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A cuddly pet- and family-friendly beauty that boasts a host of complimentary fun stuff like beach games, beach chairs and bikes for carousing around town on, among other things. Immaculate rooms - great sense of fun and quirkiness. Free wi-fi. There are also free movies. Small pet fee.

Suites, duplex units, houses for 2-8 people. Close to everything. All units w/ kitchens; many have fireplaces, decks, jetted tubs. Robes, slippers, luxury bath amenities and more. Award-winning flowers. Featured on Travel Channel.

Cannon Beach Fultano's. Delivers to hotels; slices for lunch. Find all the regular pizza favorites as well as gourmet varities, including seafood, linguica, teriyacki chicken and even a sauce made of mashed grapes. Amazing homemade soups. Pasta dishes out of this world, with now-famous recipe, stellar meatballs. Homemade lasagna. All affordable in family-friendly atmosphere that is also romantic.

20 gorgeous homes sleep up to 18; doubled that with some side-by-side homes. Some pet friendly. Cottages to massive homes; new oceanfront to renovated historic beach houses. All over central coast w/ Lincoln City, Otter Rock, Boiler Bay and Nye Beach. Long list of features, including barbecues, large decks, antique furnishings, wood stoves, gas fireplaces, hardwood floors, Jacuzzis and hot tubs. Most have movies, music, books. Gift basket w/ goodies in each


Oregon Coast Reference Guide: Last News from Seaside Aquarium, Article Archives Seaside Aquarium


Baby Seals, local history, nature news, beach finds, marine science, more. Find out what the Seaside Aquarium has been up to all these years.




Extreme Oregon Coast Cuteness: When Adorable Baby Seals Attack
Talk about a dream job. Not only are you working on the Oregon coast but you get to hang around little cuties like these. Seaside Aquarium, kids.

Latest Travel, Science News from Oregon Coast: Seals, Wonders, Sky Objects
A quick roundup of the latest Oregon coast travel and science news includes lots about seals, astronomy, geology, wild travel sights, crabbing

Oregon Coast Officials on Plentiful Crabs, Wildlife, Birds
Some kinds of crabs are aplenty, and seals and birds are sure to delight. Science

New Asian 'Tsunami Fish' Causes a Stir with Oregon Coast Scientists
The Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport will be the next home for yet another tsunami fish found. Seaside Aquarium, attractions

Second Sea Turtle Rescued by Crew from Oregon Coast
Yet another sea turtle was found and rescued by the Seaside Aquarium - once again on the southern Washington coast. Science

Bundles of Wildlife to be Seen on North, Central Oregon Coast
Look for egrets, scoters, eagles, sea lions, harbor seals, a good fishing spot and so many birds. Cannon Beach, Oceanside, Florence, Newport, Pacific City. Science. Kids

Oregon Coast Crew Assists Live Turtle Found in Washington
The Olive Ridley turtle suffered from hypothermia but appeared to be in good condition. Seaside Aquarium, science

Jellyfish Talk This Week in Newport, Central Oregon Coast
They are the subject of a talk given by Dr. Richard Brodeur on December 18 at the PUD. Newport events

Oregon Coast Scientists: Sharks May Be Killing Endangered Sea Lions
A new study out of Newport's Hatfield finds that one species of shark may gobbling up and endangered species of sea lion

Oregon Coast Officials: Quiet Sea Lions and Eagle Drama
They're touting the 'quiet sea lions' and spilling the beans on some wild interaction between birds right now. Florence, Yachats, Cannon Beach, Newport, Oceanside

Oregon Officials: Leave Baby Seals, Deer Alone in Forests, Coast
Baby seals have been showing up regularly on the Oregon coast, and in deep forested areas you may run across young deer fawn

Oregon Coast Sightings: Sea Lions, Birds, Whales, Amphibians
A lot is happening with birds, sea lions and amphibians in the forests and near the beaches and bays. Science, kids. Oceanside, Tillamook

Two Babies at N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Aquarium
Another bundle of joy for the Seaside Aquarium happened over the weekend, with the birth of yet another baby seal; but not a good ending for the fawn

