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Cannon Beach Midtown - Haystack Rock Landmark
Virtual Tour of Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast

Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock puffy clouds

Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock aerial viewIt's the big recognizable landmark of Cannon Beach, and one of the most photographed beach spots in the world – certainly in the state of Oregon, anyway. The main seastack is called Haystack Rock (not to be confused with the Haystack Rock at Pacific City, some 70 miles south), and the two accompanying rocks are called the “needles.”

It is the third largest monolith in the world - perhaps. That depends on how you phrase that. More here on the geology of Haystack Rock and the truth about its status as "third largest monolith."

Head into “midtown” Cannon Beach and you’ll find the most commonly used access to these remarkable seastacks at the Ecola Beach Ramp, just off Sunset Boulevard.

Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock spring sunset drama

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