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Oregon Coast Geology Geological Science of Landmarks on the Oregon Coast

All Oregon Coast Tide Pools (where to find them - guide to every single tide pool)

Live Earthquake, Tsunami Updates from Oregon Coast, Washington. B.C., California, Alaska

Guide to Oregon Coast Whales

Oregon Coast Science: How Tides Work, How They Push Moon Away The answer goes deeper than you'd imagine and farther out into space, too; how tidal forces are slowing the Earth's rotation

Oregon Coast Camping Guide (every campsite on 180 miles of Oregon coast)

Article Archive, Latest News from Seaside Aquarium, Oregon Coast Baby Seals, local history, nature news, beach finds, marine science, more. Find out what the Seaside Aquarium has been up to all these years.

Video: The Weird Side of Spring on the Oregon Coast A look at strange sunsets, odd critters, crazed weather and unruly foam

Oregon Coast Answers: What Are Those Snake-like Tubes or Whips?
It's a seaweed (or a large algae) commonly called Bull kelp - or Bull Whip Kelp or Ribbon Kelp. Science, kids

Oregon Coast Science Experts: What is Sea Foam?
Foam in the ocean is just sea bubbles, started off by tiny little phytoplankton that have died and the way their skeletons change the surface tension of the water Kids. Attractions

Surprising Facts About Sand Dollars on the Oregon Coast Where are the most sand dollars on the Oregon coast? What are they? Are they alive? More....

Surreal North Oregon Coast Photo Adventures Everything looks normal on the surface, but clouds seem to bend and bounce daylight in curious ways

Places Where Things Explode on the Oregon Coast Get an oceanic eyeful in Yachats, Depoe Bay, Cannon Beach, Oceaside and more

A Different Side of Common Oregon Coast Landmarks Familiar places on the Oregon can take on a whole new look if you move around

Freaky Oregon Coast Facts: Geology of Pacific City's Haystack Rock How tall is it and what is the geologic origin

Rugged Hidden Places Abound in One Oregon Coast Village Oceanside is is like a happy ending to an already upbeat story along the Three Capes Tour

Video: Brown Blobs, Waves on North Oregon Coast April meant a wide variety of strange sights on the Oregon coast

Freaky Oregon Coast Facts: Geology of Pacific City's Haystack Rock
How tall is it and what is the geologic origin

Bizarre Landmarks and Landscapes of the Oregon Coast The true hidden spots of the coast provide the real fun of discovery

Weird Discoveries are in the Details on Oregon Coast The craziest things can lurk in some of your favorite, regular beach stops and spots

Depoe Bay Whale Watch Watch Center - Visitor Information, Oregon Coast
Whale Watch Center, Depoe Bay. Headquarters to the Whale Watch Spoken Here program, Tourist attraction, Central Oregon Coast. Science

Weird Science News Archive from the Oregon Coast

Rare, Bizarre Glowing Creatures Strand on Oregon Coast Beaches
  It's called a pyrosome, and the ones found here are less than a foot, and are actually massive colonies of cloned creatures

Warnings Issued for Oregon Coast About Sick Sea Lions Officials warn to keep humans and pets away from all sea lion

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats Return to Oregon Coast - Briefly Glass Japanese floats were a common sight on Oregon beaches throughout most of the 20th century

Hundreds of Crab Shells Show Up on North Oregon Coast It's simply crab molting season for the Dungeness crab in Oregon coast waters, where adult crabs are getting bigger and outgrowing their shells

Oregon Coast Photos of the Week: Weird Brown Foam Seaside has recently been the recipient of loads of strange brown foam

Oregon Coast Aquarium Sea Lion Dies in Freak Drowning A female sea lion named Bailey drowned in her pool

Sun-Drenched Oregon Coast Not Unusual for February There's a glut of extra lovely weather on the coast, and it's around for the weekend

Sand Levels Revealing Some Ghost Forests On Oregon Coast Winter has not conjured up much on Oregon's beaches this time around

Warm Weather Draws Masses to Oregon Coast and Green Flash The coast was actually generally warmer than inland during much of the week

Starving, Dying Brown Pelicans Becoming a Problem on Oregon Coast Authorities have been receiving calls about Brown Pelicans either washing up dead or exhibiting uncharacteristic behavior

