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Razor Clam Closures on Entire Oregon Coast, Washington Coast
complete closure of recreational razor clamming on the entire Oregon coast, while the Washington coast extends its closures to at least December 12. Sciences

Gleneden Beach's Varied, Multi-Layered Looks: Never the Same Bit of Oregon Coast
Never yielding the same impressions, the same feelings and even offering different geology and geography

Aquariums on Oregon Coast, Washington Close for 2 to 4 Weeks
Aquariums in Oregon shut down for two weeks; Washington four weeks. Seaside, Charleston, Newport

Before Exploding Whale, Legend of Oregon Coast's Imploding Whale
Also in Florence: if true the man 'was bound to the blubber beyond all bearable boundaries.' History. Sciences

Razor Clams on Washington Coast Canceled At Least Through Dec
Domoic acid has again caused more cancellations of razor clam digs along the Washington coast

Olive Ridley Sea Turtles Strand on Central Oregon Coast, Then Die
It is once again the season for sea turtles to strand along the Washington and Oregon coast. Marine sciences

Oregon Coast's Exploding Whale 50th Celebrated in Florence, Online
What is likely Oregon's most notoriously amusing moment in history turns 50 years old next week. Florence events

'Tis Season for Ocean Burps on Washington, Oregon Coast; Maybe Even Bones
Early October saw a burst of that sight that included a bit of a bone mystery. South coast, marine sciences

Razor Clamming Closed on Northern Half of Oregon Coast Through Washington
Leaving only the southern beaches of Oregon open to the activity; COVID is part of the issue with Washington

What You Might Find: 1000s of Jellyfish Crash on Oregon Coast, Including One ...
A major rush of various jellyfish on the central Oregon coast may mean some spectacular beachcombing. Marine Sciences

Ethereal Sea Butterfly of Oregon / Washington Coast: Always There But Never Seen
They are stunningly graceful and even angelic in the water, video included. Marine sciences

Central Oregon Coast Closes Razor Clamming; South Coast Opens Mussels
Entire coast open to mussels; clamming closed from Florence to Lincoln City

Washington Coast Halts Razor Clams at Last Minute Due to Marine Toxins
All beaches in the state are closed to razor clam digging effective immediately

Three Bizarre Quirks of Science on the Oregon Coast: Daylight, Crabs, Lava
Sometimes it's a pleasant surprise, other times it's a frightening tale. Marine sciences, geology

Red-Eyed Medusa of Oregon / Washington Coast is Immortal In a Way
Tiny jellyfish known as the Red-Eyed Medusa is a mighty alien creature. Marine sciences

Two Beloved, Original Sea Lions at Oregon Coast Aquarium Pass Away
For the second time in about a month, Oregon Coast Aquarium has another death in its family to report. Marine science, Newport, Depoe Bay, Lincoln City, Yachats

Bit of a 'Bitey' Beach Surprise: Salmon Shark on N. Oregon Coast
Often mistaken for Great Whites, the salmon shark is common from Brookings to Cannon Beach. Marine Sciences

Central Oregon Coast Sandy Wonders - Fascinating Strands of Lincoln, Lane County
Intriguing places near Waldport, Florence, Lincoln City

Strange But Everyday Science of Washington, Oregon Coast
Sun phenomena, sea foam facts, weird kelp. Sciences

Wolf Eel on Oregon / Washington Coast: It Only LOOKS Like It Doesn't Like You
With a wacky, even angry face, the wolf eel is actually known as a kind of kitten of the deep. Marine sciences

Return of Clamming to N. Oregon Coast, Opening Back Up to Non-Residents
Crabbing and clamming open again to non-residents; razor clams back at Clatsop beaches. Sciences

Gnarly Oregon Coast Find That Can Sting Badly: Lions Mane Jellyfish
Only one was found, and luckily these ouchy jellyfish don't wash up often. Marine sciences, Washington coast, south coast

Romantic Thrill Of It All: N. Oregon Coast's Magical Manzanita
One spot holds special sway in its ability to woo: Manzanita. Nehalem Bay, Wheeler, Rockaway Beach

South Oregon Coast Officials: Tidepools, Birds, Wildlife Right Now
Places teeming with birds, wild feeding frenzies, turtles and tidepools that are unique to Coos and Curry counties

Washington Coast Resumes Razor Clam Digging, Tentative Schedules Through Dec
Meanwhile, those not living in Oregon are still not allowed to dig for clams on its coastline, leaving Washingtonians to their beaches

Scenic Surprises in 15 Miles of Central Oregon Coast Include Watery Explosions
One stretch of central Oregon coast presents an especially varied and rugged face: Seal Rock, Waldport, Yachats, Cape Perpetua

Rarely Seen Sei Whale Strands on S. Oregon Coast, Then Dies
A species of whale that rarely washes up on these shores found its way to an area of Bandon. Marine sciences

An Eyebrow-Raising Natural Litter on Oregon, Washington Coast: Crab Shells
Loads of crab 'bodies' have been littering the beaches, as if there's been some sort of mass die-off. Marine sciences

Washington / Oregon Coast Marine Science - Updates, News, Reference, Marine B...
a variety of marine science and biology subjects. Archived reference material, latest news of what's happening with sea creatures