Fascinating New Babies Now at Seaside Aquarium, N. Oregon Coast
Mystery eggs have hatched and the fish finally ID'd after months, and there are new baby moon jellies. Science

Giant Gooey, Smelly Whale Washes up on N. Oregon Coast
A big, smelly whale is making a splash on the north Oregon coast, as tons of visitors to Seaside are getting treated to a mass of hideously decaying flesh. Seaside Aquarium, Science

Oregon Coast Crew Responds to Dead Whale on Washington Beach
A 27-foot Gray Whale washed up in southern Washington - and had whale lice and whale barnacles living on it. Seaside Aquarium

Odd Oily Waves Return to N. Oregon Coast - But It's a Good Thing
It looks like an oil spill, or some other environmental disaster, but it's actually the sign of a very healthy ocean. Science. Seaside Aquarium

Oregon Wildlife Officials: Tips on Birds, Sea Lions on the Coast
Plenty of wildlife is viewable around the Oregon coast right about now, including birds, elk and sea lions

When Oregon Coast Creatures Resemble the Vast, Interstellar Depths of the Uni...
As if there's a massive fractal design to the cosmos: Oregon coast creatures that resemble cosmic webs Lyman-Alpha blobs, gas clouds and more. Science. Seaside Aquarium

Strange Oregon Coast Places to Live: Marine Creatures Make Rope a Home
Some creatures at the Seaside Aquarium are living on a rope, quite literally. Tunicates, zoanthids, tubeworms and mussels sometimes show up

Oregon Coast Science Roundup: New Planets, Kooky Octopus, Meteorites
A major astronomy discovery, a place to find meteorites on the Oregon coast and an octopus that may make you laugh. Seaside Aquarium, attractions.

Live Dolphin Washes Up on North Oregon Coast
Crews from the Seaside Aquarium responded to a report of a live dolphin washed ashore on Wednesday in Gearhart. science

Strange Creatures Found on North Oregon Coast: Sea Angels, Peanut Worms
Seaside Aquarium have been getting some interesting reports of what they at times termed 'strange creatures' on the north Oregon coast. Science. Kids. Rockaway Beach, Cannon Beach, Manzanita

N. Oregon Coast News: Lodging, Historical Theater, Aquarium
New features at Seaside Aquarium, a motel that has changed hands and a major landmark theater gets historical recognition. Astoria, attractions

Central Oregon Coast Taken Over by Sharks Next Week
It's Shark Day at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport on January 11. Newport events. Kids. Yachats events

More Wacky Science from N. Oregon Coast and Seaside Aquarium
Weird new creatures, a couple bird rescues and even fame on a national TV show. Attractions

Strong Winds Make for Remarkable Oregon Coast Beach Finds
Wild jellyfish, tsunami debris in Gearhart, a dolphin near Cannon Beach, otter at Barview, birds at Seaside. Science. Weather. Seaside Aquarium

N. Oregon Coast Sees Tsunami Debris, Hundreds of Pelicans
Combo of storms and then great weather made for some interesting finds with tsunami debris and a whole lotta pelicans. Seaside Aquarium. Science

Recent N. Oregon Coast Odd Science: Glowing Sand, Octopus Eyes, BBC Crew
You can always count on Seaside Aquarium to make the fun and fascinating science discoveries in their area of the Oregon coast. Cannon Beach attractions, Seaside attractions

Curious News Items from Oregon Coast - the Latest
Much has happened on the Oregon coast lately, including a fight for cancer in Lincoln City, the Seaside Aquarium gives birth to literally thousands of creatures, a look at the galaxy from the perspective of Cannon Beach, and why elk and pelicans are a big deal right now. You can also get a preview of August events in Seaside, Astoria, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Nehalem, Tillamook, Garibaldi, Pacific City, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Yachats, Florence, Waldport and Newport.

