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Newport and Oregon Coast News

Remnants of WWII on Oregon Coast You Can Visit
Ever wondered what remnants of World War 2 still exist along the Oregon coast? What artifacts you could look at? History
Crazed Oregon Coast Travelogue: Week of Whales, Wonders, Part 1
Beaches, culinary delights, the cleanup, cute dogs, whales, weird rocks and kooky pranks
Infrequent Find Near Oregon Coast: Dolphin Stranding
What they found was a deceased Pacific White-Sided Dolphin, a slightly rare find as these don't show up often along the Oregon or Washington coasts.
Oregon Coast Sea Stacks: Basalt Guardians for Millions of Years
Looming, intimidating, beautiful and ancient: they are the sea stacks, and they have another side
Updated: Oregon, Coast, Portland Astronomy: Space Station, Planets
Venus, a decent helping of Mercury, an incredible pairing of Venus and Jupiter and the ISS
Monster Kite Festival on Central Oregon Coast Gets Even Bigger
See the Mega Flag, a soaring American flag that is also the largest kite in the world, on the beach in Lincoln City on Friday, June 26