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Mystical Spot Along Yachats Bay - Walking Tour of Yachats Scenic Recreation Area
Yachats Virtual Tour

With a touch of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, this little spot classifies as a bonafide nook or cranny with an ethereal slant. It looks – and feels – a bit otherworldly, especially when the flowers are in bloom, lighting the riverside up with colors.

A tiny staircase twists gracefully down to the bay mouth, arrived at by a hard-to-spot concrete path along the road that skirts Yachats Bay. Wander past a mix of concrete slabs and basalt slabs, dotted with tide pools and moments of weird marine life, hopping over one rocky surface or another as you glimpse nature and geology in fascinating detail.

There’s a tiny cove within this cove, where more tidal life exists in great numbers. Birds congregate here too, just lounging around in between dives for fishy morsels. From these vantage points you’re exceptionally close to the river as it dumps into the sea. It’s a fabulous place to view seals and other curious things cruising back and forth in the water.

Take the Yachats Scenic Recreation Site Walking Tour: a detailed virtual walking experience. Just like being there. It's practically foot-by-foot. Witness the tiny pocket beaches and features of the area, sometimes seen in at different angles or in different conditions. Perfect for those who cannot visit the beach in person.

Beginning around Yachats Bay, then moving north

This place is no place to be during stormy weather or large wave events, however. (Below: the cove within the bay)