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Oregon Coast Geology Geological Science of Landmarks on the Oregon Coast

All Oregon Coast Tide Pools (where to find them - guide to every single tide pool)

Live Earthquake, Tsunami Updates from Oregon Coast, Washington. B.C., California, Alaska

Guide to Oregon Coast Whales

Oregon Coast Science: How Tides Work, How They Push Moon Away The answer goes deeper than you'd imagine and farther out into space, too; how tidal forces are slowing the Earth's rotation

Oregon Coast Camping Guide (every campsite on 180 miles of Oregon coast)

Article Archive, Latest News from Seaside Aquarium, Oregon Coast Baby Seals, local history, nature news, beach finds, marine science, more. Find out what the Seaside Aquarium has been up to all these years.

Video: The Weird Side of Spring on the Oregon Coast A look at strange sunsets, odd critters, crazed weather and unruly foam

Oregon Coast Answers: What Are Those Snake-like Tubes or Whips?
It's a seaweed (or a large algae) commonly called Bull kelp - or Bull Whip Kelp or Ribbon Kelp. Science, kids

Oregon Coast Science Experts: What is Sea Foam?
Foam in the ocean is just sea bubbles, started off by tiny little phytoplankton that have died and the way their skeletons change the surface tension of the water Kids. Attractions

Surprising Facts About Sand Dollars on the Oregon Coast Where are the most sand dollars on the Oregon coast? What are they? Are they alive? More....

Surreal North Oregon Coast Photo Adventures Everything looks normal on the surface, but clouds seem to bend and bounce daylight in curious ways

Places Where Things Explode on the Oregon Coast Get an oceanic eyeful in Yachats, Depoe Bay, Cannon Beach, Oceaside and more

A Different Side of Common Oregon Coast Landmarks Familiar places on the Oregon can take on a whole new look if you move around

Freaky Oregon Coast Facts: Geology of Pacific City's Haystack Rock How tall is it and what is the geologic origin

Rugged Hidden Places Abound in One Oregon Coast Village Oceanside is is like a happy ending to an already upbeat story along the Three Capes Tour

Video: Brown Blobs, Waves on North Oregon Coast April meant a wide variety of strange sights on the Oregon coast

Freaky Oregon Coast Facts: Geology of Pacific City's Haystack Rock
How tall is it and what is the geologic origin

Bizarre Landmarks and Landscapes of the Oregon Coast The true hidden spots of the coast provide the real fun of discovery

Weird Discoveries are in the Details on Oregon Coast The craziest things can lurk in some of your favorite, regular beach stops and spots

Depoe Bay Whale Watch Watch Center - Visitor Information, Oregon Coast
Whale Watch Center, Depoe Bay. Headquarters to the Whale Watch Spoken Here program, Tourist attraction, Central Oregon Coast. Science

Weird Science News Archive from the Oregon Coast

Rare, Bizarre Glowing Creatures Strand on Oregon Coast Beaches
  It's called a pyrosome, and the ones found here are less than a foot, and are actually massive colonies of cloned creatures

Warnings Issued for Oregon Coast About Sick Sea Lions Officials warn to keep humans and pets away from all sea lion

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats Return to Oregon Coast - Briefly Glass Japanese floats were a common sight on Oregon beaches throughout most of the 20th century

Hundreds of Crab Shells Show Up on North Oregon Coast It's simply crab molting season for the Dungeness crab in Oregon coast waters, where adult crabs are getting bigger and outgrowing their shells

Oregon Coast Photos of the Week: Weird Brown Foam Seaside has recently been the recipient of loads of strange brown foam

Oregon Coast Aquarium Sea Lion Dies in Freak Drowning A female sea lion named Bailey drowned in her pool

Sun-Drenched Oregon Coast Not Unusual for February There's a glut of extra lovely weather on the coast, and it's around for the weekend

Sand Levels Revealing Some Ghost Forests On Oregon Coast Winter has not conjured up much on Oregon's beaches this time around

