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Florence's North Jetty Beach
Florence, Oregon Coast Virtual Tour

North Jetty Beach is the end of seven miles of sand and dunes (starting up north at the southern face of the cliffs just south of Sea Lion Caves), melding into Baker Beach and Heceta Beach and broken only by a stream or two. Some areas are heavy in sand dollars, and it’s likely you’ll find a whole one around here.

At the end of this section of Oregon coast comes North Jetty Beach and northern edges of the Siuslaw River.

N. Jetty Rd. will lead you down to this main area, as well as other dead-end beach accesses a ways north (at Heceta Beach County Park and Ocean Way). There are small trails in the brush near those northern accesses.

You can walk for yards out on a long, paved section of the north jetty, ogling the wildlife, past people catching fish and witness boats wandering in and out of the river.

Unlike most jetties on the Oregon coast, this one has an area that's fairly safe to walk on. Do not go beyond it onto the boulders, however