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Cannon Beach - Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site (Video)
Virtual Tour of Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast

Not far south of MP 32 - perhaps two miles from Cannon Beach - this tree-smothered parking lot appears. Called Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site, it's sometimes known incorectly as Arcadia Beach State Park.

Take the small path down and you’ll find a sandy beach covered in cobblestones near the tide line, as well as cliffs and rock structures that some have whimsically claimed look like a dragon and its young turned to stone.

Walk this beach to find agates, and you may also hear the legendary "singing sands." (That's a rare phenomenon where, under the right conditions, the sand makes squeaking or violin-like noises.)

In the bottom photo: Is this an historical photo? No. But this wondrous spot is leant an ancient vibe with the presence of this dignified, elderly machine. At the bottom: video of Arcadia Beach and an unusual sunset effect. More on this Weekend of Rare Oregon Coast Science: Novaya Zemlya Effect, Glowing Sand.

Novaya Zemlya Effect on Oregon Coast; possible green flash

Video of Novaya Zemlya Effect on #OregonCoast. June 4 at Arcadia Beach, near Cannon Beach. Also appears as if some green flash is happening (the upper blob has some green in it). See https://www.beachconnection.net/news/novaya060516_510.php for full information on this event

Posted by Oregon Coast Beach Connection on Sunday, June 5, 2016