just south of Lincoln City, and a part of the main route between Portland and the north Oregon coast will be undergoing some work

N. Oregon Coast Film Night, Arts for Kids in Manzanita Over the coming weeks, look for the famed Manzanita Film Series and an arts camp of sorts for kids

Central Oregon Coast Travel Ideas: Cloistered Beaches Between Yachats and Florence If you're looking for a fantastic and unforgettable Oregon coast experience, and one that allows you to get away from the wild crowds of busier beaches

What Kind of Whales are Found on Oregon Coast: Details, Photos Complete guide to what whales you'll find along these shores: Grays, Orcas, Minkes, Humpbacks, more

Clamming Closes on Part of N. Oregon Coast That 18 miles of beach usually reopens to clamming in September or early October. Meanwhile, all clamming from Cannon Beach southward (most of Oregon's 362 miles of coast) is still open

Super Full Moon, Planets Tonight for Oregon, the Coast: More on the Way Clear skies in Portland and somewhat cloudy skies on the Oregon coast will allow viewing of yet another spectacular Super Full Moon tonight

Oregon Coast in 70's While Portland May Reach 100 This Week A dismal and muggy heatwave is headed for inland Oregon, including Portland, Willamette Valley, central Oregon and more

Oregon Coast Officials: Quiet Sea Lions and Eagle Drama They're touting the 'quiet sea lions' and spilling the beans on some wild interaction between birds right now

Time Travel Back to Lewis n Clark Each Day on N. Oregon Coast There's much ado about Lewis and Clark and the outdoors on the north Oregon coast throughout the rest of the summer, as historical site Fort Clatsop hosts Summer Ranger Programs on a daily basis

Purple Critters Mysteriously Return to Oregon Coast After Absence The Purple Sails are back, cast up on the beaches of the Oregon coast in various areas, rarely seen in ten years

Oregon Holds Photo Contest; Refuge Walk on Coast Two agencies are providing some new ways to dig deeper and appreciate the natural amenities of Oregon and the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast Travel Tips, Advice - the Ultimate Guide

Four Depoe Bay Spots You Don't Know, Central Oregon Coast - looking for something a little different in Depoe Bay? There's so much more than meets the eye

N. Oregon Coast Travel Tips: Netarts, Happy Camp Surprises The entire beach area around Netarts hosts diminutive bits of the unexpected. Oceanside, Tillamook

Best Beaches of Oceanside, Pacific City, N. Oregon Coast What are the best beaches of the Three Capes Loop? Oceanside, Neskowin, Netarts, Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar

Fourth of July Lodging Openings, Availability on Oregon Coast Oregon Coast Beach Connection has an extensive list of those that will often have openings still – but they are going fast

N. Oregon Coast Guided Hikes Feature Engaging Nature The North Coast Land Conservancy hosts a variety of walks that will get you to a whole new level of beachy and forested fun

Spectacular Live Squid Encounter on Oregon Coast One little boat and one really big squid encountered each other Saturday on the central Oregon coast

Yachats, Florence Events Calendar, Central Oregon Coast The little towns of Yachats and Florence are big on stuff to do, with a sizable roster of interesting events for the summer.

Newport, Oregon Coast Whoops it Up on Fourth with Variety This central Oregon coast hotspot is surrounded closely by big hills and small mountains, which causes the thunder and boom of the fireworks to bounce off them in an impressive echo.

Central Oregon Coast Camps Drop Some Serious Science Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport is offering up a host of science summer camps for kids and adults in July, guaranteed to tickle the intellect

Oregon Coast Big Attraction Now: Puffins, Eagles, Nesting Seabirds ODFW is telling the public that puffins are a big attraction this time of year, as are seabirds like murres – and the bald eagles who are chasing them

Guided Hikes and Canoe Adventures on N. Oregon Coast Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District is offering a series of outdoor adventures coming up this summer. Seaside, Cannon Beach, Arch Cape, Manzanita, Wheeler.

Oregon Coast Clamming: Good News, but Some Warnings For those looking forward to a bit of razor clamming on the Oregon coast, Oregon wildlife officials say the getting' has been good along the beaches

Oregon Officials: Leave Baby Seals, Deer Alone in Forests, Coast Baby seals have been showing up regularly on the Oregon coast, and in deep forested areas you may run across young deer fawn

Central Oregon Coast Tour: Virtual Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Seal Rock, Waldport, Yachats, Florence and in Between

Lincoln City Events Calendar Preview, Central Oregon Coast What's happening in Lincoln City, on the central Oregon coast, you ask? Food, art, outdoors, music and more.

