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Heceta Head Scenic Viewpoint (formerly Devil's Elbow)
Florence, Oregon Virtual Tour

Heceta Head Scenic Viewpoint (formerly Devil's Elbow)

It's the access point to the Heceta Head Lighthouse, with a small, crescent beach cloistered from the wind by massive cliffs on either side. With picnic tables and barbecue spots, it's a full-service park that has a lot more to do inside it than it would seem initially.

Explore the rocky areas beneath the lighthouse at low tide and discover the funky sea cave there and other interesting rock structures.

It's all part of Heceta Head State Scenic Viewpoint, which was once called Devil's Elbow State Park.

In the '80s, the park was part of the film locations for a really limp horror flick called "Cry for the Strangers," starring Patrick Duffey. These days, it's actually hilariously bad.

Either way it's a kick to see this beach and the lighthouse in the background, as well as other locales nearby (see the Tokatee Klootchman wayside) and parts of Florence.

Below, the lighthouse seen through the woods.

One of three China Creeks on the coast is around here.