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A Haunting in Astoria? Oregon Coast Hotel Has the Chilliest of Tales

Published 10/30/23 at 7:53 a.m.
y Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

A Haunting in Astoria? N. Oregon Coast Hotel Has the Chilliest of Tales

(Astoria, Oregon) – These days, it's such a bright and spry place, even with its rather elderly edifice jutting into the skyline of downtown Astoria. With a little semblance to something New York-ish, the place feels old at first sight and rather out of place on the north Oregon coast. That is until, however, you look around and see you're in Astoria, which in itself seems like old Portland. (Courtesy photos)

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On the other hand, there's definitely a modernity and chic to Hotel Elliott, with its eye-grabbing neon sign and those sleekly-designed window frames. If you're thinking to yourself this place has seen some things, you're right. It's seen glory days in its first few decades 100 years ago, and then some darker and darker times as it descended into fleabag territory. Around 2000, the Hotel Elliot saw its rebirth, and it's remained a major player on the hotel scene ever since.

However, that history leaves its echoes, apparently. If you're a believer: great. If not, the tales of haunting here are another fun and amusement ride-like side to this grand place.

Manager Sue Neuer told Oregon Coast Beach Connection with no hesitation the place has its otherworldly history.

“Our hotel is definitely haunted,” she said.

While she pointed to one book on the subject in particular, there had been some ectoplasmic aspects to Hotel Elliott she was able to relay – even saying she was documenting them now.

“When I took over as GM in March, I started a guest log book for ghost encounters,” she told Oregon Coast Beach Connection. “There are a few entries. One guest said he felt someone sit on the edge of his bed. I have not personally encountered any ghosts, but I feel their presence sometimes.”

The famed north Oregon coast hotel started in 1924 under the name Hotel Niemi for a brief time, then when local entrepreneur Jeremiah Elliott totally took over it acquired his name.

The book Haunted Astoria by Jefferson Davis outlines quite a few sightings, as well as all over town, including figures of people in the basement that are suddenly gone.

One man who was working the desk in its early days told Davis he had to bend down and grab something he'd dropped, and when he came back up he noticed a man sitting in the lobby chair facing the building across the way. He could see the profile of the man quite clearly, and then quickly noticed the man was transparent. At one point, the man got up, made eye contact with the employee and promptly dissipated – disappeared.

The employee said he did a bit of digging and realized the man looked like Jeremiah Elliott, but talking with family members of Elliott he discovered that Elliott had a brother with an unusual habit of simply sitting in the lobby, staring out at the world.

There was another incident of a woman claiming there was an old man moving around in her room. At one point, she saw the old man walk to the door and pass through it.

Davis writes of one housekeeper who was about to begin cleaning a room, but heard someone talking inside. After doublechecking with the front desk that indeed it was vacant, she found no one upon entering.

Another had a woman feel something on her leg while sitting on the bed, and although the sensation lasted for a minute or so, she could see no one.

The same room was apparently where a housekeeper found an imprint of someone having just sat on the bed. There are also tales of children being heard but not seen.

Get a copy of Haunted Astoria

Is all this true? Who really knows. In any case, this elder statesman of Astoria is yet another example of the multitude of tales coming from around town. It's reason enough to wonder aloud if Astoria should change its name to GHOSTORIA. 357 12th St, Astoria, Oregon. (503) 325-2222

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