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Sampling of Oregon Coast History Documentation

Oregon Coast History: World War II Remnants You Can Visit While the Oregon coast really enjoyed a special sense of being sheltered from the dangers, the war did hit home here in some remarkable ways it did not anywhere else in America

Historical Video: Aftermath of Oregon Coast's 2007 Storm On December 2 and 3 of that year, hurricane force winds of over 100 miles per hour and major flooding battered the Oregon coast, leaving scars that still exist to this day

More to History of Oregon Coast's Peter Iredale Than Just a Shipwreck Its rusted bones are a huge attraction to those visiting Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach and Washington coast

Incredible Time Travel Moments in Oregon Coast Historical Photos
Wowing glimpses of old Astoria, Manzanita, Florence, Yachats, Rockaway Beach, Cannon Beach

Oregon Coast Lighthouses at a Glance A list of Oregon coast lighthouses and some supplemental information

Three Trippy Trivia, Odd History Tales of the Oregon Coast Some events on these beaches were quirkier than others

Seaside Prom - Historical Attraction

Seaside Riots of '62 and '99: Crazed Oregon Coast History, Video The Great Riot of '62 and the Spring Break Riot of '99 were anomalous

Surprising Oregon Coast History: Cannon Beach's Tolovana Inn and Warren Hotel a somewhat intricate history that closely intertwined with that of Cannon Beach

N. Oregon Coast History: Tsunami Tragedy Started Cannon Beach's Sandcastle Festival It began in 1964, not long after a tsunami washed out the bridge

South Oregon Coast Shipwrecks At A Glance: There Are Hundreds 115 shipwrecks from Florence to Cali were never salvageable; almost 300 wrecks were


Astoria History Sampler

Beginnings, Construction of the Astoria Column - N. Oregon Coast ...
On March 8, construction began. Workers first excavated a large area and then created a base of concrete some 30 feet square and ten feet thick.

Warrenton Had an 'Exploding Whale' 30 Years Before Central ..
Reports of the incident on September 1 of 1937 in Warrenton are extremely scarce, and at the time it wasn't remarkable at all. Was it as bad as ..

Filming The Goonies on N. Oregon Coast: at Astoria, Cannon Beach Goonies' early days here are a bit of an adventure as well

What's Up with Astoria? And What's Down Below the Oregon Coast Town


Seaside History Sampler

Forgotten Oregon Coast History: Natatoriums of Seaside, Cannon Beach From about 1910 until the 30's, these were the meeting places and hotspots for fun along much of the coastline

Oregon Coast Names Part 2: Central and North Coast History How they got their names: Gleneden Beach, Lincoln City, Pacific City, Tillamook, Arch Cape, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Astoria


Cannon Beach History Sampler

N. Oregon Coast's Indian Beach at Cannon Beach, Historical and Film Fame Much in the way of views here, but there's history as well

Ecola Point's Pictorial Past: Old Cannon Beach up to Modern Oregon Coast Disasters, Goonies - From thousands of years ago to major landslides, storms

Deeper Into Arch Cape Opens Up Oregon Coast History, Curious Noises and Sights

Quirky Oregon Coast History: How Cannon Beach Got Its Name
There was a village in the Willamette Valley called Eola (now almost part of West Salem). Ecola locals found that their mail was accidentally...

Cannon Beach's Bandage Man a Spooky, Goofy Oregon Coast Lore .
His origin story: one (and the main) version has it he was a logger severely injured and rather “chopped up” as the Cannon Beach History Museum ...