An Historical and Jazzy Fourth on Central Oregon Coast Newport's Lincoln County Historical Society knows how to whoop it up on the Fourth of July. It's literally a triple dose of patriotic, historical and musical fun at the Pacific Maritime & Heritage Center

Another Ocean Beneath the Oregon Coast? Maybe. Sort of. The discovey means there is almost literally another ocean down there, with a water mass perhaps three times larger than all the oceans on the surface

Portland, Oregon Astronomer Explains Low Summer Moon, Weird Colors Those catching amazing sunsets on the Oregon coast and around the state this time of year may notice something unusual about the Moon as well.

Oregon Coast Father's Day Fun Antique rain rides, a pet festival, clamming workshops and more. What else could a dad ask for on Father's Day?

Viewpoints, Tidal Surprises of Depoe Bay's Boiler Bay, Central Oregon Coast Don't blink or you'll miss this delicious spot for exploration, which is also haunted by the boiler from a long ago wrecked ship.

Oregon Coast Fourth of July Preview This Year, Travel Tips Included in this year's roundup of Independence Day happenings are some visitor tips to help you avoid the crowds and other mishaps

Indie Sci-Fi Film Shoots in Portland, Oregon Coast Later This Summer The name of the 30-minute short is 'Arcadia Bay, a mix of psychological thriller and sci-fi

N. Oregon Coast Hike Event a Time Travel, Science Adventure Hear and experience Oregon coast pre-history on the Clastop Plains Geology Walk at Lewis & Clark National Historical Park’s Yeon Property near Sunset Beach on June 21

Oregon Coast History: World War II Remnants You Can Visit While the Oregon coast really enjoyed a special sense of being sheltered from the dangers, the war did hit home here in some remarkable ways it did not anywhere else in America

New Oregon Coast Exhibit is of Seldom Seen Oddities These strange, unfamiliar, and seldom seen objects are now on exhibit at the Lincoln County Historical Society’s Burrows House Museum, in Newport

Mystic, Enchanted Take on Summer Solstice at Oregon Coast Celebration The Yachats Midsummer Masquerade on June 21 celebrates with fairies and an enchanted realm

Birds and Clams Spotlighted in Central Oregon Coast Events The Newport group presents two more events in June about nature along the Oregon coast, including a discussion of clams and a field trip for birds.

Space Station and Parade of Planets for Portland, Oregon, the Coast Portland, northwest Oregon and the coast are about to get a fascinating stellar show beginning tonight with the ISS and a lot of planets

Oregon Coast Train Ride Returns to Mountain Run Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad will once more begin steam engine excursions to the Salmonberry River tracks, roughly 20 miles inland from the beaches

Oregon Coast Sightings: Sea Lions, Birds, Whales, Amphibians A lot is happening with birds, sea lions and amphibians in the forests and near the beaches and bays

Tide Pool Discovery Events Continue on Central Oregon Coast More tide pool amazement is on the agenda on the central Oregon coast, as Tidepool Discovery Days at Newport's Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area continues in June

Youth Surf Competition: Time to Otter Rock 'n' Roll on Oregon Coast This year will be the 6th Annual Otter Rock 'n' Roll Surf Contest and Beach Cleanup Challenge

Oregon Coast Lighthouse Keeper Talks About His Experiences Life aboard the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse comes to life in June as one of the men who spent considerable time there gives a talk about old “Terrible Tilly” on Saturday, June 14

Two Babies at N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Aquarium Another bundle of joy for the Seaside Aquarium happened over the weekend, with the birth of yet another baby seal; but not a good ending for the fawn

North Oregon Coast's Secret Garden Tour in June The 11th Annual Secret Garden Tour takes place on Sunday, June 22 in the town of Neskowin, just south of Pacific City

Gray Whales, Orcas Still Spotted Aplenty on Oregon Coast Not just the holiday weekend but the last two weeks have been full of whale sightings all over the Oregon coast

Plans Made for Major Kite Fest at Lincoln City, Central Oregon Coast 30th Annual Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival happens June 28-29. For two spectacular days on the beach, witness performances by some of the best professional kite fliers

Beachcomber Vacation Homes, Cannon Beach Rentals

Massive Cannon Beach Sand Castle Contest Soon on Oregon Coast Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest happens on Saturday, June 21, celebrating its 50th anniversary as a northwest favorite

Oregon Coast Lodging Openings for Memorial Day Weekend, Travel Advice Good weather and lots of events are making this holiday weekend a big one for Oregon coast lodgings and the general tourism biz

