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Cook's Chasm Marine Gardens, Pathways, Sunset
Upper Lane County - Florence to Yachats Virtual Tour, Oregon Coast

At Cook's Chasm, - where a spouting often shoots sea water up into the air - you'll find a labyrinth of pathways towards the sea and all the marine gardens. Thick, forested brush envelopes much of this small hike, where you'll eventually find wild waters dramatically smacking the basalt and tide pools in great abundance. You'll also find Thor's Well down here.

Take the eighth-of-a-mile wooden path and it’ll lead you over the chasm and down some brushy areas, ending up at a viewpoint where an array of green sea goo covers a stark, striking landscape of rocky basalt and waves that shoot up in the air. These marine garden areas are also accessible by foot, but the taking of sea creatures is not allowed here.

Immediately south of here is the Lincoln County/Lane County line.

It's all a bit south of Yachats, and about 15 miles north of Florence.

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