Ecola Point's Pictorial Past: Old Cannon Beach up to Modern Oregon Coast Disasters, Goonies - From thousands of years ago to major landslides, storms


Manzanita History Sampler

Pieces of Legendary Oregon Coast Spanish Galleon Wreck Retrieved Near Manzanita - Part 1


Nehalem Bay History Sampler

The Little Tsunami That Couldn't: Oregon Coast History
.Nehalem Bay, Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler and Rockaway Oregon Coast

Wheeler Ancient History - unique aspects to this beautiful town


Rockaway Beach History Sampler

Secrets from Beneath Rockaway Beach: Hidden Oregon Coast History In Rockaway Beach, some winters mean the emergence of incredible things

Rockaway Beach's Less Obvious Sides Hint at Oregon Coast History, Layers The Tillamook Coast town features fun in ways you can’t always see

Three Capes - Pacific City, Oceanside History Sampler

Curious History of Oceanside Part 2: WW II, Lighthouse on Oregon Coast World War II in the area, how the place was featured in books, beginning of the lighthouse

What Really Happened with the Crashed B-17 Bomber on N. Oregon Coast One of the more spectacular bits of Oregon World War II history lays shrouded in the mists (and the dense trees) of Cape Lookout

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Coast: Complete Travel, Guide, Info  Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area full guide. Scenery, history, attractions, hiking, viewpoints, dune, geology

Cape Kiwanda Almost Had Nuclear Power Plant: Bizarre Oregon Coast State Park ...
The park got its start after a nuke was proposed on the cape

Quirky to Obscure Rumors and History of N. Oregon Coast's Cape Meares Lighthouse Name mix-ups, Meares' boo boo's, becoming automated

Bayocean Peninsula Park and Cape Meares Beach: N. Oregon Coast Unknowns Cape Meares and its beach, the Peninsula Park and its history - all on Tillamook Bay

Oregon Coast's Octopus Tree Complete: Origin, Rumors, History, Even a Celeb Atop Cape Meares Near Oceanside: how old, is it the tallest, shape, freaky facts, rumors



Lincoln City History Sampler

Where Were the '20 Miracle Miles?' Quirky to Cool Central Oregon Coast History
A stretch from Otis, Lincoln City to Depoe Bay, sort of

Kooky Oregon Coast History: Lincoln City's Pixieland Part Two Not all that history is normal stuff, however

Lincoln City Formed from Six Small Towns: Intricate Oregon Coast History Lincoln City has quite the history of how it was formed

Odd Oregon Coast History: Lincoln City's Citizen Sea Lion The big barking beast brought thousands to the tiny Oregon coast hamlet

Lincoln City's Legends: Headless Man, Glowing Cave, Oregon Coast Shipwrecks
Yet sometimes these have roots in real history. Sciences, history, geology

The Terror of Post-War Mines on Beaches: Oregon, Washington Coast History (part two) 1949 and going into 1950, quite a few Japanese mines were found

World War II Mines an Explosive Problem on Oregon / Washington Coast in '50s (part one) In the first two years after the war 117 mines are found in this region


Depoe Bay History Sampler

Depoe Bay's Spouting Horn Then and Now: Oregon Coast History Images of the icon in ways you've never seen

The Great Depoe Bay Fire of 1936 a Chilling Bit of Oregon Coast History

The Great Depoe Bay Fire of 1936 a Chilling Bit of Oregon Coast
Not a single home sat without blackened stumps or logs almost ...


Newport History Sampler

Newport: The Crazy, Hazy Tale of a Spectacular Oregon Coast Real Estate Failure Jump Off Joe is a wacky and twisting, turning bit of history on the Oregon coast

Amusing and Awesome Tales from Keiko the Killer Whale at Oregon Coast Aquarium
Behind-the-scenes anecdotes from those who knew him. History, Newport, sciences

What You Can See of Nye Beach's Past - Oregon Coast History Walk Nye Beach has managed to hold onto its historic roots

The Great 1936 Fire at Yachats Threatened Two Towns, Oregon Coast History It suddenly grew into an enormous blaze that choked the little town


Waldport - Yachats History Sampler

Waldport's Pat Boone Inn: Oregon Coast Finance Tale That Reached Ocean Shores, Washington
An odd bit of history for the Oregon and Washington coast involving a celebrity

Bizarre Oregon Coast History: Crazed Chaos of the Shipwreck New Carissa It became another version of Oregon's exploding whale debacle

Oregon Coast Fun Facts: Six Amazing Aspects of Cape Perpetua  Wild bears, a frightening, fiery beginning and some fascinating history

