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Sampling of Oregon Coast History Documentation

Oregon Coast History: World War II Remnants You Can Visit While the Oregon coast really enjoyed a special sense of being sheltered from the dangers, the war did hit home here in some remarkable ways it did not anywhere else in America

Historical Video: Aftermath of Oregon Coast's 2007 Storm On December 2 and 3 of that year, hurricane force winds of over 100 miles per hour and major flooding battered the Oregon coast, leaving scars that still exist to this day

More to History of Oregon Coast's Peter Iredale Than Just a Shipwreck Its rusted bones are a huge attraction to those visiting Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach and Washington coast

Oregon Coast Lighthouses at a Glance A list of Oregon coast lighthouses and some supplemental information

Three Trippy Trivia, Odd History Tales of the Oregon Coast Some events on these beaches were quirkier than others

Seaside Prom - Historical Attraction

Seaside Riots of '62 and '99: Crazed Oregon Coast History, Video The Great Riot of '62 and the Spring Break Riot of '99 were anomalous

Surprising Oregon Coast History: Cannon Beach's Tolovana Inn and Warren Hotel a somewhat intricate history that closely intertwined with that of Cannon Beach

N. Oregon Coast History: Tsunami Tragedy Started Cannon Beach's Sandcastle Festival It began in 1964, not long after a tsunami washed out the bridge

Forgotten Oregon Coast History: Natatoriums of Seaside, Cannon Beach From about 1910 until the 30's, these were the meeting places and hotspots for fun along much of the coastline

Rockaway Beach

Secrets from Beneath Rockaway Beach: Hidden Oregon Coast History In Rockaway Beach, some winters mean the emergence of incredible things

Three Capes - Pacific City, Oceanside

Curious History of Oceanside Part 2: WW II, Lighthouse on Oregon Coast World War II in the area, how the place was featured in books, beginning of the lighthouse

What Really Happened with the Crashed B-17 Bomber on N. Oregon Coast One of the more spectacular bits of Oregon World War II history lays shrouded in the mists (and the dense trees) of Cape Lookout

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Coast: Complete Travel, Guide, Info  Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area full guide. Scenery, history, attractions, hiking, viewpoints, dune, geology

Lincoln City

Kooky Oregon Coast History: Lincoln City's Pixieland Part Two Not all that history is normal stuff, however

Lincoln City Formed from Six Small Towns: Intricate Oregon Coast History Lincoln City has quite the history of how it was formed

Odd Oregon Coast History: Lincoln City's Citizen Sea Lion The big barking beast brought thousands to the tiny Oregon coast hamlet


Newport: The Crazy, Hazy Tale of a Spectacular Oregon Coast Real Estate Failure Jump Off Joe is a wacky and twisting, turning bit of history on the Oregon coast

Waldport - Yachats

Bizarre Oregon Coast History: Crazed Chaos of the Shipwreck New Carissa It became another version of Oregon's exploding whale debacle

Oregon Coast Fun Facts: Six Amazing Aspects of Cape Perpetua  Wild bears, a frightening, fiery beginning and some fascinating history

Five Goofiest Legends of the Oregon Coast Get ready for an amusing ride through Oregon history: Cannon Beach, Newport, Seal Rock, Lincoln City


Oregon Coast History Archive + Latest

Three Highly Atmospheric, Historical Inns of North Oregon Coast
Some such historical rarities remain, especially up north. Seaside, Cannon Beach

Manzanita's Mishmash of Oregon Coast Thrills, Dark History, Maybe Shooting Stars
Loads of discoveries lurking in its various corners. Travel tips

S. Oregon Coast's Coos County Historical Society Celebrates 130 Years
Celebrating this milestone with its annual fundraiser and a mix of events. South coast events

Beached Sailboat on N. Oregon Coast: Two Bodies Found
A sailboat was found stranded in the sand near Nedonna Beach. Weather, history