Warm Weather Draws Masses to Oregon Coast and Green Flash The coast was actually generally warmer than inland during much of the week

Starving, Dying Brown Pelicans Becoming a Problem on Oregon Coast Authorities have been receiving calls about Brown Pelicans either washing up dead or exhibiting uncharacteristic behavior

Latest Oregon Coast Science and Nature News

Sea Lions Sick with Leptospirosis on Oregon Coast: Keep Pets, Yourselves Away
Stay clear of sick or dead sea lions. Marine sciences, beach safety

SOLVE Cleanup Finds on Oregon Coast Include a Whale
This carcass had been in the news before, victim of orcas. At Otter Rock near Newport. Marine sciences

The Great, Big Solar Eclipse Coming to Oregon Coast First: Events, Hotels, Tr...
South Coast eclipse events, astronomy, where to stay, traffic, Coos Bay, weather, Bandon, Reedsport, Port Orford, Florence

Fiery DUI Crash on S. Oregon Coast Illustrates Importance of Dune Safety, Sob...
An ATV plowed nose-first into a steep sand dune. Sciences, Coos Bay

Podcast: Three Really Cool Things on Oregon / Washington Coast Right Now
Ep 1: an intro to Oregon Coast Beach Connection; humpback whales, second summer and wild sand levels. Sciences

Oregon to Washington Coast BeachCast (Oregon Coast Beach Connection Podcasts)
Covering Oregon coast / Washington coast travel, sciences, weather, hotels

New Comet Nishimura Could Be Visible Over This Weekend - Oregon / Washington ...
It may reach a magnitude 2 brightness and be visible to the naked eye. Weather

High-Altitude Research Balloon from Oregon Coast Space Firm Freaks Out Portla...
It turns out it was a space research balloon from Tillamook. Sciences

Remarkable Moment of Lightning Striking the Ocean off Oregon Coast at Pacific...
Science of beach and ocean lightning

Mussel Harvesting Closed on S. Oregon Coast from Bandon to California Due to ...
A dangerous biotoxin called paralytic shellfish poisoning. Marine sciences

Saturn at its closest and brightest now for Washington, Oregon, the coast
Saturn will be in opposition on Sunday, August 27. Astronomy, weather

Oh, Deer: Adorable Encounter on S. Washington Coast, Video | Oregon Coast Bea...
A simple late summer visit to a Washington coast lighthouse turned into quite the nature encounter

Like Jupiter Descended Onto the S. Oregon Coast: Bandon and Wildfire Smoke Sc...
Stunning shots of a new and different sunset. Sciences

Green Nightglow Above Us All the Time, You Just Didn't Know: Washington / Ore...
Also called chemiluminescence, once you see it you can't unsee it. Astronomy, Rialto Beach, Manzanita, Gold Beach

Razor Clamming Reopens On All of Southern Oregon Coast
Happy times, happy clams along most of the coast. Sciences

Finds Near Include Chattering Creatures, the Whimsical and 18-Million-Year-Ol...
Hundreds stop here every day, not realizing what's below. Sciences

Do Not Pick Up Sick or Dying Common Murres, Say Oregon Coast Biologists
ODFW biologists say it's important to not try and rescue them. Sciences

Washington Coast Photog Snags Intense Wave Glow / Perseids at Kalaloch Beach ...
Both the Perseid meteor showers and glowing phytoplankton. Sciences

Unusual Find on Oregon Coast a True, Rare Treasure of Random, Happenstance Art
An unlikely combo of elements plopped together, bridging biology and chaos. Sciences

Video: Masses of Dragonflies Migrating Along Oregon Coast
Sometimes huge walls of them appear. Sciences

S. Oregon Coast Find at Brookings Looks Like 'Alien' Eggs, But the Science is...
The actual explanation winds up a bit surprising. Marine sciences

What is Tillamook Head Geologically? Deep Inside N. Oregon Coast Headland at ...
All that lava, over numerous eruptions, filled up an underwater canyon. Sciences

