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Neptune State Park (State Scenic Viewpoint) - Wild Waves
Upper Lane County - Florence to Yachats Virtual Tour, Oregon Coast

As you trudge over the labyrinth of boulders, rocky slabs and cobblestones mixed with small, cove-like beach areas, you eventually come to the end of the trail for this beach area. Here, whatever the weather, huge waves smack into unsuspecting basalt structures that jut out into the ocean.

Between Yachats and Florence, near Strawberry Hill Wayside

More scenic fun of Neptune State Park (normally known as Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint). A giant rocky slab sits at the tideline at Neptune (assuming the tide isn't super high or extremely low). Often, in calmer conditions, the waves allow you a bit of leeway and you can walk into them and snap some intriguing shots of this Oregon coast wonder from the unique angle of looking at the bridge and beach from the breakers.