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Pacific City, Oregon

A famous little family eatery where the seafood practically gets shuffled from the sea straight into your mouth. Soups and salads include many seafood specialties, including cioppino, chowders, crab Louie and cheese breads. Fish 'n' chips come w/ various fish. Seafood sandwiches with shrimp, tuna or crab, as well as burgers. Dinners like pan fried oysters, fillets of salmon or halibut, sautéed scallops.

Feed the seals! One of the oldest aquariums in the U.S. is here in Seaside, Oregon, right on the Promenade

Lincoln City’s only resort hotel built right on the beach with all oceanfront rooms - nestled against a rugged cliffside overlooking a soft, sandy beach. Dine in penthouse restaurant and bar, for casual meal or candlelight dinner. An array of seafood specialties, juicy steaks and other Northwest favorites, including decadent Sunday buffet. Rooms range from bedrooms to studios to 1-bedroom suites with microwaves and refrigerators to full kitchens. Also, wi-fi, spa, saunas, exercise room and year-round heated swimming pool. Kids will love the game room and easy beach access. Full-service conference/meeting rooms for that inspirational retreat; extensive wedding possibilities.

A castle on the coast. Fine antiques, gourmet breakfast, luxury w/ ocean views, pet friendly. Social hour in the eve. Have to see to believe. East Ocean Rd., just north of the Arch Cape Tunnel. Arch Cape, Oregon (s. of Cannon Beach and Seaside). www.archcapehouse.com. 800-436-2848

Inn at Wecoma Lincoln City.  Sleek, modern design w some partial ocean views, balconies and fireplaces. Spacious guestrooms w/ microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, free continental breakfast.  Indoor pool and a hot tub. W-fi, fitness room, business center, and located within walking distance to finest restaurants. 867-sq-foot conference room for business meetings or large social events. Some pet friendly.

the finest in luxury condominium lodging. Every unit is focused on the beauty of the sea and the beach.

Suites, duplex units, houses for 2-8 people. Close to everything. All units w/ kitchens; many have fireplaces, decks, jetted tubs. Robes, slippers, luxury bath amenities and more. Award-winning flowers. Featured on Travel Channel.

Perfect for large family vacations all the way down to a getaway lodging for two - with over 25 vacation rental homes to choose from. A breathtaking collection of craftsman or traditional beachfront homes, or oceanview houses – from one to seven bedrooms. In various areas of Lincoln City and overlooking the beach, with some in Depoe Bay. All kinds of amenities are available, like hot tubs, decks, BBQ, rock fireplaces, beamed ceilings and more. Some are new, some are historic charmers.

Oregon Coast event or adventure you can't miss

All rooms are immaculate and have TV’s, VCR’s and in-room phones w/ data ports. Oceanfronts have queen bed, a double hide-a-bed, kitchen, cozy firelog fireplace and private deck. Both types sleep up to four people. Others are appointed for a two-person romantic getaway, yet still perfect for those on a budget. Elaborate oceanfront Jacuzzi suite has two bedrooms, kitchen, double hide-a-bed, fireplace and private deck, sleeping as many as six. For family reunions or large gatherings such as weddings, some rooms can connect to create two-room and three-room suites. Some rooms pet friendly


Live Earthquake Updates from Oregon, Washington. B.C., California, Alaska

Updated Constantly

Live Earthquake Updates from Oregon, Washington. B.C., California, Alaska - Live Eartquake Data for West Coast: Oregon, Oregon coast, Washington, California, British Columbia

Return to this page periodically and see the information below to keep on earthquake activity around the West Coast of the United States streamed from the USGS, along with article posts from that agency and Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.


USGS All Earthquakes, Past Day

M 0.5 - 9km WNW of The Geysers, California
30 Nov 2015 at 2:14pm
Time2015-11-30 22:12:47 UTC2015-11-30 14:12:47 -08:00 at epicenterLocation38.826°N 122.853°WDepth1.64 km (1.02 mi)

M 2.6 - 8km WSW of Ludlow, California
30 Nov 2015 at 2:15pm


Time2015-11-30 22:08:58 UTC2015-11-30 14:08:58 -08:00 at epicenterLocation34.699°N 116.239°WDepth2.53 km (1.57 mi)

M 2.9 - 91km WNW of Bayview, California
30 Nov 2015 at 2:10pm


Time2015-11-30 21:33:16 UTC2015-11-30 13:33:16 -08:00 at epicenterLocation41.048°N 125.214°WDepth4.96 km (3.08 mi)

