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Yachats State Recreation Area - Yachats State Park
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Yachats State Recreation Area - Yachats State Park

Yachats State Recreation Area, central Oregon coast

Up against the bay, at the mouth of the Yachats River, lies the paved parking lot and beach access of the Yachats State Recreation Area (sometimes erroneously called Yachats State Park). It features a set of steps built upon the black basalt that leads down to the raging surf.

It's easy to walk down to the beach or rocks from there. Even better: grab a bit of lunch to go and munch while the ocean flails and crashes in front of you.

The seagulls here have caught on to that and quickly swarm to beg for food. If you throw tidbits at them, they'll really come in droves and surround you in Hitchcockian fashion. You can actually tease them into hovering next to your car window if there's a lot of wind.

You are not supposed to feed seagulls - and here's why.

The Yachats State Recreation Area's GPS coordinates are 44.3105° N, 124.1074° W. It is at about milepost 164.

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