Videos: More Cougar Sightings N. Oregon Coast; Whale Feeding in Cove Entertai...
Three cougars at Neskowin; gray whale at Seaside. Marine sciences

Get Ready: Feeding Frenzies and Humpbacks May Be Headed for Oregon / Washingt...
It doesn't happen every year, but late summers often bring this. Marine sciences

Three Oregon Coast Beaches Hiding Ancient, Even 'Ghostly' Secrets
Science is stranger than fiction at Coos Bay, Bandon, Netarts. Sciences

Parts of South Oregon Coast Reopen to Razor Clamming - But Not Much
From Cape Blanco to Brookings; Seal Rock to Florence. Marine sciences

World's Oceans Changing Color, Study Says: Are Oregon / Washington Coast Next?
The likely culprit is human-induced climate change. Marine sciences

Wacky Beach Basics: What These Everyday Sights Mean on Oregon Coast / Washing...
What is sea foam and what are those piles of blobs. Marine sciences

The Little Dude That Just Gave Birth on the Oregon Coast
With one fish, genders are switched, among other amazing things. Marine sciences

More Cougar Sightings Within North Oregon Coast Town, Police Urge Caution
Nehalem Bay State Park trails are back open; sightings. Sciences

One of Biggest Meteor Showers Now Above Oregon / Washington Coast, Peaks Aug ...
Among the brightest of meteor showers we get here. Sciences, astronomy. Washington coast events, south coast events, Florence events, Newport events, Lincoln City events, Pacific City events, Rockaway Beach events, events, Seaside events, Astoria events

Blue Moon, Super Moon This Month Above United States - Oregon / Washington Coast
Aug 1 and Aug 30: two moons, really bright. Sciences, astronomy. Washington coast events, south coast events, Florence events, Newport events, Lincoln City events, Pacific City events, Rockaway Beach events, events, Seaside events, Astoria events

Three Small Quakes Off Southern Oregon Coast
About 100 miles off Port Orford; no tsunami alert issued. Sciences, geology

Do the Bioblitz on N. Oregon Coast: Unusual Fun on Beaches of Manzanita, Nearby
Month-long science project while hanging out on the beach. Manzanita events, events

Sick and Slowly-Dying Whale Spotted Near Depoe Bay, Moving N. Along Oregon Coast
Malnourished and sick, it may have only two weeks left. Marine sciences

Sometimes, Clouds Are Your Best Friends Shooting Oregon Coast Sunsets - Video
From pastels to deep shades and dusk surprises. Sciences

Stunning Photos of Oregon Coast Cougar Incident - How's and Why's
A colledction of amazing photos, and why the cat came out to Cannon Beach. Sciences

Someone pointed laser in eyes of Oregon coast boatcrew, authorities want to k...
That boat, it turns out, was a Coast Guard vessel out of Tillamook Bay. Sciences

Graceful Video of Whale Spouting on S. Oregon Coast at Port Orford; And Whale...
When the cetacean encounters hit they can be spectacular. Marine sciences

Crews Get Ready to Help Entangled Humpback Whale Off Oregon / Washington Coas...
20 miles off the Columbia River, the whale is now a mystery. Sciences

Cougar Leaves Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock, This Part of Oregon Coast Back Open
Still cougar issues at Nehalem Bay State Park. Sciences

Cougar 'Standoff' on N. Oregon Coast: Officials Wait for Cat to Leave Haystac...
Latest: The cat has not stepped onto the sand and remained on the rock. Sciences

One 'Crappy' Report: Oregon Coast Beaches May Have Poo Issues
One set of data suggests Oregon marine waters have a poo prob. Sciences

International Space Station Sightings Abundant Now: Oregon, Washington and Co...
Sometimes three or four viewings possible a night. Astronomy, sciences, Washington coast events, south coast events, Florence events, Newport events, Lincoln City events, Pacific City events, Rockaway Beach events, events, Seaside events, Astoria events

