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Apparent SpaceX Rocket Debris Found on Oregon Coast

Published 04/09/21 at 9:25 PM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

Apparent SpaceX Rocket Debris Found on Oregon Coast

(Waldport, Oregon) – It's like an X-Files episode on the Oregon coast. (Photo courtesy Lincoln County Sheriffs)

Lincoln County Sheriffs reported Friday they found what appears to be charred debris from the Falcon X rocket that created such a startling show in the skies over the west coast in late March. This comes after another piece was found in eastern Washington last week.

The chunk of fuel container-like debris was found in Waldport after washing up in the Alsea Bay, according to the sheriff's office.

“The debris was removed from the Alsea Bay by a fisherman and was briefly stored near a local business,” the office said.

Deputies responded about 3:15 p.m. Friday and set up an exclusion perimeter while officials assessed the object and any possible hazards.

“Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue responded to the scene and determined the object was not an immediate hazardous materials threat,” the county said. “After further consultation with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, SpaceX was contacted.”

(Photo courtesy Lincoln County Sheriffs)

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SpaceX was unable to determine for certain if the object was from their rocket, but the sheriff's office said it was “consistent with a composite overwrapped pressure vessel.”

Engineers from the space company examined numerous photographs and took into account various observations from deputies before giving the go-ahead to move the object, saying it was safe to do so.

“The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office thanks Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and SpaceX for their rapid response to this incident,” the office said.

Last week, a chunk of similar debris crashed on a farm in eastern Washington, according to Grant County Sheriffs. It was determined to be from the SpaceX rocket that broke up in the skies above the west coast.

That object was about five feet long and also a composite-overwrapped pressure vessel used for storing helium. It left a four-inch dent in the grounds of the farm but no one was hurt.

The owner of the property wanted to remain anonymous and Grant County Sheriffs said they will not release the location of that Washington landing spot. MORE PHOTOS AND VIDEO BELOW

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SpaceX rocket debris burning up over the NW in March

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SpaceX debris found in Washington last week, courtesy Grant County Sheriff's

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