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Walking Tour of Lincoln City - See Each Beach Access
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Above: the access at NW 50th.

Are you stuck inland and can't get to Lincoln City?

Take a walking tour of every single beach access in Lincoln City, at the bottom. You'll get a glimpse of every beach access. In order of appearance:

Taft, Siletz Bay

Taft, just around the bend

Beach between the bay and SW35th

SW 35th access

SW 33rd access

Canyon Drive / SW 11th access

D River State Recreation Site

NW 15th Street ramp

NW 21st St. stairway

NW 26th St. stairway

Near 26th St. access

Clifftop viewpoint above beach

Grace Hammond access

NW 40th St. access

NW 50th St. access

Road's End State Recreation Site

Wizard Rock - end of Lincoln City

Beginning at Taft, Siletz Bay

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End of the Bay