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Secret Beach Access / Path / Road Near Florence
Florence, Oregon Coast Virtual Tour

Secret Beach Access / Path / Road Near Florence

Fairly near the dead center of the Oregon coast, just before Florence and just below the top of the rise that overlooks the town's northern beaches, there's a wee gravel pullout – unmarked and unceremoniously rich in finds. There's pure joy in the views here, but something awesome lurks just below. If you look closely – and you have to – you'll see a long sandy path wandering down to the ocean.

Southview Lane is nearby.

This secret pathway is a leg cramp-inducer, but it's a wonder. Here you get treated to the dead-end of Florence's beaches, where they wind up at a point you can no longer cross. It's that mini headland described in the previous virtual tour stop, and you can see Cox Rock in all its lonely glory from a different angle.

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For more secrets, right around here lurks a semi-secret, fairly paved road that darts off into the forests that covers the east hills. Primitive and rugged, it's a tad magical here. Streams crisscross with the road at times, helping to create a vibe where you almost feel like you might spot a gnome.

Below, scenes from the hidden roadway:

Stream off hidden road near Florence, Oregon

Hidden road near Florence, Oregon