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Newport's Yaquina Bay at Night: Video, Ethereal Wonders
Virtual Tour of Newport, Oregon Coast

Newport's Yaquina Bay at Night:

It's where they've filmed Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove, where crabbing is easy to do and fun, and where the barking of big sea lions echoes throughout. Newport's Yaquina Bay is a many-sided area of recreation and repose, offering the high energy of tour boats, fishing boats and crabbing cruises down to the mellow sights of a sunset over the waters.

At night, it's a different and ethereal place. The waters cause the myriad of lights from the fishing boats to dance, and if you've got a professional camera on a tripod you'll see the air lights up with a multitude of colors from gasses in the air the human eye can't see. It's wondrous.

Hang out in the right place – such as the fishing pier on the South Beach side – and you'll see the boats drifting into and out of the bay, sometimes cast wild shadows into the foggy air and structures surrounding the waterway.

Post-Dusk at Newport's Yaquina Bay, Oregon Coast

Today's #OregonCoast: Video of post-dusk moments at Newport's Yaquina Bay - the famed Bayfront area. Where the latest Deadliest Catch spinoff is filmed. More at https://www.beachconnection.net/vtour_newport.htm ...... #Oregon #northwest #travel #beaches #portland #eugene. Make sure to hit the HD button for better viewing.

Posted by Oregon Coast Beach Connection on Monday, November 7, 2016

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