Cape Lookout State Park Beaches: Wild, Wondrous Skies, Trees Oregon Coast Cape Lookout, Three Capes Loop Virtual Tour

Central Oregon Coast Offers Self-Guided History Tour of Lincoln City This engaging bit of time-traveling fun features 14 stops that bring to light Lincoln City's awe-inspiring past and its people

Oregon Coast Tsunami Debris Questions: What are the Red Bulbs? Among the many ocean debris finds of late along the Oregon coast are red bulbs, hardy and hardened enough to make the trek across the sea

Wild and Crazy Oregon Coast Weather Moments in Video, Pictures This is what happens with one of the more dynamic environments in the world, where weird can just be the norm: weird rainbows, strange clouds, water spout, flying foam

Fort Stevens Civil War Reenactment Explodes on N. Oregon Coast It's called the Fort Stevens: Historical Reenactment, and it takes place at Fort Stevens on the North Oregon coast on May 31 and June 1.

New Meteor Shower Possible for Earth - including Oregon, Coast, Portland Earth will be passing through a large cloud of debris from comet 209P/LINEAR on May 23 and 24

Downtown Wine Walk This Weekend on N. Oregon Coast The north Oregon coast resort hotspot of Seaside swells with wine lovers this weekend, as the Seaside Wine Walk envelopes the town

Oregon Coast Rush of Tsunami Debris: Call for Volunteers A sudden flood of tsunami debris and other objects along the Oregon coast has officials scrambling to clean up the beaches

Oregon Heatwave Update: Coast in 70's, Portland Maybe 90 Weather reports show some uncomfortable temperatures coming for Portland and other valley areas, while the most of the coast will allow some respite

Logging History and Music at N. Oregon Coast Attraction Cannon Beach History Center and Museum presents a talk on Oregon's logging industry and its history in the area as well as a concert at the end of the month

Central Oregon Coast Kayak, Canoe Tours Light Up Lincoln City's Summer U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service invites you to explore Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge by kayak over the summer, as well as by canoe

Mother's Day Gets Sunny and Warm on Oregon Coast, Portland Another day of rough and wacky weather for Portland, northwest Oregon and the coast, and then Sunday brings some stunning weather for Mother's Day.

Final Two Glass Float Drops on Central Oregon Coast, Lincoln City Get your glass floats while you can – and this weekend will be among the last you can find those artisan glass balls on Lincoln City beaches

Meteor Showers Peaking Over Oregon, Portland, Coast Next Couple Mornings OMSI astronomer Jim Todd said the Eta Aquarid meteor shower is peaking right about now, with the forecast for the greatest number of meteors lighting up the predawn skies

Sea Star Disease Hits Central Oregon Coast Divers from the Oregon Coast Aquarium made a disturbing find in Yaquina Bay last week: the dreaded sea star wasting syndrome that has plagued California in recent years has shown up on this coastline.

Mother's Day on Oregon Coast: Huge Lodging List to Spoil Mom With Looking for places to stay there and pamper your mom? Here's the ultimate guide to Mother's Day lodgings.

Possibility of Thunder and Water Spout on N. Oregon Coast Tonight Another is on the way and could bring thunderstorms and a water spout/funnel cloud to the north coast late tonight

What Radiation Levels in Oregon Coast Tuna Really Means A year of eating tuna with these traces is about the same dose of radiation you get exposed to from sleeping next to another human for 40 nights

Help Oregon Coast Conservation by Buying at Online Auction The Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition’s second annual online auction is now accepting bids through May 11

Jazz and Tide Pool Discoveries in May on Central Oregon Coast Newport's Yaquina Head will be hosting Tidepool Discovery events all month, and the scenic Inn at Otter Crest betweeen Newport and Depoe Bay kicks off a season of jazz

Oregon Coast Scientists Use DNA to Look Into Whale Decimation Researchers from the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport used DNA from the bones of whales that once littered South Georgia Island

Heatwave Coming: 80's for Portland, Oregon Coast in 70's Weather forecasts for Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Pacific City, Oceanside, Tillamook, Portland, Lincoln City, Newport, Depoe Bay and Yachats.