Razor Clamming Annual Closure Starts on N. Oregon Coast on July 15, Through Oct
Conservation measures allow the new clams to set. Seaside, events, Sciences

Aurora Bummer-Alis / Debunked: No Northern Lights for Oregon, Washington, Coa...
EarthSky.org has debunked the mass articles: it's not happening. Weather, astronomy

Two Rescues on N. Oregon Coast, One Murder Investigation
Investigation at Cape Meares; rescues at Neskowin. True crime, sciences

Some Oregon Coast Areas Will Have Survey Takers, Asking What Visitors Know
How much does the public know about Oregon's marine reserves. Sciences, S. coast events, Florence events, Newport events, Lincoln City events, Pacific City events, Rockaway Beach events, events, Seaside events, Astoria events

Hiking, Painting, Tidepool Events at N. Oregon Coast's Netarts Area
Dig further into the Three Capes. Oceanside events, Pacific City events, Sciences

CoastWatch Volunteers Catch Run of the Illegal and Extremely Dangerous on Ore...
Kids digging a cliff, refuge violations, bad dogs - but a cool live octopus. Sciences, beach safety, true crime

Seaside's Beach Discovery Days Reveal the Jaw-Dropping, Deeper Oregon Coast
Use a microscope, see sand, phytoplankton and weird magnets. Marine Sciences, Seaside events

Is Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock Biggest Anything? No: Oregon Coast Geology
It's a lovely favorite for good reasons, but not a record-breaker. Sciences

New Finds of Sudden Oak Death Disease on S. Oregon Coast: Humbug State Park Q...
Some remote parts of trails off limits. sciences

Holiday Weekend a Chance to Catch Puffins on N. Oregon Coast's Haystack Rock
From July 1 through 4, the Great Puffin Watch in Cannon Beach. Sciences, events, Bandon

Low Minus Tides This Weekend On Oregon Coast: Last of Clamming, Beaches Uncov...
Clatsop Beaches closed to clamming soon; minus tides bring new access. Sciences, Bandon, Arch Cape, Oceanside, Seaside

That Friend of SpongeBob: Spiny Pink Sea Star Resides Along Oregon / Washingt...
A rather boldly-colored form of starfish that are trippy. Marine sciences

No Selfies with the Seals, Say Oregon Coast Officials; Other Wildlife Warnings
Various young ones being born right now, both onshore and offshore. Sciences

Expert on Oregon Coast Orcas: Why So Many Sightings, Practice Kills, Who, More
Why they appear to waste a kill, which pods. Science

Heceta Head Lighthouse on Oregon Coast Vandalized, Tagged; Suspect Photos
Damage estimated $10,000 to $20,000 for the Florence / Yachats attraction. Sciences

Other Gray Whales Killed by Orcas Found on Oregon Coast, Revealing More Science
Two happened in California, five total in Oregon in three months


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Astoria - at the northernmost tip of Oregon

Where the Columbia meets the Pacific, Land of Lewis & Clark and loads of atmosphere & history
Seaside, Oregon

The Promenade, Tillamook Head, family fun & broad, sandy beaches
Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast
Cannon Beach

A mysterious lighthouse, upscale yet earthy, a huge monolith, fine eateries & an art mecca
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The hidden secret of the coast: Cape Meares, a lighthouse, Oceanside, Netarts and Pacific City
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Miles & miles of unbroken beaches, Cascade Head, Neskowin and manmade attractions
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Depoe Bay

A spouting horn downtown, freaky hidden cliffs and whales, whales, whales
Newport, Nye Beach on the Oregon Coast

Two lighthouses, timeless Nye Beach, bustling bayfront, regal bridge
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Constantly dramatic wave action, a mix of the rugged & upscale
Between Florence and Yachats - oodles of secret beaches
Upper Lane County

25 miles of deserted beaches & oodles of wonders
Florence - on the central Oregon coast

A lighthouse, ancient bayfront and miles and miles of fluffy dunes






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