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Bazalgette The Whale
Yachats Virtual Tour

This innovative art experiment lies at the southern end of Yachats - just as you come into town from the south.

Bazalgette The Whale is a metal sculpture shaped like a whale’s tail, protruding from a mound of earth that resembles a whale’s back. Created by local artist Jim Adler, it spouts every 60 seconds during daylight hours. During sunny days, this eruption of mist catches the sunlight just right and creates a rainbow at certain angles.

Continue south here to round the bend and traverse the bridge over the bay, taking you to a headland and set of beach accesses that allow you to walk on the sandy beaches of the bay.

Below, a bit of ancient Yachats history. Taken in the 1920s or so, it shows the rugged shoreline of Yachats with the Indian shell middens still intact. These piles of refuse from local tribes were often found. More at Haunting History of Native Shell Middens on Oregon Coast: Ghosts in the Roads