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On Top of Cape Perpetua, between Yachats and Florence
Upper Lane County - Florence to Yachats Virtual Tour, Oregon Coast

Just south of Yachats, climb the spiraling road a few hundred feet into the air until you reach this stunning atmospheric viewpoint above it all.

Cape Perpetua features several trails zigzagging their way around the 900-foot mini-mountain. There's the easy trail from the visitors center down to Cook's Chasm, the one-mile trek to the 400-year-old giant spruce, and the mile-and-a-half trail that wanders up the mountain to the 700-ft level, to the stone shelter and its insane, panoramic views.

The top and the road there are filled with a thick, pristine forest that is as engaging a sight as the beach sights. Sometimes, wild bears are spotted along this route.

Below: More on the history of the Stone Shelter at Cape Perpetua

Oregon Coast Treasure: Stone Shelter Atop Perpetua