Rattling Oregon Coast History: 2005 Tsunami Scare Failures, Successes
The night of June 14, 2005 displayed gaping holes in the tsunami alert procedures. Sciences

When Oregon Coast Beaches Were the Only Roads: An Historical Twist
Pristine state of the beaches here is directly connected to the fact they were once the only roads

Lost Mysteries of South Oregon Coast: Gold, Meteorite, Ruins
Gold, an ancient city and even a chunk of something from space. Gold Beach, Port Orford, history

Three Staggeringly Beautiful, Expansive Chunks of Oregon Coast
Massive stretches of beachy but intricate repose in Lincoln City, Florence and Warrenton. History

S. Oregon Coast Lighthouse Gift Shop and Lifeboat Station Reopen: Cape Blanco
Cape Blanco Lighthouse Greeting Center Gift Shop and Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum have reopened. History

Tales from an Oregon Coast Lighthouse: Aloof Terrible Tilly
A mystery between Seaside and Cannon Beach that loads the imagination with possibilities. History

Where 'New' Oregon Coast History Meets Old: Charms of Nye Beach
Walking through Nye Beach is a walk through a storied past

Whiskey Run Beach Near Bandon a Subtle Wild Card on South Oregon Coast
Breathtaking, Whiskey Run Beach is also kind of strange and steeped in history. Travel tips, kids

Astoria History Timeline: 200 of Years At the Top of Oregon Coast
You often don't know what you're really looking at around here: now you might

Scientists Uncover New Aspects of 1700 Tsunami Along Oregon Coast
The great inundation slowed tree growth; some previous tsunami models confirmed. Newport, geology, history

What Caused Explosive Growth of N. Oregon Coast Beaches Last Century
Seaside was 700 feet shorter, and parts of Fort Stevens had nearly a mile added. History, geology

Beginnings, Inspirations of the Astoria Column - N. Oregon Coast History
City bigwigs over a century ago hoped to create something that would rival the Eiffel Tower

Filming The Goonies on N. Oregon Coast: at Astoria, Cannon Beach
Goonies' early days here are a bit of an adventure as well. History, sciences

Lost Parts of Oregon Coast: When They Blasted Rocks at Heceta Head
Heceta had a much-loved landmark that disappeared and one that had to be destroyed. History, sciences

Parts of the Oregon Coast That Broke
These are changes on a massive scale much of the time and they can be mind-blowing. Sciences, geology, history

From Wartime to Playtime: Two Wildly Different Historic Spots on Oregon Coast
Yet two Oregon coast hotspots still resonate with the last century or so at Warrenton and Newport. History, Astoria

Curious Moments Oregon Coast Showed Up in TV, Sort Of
LOST, X-Files, Stargate SG-1. History, sciences

Scenic and Historic Twists and Turns of Arch Cape on N. Oregon Coast
There's more packed into Arch Cape than people realize. Cannon Beach, travel tips, kids, history

New Book Delves Into N. Oregon Coast, History, Images, Inspirations
116 pages that take the reader through Rockaway Beach and then travels from Tillamook to Astoria. Rockaway Beach events, Astoria events, Manzanita events, Seaside events, Cannon Beach events

Massive Event for Seaside Prom Birthday on Aug. 7, 100 Years of Oregon Coast ...
The centennial parade and ceremony will happen on Saturday, August 7 to commemorate 100 years. Seaside events

Surprise History: There Were Three Cape Arago Lighthouses on S. Oregon Coast
Three lighthouses atop Cape Arago - and other names for it as well. Coos Bay

Online Talk on July 21 About History of Oregon Coast Conservation
July 21 will take a look back at conservation efforts on these shores. Sciences, Seaside events, Manzanita events, Lincoln City events, Newport events

A Wowing Fusion of Oregon Coast History and Rugged Chaos at Newport
The tallest lighthouse and it sits on a headland that's chock full of distinctive aspects, travel tips, Yachats, Pacific City

Radar Bunker at Coos Bay's Cape Arago: Living S. Oregon Coast History
This one was called Station B-28, utilizing the SCR-270 radar equipment.

