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Heceta Head Caves and Different Sides
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Heceta Head Cave and Different Sides

Published 1/16/24

Heceta Head and its lighthouse are one of the most photographed places in the word, and certainly on the Oregon coast. And for good reason: it's scenic dynamite, between the ancient lava flow it sits upon, the forest surrounding it and the blinking glow of the Heceta Head Lighthouse itself. There are numerous angles this beauty is famous for, especially from a distance at the viewpoint just south of here.

Shooting it at night is also quite a sight, as is the BnB / former keepers quarters when it's all lit up for the holidays.

However, one famous little details just about takes the here on this central Oregon coast landmark: the mysterious cave below. But there are more than cave here. This one particularly immediately brings to mind the possibility of buried treasure or some other exotic tale, yet there's really nothing inside except more stones.

In fact, most of the time it and the others are not accessible or extremely dangerous to do so. The tides tend to cling close to the Heceta Head caves and not allow you to even get near. And if you do find an opening between waves, it just means others are coming along in seconds or minutes and you could trapped. The caves at Heceta Head are only accessible when tides are extremely low, or the sand levels have risen so much in summer that they keep the sea at bay.

Also pictured below: more of the different caves or indentations and a view of the southern end of the cove at Heceta Head Viewpoint (Devil's Elbow).