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Side Trip: 3 Unusual Sights in Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Wheeler
Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Wheeler, Nehalem Bay Virtual Tour, Oregon Coast

Three Unusual Things in the Nehalem Bay Area:

First, that mysterious arch-like structure at the end of Manzanita's Neahkahnie Mountain. Normally, it's a tiny feature, so far away you can't see it clearly. Here, however, is a close-up view.

Secondly, see the Nehalem Bay and Wheeler at night. This shot is unusual because you can see the fog clinging low to Wheeler, but it's clear above. You can see the stars racing overhead.

Third: a 100-year-old shipwreck at Rockaway Beach. This one only showed itself twice in the last 50 years up until about 2010. Since, then it's popped up out of the sands periodically, but not every winter. See the Secret Oregon Coast Shipwreck Shows Up after 35-Year Absence.

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