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Beach At the Edge of Yachats: Mysterious Jagged Basalt Shapes
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This area is full of eye-catching surrealism. Clamber up these wild forms and encounter more oddities in the rocks, including a puzzling section of this millions-of-years-old lava field that looks like it was cut into a zigzag, as if two square sections were sawed from the rock by human hands. Green pools of sea goo left high and dry, massive crevices and dramatic waves as far as you can see occupy this unusual and memorable place.

Why the weird holes in the rocks, you may be asking? This came from clams, perhaps decades ago - perhaps millions of years ago. They can drill into small cracks that are close to the surface (where the basalt is softer), and then when building their homes they expand in there, making little pits. Time and tide often comes along and enlarges them. See Central Oregon Coast Cave Tells a Varied Geologic Tale for full geologic details.

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