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Taft and Siletz Bay Wonders, Central Oregon Coast
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Taft and Siletz Bay Wonders, Central Oregon Coast

Siletz Bay pier at night, ethereal, moonlit clouds

Every 4th of July, Taft is the center of attention on the coast, with an enormous fireworks display going on down the beach a ways. During the day, as everyone stakes out their spot on the beach, this area is a hub of activity. Nearby bars become another whole show on their own, such as Snug Harbor. These are usually packed with tourists in one heck of a party mood and day-drinking, along with truly individualistic locals. Also, these are some of the quirkiest bars in the state, and you'll often encounter the inadvertently-hilarious, uproariously bizarre to bar behaviors and sights you just can't explain. For the watering hole adventurous, this is some of the best fun you can have on Independence Day anywhere.

At Siletz Bay Park, there is a small parking lot - and another viewing area next to it. Both overlook the Siletz Bay. Information kiosks and other facilities are found here, and just a short walk away sits the big pier jutting out into the bay.

At night, the bay comes alive with some beautifully surreal colors.