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Nye Beach's Jump-Off Joe in a Stormy Mood
Virtual Tour of Newport, Oregon Coast

Nye Beach's Jump-Off Joe structure is seen here in a particularly heavy wave surge, during a winter storm, as seen from about 40 feet above, on top of the structure.

Normally, the tide doesn't come up nearly this far. In this case, storm surges brought the sea water up to the cliffs, making for extremely dangerous beach walking conditions. Of course, no one is down there.

These kind of tidal conditions resulted in the eroding of Jump-Off Joe in recent decades. Starting in the '70s, there was an arch underneath Joe. In the early 90's, a big storm caused that chunk of the outcropping to dissolve. Some witnesses actually heard it crash out of existence during the storm.

Compare these picture with normal tidal conditions, below..(Also note how much higher sand levels are in summer: you can barely see the elongated structure.)