M 1.3 - 6km ESE of Ontario, California
30 Nov 2015 at 1:30pm
Time2015-11-30 21:26:40 UTC2015-11-30 13:26:40 -08:00 at epicenterLocation34.039°N 117.560°WDepth11.29 km (7.02 mi)

M 1.0 - 2km SE of Loma Linda, California
30 Nov 2015 at 1:19pm
Time2015-11-30 21:15:42 UTC2015-11-30 13:15:42 -08:00 at epicenterLocation34.037°N 117.252°WDepth19.93 km (12.38 mi)

M 1.4 - 13km W of Friday Harbor, Washington
30 Nov 2015 at 1:44pm
Time2015-11-30 21:06:54 UTC2015-11-30 13:06:54 -08:00 at epicenterLocation48.526°N 123.200°WDepth13.08 km (8.13 mi)

M 1.4 - 5km SSW of Cayucos, California
30 Nov 2015 at 12:47pm
Time2015-11-30 20:45:43 UTC2015-11-30 12:45:43 -08:00 at epicenterLocation35.399°N 120.915°WDepth5.56 km (3.45 mi)

M 1.2 - 8km NNW of Big Bear City, California
30 Nov 2015 at 12:43pm
Time2015-11-30 20:39:31 UTC2015-11-30 12:39:31 -08:00 at epicenterLocation34.331°N 116.872°WDepth-0.52 km (-0.32 mi)

M 1.9 - 27km SW of Rio Dell, California
30 Nov 2015 at 12:26pm
Time2015-11-30 20:24:43 UTC2015-11-30 12:24:43 -08:00 at epicenterLocation40.303°N 124.307°WDepth9.63 km (5.98 mi)

M 0.8 - 4km NW of The Geysers, California
30 Nov 2015 at 12:21pm
Time2015-11-30 20:20:01 UTC2015-11-30 12:20:01 -08:00 at epicenterLocation38.806°N 122.791°WDepth1.39 km (0.86 mi)

M 1.4 - 2km SW of Menifee, California
30 Nov 2015 at 12:12pm
Time2015-11-30 20:08:24 UTC2015-11-30 12:08:24 -08:00 at epicenterLocation33.709°N 117.162°WDepth0.55 km (0.34 mi)

M 1.1 - 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon
30 Nov 2015 at 1:38pm
Time2015-11-30 19:49:55 UTC2015-11-30 11:49:55 -08:00 at epicenterLocation41.867°N 119.642°WDepth9.70 km (6.03 mi)

M 2.2 - 19km WSW of Delta, B.C., MX
30 Nov 2015 at 11:39am


Time2015-11-30 19:22:26 UTC2015-11-30 11:22:26 -08:00 at epicenterLocation32.309°N 115.388°WDepth1.04 km (0.65 mi)

M 1.1 - 39km SW of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska
30 Nov 2015 at 11:32am
Time2015-11-30 19:02:15 UTC2015-11-30 10:02:15 -09:00 at epicenterLocation64.755°N 151.236°WDepth16.30 km (10.13 mi)

M 1.2 Quarry Blast - 46km NNW of Los Algodones, B.C., MX
30 Nov 2015 at 1:39pm
Time2015-11-30 19:00:06 UTC2015-11-30 11:00:06 -08:00 at epicenterLocation33.053°N 114.980°WDepth-0.15 km (-0.09 mi)

M 0.3 - 18km WSW of Truckee, California
30 Nov 2015 at 1:16pm
Time2015-11-30 18:56:46 UTC2015-11-30 10:56:46 -08:00 at epicenterLocation39.272°N 120.387°WDepth0.00 km (0.00 mi)

M 3.0 - 3km SSE of Stanwood, Washington
30 Nov 2015 at 2:17pm

ShakeMap - III DYFI? - III

Time2015-11-30 18:36:23 UTC2015-11-30 10:36:23 -08:00 at epicenterLocation48.211°N 122.351°WDepth16.34 km (10.15 mi)

M 1.9 - 89km NNW of Talkeetna, Alaska
30 Nov 2015 at 10:19am
Time2015-11-30 17:53:50 UTC2015-11-30 08:53:50 -09:00 at epicenterLocation63.053°N 150.857°WDepth100.00 km (62.14 mi)

M 1.5 - 14km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California
30 Nov 2015 at 9:53am
Time2015-11-30 17:51:33 UTC2015-11-30 09:51:33 -08:00 at epicenterLocation37.559°N 118.860°WDepth6.68 km (4.15 mi)

