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Rockaway Beach, Northern End, Manhattan Beach, S. Jetty
Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Wheeler, Nehalem Bay Virtual Tour, Oregon Coast

As you head south out of Wheeler, first you encounter the tree-lined rest of the bay, eventually coming to the Jetty Fishery and the mouth of the bay. From that spot, you can see the tip of the Nehalem Bay. Then, shortly after, the entrance to Manhattan Beach and the south jetty of the Nehalem Bay arrive, allowing you access to hordes of boulders piled up so they aide the flow of the baymouth. This is the very northern tip of the seven miles of unspoiled beaches that is Rockaway Beach.

Some spots not too far from Manhattan Beach get some interesting wave action. On stormier days, the tide takes jabs at the dune here.

More about the south jetties of Nehalem Bay at Rockaway Beach:

Oregon Coast Landmark: the South Jetty at Rockaway Beach - at the southern side of the Nehalem Bay mouth, at Rockaway Beach, the south jetty juts out into the sea and dares it to attack.....including History of the South Jetty at Nehalem Bay

One Oregon Coast Spot Has a Wild and a Calm Face - The south jetty at Rockaway Beach is a cozy, calm and yet paradoxically dramatic spot.

Two N. Oregon Coast Lodgings Leap Into Future: Manzanita's San Dune Inn, Rockaway's Tradewinds Two traditional and even sometimes historic buildings have taken some leaps into the future

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