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Scenic Highway 53, Just Outside Nehalem
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Scenic Highway 53, Just Outside Nehalem

Between Nehalem and Wheeler sits the junction of 101 and Highway 53. Take this road for a shortcut (albeit a winding one) to Highway 26, bypassing the slightly longer drive northward on 101 to get to 26.

On 53, you'll find an incredible array of pastoral, rural sights, with tightly-clumped mountains, and deep, lush forests. It is reminiscent of Europe, especially Germany's Black Forest, as much as it is pure, rugged Americana.

Below, you can see the snow-covered top of Onion Peak, a favorite landmark in the Manzanita-Nehalem area.

Bottom photo: the road-cut forest bluffs alongside the highway sometimes reveal mysterious geologic features lurking below the trees. You get a cutaway glimpse into layers of time. The forest is thick here and actually slightly on the magical side.

Hwy 53 Along North Oregon Coast's Nehalem