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Getting Away from the Crowds: A Sampler of Truly Hidden Oregon Coast

Published 08/31/23 at 6:27 a.m.
y Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

Getting Away from the Crowds: A Sampler of Truly Hidden Oregon Coast

Where to go on the Oregon coast when it's packed and crazy? (Above: McPhillips Beach, Cape Kiwanda)

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Right away, the southern Oregon coast should come to mind. There, especially between towns, nary a soul inhabits many of these accesses – or at least hardly any.

However, here is a sampler of actual hidden beaches. It's not a complete guide. You can find something closer to that at this search link.

This is more of a primer; of an intro.

Cannon Beach's Unknown Beaches: Escape Within an Oregon Coast Escape- The sands of Cannon Beach, one of the Oregon coast's more popular hotspots, are usually smothered with people as well as grains. However, there are a handful of parts that are less populated, where you can get away from the throngs and crowds.

One is at the very northern end, near the southern face of the cliffs of Ecola State Park and what is known as Chapman Point. It takes some walking, but that's why you'll find less folks there.

Lincoln City Mysteries: Five Stunning Oregon Coast Spots You Don't Know

Someday, you may make some startling discoveries at the northern edge of Lincoln City and just north of it – that wild, untamed and winding stretch that edges towards Neskowin and Pacific City. It's where the central Oregon coast becomes the north coast: the dividing line is where Tillamook County and Lincoln County meet. (Above: Wizard Rock at Roads End State Recreation Site).

In fact, that winding stretch is nicknamed the “Corridor of Mystery,” partially because it's so dark and unsettling to drive on at night and partially because it simply exudes a sense of unknown territory.

There's an awful lot in this area, if you start at the northern edges of Lincoln City and two of its more remarkable, northernmost beach accesses. You'll find the heartwarming (and slightly heartbreaking) memorial to deceased dogs at the Grace Hammond beach access. Not even counting the one hidden spot in Lincoln City (although you can find it in the links below), move northwards and you'll find the beach that hosts Wizard Rock. From there, after you head out of Lincoln City, you'll encounter the Corridor of Mystery, Cascade Head, Neskowin, a stunning viewpoint you weren't aware of, and a very secret beach full of surprises.

Among the finds: Grace Hammond Access: At the end of NW 34th Street, not far from some of the major attractions in Lincoln City, sits a beach access that’s tucked away from the throngs just a bit more than the other access points.

Five Oregon Coast Beaches You Don't Know About

If you're looking for something a bit different on your next Oregon coast visit – or especially some place that's not so crowded – there are answers for you. And some surprises.

The link above features such hidden spots but only covers five beaches you likely have not heard about, yet there are more such secrets to be found (see the virtual tours on this page).

You'll also want to to very cautious on all these beaches, as most are not very broad and become quite dangerous at higher tide situations. So be sure to scope them out first before entering and note what the tides are doing.

However, you're in for a treat with wild and woolly wonders. They are worth going a bit out of your way to find. These include finds in Oceanside, Depoe Bay and more.

Four Awesome Oregon Coast Areas to Hide from Crowded Madness - Perfect for holiday weekends.

So, you're heading out to the Oregon coast to get away from it all. But it's a bonkers, busy time, like a big holiday, and you really want to hide from the throngs. Where to go? Where to truly leave the world behind, when the world has apparently followed you out here? Amon them: Tierra Del Mar. Also along the Three Capes Tour, but just north of Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar is a stretch of sands that often finds you away from the masses.

Oh, the surprises are numerous and striking. Here is a guide to only four of such beachy locales you may not have heard of, or even thought about. But more hidden places do happen in just about every section of the Oregon coast (and you can find a few more at the virtual tours at right).

Other Ideas:

Between Yachats and Florence - Upper Lane County / Oregon Coast Virtual Tour, Maps of Hidden Beaches

Find Cape Perpetua, Devil's Churn, Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint (Neptune State Park), Cook's Chasm, Cape Cove Beach, Bob Creek Wayside, Strawberry Hill, Tokatee Klootchman.

Secret Beach is Ironically Famous on South Oregon Coast | Video. From secretive to well known on social media, Secret Beach (near Brookings) walks an interesting line between unknown and fame.

See more on these hidden spots and others at the various Oregon coast virtual tours at right, including maps and detailed milepost information. See hidden beaches in the Astoria, Warrenton, Gearhart area. Hidden beaches at Seaside. HIdden beaches at Rockaway Beach and Manzanita. Hidden beaches near Tillamook, Garibaldi. Hidden beaches at Lincoln City. HIdden beaches at Depoe Bay. Hidden beaches near Newport. Hidden beaches at Waldport, Seal Rock. Hidden beaches between Florence and Yachats in Upper Lane County.

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