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Seaside Beach Access at 12th Ave. to River, Rugged Dunes
Virtual Tour of Seaside, Oregon Coast

At the end of 12th Ave. you'll find a parking lot and the last access on the south side of the river. Walk about half a mile or so to find primarily deserted beach, as most folks don't get out this way. The further north you go the less humans you'll find. You'll eventually bump into the river.

Sometimes, however, the farther north you go the more whole sand dollars you'll find. Given the right conditions that dump these in great numbers on the beaches, this area tends to provide more whole ones as it's more deserted - and thus less picked over.

Here, it's a perfect spot to be alone with the incredible sunsets of the North Oregon Coast.

You can see part of Necanicum River and the Estuary Walking Trail from Highway 101, where hordes of rugged dunes cover both sides of the river as it winds its way out to sea.

The river is popular for all sorts of activities like boating, crabbing and fishing (although the sand bar at its mouth is not navigable).

The walking trail is accessible from the parking lot at 12th Avenue. It winds on for about a mile as you enter more and more unspoiled territory, eventually winding up near the bay mouth.

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