You Can Adopt a Whale on the Oregon Coast, Thanks to Scientist The program helps fund whale research and educational talks, while giving you some fun keepsakes

Central Oregon Coast Concert Fuses Folk with Retro Rock Christian Sedelmyer and Dave Goldenberg join legendary folk rock outfit Stray Birds for a concert at the Lincoln City Cultural Center on Wednesday, May 14

Huge Birding Fest Covers Most of Central Oregon Coast From Cape Perpetua by Yachats, beaches near Waldport and much of Newport – bird walks and family-friendly activities will be hosted

Oregon Coast Lodging Fantastic Views on Video From the balconies and patios of oceanfront hotels, motels and vacation rentals, to the sights you'll see by simply walking or driving a few minutes away

Oregon Scientists Use Krypton to Study Antarctic Ice, Clues in Ice Age Questions A team of scientists – many from Oregon and connected to the Oregon coast – have made a discovery that uses radiometric krypton to successfully date ice from the Antarctic which will then allow more insight into the various ice ages of the Earth.

Oregon Coast Goonies' Latest: Sequel Likely Written by Spielberg Rumors of a sequel to the cult favorite “Goonies” seem to have taken yet another step onto even firmer ground

Lincoln City Lectures Cover Oregon Coast Science, Agates, Crabbing and Beer Lincoln City's Driftwood Public Library will again be hosting its annual lecture series called Coastal Encounters

Fascinating New Babies Now at Seaside Aquarium, N. Oregon Coast Mystery eggs have hatched and the fish finally ID'd after months, and there are new baby moon jellies

Cape Kiwanda Video: secret ocean canyon in a rare state

Oregon Coast Under High Surf Advisory Spectacular Sights in Store The National Weather Service (NWS) in Portland issued the warning late Friday, saying seas will get up to around 20 feet high

Beatles, Teddy Roosevelt on N. Oregon Coast Look for an with Teddy Roosevelt on Thursday, May 22 in Tillamook, while The Beatles will visit Manzanita in a unique way on May 3

Where Are You Going to Next on the Oregon Coast

American Travel Photo Essay: Crazed Colors of Depoe Bay, Oregon Coast Depoe Bay has interesting interactions happening between sea and sky with the way it is lit.

Oregon Coast Whales Updates: Carcass Buried, Killer Whale Sightings The big whale in Seaside that had caused such a media circus is buried, while Orcas are being spotted on the central Oregon coast.

Oregon Coast, Lincoln City Earth Day Full of Info and Fun It seems more than slightly appropriate to celebrate Earth Day on the dynamic environment of the Oregon coast, and Lincoln City has one of the bigger festivities on April 19

Giant Gooey, Smelly Whale Washes up on N. Oregon Coast A big, smelly whale is making a splash on the north Oregon coast, as tons of visitors to Seaside are getting treated to a mass of hideously decaying flesh

Oregon Eclipse Timelapse: Video of Blood Moon Many parts of inland Oregon got a front row seat to the infamous Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse

Coastal Photo Essay: Interstellar, Lunar Sights Above Oregon Beaches From the Aurora Borealis, other lunar phenomena to a rare satellite captured, this is just a tiny sampling of distinctive stuff

Oregon and Coast in the 70's, Good Lunar Eclipse Viewing A lot more sun for Portland, the valley and the Oregon coast, with not only the highest temps of the year in the wings but great viewing of a lunar eclipse on Monday

Spring Meteorology Outlook for West Coast: California, Oregon, Washington, SW Experts at the NWS are predicting largely drier-than usual conditions for spring along much of the western United States, with droughts continuing in many areas

Oregon Gas Prices Among Highest in Nation Oregon is now the tenth highest in the nation for gas prices. AAA quoted the average earlier this week at $3.69.

Sunny, Warm Weekend Weather for Coast, NW Oregon, Portland - in the 70's Warm and sunny is the weekend prediction for the Oregon coast (and even Portland) from the National Weather Service

Oregon Coast Killer Whale Season Kicks Off Early It happens every April, with a varying number of Orcas showing up on the central Oregon coast

Vote for Your Favorite Oregon Coast Lodging - Or Favorite Lodging Photo Here

Nature Field Trip, More, On Central Oregon Coast This Month Yaquina Birders & Naturalists group of Newport hosts another set of lectures and nature field trips

N. Oregon Coast Earth Week Event Includes Talk on Foraging The Cannon Beach History Center and Museum will again be a big part of the town's Annual Twelve Days of Earth Day event

This Week's Oregon Coast Weather Changes to a Bit More Gray - weather changes for week of April 7

Central Oregon Coast Talk Begins Pleas for Help Monitoring Starfish Disease April 8 the Hatfield in Newport will be hosting a presentation about the disease. Public asked for help now.

Oregon Coast in the Movies: Cult Film Goonies May Get a Sequel Rumors about a sequel to the cult film Goonies - filmed on the north Oregon coast - seem to have new power.