N. Oregon Coast Facility Gives Birth to Thousands of Freaky Critters
A trifecta of funky finds on the north Oregon coast, as the Seaside Aquarium is giving birth to literally thousands of new creatures. Science, kids, Cannon Beach attractions, Seaside attractions

Slipper Covered in Sea Life Found on Oregon Coast, Likely Tsunami Debris
Another interesting find on the Oregon coast that is presumably tsunami debris, but this time it is quite small. Seaside Aquarium. Science.

Second Baby Seal at N. Oregon Coast Attraction in a Week
Another baby seal was born this morning at the attraction, the second in just over a week. Family. Science. Seaside Aquarium

New Seal Pup Born at N. Oregon Coast's Seaside Aquarium
The latest seal pup is believed to have been born sometime around 3:30 a.m., but that process can a bit of a mystery

Orca Whales Arrive on Oregon Coast for Yearly Visit
This group of Orcas is a mystery to scientists: they don't know where they come from. They are transients that simply show up each April, chasing food sources up the Oregon coast. Science. Family. Seaside Aquarium

Extremely Rare Japanese 'Tsunami Fish' Goes On Display on North Oregon Coast
A boat from the Japanese tsunami of 2011 that landed on the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington last month had a few living surprise. Science. Family. Seaside Aquarium

Harbor Porpoise Washes Up on N. Oregon Coast Beach
Staff from Seaside Aquarium responded to a deceased porpoise washing up on the beach of the north Oregon coast town Friday morning, a fairly common occurrence on these beaches but still a somewhat puzzling incident. Science

Tiny Alien Creature Lands on Oregon Coast
Put them in water, and they often come alive again, and can look like those alien attackers in the video game Crysis. Science. Seaside Aquarium

Oregon Coast Reference Guide: Seaside Aquarium Article Archives
Baby Seals, local history, nature news, beach finds, marine science, more. Find out what the Seaside Aquarium has been up to all these years.

Oregon Wildlife Right Now: Amphibians and Seal Pups
ODFW said now is a good time to look for seal pups on some part of the south coast, and your chances of spotting some amphibians in coastal green areas is getting pretty good; science, nature

Watching Sea Lions and Elk Good on N. Coast, Say Oregon Officials
There are plenty of elk being seen in the Oregon coast range, and sea lions are making a splash around the Oceanside area

Seaside, Oregon Virtual Tour - Seaside Guide, Pictures, photos of Seaside, Or...
From North to South Seaside, Beginning at the Northernmost Access Necanicum Rivermouth at Gearhart, Seaside's beaches, Seaside Aquarium, Broadway, Promenade, Gilbert District, Quatat Park and more - in dozens of Oregon Coast pictures, photo. Family, attractions, kids, science, nature.

Fascinating Oregon Coast Finds: Shark and Sea Angel
Some surreal finds on the beach last week were made by crews from the Seaside Aquarium, including a shark and a wild-looking little critter called a Sea Angel.. Family, attractions, kids, science, nature.

Salps on North Oregon Coast: an Interesting Beach Find Surprises Expert
Salps are amazing animals, though in appearance they resemble jellyfish, they are more closely related to fish. Family, attractions, kids, science, nature. Seaside Aquarium

Wowing Little Jellyfish Wind Up on N. Oregon Beaches
They are called comb jellies or sea gooseberries at times. Seaside Aquarium

Bizarre and Rare Crab Now on Display on N. Oregon Coast
It was a crab with three pinchers on one of its arms, a deformity that no one at the Seaside Aquarium has ever seen

Upcoming Highlights at North Oregon Coast's Hoffman Center Include Celtic
This is the fifth juvenile salmon shark to come ashore in this area in the last two months - also Manzanita Oregon coast lodging, dining

Live and Dead Salmon Sharks Show Up on North Oregon Coast
This is the fifth juvenile salmon shark to come ashore in this area in the last two months - also Oregon coast lodging, dining

Masses of Pelicans Reported on Some Parts of N. Oregon Coast
Parts of Seaside's shoreline has been seeing some frenzied bird activity - because, in turn, of even more frenzied baitfish activity in the area. Seaside Aquarium

