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Cannon Beach Downtown and Ecola Creek
Virtual Tour of Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast

At the end of Second Street, in the heart of Cannon Beach's downtown, the street gives way to this pretty viewpoint and access to the beach. It is a common spot for pedestrians to gather here and gawk at the sunsets, which acquire added glory when the colors reflect from Ecola Creek.

Ecola Creek is named because of a similar word from local tribes that meant "whale," as this was where part of the Lewis & Clark troupe trekked to see a beached whale found by local tribes.

A few doors away sits Cannon Beach Fultano's Pizza, a fabulous addition to the town's culinary scene.

Find out more on how this creek played a role in Cannon Beach's history and name: Quirky Oregon Coast History: How Cannon Beach Got Its Name- In actuality, there were two Cannon Beach's. The one we know now with that moniker did not have it in the beginning, and how it eventually got its official name is a tad amusing

Cannon Beach Downtown and Ecola Creek

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