Five Goofiest Legends of the Oregon Coast Get ready for an amusing ride through Oregon history: Cannon Beach, Newport, Seal Rock, Lincoln City

Little Waldport is Big on Weird Oregon Coast Legends, History Some striking moments: like a UFO cult, Pat Boone / exploding whale connections, a crazy shipwreck, sea monsters

Seal Rock History and Mysteries on Oregon Coast: Failed Resort to Monsters and Metal Finds Once a promise land of paved streets and heavy tourist traffic

Yachats' 804 Trail Full of Drama - and a Rousing, Tense History on Oregon CoastAbout 1.3 miles of ecstatic views, wave drama and quite a history


Florence History Sampler

Cox Rock, Near Florence, an Oregon Coast Puzzle in History, Geology, Sightseeing
One mysterious rock island, a connection to Sea Lion Caves. Travel tips, S. coast


Reedsport History Sampler

1964 Tsunami Part 1: Its Impact on S. Oregon Coast What happened in Brookings, Gold Beach, Bandon, Coos Bay, Reedsport

Oregon Coast's First Documented Shipwreck? Sea Otter in 1808 at Reedsport A fur trading vessel left six men alive on the south coast, but that's just the start of the adventure


Coos Bay / Charleston / North Bend History Sampler

Slow But Epic Oregon Coast Drama, Coos Bay's Sujameco Wreck Still Visible
March 1, 1929, it slid onshore and a distinctive history began. History

When Marshfield and Empire Became Coos Bay: Votes That Changed S. Oregon Coast...
It started out under the name Marshfield - as well as Empire

Tales of the End of a South Oregon Coast Lighthouse: Chief's Island and Arago...
Chief's Island near Coos Bay had humans on it for more than 1,500 years. History

Coos Bay Area Discoveries: New South Oregon Coast History, Scientific Finds More to check out: new ghost forests, historic places, shipwreck tale


Bandon History Sampler

'Great Flood of '96' for South Oregon Coast Hit Coos Bay, Bandon in Nov
The big one ravaged northern Oregon in Feb; South coast 10 months later. History

Bandon's Tupper Rock is S. Oregon Coast History Long Gone ...
Over a century ago, that's what many felt about Grandmother Rock, often known as Tupper Rock. Tupper Rock was a scenic fixture in the early days ...

Two Little Ghost Towns on S. Oregon Coast Near Bandon: History of Prosper, Randolph
At one time, they were bustling ports, ...

The Decade the Oregon Coast Burned - 1930s
Some two and a half miles of central Oregon coast were burned before it came under control on September 28. See the Great Depoe Bay Fire for full ...

Port Orford History Sampler

Cruel and Quirky History Tidbits of Port Orford, South Oregon Coast
It starts with a group of soldiers lost in the coast range hills on a scouting mission. As they made camp and later wandered a bit, they found a ...

100 Years Ago, S. Oregon Coast Tourism Was Rough, Wild; Barely-Paved Roads Constructions boom in Bandon; Curry / Coos County history, glimpses


Gold Beach History Sampler

Lost Mysteries of South Oregon Coast: Gold, Meteorite, Ruins

Heaven's Gate Suicide Cult and its Connections to Oregon Coast
Gold Beach. Just two years after it began, cult leaders ...

Oregon Coast Names Part I: South to Central Coast History Gold Beach, Coos Bay, Bandon, Yachats, Depoe Bay, Newport


Brookings History Sampler

Three Oregon Coast History Oddities: 'Secret' Base, Bombing ...
Bombing Near Brookings. While the north Oregon coast is fairly well-known for one wartime interaction with the enemy (a Japanese sub fired on


Oregon Coast History + Latest

S. Oregon Coast's Coos Bay Gets Heritage All-Star Status for Historical Aspec...
Preserving and sharing local history contributes to the economy

Bay Clamming Reopens on All Oregon Coast, Some Mussels - After Severe Biotoxi...
Rather harrowing chapter in Oregon's shellfish gathering history. Marine sciences

