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Hidden Access, N. Yachats, Oregon Coast
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Hidden Access, N. Yachats, Oregon Coast

Look for MP 161 (approximately a mile south of Tillicum), and you’ll find streets named after states. Turn west at Oregon St., turn west and you’ll discover a hidden beach access in between the rustic yet lovely homes of this neighborhood. It’s still all fluffy sand around here.

Take care when parking as not to disturb the residents.

A mile down 101, there's another secret beach access near MP 162 - just kitty-corner from Brubacker St. Look for a patch of gravel on the west side of 101 and a small wooded trail wandering off to the beach. Here, it’s a little less than a mile to the basalt-covered world of Yachats’ beaches. But near this clandestine beach access, you’ll also find some large, colorful boulders and a little hidden cove in the cliffs.