Watch Video of 180 Miles of Oregon Coast, then pick your favorite lodging area

Really Odd U.S. Tourism: Rare Oregon Finds That Will Blow You Away Where can you find extremely rare and mind-blowing sights like the green flash at sunset, sand that glows or spouting horns where the ocean fires upwards in a tight stream?

Central Oregon Coast Hosts Marine Science Day on April 12 Saturday, April 12 is the date for the annual OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center’s Marine Science Day in Newport

Beach Travel Tips: Inspired and Distinctive Places to Stay on Oregon Coast for Yachats, Newport, Lincoln City, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Oceanside, Pacific City, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Wheeler, Depoe Bay

Sunny, in 60's and 70's Coming for Portland, Oregon Coast Highs in the mid-70's for the Portland area, and serious sun for the Oregon coast with highs around 60

Oregon Coast Gets Really Big Minus Tides This Month Great news for clammers and lovers of tide pools as the Oregon coast is in the middle of the first of three really nice low tide events happening this month

Startling Oregon Coast Astronomy: Sunset an Illusion, Says Cosmos' Tyson When it comes to sunrise on an ocean, and conversely sunset as well, we're only seeing a projection of the sun. It's not technically in that spot – not yet.

Can I Drive on Oregon Coast Beaches? Rules, Regulations for Cars, Vehicles If you must, there is one small place on the central Oregon coast and two sizable stretches on the north Oregon coast where vehicles are allowed on beaches

Battery Russell, Staircases and Entrance of the N. Oregon Coast Fortress

Shipwreck Skeletal Remains: Peter Iredale

Sunset Beach, between Warrenton and Gearhart, N. Oregon Coast

Gleneden Beach in Winter

Catch Your Dinner on Central Oregon Coast with Crabbing Clinics Starting April and going through September, the Lincoln City Visitor & Convention Bureau is offering free crabbing and clamming clinics led by local expert Bill Lackner

Oregon Novelist, Film Writer, Rock Star Appears on N. Coast Oregon novelist, film writer and Portland rock star Willy Vlautin shows up on the north Oregon coast in April, reading from his latest novel at the Cloud & Leaf Bookstore in Manzanita

Comedy Show Benefits Oregon Coast Lighthouses The Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses group again hosts Laughs for Lighthouses this year, this time on April 5

Oregon Coast Travel Tips: Netarts is Bigger Than You Think Up on the north Oregon coast, tucked away along the rather secretive and intricate Three Capes Loop, sits a tiny town called Netarts

Oregon Weather Gets Windy and Wet for Portland, Coast, Valley Large amounts of wind and rain are headed for the Oregon coast and Portland and valley areas, but the Cascades will get big snow

Fishermen Needed by State Officials for Oregon Coast Fish Study Officials are looking for help from fishermen to catch and release ocean bottom fish along the Oregon coast - part of a research project that looks at how fish populations differ

Oregon Coast Crew Responds to Dead Whale on Washington Beach A 27-foot Gray Whale washed up onshore on a southern Washington beach this week, and crews from the Seaside Aquarium on the north Oregon coast and the Cascadia Research group responded to the scene

Odd Oily Waves Return to N. Oregon Coast - But It's a Good Thing It looks like an oil spill, or some other environmental disaster, but it's actually the sign of a very healthy ocean

Oregon Coast Spring Break Kicks Off with Stunning, Sunny Weather Sunny and blue is the forecast for this weekend on the Oregon coast, starting almost immediately

100's of Glass Floats on Central Oregon Coast for Spring Break The end of the month will bring the biggest ever glass float drop to the central Oregon coast town of Lincoln City with over 500 of the coveted little treasures

18,000 Whales Wander Past Oregon Coast Whale Watch Week is around the corner, where trained volunteers will be at 24 "Whale Watching Spoken Here" sites along the coast from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Oregon Wildlife Officials: Tips on Birds, Sea Lions on the Coast Plenty of wildlife is viewable around the Oregon coast right about now, including birds, elk and sea lions

When Oregon Coast Creatures Resemble the Vast, Interstellar Depths of the Universe It's almost as if there's massive fractal design to the cosmos, on some sort of galactic scale, where what is called self-similarity goes inward and outward in the grand scheme of things.

Oregon Study Finds Majority of U.S. Coast Officials Worry About Climate A majority of elected officials and resource professionals in nine coastal states believe their regions are affected by climate change

Central Oregon Coast Town Literally Gets Magical This Month Bundles of events are taking place around Lincoln City this month during the spring break weeks, and one of the centerpieces is a magic fest, plus whales, glass floats, more

Central Oregon Coast Programs Feature Birding, Impact of Ocean Turbines One is a lecture on seabirds and how marine energy sources may impact them and another is a field trip to go check out the real thing.

