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Heceta Beach, Ocean Way, Sutton Lake and Holman Vista Day Use
Florence, Oregon Coast Virtual Tour

Above, Berry Creek spills into the ocean in the midst of Baker Beach, and immediately in back of that you see Lily Lake.

Baker Beach melds into a couple of other Florence beaches before the sands become North Jetty, and along the way other attractions and viewpoints light up the imagination.

After the “secret” access along Highway 101 you'll encounter Lily Lake from above (only accessible by a sizable walk from Baker Beach), and after that your ride through the central Oregon coast becomes lined by bucolic countryside, farms, intriguing indie businesses and forests. A fair distance after Baker Beach Rd. you'll find Sutton Lake Road, with the tufted Alder Dune lying behind the forest to the west and the splendors of Sutton Lake eastward. You're now part of the Sutton Recreation Area.

For another stunning viewpoint, you'll have to take a bit of a side trip. After turning west on Sutton Beach Road (not far south of the Darlingtonia exit), take that straight until its end. This gets you to Holman Vista Day Use Area. You'll find an expansive view at the lookout, plus various hiking possibilities and wheelchair-accessible spots.

After this stop, you'll quickly enter Florence proper.

Along the beachside end of things, Baker Beach takes a few miles to bump into the Ocean Way Beach access (find 4th Street from Florence, and a couple of twists and turns after its end you'll find this beach access).

Southward from here is found Heceta Beach County Park and its access, giving way to what is loosely referred to as Heceta Beach. Much of that moniker, however, comes from the fact there is an unincorporated community here called Heceta Beach, basically feeling like a suburb of Florence but imperceptibly a different burgh.

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