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Florence Promenade, Riverwalk on the Siuslaw
Florence, Oregon Coast Virtual Tour

Florence Promenade, Riverwalk on the Siuslaw

A couple of decades ago, a promenade was built along the Florence riverfront, with a host of docks along the river often reflecting the sky. All of it is in full view of the Promenade here.

Above is the area seen during Rhododendron Days, the festival that's been going on for over a century in the central Oregon coast town.

This place is particularly beautiful at night with the light of the lamps.

Various attractions abound here on the Florence Riverwalk / Promenade, like this unique maritime-themed sculpture. Other such outdoor art installations are located around this walking area as well, including a brightly, multicolored sea lion.

Amazing moments can pop up around Florence's Riverwalk or along the Siuslaw River, like the time a group of orcas and their baby made it into the river (there's also video).