Now Showing at Oregon Coast Museums: Ghost Town, Scary Lighthouse, Shipwrecks Museums on the north and central Oregon coast are featuring tidbits about the abundance of regional shipwrecks, a coastal ghost town you probably knew nothing about, and a legendary lighthouse

When is the Next Glass Float Balls Drop in Lincoln City? Glass Float Drops Updates

Spring Break Lodging on the Oregon Coast: the Best of Where to Stay Vacation advice for Yachats, Newport, Lincoln City, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Oceanside, Pacific City, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Wheeler, Depoe Bay. Lodging deals

What Are the 7 Wonders of the Oregon Coast? Phenomenal finds at Astoria, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Oceanside, Pacific City, Depoe Bay, Lincoln City, Newport, Florence and Yachats

Readers' Favorite Oregon Coast Memories: Lincoln City, Cannon Beach, Depoe Bay Oregon Coast Beach Connection is asking readers and fans at its FB page, and they are responding with some lovely tales.

High Wind Watch for Oregon Coast This Weekend The National Weather Service (NWS) in Portland has issued a high wind watch for the north and central Oregon coast for this weekend, bringing with it the possibilities of wind gusts up to 65 mph

Strange Oregon Coast Places to Live: Marine Creatures Make Rope a Home Some creatures at the Seaside Aquarium are living on a rope, quite literally. Tunicates, zoanthids, tubeworms and mussels sometimes show up

N. Oregon Coast Presentation Features Underwater Volcanoes Those wild, weird and wonderful undersea volcanoes will show up in Cannon Beach on Thursday, March 13. Not in person, of course, but via a talk given by Dr. Bill Chadwick of the Hatfield

Oregon Weather Alerts: Heavy Rains for Portland, Valley; Winds on Coast A wind warning for the coast is joined by predictions of up to six inches of rain for some inland areas. Astoria, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Oceanside, Pacific City, Depoe Bay, Lincoln City, Newport, Florence and Yachats

Pirate Drake's Ties to Oregon Coast, Mystery Shipwreck Explored This Weekend Did Sir Francis Drake actually drop anchor off the central Oregon coast and not California? And is that mysterious shipwreck just north of Lincoln City connected to him?

Oregon Winter Weather Records Broken, Some a Mystery to Scientists Regional scientists find it easy to figure out the big snow, wind and ice events, but they're left with a sizable mystery about the dry stretches

Northern Lights a No-Show for Oregon, Coast, Despite Large CME Thursday night could be seeing some excellent northern light action in Oregon and on the coast – if the weather permits

Oregon Coast Fun Facts: When is the Beach Warmer Than the Town? Believe it or not, there are times when being on the sands, right next to the ocean, is warmer than a few hundred feet away

Oregon Coast Science Roundup: New Planets, Kooky Octopus, Meteorites A major astronomy discovery, a place to find meteorites on the Oregon coast and an octopus that may make you laugh.

Five Funky Facts About Oregon Coast Spring Break You Didn't Know Mother Nature has some rather hidden delights waiting in spring and spring break in the realms of weather, storms, beach finds, and how you photograph this area

Latest in Oregon Coast Curious Science: Whales from Space, Dolphin, Skeleton, Pirate Ship, Weather Extremes - take a look at the weather extremes in recent weeks: from major snow storms, major wind storms to conditions so dry there were extremely rare fires on the coast.

Iconic Irish Singer Performs in Lincoln City, Central Oregon Coast A wee bit of the best of Ireland shows up on on the central Oregon coast on March 3 as the Lincoln City Cultural Center hosts Irish music hero Danny O'Flaherty

Newport Chamber, Visitors Center, Oregon Coast

Savor Cannon Beach Fest a Feast of Wine and Culinary Feats on Oregon Coast Four days of extravagant wining and dining with Savor Cannon Beach festival, happening March 6 to 9

Live Dolphin Washes Up on North Oregon Coast Crews from the Seaside Aquarium responded to a report of a live dolphin washed ashore on Wednesday in Gearhart

Oregon Coast Mystery Involves Giant Skeleton, Pirate Ship near Lincoln City A tale of murder, sex, local native legends, a skeleton of an eight-foot giant, possibly a pirate ship, a search for treasure

Oregon Coast Officials: Latest on Finding Birds and Amphibians Birds have been doing some interesting things lately because of storms and now is a good time to go looking for some amphibians in coastal forests

