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Depoe Bay, Cape Foulweather Secret Cliffs, Ocean Drama
Virtual Tour of Depoe Bay, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, Otter Rock, Oregon Coast

Depoe Bay, Cape Foulweather Secret Cliffs, Ocean Drama

Soaring basalt monsters typify this secret chunk of coastline, close to Depoe Bay. A steep and hidden trail from Otter Crest Loop Road lets you amble down into a wild, primeval forest so thick it is suddenly darker all around you. But just as suddenly, you emerge into the bright of day with sights like these all around. This shot is looking down on a cliff adjacent to the forested area, which is reachable via a trail on the hillside between the two cliffs. This section especially has flat seat-like areas in the basalt which let you check out the constant oceanic drama and wave action.

In the shot below, it's a view taken from the other side - from the south - looking at the set of hidden cliffs you can get to. Those are in the far distance - those closest to the camera cannot be visited. Also see Pictures of Cape Foulweather After Dark

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