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Ramp at NW 15th St., Beach Access
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NW 15th St. access

UPDATE: Driving is NOT allowed at NW 15th St. access during summer months. The exact dates may change slightly.

For this one, you can struggle to find parking space on the street - or park on the beach itself. Vehicles are allowed on the beach here, via a slightly steep ramp, and only in a restricted area. But since there’s a lot of loose sand here, you run the chance of getting your car stuck if you veer into the wrong place.

Still, it’s a pleasant little spot, with some rocky intertidal areas nearby that can provide some marine life surprises.

There’s also restrooms above it, as well as viewing benches and a convenient stairway running down the ramp for those pedestrians who are uncomfortable with its incline. You’ll find it near the bottom of 15th St.