M 1.5 - 65km ENE of Cape Yakataga, Alaska
30 Nov 2015 at 10:19am
Time2015-11-30 17:44:00 UTC2015-11-30 08:44:00 -09:00 at epicenterLocation60.313°N 141.355°WDepth15.50 km (9.63 mi)

M 1.5 - 25km SE of Y, Alaska
30 Nov 2015 at 10:19am
Time2015-11-30 17:39:51 UTC2015-11-30 08:39:51 -09:00 at epicenterLocation62.019°N 149.463°WDepth20.60 km (12.80 mi)

M 1.2 - 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon
30 Nov 2015 at 12:54pm
Time2015-11-30 17:34:41 UTC2015-11-30 09:34:41 -08:00 at epicenterLocation41.885°N 119.636°WDepth9.20 km (5.72 mi)

M 0.9 - 10km WNW of The Geysers, California
30 Nov 2015 at 9:31am
Time2015-11-30 17:30:21 UTC2015-11-30 09:30:21 -08:00 at epicenterLocation38.825°N 122.856°WDepth2.15 km (1.34 mi)

M 1.2 - 3km W of Cobb, California
30 Nov 2015 at 9:24am
Time2015-11-30 17:22:43 UTC2015-11-30 09:22:43 -08:00 at epicenterLocation38.823°N 122.765°WDepth1.60 km (0.99 mi)

M 1.3 - 10km WNW of Cobb, California
30 Nov 2015 at 9:03am
Time2015-11-30 17:02:21 UTC2015-11-30 09:02:21 -08:00 at epicenterLocation38.842°N 122.841°WDepth1.46 km (0.91 mi)

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Seismo Blog Posts Feed

PNW Earthquake Early Warning prototype goes live
18 Feb 2015 at 12:20pm
Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) is now officially working for the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon) in the same way it has in California for the past two years. It even got tested the first night in operations and worked...sort of. A workshop hosted by the PNSN at the University of Washington on Feb 17 introduced the topic and featured software to a group of about forty invited participants. For a few details on the workshop and the system's first live test......

Canadian ETS morphing to Washington one?
18 Nov 2014 at 7:47am
Over two weeks of tremor in central Vancouver Island has been progressing southward. Though we don't know about the geodetic component we suspect that this represents a slip event that is propagating southward. Since a southern Vancouver Island-Northern Puget Sound ETS is due about now the question is will this current activity continue all the way to southern Puget Sound. For some details.....


The Mysterious Shapes Found at Oregon Coast's Fogarty Beach
Something really weird and astounding lurks beneath the sands of Fogarty Beach, near Depoe Bay. Geology

The Scary Lava Flows of Oregon Coast: Sizzling Northwest History
If you're looking for a really scary disaster movie, like the recent San Andreas movie or even the creepy quake scares, look no further than the coast. Geology

8 Insane Finds at Yachats, Central Oregon Coast No One Tells You About
It's a section of Oregon coast full of wild finds, slightly hidden, but often jaw-dropping. Strawberry Hill, Bob Creek, kids, history, geology

Manzanita Talk Covers Geology of N. Oregon Coast Rivers
On May 14, you can get a fascinating glimpse into the geologic interactions between the shoreline and north Oregon coast rivers. Manzanita events

Oregon Coast's Deadly and Ancient Beauty: Monuments of Fiery Destruction
All that really rugged beauty you find on the Oregon coast had its genesis in something frighteningly fiery and cataclysmic, millions and millions of years ago. Science, geology. Travel tips, attractions

Twin Oregon Coast Secret Attractions 4,000 Years in the Making
They are stumps from trees roughly 4,000 years old, part of a ghost forest that was mysteriously torn apart in the 90s. Geology, Newport, Depoe Bay

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Breathtaking high panoramic beach views from oceanfront rooms, spacious family suites & fully equipped cottages.  Known for gracious hospitality, the sparkling clean Sea Horse features a heated indoor pool, dramatic oceanfront spa, great whale watching, free deluxe continental breakfast, conference room, free casino shuttle & HBO.  Fireplaces, private decks and spas are available in select rooms.  Close to shops, golf, fishing & restaurants.  Pets are welcome in select rooms.  Senior discounts.  Kids 18 and under stay free in their parent's room.  Very attractive rates.

Literally over 100 homes available as vacation rentals – all distinctive and carefully selected to be special. Find them in Yachats, Waldport, Newport, Nye Beach, Otter Rock, Depoe Bay, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, Lincoln City, Neskowin, Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar and Rockaway Beach. Some pet friendly.