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Hug Point Road Carved of Rock
Virtual Tour of Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast

Beginning of the road at Hug Point

There is a road carved out of the rocky headland here, which was created in the early part of the century to allow Model T's and horse-drawn carriages around the point at medium tides. Back at that time, there was no Highway 101 (it wasn’t built until the '30s), and the beaches were Oregon’s coastal highways.

This is an awesome feature, unlike anything on Oregon's shores. The enormous, shudder-inducing sea cave next to it is also unforgettable. Continue on this tour to see the history of Hug Point State Park and its road, ancient fossils found here, wild sand level changes and more.

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Below is an aerial view of the road carved out of Hug Point. There are many more ancient secrets to Hug Point, such as handholds carved into the rocks and weird fossils: New Oregon Coast Mysteries, Discoveries at Hug Point Go Back Millions of Years

Aerial view of Hug Point road