Massive Seafood Wine Fest On Course for Central Oregon Coast This Weekend Those tents are coming right back up, say organizers, and the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival will open as scheduled on Thursday, February 20 at 5 p.m,

More High Winds Tuesday for Oregon Coast, Portland More high winds for not just the Oregon coast but the Portland area again, as well as Willamette Valley towns such as Eugene, Corvallis and Salem

Oregon Coast Science: Counting Whales from Space Via Satellite Could Be Useful Here The applications of this could assist scientists on the Oregon coast as well as the rest of the world

Big Waves and Wind for Oregon Coast, Maybe 75 mph More massive winds are about to hit the Oregon coast tonight and tomorrow, with the National Weather Service (NWS) issuing a high wind warning in effect until 10 a.m. on Monday.

Newport Seafood and Wine Festival, Oregon Coast, News, Updates, Transportation

Portland, Western Oregon, Coast Under Flood Watch; More Wind Storms Meanwhile, as the storm warning for the Oregon coast winds down another storm watch for the area has been issued by the National Weather Service

New Way of Counting Whales from Space May Help Oregon Coast Scientists The group works out of Cambridge, England and Antarctica, using a method that involved various aspects of satellites orbiting the Earth

Terrifying History of N. Oregon Coast Lighthouse Spotlighted in Cannon Beach The Terrible Tilly exhibit spotlights one of Oregon's more mysterious landmarks

Oregon Coast Scientists Find Link Between Magnetic Field and Fish Groups of scientists connected with OSU in Corvallis and parts of the central Oregon coast released the findings

Oregon Coast High Wind Watch Coming As Portland and the valley slowly thaw out, the Oregon coast will be under a high wind watch from Tuesday through Wednesday morning

Ultimate Romantic Lodging Guide for Oregon Coast Where to take your true love on Valentine's Day? Why the Oregon coast, of course

Oregon Coast, Portland: Snow, Ice, Rain Updates The latest ice, storm and snow updates for Portland, the Oregon coast range and the Oregon coast

Ten Days of Huge Antique Fest Begins on Central Oregon Coast The big mother-of-all antique festivals has started as Lincoln City hosts the massive 2014 Antique Week from February 7 to 17

Latest Weather: Portland Snow, Oregon Coast Freezing Rain A series of winter storm watches have been issued by the National Weather Service (NWS), talking about as much as five inches of snow in the Portland area and freezing rain along the Oregon coast

Frozen Oregon Coast? Surprises Could Lurk on Beaches This Week - But since the days will be clear, you should find some incredible sunset colors along the beaches the serious surprise of sand that will be, well, a bit different.

Extreme Freezing Weather, Snow Update: Portland, Oregon Coast, Willamette Valley NWS issued a special weather statement about the possibilities of snow over the next few days in Portland, northwest Oregon and the coast

Oregon Coast Beach Connection Announces Over 4500 Pages of Information

Big Freeze in Weather This Week for Oregon, Portland, the Coast A return to very wintry conditions is coming to western Oregon, including the Oregon coast and Portland, bringing with it temps down to the 30's and maybe even snow

SOLVE Announces Date for Oregon Coast Spring Beach Cleanup March 22 is now the official date for the next SOLVE Beach Cleanup along the Oregon coast.

Central Oregon Coast Birding Events in Newport, Depoe Bay In February the Yaquina Birders and Naturalists host a field trip around Depoe Bay and a lecture on birds in Newport

Jambalaya Cook-Off Fun This Weekend in Lincoln City, Central Oregon Coast This wild and delicious Lincoln City event will be held Saturday, February 1

Central Oregon Coast Science Talk Looks at Ocean Acidification The Hatfield Marine Science Center moves inland a tad this week with the “Science on Tap” series, a lecture by OSU's Dr. Annaliese Hettinger

Latest in Oregon Coast Lodging, Weddings: Fun Finds in Depoe, Seaside, Pacific City Look for a whole new and stunning way to elope in the Three Capes area and some new developments in Seaside and Depoe Bay

Oregon and Coastal Astronomy: New Surprise Supernova Nearest in Decades Amateur stargazers around Oregon and even the coast can do a little jig over it as well as a new supernova is visible in these skies

Unheard of Winter Weather: Fire Warning for Oregon Coast Range, Two Wildfires conditions are so dry on this winter day there is a red flag warning for the Oregon coast range mountain passes and much of the area west of Portland

More Fab Weekend Weather on Oregon Coast Glorious, sunny weather has been the mainstay along the Oregon coast this last week, and it appears as if another few days of it are in the works

