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Moolack Beach, Just North of Newport - Mysterious Objects in Cliffs
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Cliffs above Newport's Moolack Beach

What’s going on here?

Were there once manmade structures on this beach? And were those shells from some primordial ocean floor that now sits at sea level?

Newport fossil expert Guy DiTorrice answered these questions: “The shell conglomerates are just that – masses of dead sea life that ended up in a hole or hollow on the ocean bottom,” he tells us. “Scuba divers see this all the time, especially in late spring and early fall. “The ‘screws’ are somebody playing a game on the beach with flotsam or jetsam from the boats. I like stacking rocks in art-like piles. It really messes with people’s heads when beachcombing."

Then, there is this mystery object sitting above nearby Beverly Beach. Remnants of a former motel? Of an old viewing platform, or section of the highway? No one knows. Oregon Coast Beach Connection is still looking into it and may find out someday.

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