Intense History at Oregon Coast's Ecola State Park: Murder, Landslide, Explorers
This beautiful blend of forest and ocean has a storied past, a rather unique history. Cannon Beach

Three Oregon Coast Hotspots Packing a Surprise Punch, Hidden Treasure
Secret shipwrecks, a unique beach or bizarre rocky structures at Coos Bay, Manzanita, Lincoln City. History

Oceanside of Old: Tiny Oregon Coast Resort As It Was Long Ago
If you want even more aspects to the place, go back in time. History, Pacific City, Rockaway Beach

Mysteries of N. Oregon Coast's Cannon Beach: Bunker, Lighthouse, Singing Sands
An enigmatic but cajoling lighthouse just offshore, to some engaging science and history

The Great Depoe Bay Fire of 1936 a Chilling Bit of Oregon Coast History
Not a single home sat without blackened stumps or logs almost touching them. Newport, Lincoln City

Tallest and Most Storied on Oregon Coast: Newport's Yaquina Head Lighthouse
The Yaquina Head Lighthouse first sparked to life in 1873. History, travel tips

N. Oregon Coast's Seaside History Museum to Reopen with New Exhibits
Seaside Museum reopens its doors on June 11 at noon. Seaside events

Warrenton Had an 'Exploding Whale' 30 Years Before Central Oregon Coast
Was it as bad as the Florence Exploding Whale we all know and love? Quite likely. History

Oregon Coast's Tillie the Whale History a Kooky and Dramatic One
The origin story of the old Waldport attraction is dramatic - and hints at another 'exploding whale'

84 Years of N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Aquarium Filled with Twists, Turns
The Seaside Aquarium opened its doors on May 25, 1937. History

The Jump-Off Joe No One Knows: Newport, Oregon Coast History
Most people don't know there was a structure in Newport with the same name 100 years ago. History

Oregon Coast Names Part 2: Central and North Coast History
How they got their names: Gleneden Beach, Lincoln City, Pacific City, Tillamook, Arch Cape, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Astoria

Oregon Coast Names Part I: South to Central Coast History
Gold Beach, Coos Bay, Bandon, Yachats, Depoe Bay, Newport

100 Years Ago, S. Oregon Coast Tourism Was Rough, Wild; Barely-Paved Roads
Construction boom in Bandon; Curry / Coos County history, glimpses

South Oregon Coast Shipwrecks At A Glance: There Are Hundreds
115 shipwrecks from Florence to Cali were never salvageable; almost 300 wrecks were. History, Reedsport, Coos Bay, Bandon, Port Orford, Gold Beach

Murder and Explosions Aboard Depoe Bay Fishing Boats | Oregon Coast History
A rageful murder of a boat captain and a boat that exploded, in the '30s. Newport, Lincoln City, Yachats

S. Oregon Coast's Coos History Museum Hosts Writing Contest; Opens Doors
On the southern Oregon coast, you've got a shot at becoming an award-winning writer - no matter where you live

N. Oregon Coast Cannery History Comes Alive with New Astoria Outdoor Market
The Hanthorn Cannery Market at Pier 39 runs through September. Astoria events

N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Cautious But Hopeful for Huge Centennial Event
The cautious message of 'save the date' for Saturday, August 7 was sent out. Seaside events, history

Cruel and Quirky History Tidbits of Port Orford, South Oregon Coast
Port Orford has a particularly high body count at its very beginnings, and some eyebrow-raising curiosities in the mix

The Little Tsunami That Couldn't: Oregon Coast History, 2009
The result was a bit of anxiousness along the Oregon coast and some evacuating. Sciences

Three Unique, Even Kooky Bits of Oregon Coast History: Cult, Lighthouse, Pat ...
Rather eye-popping bits of the past of this region: Waldport, Fort Stevens, Seaside, Heceta Head / Florence

