Travel News from Manzanita, Rockaway, Garibaldi
Cyber Monday for Oregon Coast Too: Giving the Beach for Christmas
Give a night or two at the coast, or books, hoodies, T's. weather
Orcas Spotted Again on N. Oregon Coast - First Time This Pod Recorded Here
A pod of four were photographed on November 23. Marine sciences
All Aboard! Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad Goes All Christmasy
Rides take to the rails every Sunday and Saturday until December 18. Cannon Beach events, Garibal...
Recreational Crabbing Banned on South Oregon Coast; Commercial Season Delayed
The marine toxin domoic acid is high in crab. Weather
Get Ready for Wild(ish?) King Tides on Oregon Coast, Washington Coast
First round starts November 24 - 26, and it may or not be big. Weather
Weird, Brown Waves Return to N. Oregon Coast - It's a Good Thing and What Els...
It can look like oil or sludge, but it's not: could be a sign of glowing sand. Marine sciences
Mussel Harvesting Back Open Along Entire Oregon Coast
After various closure starting in September because of the biotoxin domoic acid. Sciences
Lincoln City's Looking Glass Inn Has One Serious View to Oregon Coast Wilds a...
Overlooking Siletz Bay, views to some crazy storm action and harbor seals. Lincoln City lodging, ...
Intriguing Connection to Clams, Diatoms, Brown Waves and Washington / Oregon ...
Something curious in common that also sets them apart. Marine sciences
Marvels and Wonders Above Manzanita, Oregon Coast: Tricks of Clouds and Light...
Some astounding colors and weather situations erupt here
Three Sea Turtles Rescued on Oregon Coast Beaches in Two Weeks (Video), One Dies
They were all cold-stunned when they moved into Oregon waters. Marine sciences
UPDATES: Huge Waves, Surf Advisories for Oregon Coast, Washington Coast
Seas will build to over 20 feet at times. Wind warnings
Researchers Get Grant to Examine Environmental Changes Off Oregon, Washington...
$4.2 million will go to looking at climate change effects to krill, Dungeness. Sciences
Chasing a Lunar Eclipse Around the N. Oregon Coast Brings a Soggy Travelogue
Once upon a time, there was an adventure of sorts around Cannon Beach, Manzanita
First Round of Sneaker Waves, Stormwatching for Oregon / Washington Coast: Wa...
Waves as high as 20 - 25 feet in some areas. Weather
Mussel Harvesting Reopens on Upper Third of Oregon Coast After Biotoxin Closure
From the Washington border to north side of Siletz Bay in Lincoln City. Sciences
Leptospirosis Affecting Many Sea Lions on Oregon Coast: Watch Your Dogs
The contagious bacterial infection of the kidneys has returned. Sciences
The Waves Hotel, Newport
Newport's Nye Beach. Full ocean views. Pet friendly. 541-265-4661
Wildly Surreal Structures Found Between Two Oregon Coast Towns
Hidden in plain sight between Manzanita and Cannon Beach
10 Essential Oregon Coast Adventures
Some deep, multi-layered fun along 360 miles. Sciences
Oregon Coast Event Promises an Exploding Whale-of-a-Good Time in Nov.
On November 12 comes the celebration in Florence. Florence events
Total Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 8 for Washington Coast, Oregon Coast
Total eclipse happens at 2:59 a.m., with a sizable period being copper red. Weather, sciences. As...

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