Oregon Coast Officials Clarify Rules, Laws on Seals and Sea Lions
The National Marine Fisheries Service has guidelines for what not to do when it comes to approaching seals and sea lions. Science

Seaside Aquarium Nature Headlines from 2010 and Earlier

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Warnings Issued for Oregon Coast About Sick Sea Lions
Officials warn to keep humans and pets away from all sea lions

Lounging Sea Lion On Central Oregon Coast May Be Sick
A California sea lion has been resting on a beach at Lincoln City for three days

New Sea Lion at Oregon Coast Aquarium Adjusts Well
The new sea lion at the Oregon Coast Aquarium is getting along swimmingly with her new mates

Get Down with Jellyfish at Oregon Coast Aquarium Jubilee
The third annual Jellyfish Jubilee is a celebration of food and wine

Oregon Coast Aquarium Celebrates Shark Week
Shark Week is August 1 to 14 with a variety of events highlighting their world

Whales Seen in Unlikely Place on Oregon Coast; Baby Seals Arrive
Whales were seen in Seaide and adorable baby seals are popping up

Oregon Coast Aquarium Sea Lion Dies in Freak Drowning
A female sea lion named Bailey drowned in her pool

Officials Warn of Molting Seals on Oregon Coast
The season of seals on the beach is here and that brings up warnings to stay away

New Critters, Fertility Statues w. Powers on Display on Oregon Coast
Seaside Aquarium got some new creatures; nearly-paranormal statues are in Newport

Battered Sea Lions Find New Home at Oregon Coast Aquarium
Two young female California sea lions arrived by truck at their new home at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

To Eat the Beach: Oregon Coast Edibles
According to the Seaside Aquarium, there are lots of edible things you can find on the beach

Sardines, Shark Land On North Oregon Coast
All sorts of things have gone crazy on the north coast

Oregon Coast Coughs Up Kooky Creatures and Critters
From whales, weird phytoplankton to sea lions popping up places they shouldn't, to funky bugs and interesting birds

Oregon Coast Aquarium Celebrates Jellyfish Jubilee
The auction and food, wine celebration will happen September 19

Oregon Coast Aquarium Celebrates Oceans, Father's Day
World Oceans Day on June 8 and Father's Day weekend with sharks on June 20 - 21

Dead Whales, Molting Seals on Oregon Coast This Week
An elephant seal or two, jellyfish, a dead porpoise on the Oregon coast and a dead whale on the Washington coast

Dealing with Dead Porpoises and Aliens on the Oregon Coast
New, strange beings are sprouting up at Seaside Aquarium; more corpses wash up onshore

Seaside, Oregon, Gearhart Virtual Tour - Seaside Guide, Gearhart Beaches, Ore...
From North to South Seaside, Beginning at the Northernmost Access Necanicum Rivermouth at Gearhart, Seaside's beaches, Seaside Aquarium, Broadway, Promenade, Gilbert District, Quatat Park and more - in dozens of Oregon Coast pictures

Rare Sea Turtle, Shark Strand on N. Oregon Coast
The Seaside Aquarium was kept busy with a green sea turtle and a shark hitting the north Oregon coast

Thousands of Jellyfish Strand on North Oregon Coast
Last week, hordes of moon jellies hit the north Oregon coast, between Gearhart and Warrenton.

Aquarium Puzzled by North Oregon Coast Shark Find
The half-alive creature was covered in parasites in a way they had never seen before.

Salmon Shark Washes Up on N. Oregon Coast
A baby salmon shark carcass showed up just north of Seaside on Friday

A Beach Of Cellophane, Other Oddities, On Central Oregon Coast
The Nye Beach area was briefly covered in a densely packed layer of worm tubes, and some jellyfish made an onshore appearance as well.

Sharks on TV and Jellyfish Jubilee at Oregon Coast Aquarium
Sharks are in the spotlight starting this month in some interesting ways at Newport's Oregon Coast Aquarium, just as tickets go on sale for the September 27 event called Jellyfish Jubilee


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