Latest Oregon Coast Science and Nature News

Around Undersea Volcano Other Intriguing Oregon Coast Science Happens | Video
Robots, a vast array of sensors into Washington coast, strange fiery liquids. Marine sciences

Apparent SpaceX Rocket Debris Found on Oregon Coast
Found at Waldport: what appears to be charred debris from the Falcon X rocket. Astrononmy, Sciences

They're Baaack: Finally, Orcas Spotted on Oregon Coast | New Info Emerges
Sightings have been dry there recently, until now; more has come to light about this group. Marine sciences

Explained: Strangely Colored Tides of Oregon / Washington Coast in Blue, Pink...
Ever walk the beach and discover the waves or the sea foam are a weird color? Marine sciences, Seaside Aquarium

Depleted on Oregon Coast, Live Sea Otter Found | What That Means
Found at Manzanita, Sea otters have been extinct in Oregon for over 100. Marine sciences

Rarity on Oregon Coast Beaches, Sevengill Shark Washes Up at Gearhart
Broadnose Sevengill shark, about six feet long: only seen on beaches about every ten years. Marine sciences, Seaside Aquarium

Six Stunning Facts About Oregon Coast Spring: Whales, Best Photos, Lowest Tid...
So much more going on during spring along this coastline than most ever know. Weather, marine science, kids, travel tips

When a Baby Orca Visited Central Oregon Coast River | Video
Video of baby orcas and two adults wandering Florence's Siuslaw River. Marine sciences

That Green Slime or Sea Goo on Oregon / Washington Coast: What Is It?
Kind of intriguing, sometimes smelly, and it is truly slippery and fairly dangerous. Marine sciences

A Rundown of Jelly-Like Salps of Oregon, Washington Coasts
A salp: it's sort'a see-through, it's blobby, it's gelatinous in a way. Marine sciences

When the Ocean Burps on Oregon / Washington Coast It's Insanely Cool
A treasure trove of freaky finds and wowing bits from Gold Beach to Washington's peninsula. Marine Sciences, kids

Fire Below, Ghosts Above: Oregon Coast Science No One Tells You
From Brookings up through Astoria, Oregon's coastline has a lot of mysteries just below it. Sciences, geology, Coos Bay, Yachats, Bandon, Depoe Bay

Spooky Lava Rivers Created Much of N. Oregon Coast
A massive river of lava comes searing its way westward from Idaho, so huge it covers miles at a time. Sciences, geology

Now Is Seal Pup Season on Oregon / Washington Coast: Leave Them Alone
Give them plenty of space and do not touch, say experts. Sciences

Fireball Debris Over Oregon Coast, Washington, Canada Was SpaceX Rocket
Documented on the Oregon coast, northern California, Idaho, Washington and even in southern Canada. Astronomy, sciences, weather

Some Outdoors Events Returning to Oregon Coast
Helping to survey snowy plovers and a famed tidepool class is back. Marine sciences, Newport events, Astoria events, Manzanita events, Oceanside events

Viewpoints on Oregon Coast With Something Strikingly Different: Langlois, Coo...
This trio of oceanic wilderness by the roadside at Lincoln City, Blacklock Point and Simpson Reef. Bandon, geology, science

Bizarre Rocky Details of Oregon Coast: What's Really Going On
Three areas provide some of the wildest structures: Yachats, Coos Bay and Depoe Bay. Geology, science

Fireball Puts on Rare Show for a Few in Oregon, Washington - But Not Coastline
2:11 AM on Thurs morn a rare fireball lit up the atmosphere. Astronomy, sciences

Oregon Coast Natural Science and Author Events: Coos Bay, Lincoln City, Cape ...
Manzanita events, Coos Bay, Lincoln City events: bird monitoring, sea level rise, crabs and an author who specializes in unicorns

Gas Prices Rise in NW to Well Over Three Bucks: Oregon / Washington Coast Travel
Oregon's average is $3.13 per gallon, while Washington's higher at $3.28. Sciences

What Does First Day of Spring Mean for Oregon / Washington Coast? Look to Skies
First day of spring and of spring break, and lots of intricate astronomy interactions. Weather, science

Restrictions on Some Oregon Coast Beaches Due to Plover Nesting
Now through September 15, some beach areas have some restrictions to protect plover nesting habitat. Sciences

