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Stonefield Beach: Views, Crazed Storm Damage
Upper Lane County - Florence to Yachats Virtual Tour, Oregon Coast

Varied Views of Stonefield Beach near Florence, and Wild Storm Damage at Winter. Stonefield Beach can have some distinctly different vibes and moods, depending on the weather and conditions. In the photos above, you see the mesmerizing ancient lava fields that populate the northern half of the beach, and then the softer sands of the southern half during a particularly colorful sunset.

Below, you see the storm damage that often happens here during winter. With the parking lot and entrance on the southern side being fairly close to the tide line and it being a low lying beach, winter storms can wreak spectacular havoc. This parking lot actually gets closed sometimes (at least to cars) – all the way up to a point halfway along the entrance route. Part of its driveway gets shut down.

These two were taken at different years. One shows how far logs were strewn up the entrance way (at least 100 feet from the parking lot). Another shows how the waves had undercut some of the pavement and the beach's dunes.