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Ghosts on a Plane

The earthly visitations of those from the beyond are not limited to the Earth itself, it seems. Adding a whole new dimension to the term “Mile High Club,” sightings of otherworldly spirits have been reported in and around aircraft – although usually on the ground. Numerous military airbases seem to have their share of creepy personnel, and the resultant spiritual mayhem after plane crashes can linger for years, it seems.

There is one tale out of Nashville of a truly unusual sighting – even for a paranormal experience.

One subject reported seeing a bright, white airplane hovering over the trees of a major park in town, sometime in the 70’s. What was truly strange was that it did not have regular wings but rather angel wings. The reporter claimed to see at least two passengers: one was a small girl waving at people on the sidewalk below, the other a man reading a newspaper.

The witness returned to their workplace in a high-rise building nearby, only to discover no one else saw the apparition.

In Illinois, the infamous crash near Des Plaine apparently resulted in puzzling sightings of lights bobbing around the crash site a few months afterwards. At first, it was believed these were nighttime raiders looking for souvenirs. When police arrived, they found no one in the deserted field. This game of cat and mouse with local authorities went on for months.

A nearby mobile home residence area began having disturbing experiences. Some said within hours of the crash, they heard knocking on their doors or windows, only to find no one there.

Weeks later, some reported more of these nocturnal rappings, finding a confused man at their doorstep who said he had to get his luggage. He would turn and disappear into the darkness.

A particularly bizarre experience occurred later with a new resident in the mobile home park. The man was walking his dog late at night when he encountered a young man who said he needed to make an emergency phone call. The tale has the man smelling of gasoline and apparently smoldering a little bit.

This alarmed the resident enough as it was. He turned away momentarily to point out a public phone, only to turn back and find there was no one there.

According to prarieghosts.com, such unnerving experiences have continued well into the next millennium in that area. Several area residents have reported more mysterious midnight knockings on their doors or encounters with what may be restless spirits from the 1979 plane crash.

Another related tale comes from Chicago's O'Hare airport itself, where the flight originated from. Some have said they’ve seen a man dressed in business attire at a phone booth near the gate where the flight boarded back in ’79. His dress seems oddly out of date, and he reportedly walks away from the phone booth and abruptly disappears.

Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii is the setting for multiple sightings of a spook named “Charley,” purportedly having happened since the big Japanese air attack in the 1940’s. The halls of the Pacific Air Forces headquarters were once a 3,200-man dormitory, where more than 60 were killed as they were eating breakfast.

Especially in the 80’s, Charley spooked those stationed at Hickam. Radios were abruptly turned on, loud footsteps were heard, a janitor saw a water faucet turn on all by itself, and a heavy glass door once started opening and closing wildly. One historian noted security personnel went on record at the time saying they didn’t like walking the halls at night because of the “ghosts.”

After many years of these, “Charley” simply became the nickname they pinned to these unexplained, odd events.