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Seven Insanely Romantic Oregon Coast Spots You're Not Aware Of

Published 01/28/2015

(Oregon Coast) – 'Tis the season for wooing, and affairs of the heart are at the heart of the thoughts of many, with Valentine's Day not far around the corner. To get ahead in the game of love, you may seriously consider a sojourn to the shoreline. It's here, amid the watery waves and wandering sands, where the sparks can get ignited. Especially if you can find a distinctly romantic place that's a bit off the beaten track, where few others are around. (Above: Stonefield Beach).

Here's a list of seven such spots along the coastline that you likely don't know about. Follow the links to the area's virtual tour to find out more about them, including maps.

Anderson's Viewpoint

About a mile south of the entrance to Cape Lookout State Park, along that winding, forested chunk of the Three Capes Loop, you'll find Anderson's Viewpoint. Look for the marker of Milepost 1.

Known as a hotspot for hang gliders to launch off of, Anderson's Viewpoint yields one of the more stunning vistas of ocean and never-ending sky along the coastline, atop a canopied cliff. There's nothing here that isn't breathtaking: from the pulse-pounding perspective of looking down on everything tidal and oceanic from a few hundred feet up, to the dramatic drops just below to the the gasp-inducing horizon and its fiery sunsets.

Southern Cannon Beach Secrets

Hit the very southern edges of Cannon Beach – even further south than the Tolovana area – and you'll encounter this section of town apparently bereft of any beaches or attractions. And that's the point. You'll see a handful of streets dead-ending near the ocean, usually with the names of other Oregon towns.

It's here you'll find some deliciously concealed stretches, with usually very few souls around. Among the attractions is this blubbery blob of basalt sitting at the tideline, sometimes boasting bundles of tide pools.

Tunnel at Oceanside

Sometimes, a perfect first date is a scary movie, causing the object of your affection to cling closely to you for comfort, and thus breaking down a step or two towards a happily ever after. That mysterious tunnel at Oceanside's Maxwell Point also does the trick, but with the added attraction of amazing natural wonders around you.

The bulk of Oceanside is bountiful enough in its beauty, but go through the tunnel and its dark, slightly spooky vibe, and you'll discover a vast array of awe-inspiring rocky formations, mini-caves, starfish and more.

Neskowin's North Side

Most of the westbound streets along the beachfront area of Neskowin are named after other Oregon towns, like Salem, Monmouth and Corvallis, etc. Ride the street running alongside the beach, and about a mile north of the first major curve you'll find a hidden beach access, cloistered well between a couple homes. Even before the big curve, there are some accesses that are unbelievably beautiful - and devoid of people.

This northern end of Neskowin is different from the more populated section by the main access. There's something more mystical going on here. Perhaps it's the darker sands near the tide line, which plunges rather abruptly into the surf, making for more spectacular wave action. Perhaps it's just the solitude. Either way, you'll find it magical.

Stonefield Beach, between Yachats and Florence

About milepost 172, next to Ten Mile Creek, there's a tiny, cloistered beach access road that's not clearly marked.

Hence the beauty of this awesome area, called Stonefield Beach,, consisting of two distinctly fascinating kinds of beaches. One is the fluffy, soft sands of the main parking lot. The other is the field of stony structures on the northern side of the creek, which can be accessed by a nondescript patch of dirt that leads down a somewhat magical labyrinth of creekside bushes. It's enchanting in numerous ways.

Ben Jones Bridge near Depoe Bay

Along the Otter Crest Loop, several miles south of Depoe Bay, this cajoling road meanders below Highway 101 along mind-blowing bluffs and cliffs. Several spots – all extremely inspirational to hand-holding – sit around here, but a highlight is the Ben Jones Bridge area, about Milepost 130.

There’s a mini-turnout here to watch the surf go bonkers – and boy, does it ever. It’s all above a mini-cove of sorts, where oceanic drama is the norm. There's an even more secretive viewpoint on the northern side of the bridge.

Cuddle-Inducing BnB's

Need a good BnB along the Oregon coast to get the romance going? Even more are at that link, but you're in for some mighty moments of memorable gushiness with a handful of places you probably don't know about.

In Lincoln City, there's the Brey House Ocean View Bed and Breakfast Inn that includes an outdoor tub at this Cape Cod-style beauty. 877 994 7123.

A ways north, the Sandlake Country Inn is not far from Pacific City and boasts an incredible décor – some taken from an historic shipwreck a century ago. 877-726-3525. 503-965-6745.

In Depoe Bay, Depoe Bay Inn (formerly Harbor Lights Inn) pulls out all the stops with a bay view that's guaranteed to make you weak in the knees. 800-228-0448.


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