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Striking Spring Colors of a Central Oregon Coast Village - Yachats and Agate Cove
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Striking Spring Colors of a Central Oregon Coast Village - Yachats and Agate Cove

Published 06/02/2011

(Yachats, Oregon) – On this particular day in April, the tiny town of Yachats is in a deeply purple mood. No, this had nothing to do with the classic rock band, but instead a steadily strangely colored sunset and other conditions that cajole the soul to return to this placid place.

Yachats sits on the central Oregon coast, about halfway between the much more bustling ports of Florence and Newport. It's a village in every sense of the word, with not much in its two-mile or so stretch of city limits. But upon closer inspection it’s actually crammed with quite a bit, especially an impressive bevy of excellent eateries and lodgings, along with some interesting nightlife options.

But mostly it’s the raging shoreline that’s the big attraction here, and it too has its hidden pockets. Like along the southern edge of the bay, there’s a little neighborhood and a relatively unknown spot called Agate Cove. You know you’re there when you find the bench that’s so designated. It too is bathed in that ethereal purple that typifies this intriguing last hours of the day.

Earlier in the day, just before dusk, the bay itself is lit up in interesting ways by a host of puffy clouds that bend the light and cause it to bounce off them.

Look to the east, along the Yachats River, and you see this scene this day: a placid, watery flow with brooding clouds hovering above in dramatic fashion. There’s a nifty little hidden walkway or two at the northern side of the bay, where this photo was taken. One of them is sort of mystical and has a Lord of the Rings kind of vibe.

Then, as dusk really descends on the clandestine Agate Cove and Yachats, the entire world is soaked in these ethereal purple rays (photo at top). Those bulbous clouds of spring create more fascinating sights with the way they treat the sunset. Even pools of water on the craggy rocks glow with this ethereal shade.  

The whole scene is otherworldly, like you were transported to Yachats in a different reality.

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