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Bridge Across Yaquina Bay - Day and Night
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The famous Yaquina Bay Bridge, at twilight, on a slightly cloudy day.

Another Conde B. McCullogh masterpiece, the bridge spans some 3,220 feet across the bay. One highlight, seen from the State Park at its northern end, is the ornamental stairways that spill gently from the bridge, looking a little bit like part of a castle from a spooky film.

During the 4th of July, the bay swells with onlookers as the sound of an enormous firework display booms and bounces off the bay walls, making one heck of a racket. Boaters flood the bay as well, with many shooting off their flare guns into the air, joining in the celebration. There are fewer, more surreal sights than to be driving along this bridge and see a flare hover near your eye level, and then fall away.

Below, the bridge is seen at night, showing a stunning and surreal side as a vessel wanders beneath it.