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Five Things You Don't Know About an Oregon Coast Valentine's Day

Published 02/04/2016 at 5:51 AM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

(Oregon Coast) – This coming Valentine's Day also happens to be a three-day weekend because of President's Day, which means there are some special considerations if you're heading to the Oregon coast. But there are some interesting tidbits about the region no one tells you about, such as what actually happens with the weather this time of year, beach finds right now, and a some insider tips on lodging and dining for the holiday. (Photo above: near Depoe Bay).

1 - Book Lodging, Dining, Early. You quite possibly know this one already, but since it's a three-day weekend, it's extra important. According to many hoteliers and restaurateurs on the coast, reservations are already at their maximum – or close to. If the weather gets nice, you can double the importance of booking early. High-end restaurants are as booked up as lodgings, and many were filled weeks ago. Oregon Coast Hotels for this - Where to eat

2 - Glorious Weather May Be In Store. Weather in February can be a major pleasant surprise. While it's hard to pin down if and exactly when it will happen, the Month of Romance often has about ten days scattered throughout of unusually dry and even sunny weather.

In fact, there's normally at least six days of starkly warm, even balmy weather. With no clouds and no wind, the beaches feel close to 70 degrees, even if the general temperature is in the 50's.

Meteorologists say this is because the Oregon coast – just like the rest of the state – has gone through the wettest periods of winter, and the daylight hours have begun to really elongate. This creates a general shift in the climate and allows for these kinds of surprises, whereas even spring break is often rainier than February.

Plenty of stormy days can happen in the month as well, but these runs of pleasant conditions happen almost every year.

3 - Lodging Romance Packages and Deals. Everyone knows the romance packages exist, but what may not be known is prices are still mostly at winter rates. Industry insiders say that on a weekend like this, demand will be high and plenty of places will charge you more. But many won't be more than five or ten dollars more. If you're stuck trying to do the walk-in thing when you show up to the beach, your chances of encountering higher prices are greater.

Romance packages differ wildly from spot to spot, and some will add on extra features for Valentine's weekend, such as a late check-out. Not every lodging will up the prices for the extras, either. But some do offer special packages for the holiday that will cost more. Oregon Coast Hotels for this

4 - Dining Deals or Not. Hospitality insiders say one thing to look out for when it comes to romance dining packages is that those that offer a completely different menu than their usual fare will be more expensive, sometimes much more so. Most higher end dining spots will offer special dishes and packages for the holiday, and these, of course, will be more spendy – but likely worth it. If you're looking for a deal, stick with the usual menu items. Where to eat

5 - Agate Hunting Heaven. Agate hunting has been incredibly good along much of the Oregon coast in the last month and a half, thanks to wild wave action on and off. Some spots are better than others, and some of these keep shifting around. One day, parts of Lincoln City will yield gobs of the treasures, and the next the sand is covering that area while – for example – Ona Beach near Waldport becomes the hotspot.

Look for exposed gravel beds and these should provide the finds. Spots to keep an eye on include the Nelscott area of Lincoln City, southern Lincoln City, Newport's Moolack Beach, Ona Beach, many of the pocket beaches between Yachats and Florence, plus Yachats itself, for the central coast. On the northern Oregon coast, look to Oceanside, Cape Lookout State Park, Tierra Del Mar (near Pacific City), the southern end of Seaside, and areas near Cannon Beach such as Arch Cape, Hug Point and Arcadia. Maps and Virtual Tours


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