Yachats Then and Now: The Old and Newer Oregon Coast Frozen in Time
Old photographs of Yachats inspire particular delight. Newport, Depoe Bay, Florence. History

N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Promenade Celebrates Centennial With Contests, Expe...
Seaside is celebrating throughout the entire year with a host of ways to dig into history

Brits on Telly Get Silly with Oregon Coast Exploding Whale Song | Video
British comedian Jimmy Carr at the helm, one comedy / game show in Britain featured the new tune. Sciences, history

Cue Micheal Jackson: 'Zombie' Whales of Oregon Coast History
A rather amusing newspaper article about a whale stranding decades ago. Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport

Three Weird to Wacky Facts About Depoe Bay, Central Oregon Coast
Kooky park, blobs going back millions of years, and 'little flying men'. Geology, history

Auto Camps to Motor Lodges and Motels on Oregon Coast | History Part 2
After 1920, auto camps replaced rickety tents, giving way to motor lodges, hotels. Sciences

From Rugged Tents to Real Rooms: Evolution of Oregon Coast Overnight Stays Pa...
Tent cities, to cabins, auto parks, a unique thing called motor lodges, and then finally to motels. History sciences

Looking for writers to cover beaches in Washington and Oregon as well as inland travel for Oregon Travel Daily. Weather

Lincoln City's SW 35th St. Access: Oregon Coast History and Tidal Surprises
There are layers of history here, wild to curiously odd tidal and sand action, and gobs of space. Travel tips, kids

Seaside Cove on N. Oregon Coast: Guide to Beach and Surreal History
A hotspot at Seaside and yet still out-of-the-way enough that there are secretive aspects



Literally over 100 homes available as vacation rentals – all distinctive and carefully selected to be special. Find them in Yachats, Waldport, Newport, Nye Beach, Otter Rock, Depoe Bay, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, Lincoln City, Neskowin, Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar and Rockaway Beach. Some pet friendly.
On the Seaside Promenade, in Seaside


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Explore Every Beach Spot
Astoria - at the northernmost tip of Oregon

Where the Columbia meets the Pacific, Land of Lewis & Clark and loads of atmosphere & history
Seaside, Oregon

The Promenade, Tillamook Head, family fun & broad, sandy beaches
Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast
Cannon Beach

A mysterious lighthouse, upscale yet earthy, a huge monolith, fine eateries & an art mecca
Nehalem Bay, Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler and Rockaway Oregon Coast
Nehalem Bay - Manzanita, Rockaway, Wheeler

Manzanita's beaches, Nehalem and Wheeler's quirky beauty; laid back Rockaway
Oregon Coast: Tillamook Bay, Tillamook, Bay City, Barview, Garibaldi
Tillamook Bay

Garibaldi, Barview, Bay City, Tillamook & an oceanfront ghost town
Three Capes Loop, Oceanside, Netarts, Pacific City, Cape Lookout, Cape Meares
Three Cape Loop - Oceanside, Netarts, Pacific City

The hidden secret of the coast: Cape Meares, a lighthouse, Oceanside, Netarts and Pacific City
Lincoln City, Cascade Head, Neskowin, Inland Highway 101
Lincoln City
& the Corridor of Mystery
Miles & miles of unbroken beaches, Cascade Head, Neskowin and manmade attractions
Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast
Depoe Bay

A spouting horn downtown, freaky hidden cliffs and whales, whales, whales
Newport, Nye Beach on the Oregon Coast

Time-tripping Nye Beach, a bustling bayfront, marine science-central and two lighthouses

Constantly dramatic wave action, a mix of the rugged & upscale
Between Florence and Yachats - oodles of secret beaches
Upper Lane County

25 miles of deserted beaches & oodles of wonders
Florence - on the central Oregon coast

A lighthouse, ancient bayfront and miles and miles of fluffy dunes





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