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Wave Drama Along the Yachats 804 Trail
Yachats Virtual Tour, Oregon Coast

Wave Drama Along the Yachats 804 Trail

In some spots, you’ll find odd little pockets of beaches that seem to pop up like sandy surprises between the enormous, craggy rock slabs. Along those rocky ledges, quirky little holes can lurk, providing entrancing glimpses into the waterworks below.

In other spots, massive waves simply crash with consistant power and drama.

The trail drops off after meandering into a meadow and behind a home – dumping you off onto a sandy stretch that goes for seven miles to Waldport.

In the second-to-top photo: this massive log was stuck on the shoreline here for about two decades, finally disappearing off the rocky beach in the mid 2010s. It was an odd landmark for a long time, now only an empty space.