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Depoe Bay's Inn at Arch Rock Blends Old, New: Oregon Coast Travel Tips

Published 04/21/2019 at 5:23 AM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

Depoe Bay's Inn at Arch Rock Blends Old, New: Oregon Coast Travel Tips

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(Depoe Bay, Oregon) - With an old mariner’s vibe on the exterior, the Inn at Arch Rock sits on a cliff in Depoe Bay that augments that atmosphere and gives it a feeling that’s at once regal and yet rugged. It’s the kind of place you imagine old sea shanty’s were sung decades ago while waiting out those infamous Oregon coast storms, with characters both crusty and refined drinking heartily or sipping daintily as the winds howled and they waited for the lights to come back on.

Inside, however, it’s mostly sleek chic, with a touch of maritime themes and post-mod here and there, evoking not just a sense of the upscale but one of cozy comfort as well.

Beneath this ragged, battered cliff sits a tiny but intricate cove: you feel like like pirate’s treasure is awaiting you below. All you need is to wait for the tide to go out and start poking around. It doesn’t hurt that inner storyline that the Inn at Arch Rock has the only beach access to it, so you’re almost always alone down here.

Surrounding this elder Oregon coast statesman is a manicured lawn and a handful of seating possibilities, giving you a front row seat to the sea and the whales that are known to inhabit Depoe Bay with wondrous regularity.

While it sort of evokes something turn-of-the-century (last century, that is), the Inn at Arch Rock is not quite that old.

Sue Brown is manager of the stately place. She said the original building was created around 1948 and was apparently – though they’re not sure – a sea captain’s residence. Not for long, however, as almost immediately it became a lodging. In the ‘90s, another section was added, and in 2014 six new large rooms were built.

“All of our rooms are different, some have fireplaces, some have kitchenettes, some have both and six of our rooms are pet friendly,” Brown said. “We have one full ADA room, and another handicap accessible. We have something for everyone, including the private beach access in the summer months - and of course the resident whales here in Depoe Bay.”

Glenn Petry is owner of the Inn at Arch Rock. His firm, G&M Properties, owns this and some other properties on the Oregon coast, running them in concert with another firm connected to his family called Crimson Capital. For a time, he was a professor of economics at Washington State University, but before that came a lot of work in the construction biz, and after that came the hospitality world.

“I didn’t get into the motel business until 2007,” Petry said. “Up in Pullman, Washington, I built a bunch of apartments in the ‘70s. In ‘94 I became a general contractor and starting building apartments for myself. And then I sold them all in 2007 and bought the Silver Surf in Yachats.”

The Inn at Arch Rock followed not long after. Like the Silver Surf, Petry poured a lot of money and creative ideas into it.

The results are evident. There’s a whole lotta cajoling balcony action here, and the additions fit with the historic vibe. Most of the rooms have that thoroughly modern, even upscale feel, but occasionally the old architecture peeks through via details like the window panes or perhaps a ceiling corner. There’s a lot of pleasant pastels and warm tones mixed with futuristic whites, while sometimes there’s a major splash of bright, dazzling colors that surprise.

Then there are the large windows: like massive portals to the live action of the waves outside, which can get intense and chaotic as their energy gets channeled into this diminutive cove. And of course, the whales. Depoe Bay has them year-round, as a rotating cadre of pods and individuals – mostly gray whales – like to linger here for weeks at a time, grazing on the plentiful mysid shrimp that are abundant on these reefs.

Inn at Arch Rock has 19 units, and some are larger to accommodate families, while some host two or less. There’s some awesome local coffee in the lobby, DVD players and lots of other amenities. Prices range from $99 to just over $300 per night, depending on size and season. 70 NW Sunset Street. Depoe Bay, Oregon. 541-765-2560 or 800-767-1835 . More photos of the Inn below:

Lodgings in Depoe Bay - Where to eat - Depoe Bay Virtual Tours

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