Coming to Coos Bay: Celebrating Merci Train and Its History, Massive Oregon C...
Merci Train talk on July 18, weeks of classical music July 13 - 27. S. Coast events

From Cape Disappointment Lighthouse with a Halo to Washington Coastal Storms ...
A meeting of weather phenomena and Oregon - Washington coast history. Astoria

Two Shimmering Examples of Oregon Coast Historical Inns at Lincoln City
To get a truly historic experience, however, you have to go back a ways. Lincoln City hotel reviews

Exceptional Time Travel Aspects of Central Oregon Coast's Newport - Millions ...
From two lighthouses to ancient life. Sciences, history

Ethereal Thing at the Other End of Sunset You Don't Know About: Odd Oregon Co...
It dried up tourism and brought patrols to beaches. History, Seaside, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Florence, Coos Bay, Brookings

Oregon and Washington Coasts Shut Down All Shellfish Due to 'Historic Levels'...
All beaches, bays on PNW coasts are closed to harvesting. Marine sciences

D-Day Remembrance: How World War II Affected the Oregon Coast
It dried up tourism and brought patrols to beaches. History, Seaside, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Florence, Coos Bay, Brookings

No, No One is Blowing Up Manzanita Whale, But More Of This in Oregon Coast Hi...
If you like upchucking on the beach and disturbing wildlife and maybe getting fined, you'll love this. Marine sciences

Beneath an Oregon Coast Lighthouse: Heceta Head's Curiosities, Tales
Below the landmark sit holes, even explosive history

Coos Bay's Party of Historical Proportions: S. Oregon Coast Town Celebrates 1...
In 1874, the little town of Coos Bay was born. Coos Bay events

Wild Tales from Oregon Coast Lighthouses: Giant Holes to Killer Storms
Port Orford, Coos Bay, Bandon, Florence and Seaside / Cannon Beach. History

Antique Glass Floats Go On Sale at Lincoln City Museum, Rarely-Found Oregon C...
North Lincoln County Historical Museum on May 31, June 1. Lincoln City events

Rockaway Beach's 7 Miles of Sights and Sites with Oregon Coast Historical Roots
Comprised of different villages that coalesced together

Historic North Oregon Coast Inn Gets New Life as Off-the-Beaten-Path Forest G...
Nehalem River Inn is nearly 100 years but has a new look. Manzanita hotel reviews, Manzanita lodging

S. Oregon Coast Lighthouse Behind a Curtain: Cape Blanco Temporary Lamp, Gift...
Different, temporary light source for a time in front of a curtain. History, Port Orford

Octopus Tree Atop Cape Meares: History, Hikes, Rumors of the Oregon Coast Celeb
Near Oceanside: how old, is it the tallest, shape, freaky facts, rumors

North Oregon Coast's Labor Day Riots Focus of Seaside Talk
April 18 local writer / author RJ Marx gives history talk. Seaside events

Witnessing Oregon Coast History at Depoe Bay: What's Gone and What's Eternal
Landmarks now gone and other exceptional moments

March Marks Two Dramatic But Grim Tsunamis in Oregon Coast History
March 11 of 2011 and March 27 of 1964. Sciences, geology. Bandon, Port Orford

Oregon History Made as Coastal Lighthouse Near Florence Celebrates 130 Years
Saturday means tours of the BnB, raffles, live music. Florence events, Newport events

Seaside's Wilder Side: A Historic Kind of Oregon Coast Rugged and Unruly
A chunk of stuff to do in the natural world

N. Oregon Coast's Hug Point Has Its Ancient, Millions-of-Years-Old Secrets
Just a few short miles of Cannon Beach you'll bump into Hug Point. Geology, marine sciences, history

25 Years Ago Today, Wild Tale of New Carissa Wreck Began on Oregon Coast (Pho...
Setting off a historic chain of sometimes wacky events in Coos Bay, Waldport. History, weather

Historic Oregon Coast Glass Float Exhibit and ID Your Float Day
Exhibit starts Feb 17; Float ID Day on Feb 24. Lincoln City events