The Little Tsunami That Couldn't: Oregon Coast History, 2009
The result was a bit of anxiousness along the Oregon coast and some evacuating. Sciences

Freaky Critters That Brush Past You in Tideline | Oregon, Washington Coast Sc...
They show up in summer on the Oregon or Washington coast, usually late in the season. Marine sciences

Looking Back: 10-Yr Anniversary of Tsunami Scare on Oregon Coast
Despite the fear, the evacuations were orderly. South coast, sciences, geology

March Sky Highlights Include Mysterious Zodiacal Light / False Dusk on Washin...
Skies of PNW will see some interesting sights; maybe a rarity. Astronomy, sciences

New Ghost Forest on S. Oregon Coast Remains of 1700 Megathrust Quake, Tsunami
A new set of stumps is documented at Coos Bay and they're fascinating. Geology, sciences

Belt of Venus: the Other Side of Oregon / Washington Coast Sunset
From an astronomer, inside look into the floating phenom called the Belt of Venus. Weather, science

How Bandon's Face Rock Was Created A Wild S. Oregon Coast Geologic Tale
Somewhere over 201 to 56 million years old; reveals other surprises in Bandon rocks. Geology, science

Small Quake Shakes Off Oregon Coast This Weekend As Another Rattles Alaska
It took place about 250 miles off the south coast; three people reported feeling it. Coos Bay, Sciences

Weird News: Lamprey Falls from Sky | Oregon Coast Fish Older Than Dinos
ODFW releases a brochure about this creature, a lamprey fell from the sky on the north coast. Sciences

Why Shore Acres Waves Are So Big: Height Measurement, Geology | S. Oregon Coast
What is it that makes this place so different? How are waves measured?. Coos Bay, science

Two Stranded Turtles on Oregon Coast - One With 'Miracle' Surprise
Found in Lincoln City and Rockaway Beach, one had a strange, 'miraculous' twist but a sad ending. Sciences

Brits on Telly Get Silly with Oregon Coast Exploding Whale Song | Video
British comedian Jimmy Carr at the helm, one comedy / game show in Britain featured the new tune. Sciences, history

Fossil Bed Hotbed on Oregon Coast Right Now - Where to Look
Parts of the Oregon coast are a hotbed of ancient rockbeds, creating not just prime agate hunting possibilities but lots of fossil finds. Sciences, geology

Auto Camps to Motor Lodges and Motels on Oregon Coast | History Part 2
After 1920, auto camps replaced rickety tents, giving way to motor lodges, hotels. Sciences

From Rugged Tents to Real Rooms: Evolution of Oregon Coast Overnight Stays Pa...
Tent cities, to cabins, auto parks, a unique thing called motor lodges, and then finally to motels. History sciences

Early Quake Warning App Soon Available in Northwest | Oregon, Washington Coast
The ShakeAlert app will soon be available to users in Oregon and Washington. Sciences, geology

Oregon Coast Storms Reveal What's Beneath Cannon Beach at Silver Point
18-million-year-old bedrock that's underneath all of Cannon Beach. Geology, sciences

Oregon Coast Dangers Update: Logs, Dunes, Oceanside Tunnel, More
Logs are presenting greater issues, some dune erosion is still happening and causing potential problems. Geology, sciences

Romantic Thrill of it All: Cool, Tingly Make Out Spots on Oregon Coast
Whether you be on a first date or a pair of seasoned warriors from the House of Love. South coast, travel tips, sciences

The Unheralded Ghost Forests of South Oregon Coast / Coos Bay in Photos
The stumps at Sunset Bay at Coos Bay / Charleston are intricate, and their origin murky. Geology, sciences

Sunset Science: Dusk Isn't What It Seems on Oregon, Washington Coast
Two major surprises about Oregon and Washington coast sunsets. Sciences

Storms Take Out Massive Chunks of Oregon Coast Dunes, Some Dangerous
Ocean sliced away as much as ten feet vertically and more horizontally in some areas. Geology, sciences

Rare, Surreal Find Along Oregon, Washington Coast: Red Towers
Reddish formations that come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes and not just cylindrical. Geology. Sciences

Eerie, Mind-Bending Ghost Forests Appear Around Oregon Coast
4,000-year-old ghost forests have popped up in numerous sections as sand levels there get scoured out. Geology, sciences