Waves That Glow on Oregon Coast: Time Lapse Video It's called Central Oregon Coast TimeLapse – Yachats, Depoe Bay, Newport, and it shows off a variety of esoteric and colorful moments caught in motion

State Officials Say Still Plenty of Whales Seen on Oregon Coast In fact, you can count on a good number of whale sightings through the next week, until about the first of February

Central Oregon Coast Yachats Favorite, Crab Feed This Weekend Yachats Lions Club Annual Crab Feed, happening on Saturday, January 25 in the small central Oregon coast village

North Oregon Coast Travel Tips: Historical Curiosities From Astoria's abundance of whimsical wonders and attractions, to old lighthouses, passages through time of one sort or another, and ragged, rusting remnants in towns like Seaside, Cannon Beach and Garibaldi.

Strange Creatures Found on North Oregon Coast: Sea Angels, Peanut Worms Seaside Aquarium has been getting some interesting reports of what they at times termed “strange creatures” on the north Oregon coast

Oregon Coast Sightseeing Tips: Three Incredible Spots You Don't Know Three examples lay in the areas around Cannon Beach, Yachats and Cape Kiwanda/Pacific City.

N. Oregon Coast News: Lodging, Historical Theater, Aquarium New features at Seaside Aquarium, a motel that has changed hands and a major landmark theater gets historical recognition

What Lurks Beneath Oregon Coast Sands and Dunes May Surprise Keep a look out for more than just agates, as 2000-year-old objects may showing, surreal shapes of something called “iron towers” - and there's a new way to look at the dunes of the north Oregon coast

Sunny Heatwave Coming to Oregon Coast - Up Around 60 Sunny to mostly sunny days are coming for the Oregon coast, including temps near 60 degrees in some spots

N. Oregon Coast Event Honors Local Radio Personality An Astoria-based man of numerous talents will honored on February 1 at Astoria's Barbey Maritime Center. Astoria events

Robert Burns and Birds on Central Oregon Coast in January Modern day Celts are holding a supper in honor of a famous Scottish poet; two birding Newport events.

Central Oregon Coast News: Yachats Hosts Huge Agate Festival January 18 and 19 brings a bevy of bobbles from the sand, rock hounds and a nice dose of local geology

High Wind, Surf Warnings Issued for Oregon Coast The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Portland is calling it the strongest storm of the winter so far

Central Oregon Coast Crab Fest of Historical Proportions The sixth annual Annual Crab Krack hits Newport again on Sunday, January 19

Oregon, Portland, Coast Weather Alerts: Stormy Seas, High Winds, Snow Big waves, heavy rains and high winds are coming to the Oregon coast; snowy mountains, windy Portland

Manzanita Freaky Facts, Weird Science on N. Oregon Coast Scary geology wild history, ancient shipwrecks, treasure hunting what famous person died there, to the strange glow of local waters

Biggest Oregon Coast News Stories, Developments of the Year Tsunami debris, wild weather, astronomy, meteors, whale research, somber ocean science, a weird fish, and more

Central Oregon Coast Taken Over by Sharks Next Week It's Shark Day at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport on January 11

Central Oregon Coast Fossil and Agate Trip Features Famed Familiar Face It's called the Agate & Fossil Hunting Field Trip and it starts at 1 pm at Lincoln City's D River Wayside

Oregon Coast Question Answered: Best Beaches of Depoe Bay Depoe Bay itself is all rocky cliffs and no sandy beaches – but there are sandy wonders nearby and those cliffs are likely way more interesting than many soft stretches

Biggest, Most Popular Oregon Coast Photos of the Year According to reactions on the Oregon Coast Beach Connection Facebook page, these are what appear to be the most popular.

New Year's Eve Lodging Openings, Availability on Oregon Coast New Year's Eve is definitely getting filled up this week, as it coincides with some great weather and Whale Watch Week.

Oregon Coast King Tides Project Needs More Eyes, Assistance Here's a way to enjoy the beaches of the Oregon coast, snap some amazing ocean photos, and help the progress of science all at the same time





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On the Seaside Promenade, in Seaside


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Where the Columbia meets the Pacific, Land of Lewis & Clark and loads of atmosphere & history
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& the Corridor of Mystery
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A spouting horn downtown, freaky hidden cliffs and whales, whales, whales
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Constantly dramatic wave action, a mix of the rugged & upscale
Between Florence and Yachats - oodles of secret beaches
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25 miles of deserted beaches & oodles of wonders
Florence - on the central Oregon coast

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