Two Other Shipwrecks Pop Up on S. Oregon Coast, One a Rarity near Coos Bay
At Horsfall Beach, the Sujameco and the Helen E.. History, sciences

Heceta Head Lighthouse Florence, Oregon Coast Virtual Tour
Glimpse history of the lighthouse, its geology and other fun facts

Beneath Famous Oregon Coast Town: Surprising History, Science of Cannon Beach...
From bunnies to birds then to geologic curiosities. Sciences

Deeper Into Cannon Beach: History and Science Surprises of Oregon Coast Hotsp...
Fiery, spooky beginnings to historic twists

Lots of (Delightful) Lighthouse Lies: Oregon Coast Lighthouse with the Talles...
Now a curious part of history, they've all been ghost-busted. Weather, history

Coos Bay's Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge: History, Construction of S. O...
What was officially named the Coos Bay Bridge at first

Three Curiosities of Seaside's The Cove - North Oregon Coast Oddities
From morbid to delightful; geology, history, surprises

Two Kinds of Mysteries: Bayocean Ghost Town, Hiking N. Oregon Coast Historic ...
In Seaside on Dec 28; Nehalem on Jan 20. Seaside events, Nehalem events

This Week: South Oregon Coast History Made with First Lighting of Cape Blanco...
A storied history near Port Orford includes storms, lightkeeper dynasty

Twinkly Holiday at Historic Hughes House on South Oregon Coast's Cape Blanco ...
Two days of tea time Dec 15-16, then six days of holiday fun Dec 17-22. South coast events

Aftermath of December 7 Shifted Life on Oregon Coast: World War II Patrols, B...
This could've been the frontline to any invasion. Sciences, Coos Bay, history, Oceanside, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Arch Cape, Yachats, Bandon, Lincoln City

Oregon Coast Shipwrecks: List of Those You Can See - and Cannot
From Astoria down to Brookings, deep history and details of shipwrecks. History

Two Stellar Oregon Coast Winter Views at Cannon Beach Include One Sizzling Sp...
Watch king tides, storms from here, walk Lewis 'n Clark history. Cannon Beach lodging, Cannon Beach hotel reviews

More of N. Oregon Coast's Wreck of Peter Iredale Showing Than Ever Before: As...
Many have never seen this much of the historic icon

Ecola Point's Pictorial Past: Old Cannon Beach up to Modern Oregon Coast Disa...
From thousands of years ago to major landslides, storms. History

Little Lincoln City Motel is Historic Oregon Coast 'Motor Inn'
Features Dec Special Prices - Whistling Winds Motel in Lincoln City is nearly a century. Lincoln City hotels, Lincoln City reviews

Deep Oregon Coast History at Seaside, Coos Bay Events: of Coroners and of Loc...
One in Seaside on Clatsop County deaths and a few in Coos Bay on geography. Seaside events

Fort Clatsop Unveils New Facility, New Chapter in Oregon Coast and Lewis 'n C...
Now, 218 years later it marks another milestone

Where Beaches and Village Streets Practically Scream Oregon Coast History
Walking here automatically means you're walking on history. Newport, Nye Beach

5 Quirky Facts About Wreck of Peter Iredale on N. Oregon Coast
Partying right after, shot at by a submarine, a movie set, more. History, Astoria, Warrenton, shipwreck, Seaside, Cannon Beach

Amusing and Awesome Tales from Keiko the Killer Whale at Oregon Coast Aquarium
Behind-the-scenes anecdotes from those who knew him. History, Newport, sciences

Old Oregon Coast Home Movies at Lincoln City Museum
Maybe Even Yours Saturday, October 21 at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum. Lincoln City events

Heceta Head Lighthouse Holds Ghost Tours at Keepers Quarters: Florence, Orego...
October 28 and 29 you can tour the lighthouse keepers quarters. Florence events, Yachats events, history, South coast events

Haunted Taft Tours Dig Up the Spirits of Central Oregon Coast
Saturday, October 7 it all begins and goes for four weekends. History, Lincoln City events

