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Famous Yaquina Bay, Fresh Crab, Attractions and Nature Spots
Virtual Tour of Newport, Oregon Coast

photo live crab Newport

The famous bay, from a deck of a hotel on the waterfront, among other views.

Sometimes crab boats dock here and let you buy fresh crab straight off the ship.

Drive around the bay and you'll encounter some stunning nature spots as well, far from the usual bustle of the bayfront.

Just across the bridge, you'll find the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center. For some seriously scientific and cerebral fun, the nearby Hatfield takes you on a rocket ride of discoveries. Here, you’re in the heart of some of the most cutting-edge research being done in the Pacific Ocean: from the restocking of marine habitats, pharmacological applications of various sea goo, and the world-famous whale research of Bruce Mate’s work to the awe-inspiring VENTS program, where various research vessels spend months at a time digging into the underwater volcanoes lurking off our shores.

Meeting and greeting you will be the Hatfield’s unforgettable octopus, which sits in a tank in the very front of the facility. They’ve had dozens over the years, but there’s always some eight-armed friend to be made when you enter the establishment.

There’s a myriad of exhibits here that cover coastal geology, weather, wildlife and marine stuff, as well as other mind-expanding exhibits that are both interactive and mesmerizing. (In South Beach, across the bay from Newport. Call: 541-867-0100.) See the Hatfield Marine Scence Center page

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