No Seahorses on Washington / Oregon Coast, Just the Unbelievable, Related Bay...
Related to the seahorse is the bay pipefish, which does thngs you won't believe. Sciences, South coast

Sunny Skies Return to Washington / Oregon Coast, More 'Glowing' Possible
Again chances of seeing the glowing waves at night as well as the glowing sand phenomena. Weather, science

The Odd Blob That Glows on Oregon / Washington Coast: You May Find It
This summer has seen a lot of the Crystal jellies wash up, which glow green in water. Sciences

That Trippy Time a 'Tsunami Fish' Was on Display at Oregon Coast
One living entity that made it to the Washington coast first became a bit of an attraction here. Science, Seaside Aquarium

Astounding Glowing Waves (and Sand) on Oregon Coast Right Now
A rare, consistent run of 'glowing waves' at night from the south coast up through Washington. Weather

Sami the Sea Lion Returns to Central Oregon Coast's Florence for Hide 'n Seek
A way for shoppers to peruse the village while socially-distanced and properly-masked. South coast

Updates on Crabbing, Clamming from Washington, Oregon Coast
Part of Wash resumes crabbing; southern Oregon coast resumes razor clamming. Sciences

Newport's Oregon Coast Aquarium to Open Up After Five-Month Closure
August 10 it will finally open back up with five outdoor exhibits. Travel tips. Hotels

Virtual Workshops Bring Together Art and Science of Oregon Coast
Marine Reserves Workshops where participants will learn about special ocean habitats and creatures while creating art. Sciences

Three Unique, Even Trippy Aspects of Seaside on N. Oregon Coast
A Ferris wheel, when the cove fell apart, what's under Seaside. History, science

Baby Seal Swims Up Seaside River, Charms N. Oregon Coast Visitors; Video
One adorable critter wandered downtown waterways early Sunday morning and charmed the heck out of visitors. Sciences, Seaside Aquarium, South Coast

Tiny and See-Through on the Oregon Coast: Adorable but Eerie
They go through this stage early in life, becoming eerily transparent but with a dash of blue. Sciences, Seaside Aquarium, South Coast



Past articles and material from Oregon Coast Beach Connection on a variety of marine science and biology subjects. More added periodically. See the search box at top to find specific subjects

Strange Blue Velella Velella Return to Oregon Coast, Some Spots Thicker Than Others
- The alerts are going out: the blue tide has come in. The Oregon coast is getting hit by another wave of little blue creatures called velella velella (or Purple Sailors or by-the-wind Sailors)

Janthina / Violet Snails: Tiny, Rare Purple Weirdos of Oregon Coast
- They are what is known Janthina janthina, otherwise known as the Violet Snail, Storm Snail or even just the common purple snail. Yet there’s nothing really that common about them here on the west coast of the U.S. In fact, no one in Oregon really knows much about them

The Kooky and the Cool on Oregon Coast Right Now: Pryosomes, Ghost Forests
- The small, tube-like creatures resemble plastic to some degree. The crazy thing is they are in actuality tiny colonies of hundreds of other even smaller creatures.

California Sea Cucumber Breathes Out of Its Butt: Weird Washington, Oregon Coast Science
- They are a true freak of the deep along the Oregon coast and Washington coast. The California Sea Cucumber is also known by the names Giant Sea Cucumber and Giant Red Sea Cucumber, and they’re a truly weird mix of alien movie and punk rock aesthetics

Burrowing Sea Cucumber: Oregon Coast Storm Unearths An Interesting Critter
- Weird little critters called burrowing sea cucumbers (Leptosynapta clarki) were suddenly found in abundance

Rarity of Oregon / Washington Coast: the Trippy Mola Mola / Sunfish (Video)
- Mola mola or ocean sunfish usually lives well south of the Pacific Northwest (and reportedly well offshore), but occasionally the kooky, large, semi-round fish wanders as north as British Columbia

Oh, the Lowly Sand Flea: They Should be Exalted on the Oregon Coast - What kind of sand fleas are there on the Oregon coast and what do they do? First of all, they're technically called amphipods. They're a kind of tiny crustacean and not related to fleas.

Tiny and See-Through on the Oregon Coast: Adorable but Eerie
- This tiny see-through beastie is actually a Dungeness crab, but a very baby one. They go through this stage early in life, becoming eerily transparent but with a dash of blue.

Sea Gooseberry: What is That Translucent Thing on Oregon Coast Beaches? Surprising Science
- It’s called a Sea Gooseberry (Pleurobrachi bachei) or comb jelly, and it shows up fairly often during spring and summer on the beaches

Whales and Their Legends: Ewww, 'Globsters' of Oregon / Washington Coast and Their Paranormal Past - Perhaps the grossest thing you can find on the Oregon coast or Washington coast (or any beach in the world) is what is sometimes referred to as the “globster.” It’s a particularly disgusting form of stranded whale corpse

Oregon Coast Science Experts: What is Sea Foam? Foam in the ocean is just sea bubbles, started off by tiny little phytoplankton that have died and the way their skeletons change the surface tension of the water

All About Oregon Coast Whales, Whale Watching


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