Quirky Pyrosomes Found Again on Oregon Coast, Mostly South
King tides brought in a multitude of debris and small creatures. Sciences

Looking for writers to cover beaches in Washington and Oregon as well as inland travel for Oregon Travel Daily. Weather

Oregon Coast News Archive 2013 - 2016
Travel, sciences, recreation, meteorological and event articles from three years along the Oregon coastline

Anniversary of 1700 Quake a Spooky Reminder of What's Coming to Oregon, Washi...
321-year anniversary of the 1700 Cascadia magnitude 9.0 quake: the tsunami created a wall of water 25 feet high, and will again. History, sciences

The Striking, Brightly-Colored Nudibranchs of Oregon / Washington Coast Tidep...
One wild little beastie wears not only a myriad of bright, striking shades but incredible and different forms as well. Marine sciences, Seaside Aquarium

From Dino Bones to New and Moving Land Masses: Startling Oregon Coast Facts
The back story of these beaches is a weird one, and the weird stuff keeps happening. Marine sciences, geology, south coast, Cape Sebastian

Longer Days, Sunsets After 5 Reveal Trippy Little Details for Oregon, Washing...
Sunsets on the coastlines have been after 5 p.m. for a bit, and there's some odd science there. Weather

Spectacular Yet Scary Images, Video from Oregon / Washington Coast King Tides
In stills and video are some excessively unwise behavior but mostly jaw-dropping nature. Weather

Looking Back at the Mystery of the Unusual Gooey Beach Balls Along Oregon, Ca...
It was weird, it was puzzling and it was kind;a gooey. And it had to do with the clam worm. Marine sciences

Wacky Moments of Oregon Coast History
Goofy sights and situations at Lincoln City, Bandon, Seaside. Sciences

Mysterious, Sludgy Bags of Chia Seeds Found on Central Oregon Coast
Chia seeds sprout in water, and these created a mess on the beaches of Newport, Florence. Sciences

Crabbing on Oregon / Washington Coast Mix of Closed, Open Areas
A mixed bag of good news and bad news for Dungeness crabbing along the Oregon coast and Washington coast. Marine sciences

Guadalupe Fur Seal Found Thin, Distressed on N. Oregon Coast; Rescued (Video)
Now, the plan is to get him back into shape and back to his native waters. Seaside Aquarium. Marine sciences


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Explore Every Beach Spot
Astoria - at the northernmost tip of Oregon

Where the Columbia meets the Pacific, Land of Lewis & Clark and loads of atmosphere & history
Seaside, Oregon

The Promenade, Tillamook Head, family fun & broad, sandy beaches
Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast
Cannon Beach

A mysterious lighthouse, upscale yet earthy, a huge monolith, fine eateries & an art mecca
Nehalem Bay, Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler and Rockaway Oregon Coast
Nehalem Bay - Manzanita, Rockaway, Wheeler

Manzanita's beaches, Nehalem and Wheeler's quirky beauty; laid back Rockaway
Oregon Coast: Tillamook Bay, Tillamook, Bay City, Barview, Garibaldi
Tillamook Bay

Garibaldi, Barview, Bay City, Tillamook & an oceanfront ghost town
Three Capes Loop, Oceanside, Netarts, Pacific City, Cape Lookout, Cape Meares
Three Cape Loop - Oceanside, Netarts, Pacific City

The hidden secret of the coast: Cape Meares, a lighthouse, Oceanside, Netarts and Pacific City
Lincoln City, Cascade Head, Neskowin, Inland Highway 101
Lincoln City
& the Corridor of Mystery
Miles & miles of unbroken beaches, Cascade Head, Neskowin and manmade attractions
Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast
Depoe Bay

A spouting horn downtown, freaky hidden cliffs and whales, whales, whales
Newport, Nye Beach on the Oregon Coast

Two lighthouses, timeless Nye Beach, bustling bayfront, regal bridge
Waldport, Seal Rock
Waldport, Seal Rock

Sands and dunes, craggy Seal Rock, semi-secret beaches

Constantly dramatic wave action, a mix of the rugged & upscale
Between Florence and Yachats - oodles of secret beaches
Upper Lane County

25 miles of deserted beaches & oodles of wonders
Florence - on the central Oregon coast

A lighthouse, ancient bayfront and miles and miles of fluffy dunes






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