3 Wild Curiosities of Astoria, Oregon Coast No One Else Has. Hint: 1st Explod...
The only town in the universe Star Trek called 'heaven'; Florence didn't have the first whale. History

Constant Killer Views at One Cannon Beach Legend: Oregon Coast Travel Tips
There's also deep history at this popular, luxury hotel. Cannon Beach hotel reviews, Cannon Beach lodging, Tolovana Inn

Seaside Event Digs Into Mysterious Bayocean, the Oregon Coast Ghost Town
September 28 at 6 p.m. at Seaside Brewing. History, Seasode events, Tillamook

Incredible Time Travel Moments in Oregon Coast Historical Photos
Wowing glimpses of old Astoria, Manzanita, Florence, Yachats, Rockaway Beach, Cannon Beach

Bay City Historical Cemetery Tour Gives Plenty of Moody Oregon Coast Vibes
Journey Through Time: Bay City Cemetery Tour and Preservation Workshop on September 16. Tillamook events

What Are Newport, Oregon Coast Beaches Known For: Pristine Miles of Sand and ...
Two lighthouses, a charming historic town, endless sands. Travel tips

Legendary Oregon Coast History Comes Alive with Lewis 'n Clark Reenactment in...
Sept 9 and 10 at Seaside, at the end of Avenue U. Seaside events

Cannon Beach's Midtown / Gower Access: Gateway to Oregon Coast's Famed Haysta...
The access is home to startling wave action, great views and history

Seriously Quaint Oregon Coast Frontier Town That U.S. and International Trave...
Astoria: historical to the untamed and the truly curious

History Bus Tour and Helping Shore Acres on South Oregon Coast
Coos History Bus Tours return; Shore Acres needs volunteers. South coast events

Literally over 100 homes available as vacation rentals – all distinctive and carefully selected to be special. Find them in Yachats, Waldport, Newport, Nye Beach, Otter Rock, Depoe Bay, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, Lincoln City, Neskowin, Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar and Rockaway Beach. Some pet friendly.
On the Seaside Promenade, in Seaside

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Astoria - at the northernmost tip of Oregon

Where the Columbia meets the Pacific, Land of Lewis & Clark and loads of atmosphere & history
Seaside, Oregon

The Promenade, Tillamook Head, family fun & broad, sandy beaches
Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast
Cannon Beach

A mysterious lighthouse, upscale yet earthy, a huge monolith, fine eateries & an art mecca
Nehalem Bay, Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler and Rockaway Oregon Coast
Nehalem Bay - Manzanita, Rockaway, Wheeler

Manzanita's beaches, Nehalem and Wheeler's quirky beauty; laid back Rockaway
Oregon Coast: Tillamook Bay, Tillamook, Bay City, Barview, Garibaldi
Tillamook Bay

Garibaldi, Barview, Bay City, Tillamook & an oceanfront ghost town
Three Capes Loop, Oceanside, Netarts, Pacific City, Cape Lookout, Cape Meares
Three Cape Loop - Oceanside, Netarts, Pacific City

The hidden secret of the coast: Cape Meares, a lighthouse, Oceanside, Netarts and Pacific City
Lincoln City, Cascade Head, Neskowin, Inland Highway 101
Lincoln City
& the Corridor of Mystery
Miles & miles of unbroken beaches, Cascade Head, Neskowin and manmade attractions
Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast
Depoe Bay

A spouting horn downtown, freaky hidden cliffs and whales, whales, whales
Newport, Nye Beach on the Oregon Coast

Two lighthouses, timeless Nye Beach, bustling bayfront, regal bridge
Waldport, Seal Rock
Waldport, Seal Rock

Sands and dunes, craggy Seal Rock, semi-secret beaches

Constantly dramatic wave action, a mix of the rugged & upscale
Between Florence and Yachats - oodles of secret beaches
Upper Lane County

25 miles of deserted beaches & oodles of wonders
Florence - on the central Oregon coast

A lighthouse, ancient bayfront and miles and miles of fluffy dunes

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