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Visions of Various Fireworks on Oregon Coast, a Photo Essay

Published 07/04/2013

(Oregon Coast) – It's not just one day of rockets bursting in air along the beaches, it's two or three days of it. While some towns like Cannon Beach or Gearhart don't fire off any, most of the others do. One celebrates theirs on the day before, on July 3, and another has their celebration a day or two later. Even if there are no fireworks, each little town along the Oregon coast has its own way of throwing an Independence Day party.

Seaside has one of the more spectacular. Perhaps close to ten thousand people gather at various spots to watch this hefty raucous. Massive and seriously impressive explosions light up the coastal air along the Promenade. They seem precariously close, no matter where you are in Seaside (all above).

Cannon Beach does hold sizable parades and festivities during the day, but no fireworks because of the wildlife refuge on Haystack Rock.

Manzanita has a small one, but just down the road Rockaway Beach makes a mighty noise. Huge mortar explosions take place here, easily viewable from Manzanita while theirs is going on. (Pictured here and above are Rockaway Beach)

Pacific City is the odd man out on the Oregon coast. A small but respectable fireworks set happens there, but they schedule this to-do for the weekend after or just before Fourth of July, or maybe a day or two before or after. It depends on what day of the week the holiday takes place.

Lincoln City goes insane. Siletz Bay, in the Taft district of this central Oregon coast town, hosts some truly amazing pyrotechnics. The air is usually thick with smoke in the bay by that time, with so many personal fireworks going off. This creates some fascinating visual effects. This photo was taken on the Salishan Spit, to the north.


Depoe Bay used to have a delightful little display, but recent developments regarding the status of some bird sanctuaries in the area put it a stop to that in recent years. They always held that on the third, allowing for two days of central coast fiery delights.

Newport also has a massively impressive show. Most interesting is the way the sound bounces off the hills surrounding the Yaquina Bay.

Waldport always holds its big shindig on the third. Small but respectable, these fireworks light up Alsea Bay in beautiful ways.

Above: Yachats on the central Oregon coast. The little town swells big with peoples, and the subsequent display does not disappoint.


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